Kim Soo-hyun gives Seo Yea-ji a birthday kiss | It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Ep 11 [ENG SUB]

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No screaming deers, no other humans in sight, and no more denial of feelings-we hope Seo Yea-ji likes her birthday present 😘
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The Swoon
The Swoon - 14 hari yang lalu
Best birthday present or what?
my way
my way - 3 jam yang lalu
Android Games
Android Games - 4 jam yang lalu
I m so dead after watching their kiss Omg i m blushing like a hell O my kim so hyun I love seo yeo jin and kim so hyun couple in other drama as well o they are firing couple
Wesley Júnior
Wesley Júnior - 5 jam yang lalu
Release the behind the scene for this please! 😭🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 We need it
Princess Lopez
Princess Lopez - 17 jam yang lalu
Bts please 😭
XxMinamiKittenxX - Hari Yang lalu
w p_
w p_ - 2 jam yang lalu
Where can I watch this drama?
Mary zhuri Peralta
Mary zhuri Peralta - 3 jam yang lalu
I want them to be together in real life if that happens I will be so happy
Show Your Story
Show Your Story - 4 jam yang lalu
If U wanna see all kiss scene of this drama then check out
ms. k
ms. k - 4 jam yang lalu
okay best smooch of the entire show right here...but then idk the rest of their intimate scenes were kind of awks
Hashtag Girl
Hashtag Girl - 4 jam yang lalu
I thought this kiss will never be exceeded but omg, they did something hotter during the zoom out shot in Episode 16. 🤩😱
shareezeify - 8 jam yang lalu
So who's here again for the nth time after IOTNB is finish and we missed them so much already!
Checking attendance ✔️
Please raise your likes! 👍
UMA MAHESWARI - 9 jam yang lalu
This is the best birthday gift ever.... Hope many single souls like me get the same birthday gift....(✷‿✷)^_^
Sam Melo
Sam Melo - 9 jam yang lalu
Episode 11 was honestly the best episode
Android Games
Android Games - 10 jam yang lalu
I know its end
Fact is i want to wait saturday sunday
I can't get rid of it
chaepoopsie - 11 jam yang lalu
Their ears are so red 💀🤪💗
Divine Poral
Divine Poral - 12 jam yang lalu
Sa mga kapwa ko pinoy dyan😂
sparksfs11 - 12 jam yang lalu
Okay now upload ep 16 kisssssssssssss ohlala
Tata 74
Tata 74 - 13 jam yang lalu
Wow 2.3 views already! Best Chemistry Kdrama Ever!!! 🥰❤️
lee eunbi
lee eunbi - 15 jam yang lalu
Hey Guys hope u watched this one !!?? 😱😍
Princess Lopez
Princess Lopez - 16 jam yang lalu
No other can beat this. Ksj and ye ji is ❤
Aotearoa0 - 16 jam yang lalu
So love their intimacy, they are so beautiful!!
Princess Lopez
Princess Lopez - 16 jam yang lalu
Love to see them together in the Award Ceremonies. Kim Soo Hyun and Ye Ji is ❤
Camerlie Louis Juste
Camerlie Louis Juste - 16 jam yang lalu
If there’s no season 2, Sum gonna catch these hands. I’m gonna be so mad,the whole world 🌍 is gonna feel it
dana safe
dana safe - 17 jam yang lalu
I'm literally streaming this kiss scence 🔥😂😂😂😂
Princess Lopez
Princess Lopez - 17 jam yang lalu
This really a passionate and poetic kiss!
His lips mashed against hers, as if trying to flatten and destroy her mouth. He kissed her like he wanted to be kissed, like no boy had ever kissed her, soft and moist and hot and breathy, not trying to win a battle but seeking union and closeness and the sharing of one breath, one sensation, one timeless and passionate moment. The heat rose in their cheeks quick and electric and delicious, then firmer, more determined, more curious about the heat that lay within, seeking to chase down that elusive lightning that reached through both of them.. Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji is ❤
sparksfs11 - 12 jam yang lalu
U wrote it like a poet man
chaepoopsie - 17 jam yang lalu
I felt like.. *I’m being a third wheel in here......*
Anuj Mishra
Anuj Mishra - 18 jam yang lalu
2.2 million views in 1 week 😱itte single ho sb to sona babu kon kr rha h😂😂😂
itsme_ magi
itsme_ magi - 18 jam yang lalu
From "lets talk" to "im sleepy" hahahah
itsme_ magi
itsme_ magi - 18 jam yang lalu
Season 2 😁😁
Sunita Kumari
Sunita Kumari - 19 jam yang lalu
He was kissing her , but why I wasn't able to breath.🤭🤭
I don't know why but l was blushing,😊😊
S_lay Bitch
S_lay Bitch - 19 jam yang lalu
My single ass can’t relate
지수영 - 19 jam yang lalu
Please tell me i wasn't the only one shaking when i watched this for the first time. ☺
bitchugowrong pls
bitchugowrong pls - 19 jam yang lalu
Elena Lim
Elena Lim - 20 jam yang lalu
Best music for this scene!
chayeahsshi - 21 jam yang lalu
Try playing BREATH by Sam Kim while watching this.
