Paul van Dyk & Sue McLaren - Guiding Light (Official Music Video)

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Paul van Dyk & Sue McLaren - Guiding Light
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A video in partnership with Southeastern Guide Dogs.
Sponsor a guide and service dog puppy today!
This is the story of Pip, the cutest and most extraordinary service and guide dog candidate of Southeastern Guide Dogs University. Follow his inspiring journey of becoming a guiding light for a person in need.
In times like these, we all need a little extra light in our lives. Be the light for someone in need by sponsoring a service and guide puppy today.
Who's your favourite, Elsa or Eddie? We love them both!


Sankarlal S
Daii - Hari Yang lalu
Mais alguém do Brasil pra ouvir esse trance de qualidade com esse clipe show. ?
$tar - 
❤❤We must appreciate This Type of Hardworker That Always Work Hard to entertain Us❤❤
ARUL K - 5 jam yang lalu
Very nice and very emotionally I like this when I will see this video I will cryed
Richard - 16 jam yang lalu
Amo esa raza de peludito 🥰🥰🥰
Batool - 21 hari yang lalu
Sudipta Das
That is so heart warming
Hornet Cz
Hornet Cz - Hari Yang lalu
Since its release, I've been watching this song to see how many views it has, last time it was about 60 million and today it's 230 million! One stares in utter disbelief that a song with such a reach has never charted in any national charts and yet has more views than many European or American hits, it's a strange feeling when this song is overrated and underrated at the same time. However, it makes me happy that a song like this has so many views, it's a really great song with a great video.
Dj Jericz
Dj Jericz - 2 jam yang lalu
238M views? You did it.
Maanu - 
When I was 5 years old I still watch this until 12 years old
Lena Dias
Muito bom
Jayanthi Jayanthi
Зульфижат Гаджимурадова
Так было грустно сейчас мило
Emanuel Ferreyra
Lo Amo😍🐶🎶❤️🇦🇷
Vanisablanco - 21 hari yang lalu
So cute one.
Pedro Vivó Devesa
Each time I watch this vídeo I feel more love for these magnificent criatures dogs. They always be with you when you need them. Many thanks for this vídeo PVD.
Christo Glasgow
Wow 👍👍
Children Season
Harlow Rose
Harlow Rose - 19 jam yang lalu
Dogs do save our lives 💕💕Some people are just careless and abandon them 😰