Foxes Earn Point In South Coast Thriller | Southampton 2 Leicester City 2

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Watch the highlights from Leicester City's pulsating 2-2 draw against Southampton at St. Mary's Stadium.


ItsJarmo - Bulan Yang lalu
All i can say is Luke Thomas has been incredibly great for the past few games he needs to start more.
Syncop' Motion!
Syncop' Motion! - Bulan Yang lalu
@Mustajabburahman Saut Silalahi I won't say that much but yeah I agree. He played well when he first came at Leicester but subdued gradually, he is also partly responsible on several conceded goals, Soyuncu is not the only guilty one. I don't know why very few people are mentionning this.
Mustajabburahman Saut Silalahi
Mustajabburahman Saut Silalahi - Bulan Yang lalu
Castagne is absolute rubbish
Syncop' Motion!
Syncop' Motion! - Bulan Yang lalu
That's why Betrand is not playing nowadays lol
Lleyton Hewitt
Lleyton Hewitt - Bulan Yang lalu
not bad. but he is zero level compared to Justin.
Luke Cherry
Luke Cherry - Bulan Yang lalu
Wouldn't say great he's been decent
PYNSUK MAWLONG - Bulan Yang lalu
Maddison is back in great form
Joseph96 - Bulan Yang lalu
Boulevard Of Broken Nightmares
Boulevard Of Broken Nightmares - Bulan Yang lalu
Good performance, but Leicester need to be more consistent. In the first half, our central defenders were playing too wide, our midfield looked lazy and all over the place, and weren't marking and tracking back. 2nd half was much better. Great defending, better at keeping posession, less mistakes. Dewsbury-Hall carried the ball forward and made runs. Maddison's work rate was excellent, Castagne involved in the game as always. Vardy made runs, but he really should've buried that chance.
Boulevard Of Broken Nightmares
Boulevard Of Broken Nightmares - Bulan Yang lalu
@Ronald Mcdonald has the answer No, that's what I'm saying, Soyuncu should be watching where he was.
Ronald Mcdonald has the answer
Ronald Mcdonald has the answer - Bulan Yang lalu
@Boulevard Of Broken Nightmares I know. But soyuncou was next to Adams, and ask the cross came in just drifed away.
Boulevard Of Broken Nightmares
Boulevard Of Broken Nightmares - Bulan Yang lalu
@Ronald Mcdonald has the answer Defenders need to mark, and watch where players are.
Ronald Mcdonald has the answer
Ronald Mcdonald has the answer - Bulan Yang lalu
The defence for the 2nd goal was shocking. Really disappointing to see.
Boxed_by_Josh - Bulan Yang lalu
Yep I agree we can’t keep playing for 45 mins 🤣
Enigmatic Wraith
Enigmatic Wraith - Bulan Yang lalu
Safe to say James Madders got his confidence back after that unselfish assist to him from Daka against Brentford. James has always been a confidence player who thrives on game time and good performances and that winning goal has proven to be a turning point for his season so far. Get in Foxes !
explore cikarang
explore cikarang - Bulan Yang lalu
Maddison is on fire 🔥🔥
Jamie Xhaka
Jamie Xhaka - Bulan Yang lalu
As an Arsenal fan, we should have gone all way for Maddison, He is all we needed for creativity. Love this lad
Guus - Bulan Yang lalu
But he was twice as expensive as Ødegaard. He will take some time but I believe ødefaard may have the higher ceiling of the 2.
Farrel Fattah Rifasa
Farrel Fattah Rifasa - Bulan Yang lalu
Awesome skills from James Maddison
Christian Thomas
Christian Thomas - Bulan Yang lalu
Did not see game but in the highlights I can see that madison i getting back his confidence like last season and we need to defend better i think we are rlly missing fofana
Osmane Ibrahim
Osmane Ibrahim - Bulan Yang lalu
Damn Madison is on back on form🙌🔥
Alan George
Alan George - Bulan Yang lalu
A Win was necessary 🙃
Lynnie Heal
Lynnie Heal - Bulan Yang lalu
I am always very proud of #lcfc they will WIN again soon.
