Old Style Ramen Stall with Funny Owner - Japanese Street Food - Tokyo

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I plan to go to ramen stalls all over Japan🍜
I plan to go to ramen stalls all over Japan.😋🍜🇯🇵
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I added subtitles in several languages. Not just English.
I had the privilege to visit this stall in Suidobashi back in 2016, in which I took a pic with the old man after eating. I visited again in 2017, sat and ate my meal once again. When I finished, I pulled out my phone and showed him the pic we took together the year before. I told him I made it top priority to come visit and eat his delicious ramen once again. The smile he had on his face was priceless. As I left that evening, he came from around his cart and bowed deeply as I walked away. An incredible experience(s) that I'll cherish forever!
kmah88 - 
My hubby and I stopped by his stall way back in 2010. Hubby had a bowl while I just stood by and waited for him. The owner felt bad for me for not eating so he passed over a small bowl of broth for me to have a taste as well. He was so friendly and kind to us, even though neither of us spoke Japanese.
Faustine Angela Zipagan
I remember this stall! I visited Tokyo years ago in April 2017 and walked past this stall while walking back to my hotel after watching the Coldplay concert. This stall is very near the stadium. It was a really chilly evening and it was also my first time in Japan so even though I was walking quickly to get to my warm room this stall definitely caught my eye and made my head turn walking past it, because I could see many locals having some hot ramen and it looked delicious. It’s so great to see this lovely man is still there selling ramen! I hope to visit you soon Sir!
A.Krishna Akhil
Growing up, watching anime which shows at least some reflection of Japan in a way, ramen noodles and these kinda mobile carts looked so cool and a part of the culture in a way.
EndlessDrive - Tahun Yang lalu
This is how I imagine the phrase, "If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life" looks like. I'm sure it's a lot tougher than it looks, but obviously he loves what he does and I'm sure every time he sets up his stall, he feels fulfillment out of bringing other people joy and sharing a moment with each and every one of his customers.
Vidya★James - 12 jam yang lalu
What a personable and hard working chef....there's just something about the din of an urban setting, the lighting and occasional vehicle passing by juxtaposed against such a quaint and time-worn stall. The kind of spot that could pop up anywhere but would ALWAYS be worth your time to find...not to mention the food itself looks DELICIOUS 🤤
Atlas Neptune
Atlas Neptune - Tahun Yang lalu
Imagine a cold, late at night, after work on your way back home to be greeted by a warm, delicious, bowl of ramen and a father-like chef.
Dragonare71 - Tahun Yang lalu
You know the food is gonna be good when:
Jay-r Castillo
Jay-r Castillo - Tahun Yang lalu
This tradition will never die in Japan, its one of the most bucket list of tourist who go there.
Márcio Della Rosa
Que habilidade e precisão ao montar os pratos. Certamente o aroma e o sabor são ainda mais surpreendentes e deliciosos que o que imaginamos assistindo ao vídeo. Saudações de São Paulo, Brasil, cidade com milhões de japoneses e descendentes de muitas gerações.
Love Thyself Deanna💮
Love Thyself Deanna💮 - Tahun Yang lalu
That authentic ramen makes me crave! Also the old man has got an interesting stall with all its drawers and that stall cover that doubles as a table. You can really see that stall had aged well in time with its owner.
Rafa Cruz
Ese platillo se veía increíble, solo con ver la preparación me quedé sorprendido, ojalá y tenga oportunidad de visitar a su país, su gastronomía y cultura son excelentes, saludos desde México 🇲🇽
OMGASL - Tahun Yang lalu
What a beautiful video. Stalls like this will disappear once the owner passes, like in many countries around the world. Thanks for capturing this scene for future generations.
R Pang
R Pang - Tahun Yang lalu
Back breaking, honest, thorough work. His back is already covered in sweat before he started because that cart is mighty heavy. So much respect for people who take pride in what they do.
Dino Ferlando
Dino Ferlando - Tahun Yang lalu
Watching this video bring tears to my eyes.
Nora Cuesta
Todo se ve tan delicioso me encantaría conocer y probar esos manjares. Saludos desde Argentina 🙏🏼
Animes 1
Animes 1 - Tahun Yang lalu
Nossa que água na boca deu esse ramen 🤤 e olha que sou BRAZILEIRO que me dera ter a oportunidade de provar✊ 😫 ✊
Anupam Kumar Singh
I am extremely surprised and fascinated that such vintage and traditional form of food stalls exist in tokyo...
Jupe367 - Tahun Yang lalu
Wow, he even come around the stall to place the bowl on the counter instead of hand it to the customer. That’s quality service.