sparksfs11 - 12 jam yang lalu
I love that song
medithi rajini
medithi rajini - 21 jam yang lalu
Ratna Fayza Damayanti
Ratna Fayza Damayanti - 23 jam yang lalu
THIS IS ICONIC KDRAMA EVER. I give 100/100. This is the first drama that i watch on going at the first date of released. First drama that i love the most. Start from the actor and all crew, the story line, every scene and of course all of the soundtrack, so details. Production is good include of shooting, coloring, angle and even transitioning to another scene neatly ! The author of a great story, I admit it, in terms of psychology and mental illness. The story is slice of life, melodrama and romance even though its approach to dark fantasy. I didn't have high expectations firstly, but once I watched the opening .. wow, I was shocked. Every scene has a value, which is related to our life. It doesn't refer to "let's heal each other". But more to "let's find a way to heal yourself in your own way". I think I will get hard to forget this drama. Thank you all who participating making this drama. It's probably going to be the best that I ever watched, can't imagine how's my weekend without this drama next week. I got so emotional while watching every episode. They success transfered emotional to us. I was truly speechless, but finally i wrote this. What a perfect creation. Love the ending. Then now TELL ME HOW TO MOVE ON PLS
Ratna Fayza Damayanti
Ratna Fayza Damayanti - 22 jam yang lalu
@Niño Tin-ga today is the first day pbio left us, and i rewacth the 16 episode like crazy, officially the 16th episode, we deserve more than a happy ending, so precious🙂
Yt Kingoffun21
Yt Kingoffun21 - 22 jam yang lalu
Niño Tin-ga same
Niño Tin-ga
Niño Tin-ga - 23 jam yang lalu
REALLY THIS IS THE BEST DRAMA EVER 😭 I don't know how to move on from this 😭
Nics and Vlogs
Nics and Vlogs - Hari Yang lalu
This is worth a birthday present than a fancy stuff. 😍😍😍
It's Gelsey
It's Gelsey - Hari Yang lalu
Do not trust "Let's talk" and "I'm sleepy"🤣
Ellen Chu
Ellen Chu - 14 jam yang lalu
Stay withyu
Stay withyu - Hari Yang lalu
Regardless of the no. of times that I've watched this, it's just so beautiful~ cried when I watched this scene, where the feeling of longing for a loved one was so strongly portrayed..cried when I watched the French kiss in epi16, coz, MY finally surrendered to GT's love~ awww~ Really good acting skills of both the actors. There're so much emotions of the characters in their kissing scenes. Hope to see KSH x SYJ wkg tgt again on future projs!
sparksfs11 - 12 jam yang lalu
I think they also kissed like ‘that’ in ep 16 because he decided he doesn’t want to lose his woman so no longer suppressing himself and he’s ready to 🛌 her if that’s what it takes hahaha
It's Muskan
It's Muskan - Hari Yang lalu
Choeng song Yi will be sad 😂
Alfiya Nazar
Alfiya Nazar - Hari Yang lalu
Omg I am crying😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
zvoj - Hari Yang lalu
Lakas talaga nang sexual tension besh!
nillia bb
nillia bb - Hari Yang lalu
Biggest scamm ever 😂
Lan D
Lan D - Hari Yang lalu
I'm back here while waiting for ep16 clips ^.^
candy camacho
candy camacho - 11 jam yang lalu
Same like i'm practically checking every hour to see if they posted ep 16 kiss scene and coming back here to wait for that anticipated clip 🙏😂🙈 do you know when possibly they are gonna unpload ep 16 clips?
hu ma
hu ma - Hari Yang lalu
Is this 😂😂😂😂k365
hu ma
hu ma - Hari Yang lalu
Cynthia E
Cynthia E - Hari Yang lalu
And this my fellow Kdrama Enthusiasts is what we call a Kissssssss!
Abi De Jesus
Abi De Jesus - Hari Yang lalu
Who’s here after watching the last episode? 😢
Maria Angelica Prado
Maria Angelica Prado - Hari Yang lalu
: Can I have kiss?
: Sure >3

The kiss:
Itzzme Jame
Itzzme Jame - Hari Yang lalu
Birthday Present!?!?!??? 😂 😬
Selaima Lasei
Selaima Lasei - Hari Yang lalu
Oh my gosh, hes damn good like yeah babe
Liam - Hari Yang lalu
I'm gonna miss this drama so much..
p nas
p nas - Hari Yang lalu
Episode 16 the sex finally happened and it was beautiful
p nas
p nas - 10 jam yang lalu
@sparksfs11 but we got the build up😏
sparksfs11 - 12 jam yang lalu
Nah they didn’t show us a peek lol.
Dreynnex - Hari Yang lalu
Woah this is not a statue kiss
Social Distancing
Social Distancing - Hari Yang lalu
Here again 😂😂
Jael Kaberuka
Jael Kaberuka - Hari Yang lalu
I'm responsible for at least half of those views 😅
Ginger Lee
Ginger Lee - Hari Yang lalu
Imagine having a good side profile
sparksfs11 - 12 jam yang lalu
Both like ✨✨
Angel G
Angel G - Hari Yang lalu
Anddddd he can literally run me over and I’d be fine with it. 🙂 DAMN that man is fine.
Angel G
Angel G - Hari Yang lalu
I have never seen such a passionate kiss on any kdrama....I am so in love with their characters omg WE NEED SEASON TWO
Michelle VG
Michelle VG - Hari Yang lalu
Ladies and Gentlemen...And this is what you call a KISS!!! I hate how Koreans execute kissing scenes. They are so meticulous with scenes yet they don't give emphasis on how kissing scenes should be. Pursed lips. Stiff bodies. It's like kissing a wall.
R - Hari Yang lalu
It's because of Korean TV age ratings. Watch Korean movies. They're not restricted by age ratings. Koreans know how to kiss. Trust me.
Mariela Flora
Mariela Flora - Hari Yang lalu
Ame este drama.. excelente actores.. la trama .. todo.. me encantoooo 🤗🤗🤗
мarιa p
мarιa p - Hari Yang lalu
The two of them seem as amazing kissers
sam〈3 - Hari Yang lalu