ASMR Building A Lego Set (3.5 Hours) (Harry Potter)

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Clicky McClick
Clicky McClick - Hari Yang lalu
why can't I stop humming Build Me Up Buttercup after watching this?
ツQuazk - 2 hari yang lalu
Bruh i did that in 1 hour
The Nuggie
The Nuggie - 3 hari yang lalu
Tbh I don’t like asmr but this is too awesome to not watch
🍥🍡•toy monster chan•🍡🍥 toy monster
2 thing to amke me kill myself
Man like Marshall
Man like Marshall - 4 hari yang lalu
Seamus?????? 😂😂 it’s pronounced shay mus
イーサン - 4 hari yang lalu
Fun fact: if you spray deodorant up your nose you die 👍🏻
Yolanda Galvan
Yolanda Galvan - 4 hari yang lalu
Solo entre para decirte Eso Son Puros DEMONIOS
BABETIME - 5 hari yang lalu
Alfred Ade
Alfred Ade - 5 hari yang lalu
She would make a great kindergarden teacher
Carleen Rogers
Carleen Rogers - 6 hari yang lalu
now I want to put together a set! I've never done one before.
Frag Lord26
Frag Lord26 - 6 hari yang lalu
The lego nerd I am i probably would have done with an hour
owen case
owen case - 6 hari yang lalu
you. are. very. pretty.
Garret Borden
Garret Borden - 7 hari yang lalu
They put more detail in the new ones. I remember the older ones the wand was just a brown rod. And the legs where the regular size. I like how they gave them the short legs so make it more accurate the fact they where like 12 or so in the movie
Darlene Dunlap
Darlene Dunlap - 7 hari yang lalu
Looking good
🌼skye x🌼
🌼skye x🌼 - 7 hari yang lalu
Bro that took three hours ! No hate
im Skrap
im Skrap - 9 hari yang lalu
Why does it take everyone so long to build a lego set (I know it might be for asmr purposes but 3h is a little over doing it) I remember assembling the Death Star in less than 30 minutes as a kid
Noodle Skywalker
Noodle Skywalker - 9 hari yang lalu
Shay-mus is how Seamus is pronounced but nonetheless AWESOME vid. 3 hours is spoiling us material.
Golden_Sunshine - 10 hari yang lalu
I love Harry Potter!
Askil V Johnsen
Askil V Johnsen - 12 hari yang lalu
Taylor was also my introduction to asmr btw (btw?)
Jen H
Jen H - 12 hari yang lalu
Literally love Harry Potter this is the best
SJtheWolfBossVlogs - 13 hari yang lalu
She was my introduction to ASMR. I watched Reaction Time and found Asmr through that video 🥰
Brooke Bond
Brooke Bond - 13 hari yang lalu
I remember the first video I watched from you it opened up a whole new world of not staying up late and being relaxed when panicking or bored🥰💌
Jeff Shweky
Jeff Shweky - 15 hari yang lalu
Gibi was mine
Eric Cooper
Eric Cooper - 15 hari yang lalu
I haven’t got enough patience for this
Exotic Shadow
Exotic Shadow - 16 hari yang lalu
when the lego set says 8-14 years but u ate all the legos in 3.5 hours. ME: BIG BRAIN MODE AT FULL CAPACITY!!!
KELPO420 - 15 hari yang lalu
Damn it's two in the morning and I'm laughing pretty hard bruh lmao
D Santos
D Santos - 16 hari yang lalu
Darling appreciatioj comment. Urs smashing it 😁😁👍👍
Aaron Alfaro
Aaron Alfaro - 16 hari yang lalu
HAHA she said number 2
Steve Bevan
Steve Bevan - 16 hari yang lalu
This is so long but I don’t care I love it
Kermit Suicide
Kermit Suicide - 16 hari yang lalu
I want to watch this, BUT I GOT TO WAKE UPP