Gianpaolo Di Lallo
Gianpaolo Di Lallo - Bulan Yang lalu
Good Leicester!!
Carlos Enrique Correa Tineo
Carlos Enrique Correa Tineo - Bulan Yang lalu
Tremendo golazo de Madisson
Jacob_Fifa - Bulan Yang lalu
We need to improve defensively fast
Jacob_Fifa - Bulan Yang lalu
@Tyler Aven yes that is the main reason we have been letting so many goals in, but we shouldn’t be relying on a 20 year old to carry our defence.
Tyler Aven
Tyler Aven - Bulan Yang lalu
Yeah, Fofana being out has been kicking us all year. Really hoping he can get back soon, but it’s unrealistic considering the injury he got
Martin Smith
Martin Smith - Bulan Yang lalu
Leicester defence awful. Soyunchu again.
Syncop' Motion!
Syncop' Motion! - Bulan Yang lalu
Especially in the 1st half. Most of the goals were conceded in the 1st half
Rodney Moonga
Rodney Moonga - Bulan Yang lalu
Vu Nguyen
Vu Nguyen - Bulan Yang lalu
I miss Fofana but Maddison is back woohu
Rohan Scott
Rohan Scott - Bulan Yang lalu
Maddison's problem is he started believing the hype the media heaped on him. He thinks he's an English Iniesta but really he's just English.
Oljas Tursunbaev
Oljas Tursunbaev - Bulan Yang lalu
Maddison 🎩✨👏🇰🇿
Lina Yuki
Lina Yuki - Bulan Yang lalu
Need to strengthen the defense, every match we always let opponent score
Mig - Bulan Yang lalu
Boulevard Of Broken Nightmares
Boulevard Of Broken Nightmares - Bulan Yang lalu
Great game.
Chester Lester
Chester Lester - Bulan Yang lalu
Evans loves equalises at saint Mary’s!
Edwin Trejos
Edwin Trejos - Bulan Yang lalu
And Rudiger loves set pieces against Leicester
Steve Scott
Steve Scott - Bulan Yang lalu
I'm sure we play better without Barnes in the team anyone else think that way
강신혁 - Bulan Yang lalu
메디슨이 살아나고 있구나!
Andrey Galkin
Andrey Galkin - Bulan Yang lalu
Well who would've thought! It's the same garbage all over again. Can't expect to win games by conceding so many goals each game and going behind all the time. Schmeichel isn't intimidating anyone and Soyuncu seems nowhere near whenever the ball gets in the box. Brilliant invitation for opponents to just spam with crosses as at least one usually converts into a goal. It's just a bloody mess behind and actually scary to imagine where they would be right now if it wasn't for Jonny carrying this sunday league defense ever since he came back from injury. Vestergaard is a joker and Rodgers should make up his mind on what he wants to do with Amartey, if you wanna give the boy a shot I think it's the perfect timing to bench Soyuncu and start him with Jonny
Ambrose Ho
Ambrose Ho - Bulan Yang lalu
i thought Leicester signed Bernardo Silva when watching Maddison's closeup
Douglas Harrington Muhone
Douglas Harrington Muhone - Bulan Yang lalu
Madders 🔥
Damilare Ogunbiyi
Damilare Ogunbiyi - Bulan Yang lalu
What a player WESLEY FOFONA is, We miss him. That defense looks shaky, Don't know why VASTERGARD isn't starting 🤔 (Drop AMARTEY or SOYUNCHU)
JoiKiang Pang
JoiKiang Pang - Bulan Yang lalu
Maddison is fantastic
Thachawit Sengking
Thachawit Sengking - Bulan Yang lalu
leicester city สุดยอด แต่ต้องแก้ไขความเร็วและความแม่นยำ
Son Heung-min
Son Heung-min - Bulan Yang lalu
James Maddison and Luke Thomas should do that more
Lionel Sudip Official
Lionel Sudip Official - Bulan Yang lalu
Omar Noukhili
Omar Noukhili - Bulan Yang lalu
Super goal of Maddison
Mata Hari
Mata Hari - Bulan Yang lalu
Buy an experienced cb as fast possible, old Players doesnt matter we need someone to lead, this season is still salvageable to Europa and conference league, we are going to lose Players if we stay like this.
