The Day Samuel Eto'o Finally Get Revenge and Destroyed Pep Guardiola

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The Day Samuel Eto'o Finally Get Revenged and Destroyed Pep Guardiola
Internazionale Milano 3-1 FC Barcelona
UCL Semi Final 1st Leg 2009/10
Inter Milan produced a fine first-leg display as they came from behind to beat holders Barcelona and take control of their Champions League semi-final.
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Abdoulie Jobe
Samuel Eto'o was truly a legend, he obviously deserve the ballondor at his Era⚽⚽
Northern Lights
Etoo is a really nice person, a legendary striker and a real professional. At the end of the career he came to Turkey but performed very well, did not cause any kind of problem inside the team, without an ego he just tried to do his best. I have a great respect to him!
dasteam - 
the ONLY player that won treble in 2 straight season with 2 different club in history
The Darkest Knight
Even as a Milan fan, I have to admit, this was one of the greatest UCL winners ever. Still the only team to defeat the champions of England, Spain and Germany and win the Treble.
Slowdown Mate
At the time, Iker Casillias said: "I'm glad Inter bought Eto'o, he was a nightmare to face on the field "
Efia Ahimah
Mourinho, Wenger, Ancelotti, Rikyard....these were some of the coaches who respected and pushed African players like Drogba, Essien, kalu,Obi Mikel, Adebayor,Etoo and th rest. 🙌🙌🙌
lyn - 
looking now at julio cesar playing, damn, he was one of the few goalkeepers whom had actual unique skills, not even the best keepers nowadays can compare, he was the only one who could defend your ground shot with his hands, that is extremely difficult and requires unbelievable amounts of reaction time and agility, keepers nowadays just try to throw a stance with their feet because they are not as agile. and he isnt just defending with one hand or punching the ball away, if you throw it slower than normal he will grab with both hands like hes diving in a pool, kinda crazy
Lucky Tlou
Greatest striker in Africa one of the greatest of all time in the world Eto'o
Sepo Mwangala
This team, this season in life was just simply amazing. The team was well seasoned with a number of great players.
Angel Sanchez
I always considered Eto to be a great player and it was sad to see him leave Barca but it made sense and I think he made the right choices.
Zhek27 - 
estos momentos del futbol son los que amo momentos que hacen latir el corazon de la emocion y el esfuerzo de ganar un partido complicado, nada es imposoble
Eto'o is one of the most underrated strikers ever.
Sir - 
I love the way Eto’o speaks so confidently
Kayode Ola
Wesley Sneijder will always be my Ballon D'or for the year 2010
lokhan martin
I watched alot of football matches every weeks , i can tell Eto o was one of the greatest striker in at least these 20 years , he is the same level with Ronadinho . So fast and unstoppable
Peter Hussey
He was a huge part of their success, scored the first goal in 2 champions league finals for Barca ! Deserved more respect
Pfunzo Nevhusenga
Everything was against Inter in this Semi final. The referees, UEFA, the media, and 50-50 calls where for Barca. They were the darlings and if you touch them they fall. But football won
Martin Gutloewe
Many people say Guardiola is a great coach and maybe he is. However swapping Eto‘o for Ibrahimovic was a move which showed many flaws in his coaching ability. First he replaced a person who he thought was causing too much trouble with someone he couldn‘t handle. A year later Ibrahimovic left for a fraction what Barca paid. Then they filled the spot with Villa who did cost more than what they received for Ibra. No wonder that Barca is almost bankrupt.
Calvin Perangka
1 goal with 2 assists in this match.. Diego Milito... such a good player he was for inter 2009/2010 season🔥
Mateus Santana
os dois melhores times da europa nessa época!