#Sofa Queen
#Sofa Queen - 17 hari yang lalu
Me:stays up just to wch the lego set be built🏫
ASMR Kleo 🌻Click&Watch🌻
ASMR Kleo 🌻Click&Watch🌻 - 17 hari yang lalu
I love to watch when someone is creating 😍
southern guru
southern guru - 18 hari yang lalu
Darling was literally the first ASMR channel I ever came across, before that I didn't even know there was already a huge ASMR community. Proud to have came across it idk how I would sleep without it lol
Alex Presson
Alex Presson - 19 hari yang lalu
I absolutely loved this! Watched it over three days and would love to see more!!
boring guy
boring guy - 19 hari yang lalu
"you are a lizard harry"
"I'm a blizzard?"
sebiieex - 19 hari yang lalu
took you 3.5 hours to build a 700 piece lego set
JojoTigger17 - 19 hari yang lalu
I could listen to the car driving along the table for hours. Tinglyyy
Defult boi
Defult boi - 20 hari yang lalu
It took you 3.5 hours I would have been done in 30 minutes I’m a lego master
Amy Edwards
Amy Edwards - 21 hari yang lalu
That's really good 😪💤
josh - 21 hari yang lalu
that took you 3 hrs bruh i used too do those in 30 min xd
MARKO ESPANA - 22 hari yang lalu
Women: we are better and smarter then men
Also women: *takes 3 hours to build a simple lego set*
MARKO ESPANA - 22 hari yang lalu
@J H your not that guy pal
J H - 22 hari yang lalu
Log off kid
Owen Hill
Owen Hill - 23 hari yang lalu
god damn I hate harry potter but i love lego
Lisa O'Brien
Lisa O'Brien - 23 hari yang lalu
Love you Taylor!
Tom Riggin
Tom Riggin - 23 hari yang lalu
Is anyone else confused by the shape.. and cut of her shirt...
I thought I was seeing things for like 5 minutes.. I could not figure it out...
What an odd and Interesting cut of a shirt... If I seen a girl walk by with a shirt like that, I wouldn't be able to figure out what exactly I just saw.... lol
MAniAC MUsic QUeeN :D
MAniAC MUsic QUeeN :D - 24 hari yang lalu
It would be so relaxing if you would tap on that for 3 hours!
Wogie - 24 hari yang lalu
Tony - 24 hari yang lalu
That must be the most relaxing thing ever.. 💤💤 sleep time now ❤️
Troy Mcdivitt
Troy Mcdivitt - 25 hari yang lalu
Taylor is sooo pretty
Book Wormed-Geek
Book Wormed-Geek - 25 hari yang lalu
the satisfaction of just clicking the pieces in place- literally!!
Moonlight Panda ASMR
Moonlight Panda ASMR - 25 hari yang lalu
One day I will have the money to get into Legos... one day...
Travis Collins
Travis Collins - 25 hari yang lalu
I need you to play your role as it should be played. it once was. For me personally. You proposition us, for life.
Reese Foreman
Reese Foreman - 25 hari yang lalu
I need Harry Potter legos
Pinkiuss Piukuss
Pinkiuss Piukuss - 26 hari yang lalu
"You're a Lego, Harry".
Pinkiuss Piukuss
Pinkiuss Piukuss - 26 hari yang lalu
As Will Farrell said in The Lego Movie about how old you should be to build Legos..."that's just a suggestion".
Dwight May
Dwight May - 27 hari yang lalu
Its been a while since my heartbeat slowed down this much. Skills
Bas Van Wakeren
Bas Van Wakeren - 27 hari yang lalu
I have this done in like 15 min
Big Phish
Big Phish - 27 hari yang lalu
Who tf is Taylor
Kyle Cocciante
Kyle Cocciante - 28 hari yang lalu
Hey Taylor, you need to lego