Secret Shadow Knight
Secret Shadow Knight - Bulan Yang lalu
Evan is far better than McGuire! How Man-U sold him? :D Good for Foxes
네모난돌멩이 - Bulan Yang lalu
JM10 🔥🔥
Joy Setiap
Joy Setiap - Bulan Yang lalu
Vardy is the best
From Indonesia
idy dieme
idy dieme - Bulan Yang lalu
JM10 💪✌️♥️
ezreal - Bulan Yang lalu
Maddison is back.
Shubham Kumar
Shubham Kumar - Bulan Yang lalu
Lord Vardy.... Please please please .
Rishal Rmk
Rishal Rmk - Bulan Yang lalu
wiz lion
wiz lion - Bulan Yang lalu
J Maddison is back, all we ever needed.
Christian Thomas
Christian Thomas - Bulan Yang lalu
Mutampuka Chilufyamb
Mutampuka Chilufyamb - Bulan Yang lalu
I don't know why daka was on bench the all 90min
U Picciriddu
U Picciriddu - Bulan Yang lalu
Chris Lee
Chris Lee - Bulan Yang lalu
when is the last time we had a clean sheet, 2016?
이민규 - Bulan Yang lalu
Lc 10!!
Karim Graham
Karim Graham - Bulan Yang lalu
Let's be real I personally don't see Smith rowe better than Madison
Josh Barnabas
Josh Barnabas - Bulan Yang lalu
That ball from Madison sneak thru many legs into back of the net past the side post. INCREDIBLE. But need wins.
nikhil jose
nikhil jose - Bulan Yang lalu
Missing Fofana and Justin
Shamsul Arefin
Shamsul Arefin - Bulan Yang lalu
Awful defending from LCFC
Ken - Bulan Yang lalu
KDH > Soumaré
Emmanuel Kiptoo
Emmanuel Kiptoo - Bulan Yang lalu
And what better way to insure yourself with Maddison
WARGANET 62 - Bulan Yang lalu
a lots draw games premier league maybe arsenal will defeat manchester who knows
Guardian of Gotham™
Guardian of Gotham™ - Bulan Yang lalu
Soyuncu is absolute joke this season. He looks so vunruable. Wonder what happened to him. He can't even perform basic defending lol
pk - Bulan Yang lalu
9-0 lol
Вадим Туркин
Вадим Туркин - Bulan Yang lalu
Defence! Work on your defence guys! Defenders lack character. Play harder on the defensive.
വാർഡി 🦊
വാർഡി 🦊 - Bulan Yang lalu
🦊 never quite
Muzi Dladla
Muzi Dladla - Bulan Yang lalu
great editing.
LukasASMR - Bulan Yang lalu
can we stop acting like a draw is a good result there literally 16th before this match
LukasASMR - Bulan Yang lalu
@Boss yep
Boss - Bulan Yang lalu
@LukasASMR yep, players don’t seem thirsty enough.
LukasASMR - Bulan Yang lalu
@Boss we played rubbish
Boss - Bulan Yang lalu
@LukasASMR I think so too
LukasASMR - Bulan Yang lalu
@Boss ye but i think we will lose to villa
The Baddest Bassist
The Baddest Bassist - Bulan Yang lalu
Claim your early ticket here 😉
MDS winner
MDS winner - Bulan Yang lalu
I mean that;s not a bad result I know we should have won it but winning at St mary's is a very hard thing to do nowadays and a draw is always a good result
MDS winner
MDS winner - Bulan Yang lalu
@Boss And now Rogers has to show vids training to Soyuncu and Evans on how to defend
Boss - Bulan Yang lalu
@MDS winner teilamans should be back by then, and maybe even Ricardo if were lucky, but tbh if our defense doesn't improve then yeah I don't see us winning.
