Building a DUGOUT from START to FINISH | All stages of CONSTRUCTION | First experience

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Hello everyone, my name is Ilya. In this video I want to show my first experience of building a dugout in a wild forest with my own hands. I really love hiking and nature. I hope you enjoy the video. Enjoy watching!


Primitive Evolution
this is so interesting, it is similar to my underground grass house
John Murkwater
For a first time build, you did an excellent job.
William Burdon
Very nice , I built about 20 of them when I was young, great first effort. There are many tricks to make it last longer , like the plastic and drainage suggestions below, also put the logs in fire to keep insects out and rot . If you have a lot of rocks in the area , that is the material to use below ground. It's a bit harder but it will last indefinately with a new roof once in a while. Enjoy it , great get away spot.!
Ron Lessner
With the challenges that surround today's youth it good to see one putting forth a wholesome endeavor. Well done young man, well done!!!
Rick Crandall
Rick Crandall - 28 hari yang lalu
I’ve watched these videos of you for hours, they are so relaxing and stress releasing, and you are a master film maker, you are greatly admired, I hope you get your just rewards, please keep the videos coming
Fascinating and compelling viewing. So relaxing to watch you gradually build a beautiful dugout. Thank you for making this video.
Jeremy B.
Great job on the build and the video. It looks like a great learning experience. You should be able to get years of enjoyment of the shelter. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us, Ilya.
CILENE Lacerda de Lima Lacerda de Lima
Adorei sua cabana incrível, e adorei o vídeo longo eu amei!! Parabéns pelo lindo trabalho 🤗❤
Judith Wake
First time I've ever seen someone besides me chop large rounds of fire wood using the weight of the heavier firewood itself to drive the hatchet through the wood ! Works really well for stubborn knotty pieces and an axe too. A well made hammock, 5' wide so you can sleep on your side, gathered end hammocks are the most comfortable and stable sleep I've ever had ! It feels like floating in air ! A foam pad is necessary between your sleeping bag and hammock to retain your heat. It takes away the heat escaping between you and the hammock otherwise hammocks are cold at night even with a subzero sleeping bag. I like to hang my clothes on the top line of the hammock so I can put my clothes on including my shoes and step down from my hammock fully clothed ! I slept in a hammock every night for a week when I first got mine and a threw out my bed and haven't slept in a bed since !
Lady Leo
I really enjoyed every second of the build! What amazing skills you have it turned out perfect!!
Nico Figueroa
amazing build comrade! ive watched the whole thing !!!! youre great! cant wait to see more in the future !!!! thanks
Loved the build but I would suggest getting a splitting wedge and a 10lb long handled mall/sledgehammer to split your wood. Longer handle means more strike force from your arm swing. Lots of great work you did and very inventive. Congrats on a fantastic project.
CILENE Lacerda de Lima Lacerda de Lima
Você ganhou mais uma seguidora daqui do Brasil 🤗❤seus vídeos são incríveis!!!
Outdoor Escape
So much work behind this project. I like how you improved day by day. Hope you all good man!
Missouri outdoors
I am in a small town in southeast Missouri not for sure where your at,but your video popped up and I seen how long it was and I thought I can’t watch this whole video, but once I started watching I couldn’t stop. You are a very inspiring young man and got a lot of grit. Awesome video.
Lucy Harris
Awesome video! Would there likely be trouble with water collecting or instability in the dirt during wet seasons?
Rev. Deacon Michael Tubbs
Great video, Ilya! A lot of hard work condensed into almost 3 hours. Thank you for sharing your experience +
Pat O'Neill
Great job on the build! Great job with the videography, editing, and sound! I like the music mixed in with the other sounds. Thank you for posting 👍😎
Peter Gunn
You should be very proud of yourself and your cabin. We live in a world where people keep to themselves and have no time for others but, you gave of yourself, skills and your dream of helping others. I hope many people find your cabin and stay for a while as you intended. God Bless You!
Dragana Mijailovic
Какой особенный мужчина! Отличная работа ! Какая великая сила духа и тела, этот человек живет здоровой жизнью