of my eggo

(Sorry not sorry)
Tessa Waldrep
Tessa Waldrep - 28 hari yang lalu
I have found my favorite ASMR video!!! Love your sense of humor and your sounds are the best.
Glitch Syco
Glitch Syco - 28 hari yang lalu
i like how she never changes her saying
Anon Anon
Anon Anon - 28 hari yang lalu
Ok but did she really just pronounce Seamus like "say-mus" instead of "shay-mus". 🤦🏼‍♀️
FieRRo - 28 hari yang lalu
I love lego super heroes and Harry potter)) (l am Russian,sorry)
Pavithra Herath
Pavithra Herath - 28 hari yang lalu
Bernardo Vrea
Bernardo Vrea - 29 hari yang lalu
Kimi Räikkönen be like : 25:00
caleb Hulk
caleb Hulk - 29 hari yang lalu
arthur first sleepovwer
the book lover Olivia
the book lover Olivia - 29 hari yang lalu
Why do u whisper I can bearly hear u and my volume is as high as it can go
Howl - 29 hari yang lalu
You're too old to make that LEGO set! You gotta go find the 22-30 yr old sets
Aleksa - Bulan Yang lalu
Omg lets build lego together
Anonymity Ix
Anonymity Ix - Bulan Yang lalu
Holy shit this is a long video
den dije
den dije - Bulan Yang lalu
O plz plz do another Lego build!!
Superhero Bob
Superhero Bob - Bulan Yang lalu
I hate LEGO and i hate Harry Potter!
Sheeeezz its Darling i have to watch this 🤷‍♂️
Jeremy Howard
Jeremy Howard - Bulan Yang lalu
Late to the party but still had fun. Would enjoy seeing you build more Lego Harry Potter sets.
A.W - Bulan Yang lalu
Ko Blake
Ko Blake - Bulan Yang lalu
Miss Darling thank you for the video. And youre absolutely GORGEOUS
DogLover’s Life
DogLover’s Life - Bulan Yang lalu
I love how there is actually a Severus Snape and Argus Filch (there isn’t one in the “first year” Harry Potter one I got)
Tomstesmons - Bulan Yang lalu
I love legos
Casey Gunn
Casey Gunn - Bulan Yang lalu
Lol I love your intros, makes me smile every time.
Blixthand - Bulan Yang lalu
I never had any of these sets. Lego HP didn't exist when I was into Legos, but Lego Star Wars did, and I was/am into Star Wars to, but they were just to expensive. Though looking back at what I enjoyed as a kid and then looking at these sets today I can't imagine I would have had a lot of fun with it. I really liked Bionicle and Kinghts Kingdom, which were fewer pieces, but also became good size action figures that you could actually play with. This I feel is most fun for the ones that enjoy the building more than the playing, which was not me as a kid. Now I don't really have time or space or (still) money for something like this, even though I could see myself enjoying this a bit more as an adult, in the same way I might enjoy a jigsaw puzzle.
Diganta chowdhury
Diganta chowdhury - Bulan Yang lalu
Asmr darling is the best and my first
Jason Crutchfield
Jason Crutchfield - Bulan Yang lalu
It was her trying to cook breakfast that introduced me to ASMR. She's a natural.
Бор Zakk
Бор Zakk - Bulan Yang lalu
Добрый день
Maks Stefaniuk
Maks Stefaniuk - Bulan Yang lalu
When you want to build your Lego before Christmas but without wakeing up parents
cucunee - Bulan Yang lalu
Rice - Bulan Yang lalu
let’s all appreciate how she spent 3 hours just for us ❤️
Clod Hopper
Clod Hopper - Bulan Yang lalu
Love the video, use it to fall asleep on the reg. Fyi tough the orange thing is tool to help remove pieces.
Lee Ming Fong
Lee Ming Fong - Bulan Yang lalu
Did someone really watch this and didn’t skip at all ?
Carmella DeFeo
Carmella DeFeo - Bulan Yang lalu
Where did u purchase this???
Christian McGhee
Christian McGhee - Bulan Yang lalu
Jammia Bentley
Jammia Bentley - Bulan Yang lalu
Iieing in bed in 2021
Harrison Howard
Harrison Howard - Bulan Yang lalu
Hi I was looking on famous birthdays and I saw you had the same birthday as me and I love asmr so I had to search and then I saw this video and I love LEGO’s and Harry Potter so this just turned out perfect
Tom Schulz
Tom Schulz - Bulan Yang lalu
please yes, more Lego videos O.O
simon coss
simon coss - Bulan Yang lalu

Me: Don't you mean Sheamus? LOOOOL
Ailuridae of the Reds
Ailuridae of the Reds - Bulan Yang lalu
i think at 1:45:19 those things were supposed to go on the end so the other green things wouldn't fall out
Pulse Aurora
Pulse Aurora - Bulan Yang lalu
Good. Now, the Death Star.
ady - Bulan Yang lalu
9yo me making everyone watch me play w my xmas presents
ASMR with Bean Marie
ASMR with Bean Marie - Bulan Yang lalu
AHHHHHHH i need this lego set
stxrrbee - Bulan Yang lalu
Me checks time:whoops wrong video
Laine Underwood
Laine Underwood - Bulan Yang lalu
Love the vids keep it up darling
Garrett Francis
Garrett Francis - Bulan Yang lalu
This was fun!
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson - Bulan Yang lalu
Can You guess waht we building

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A Deathstar for Sure