LIVE! - WTT Macao 2021 | Finals

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Patrick Cheng
I like the opening ritual, the lights, the music, it’s like NBA games. The entertainment level is fantastic. The camera angles are so good that you can see the color of the fingernails. Welcome back Liu Shiwen, what a remarkable come back after what she had went through 💪💪💪
PP C. - 
Wang Manyu has been very consistent since last year 😍
真的恭喜鳗鱼取得wtt澳门赛冠军,真是穷人的孩子早当家,王爸爸 王妈妈也可以享福了。
Tanvir Hussain
How do you expect to get more fans into table tennis when you can't even give full live stream coverage of a final. Absolutely shocking!!!
Mr Sith
Mr Sith - 
Wang Manyu is incredible
Congratulations for Wang Chunqin , fighting
yongjian xue
王曼昱时代来了 在肖战的带领下至少称霸乒坛5年👍
Naz Dizen
Amazing WTT. 👀👀
Warren Wuttke
Can you please have a commentator who understands table tennis tactics and can pronounce players names correctly.
Wipito Qiti
I miss those good days of ITTF live broadcast thru the website. WTT is not improvement at all.
Tze Yeong
Shocking. Live match is cut!
7in1 - 
I wold like watching a match between male and female champion Wanqs 😉
Y. Wen
Y. Wen - 
well done! wtt. This bad camera angle and now cut the stream in the middle of the FINAL?
冬冬是dongdong W
我的妈, 王楚钦好帅!!! 我好爱他!!!!!!!
Lai Wai Kuan
huh...why suddenly no more LIVE
Jimmy Screech
Congrats Wang Manyu 💖
Vincent Lee
what is going on WTT this isn’t acceptable getting a transmission cut in the middle of a final