MDS winner
MDS winner - Bulan Yang lalu
@Boss And now we are gonna get battered vs Villa
Boss - Bulan Yang lalu
I mean we had two opportunities to win the game, but overall not a bad result.
T m
T m - Bulan Yang lalu
Start iheanacho pls
Evafresh campbell
Evafresh campbell - Bulan Yang lalu
As a true leciester city fan they need to sign another quality goalkeeper
Oliver Weng
Oliver Weng - Bulan Yang lalu
@Evafresh campbell Yeah he does. He's class week in and week out. Kasper is in the top 10 world goalkeepers I don't know what your on about
Evafresh campbell
Evafresh campbell - Bulan Yang lalu
Leciester city is top quality but as of now we need a keeper who we can count on ,look at manuel neurer at bayern munich Look at the frieburg goalkeeper Look at Allison Becker at Liverpool Do Donnaruma at ,psg These keepers have had bad moments just like Leciester goalkeeper but they put in alot of consistent performances Look at the goalkeeper now at arsenal ramsdale have u seen how magnificent he has been between the sticks for arsenal.. Fam Leciester city need a goalkeeper they can count on Kasper don't fill that option for the city anymore
Evafresh campbell
Evafresh campbell - Bulan Yang lalu
@Oliver Weng u will understand soon enough what I mean
Oliver Weng
Oliver Weng - Bulan Yang lalu
Wtf r u saying
Phạm Mạnh Dũng
Phạm Mạnh Dũng - Bulan Yang lalu
Milky Lee
Milky Lee - Bulan Yang lalu
We can all say that Madders is coming back
FoxFans TH
FoxFans TH - Bulan Yang lalu
Sunny Gogoi
Sunny Gogoi - Bulan Yang lalu
How come evans goal a thumping finish...horrible commentary.
Robert Lloyd Lincoln Roberts KoY
A lady named "Jo" on the Monday night 6PM BBC Radio Leicester football show 104.9 FM.
Said it just right for me, the Leicester City players were "out muscled" by the Southampton BIG BOY players, for most of the game.
Intelligent Champion's League controlling football is lacking from the LCFC Foxes skill set tool box?
Is it time now for the FOXES to be a very serious footballing Club and stop all this silly modern kiss chase dive on the pitch football all of the time?
The club loses it's best players because of whatever issues but brings in weaker talented players than what moved on.
Does any real Foxes fan seriously believe that this present squad today, will ever win the Premier League and be back in Europe again anytime soon?
DO better at keeping the ball away from the goal keeper would be a step in the right direction, lol....
Simon Hodgett
Simon Hodgett - Bulan Yang lalu
Schmeichel must be so frustrated,playing behind our defence at the moment,pulling of world class saves and still letting in the goals that he has , you can count the mistakes he makes in a season on one hand ,and you would still have fingers spare ! We will lose him soon because he wants to play Champions League football,and should have done last two seasons,can't see it happening again unless he moves unfortunately.But ,won us the FA Cup ,which I will always be grateful to him for .Best in the Prem !
David Lim
David Lim - Bulan Yang lalu
Can you please not put in the stupid background music? Many thanks!
Nistal Sebastian
Nistal Sebastian - Bulan Yang lalu
@Necdet İncedayı not Twitter
Necdet İncedayı
Necdet İncedayı - Bulan Yang lalu
Martin Smith
Martin Smith - Bulan Yang lalu
Leicester still cannot defend. Soyunchu all over the place. Time and time again I keep saying he is not a premiership defender, no better than Turkish 2nd Division side defender. We meed to sort out the defence to help Kasper. New signings and drop Soyunchu.
Son Heung-min
Son Heung-min - Bulan Yang lalu
@Boulevard Of Broken Nightmares no way, Jonny is a 100 times better that Soyuncu
Boulevard Of Broken Nightmares
Boulevard Of Broken Nightmares - Bulan Yang lalu
Soyuncu has been looking more solid than Evans in the last few games before this. The problem in the first half was our central defenders were playing too wide, along with a lazy midfield. 2nd half was much better.