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Watch full highlights of West Ham's win vs Chelsea. Was it a cross? Was it a shot? We don't care!
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Selorm Onray Ahorlu
The passion from the commentators is giving me goose bumps..wow ❤️🔥
Cosmos Runner
30 years, never seen a West Ham team this good. Better than the Di Canio era!
Chairman Alf
I loved Lanzini’s chest bump into James after James had been shouting at him 😂
I have never seen a West Ham team n squad this good in my life, it’s like a dream haha COYI ⚒❤️
One of the greatest games I have ever seen in my life.
Osazeme Enodolomwanyi
Antonio is such a great player ....look at the space he created for that last goal
Mr. A
Mr. A - 
Lanzini is much much better and more active this year. I guess he’s been greatly influenced by Fornals and other players.
Real Reasons
With all the things going on in the world...the type of year we've had last year and all. You almost wanna cry when Masuaku's goal goes in.
James Beer
After watching years of relegation battles, championship play-off finals and all the farcical things that have happened at west ham, it's so good to see where we're standing now. COYI
Imran Khan
I am Arsenal supporter, but i love the passion how West Ham play. Totally top class....
Abdul Rehman
Fair play to West Ham. What a game
A day I won't forget as a west ham fan, first ever football game I attended
zbeena - 
I just hope that Caufal will get his goal eventually, he does immense ammount of work but is always denied by a tiny bit from his first goal for West Ham.
Sam Cobby
The last goal was instinctive genius
Mr Yikes
What a match knew it would be a banger so I hadn’t missed it, well done to west ham for pulling back
Give some respect to the name David Moyes.After all those failures.he is
Spur 2020
Imagine west ham with Lingard in the line up 🔥
YT RokiBalboa
This west ham team is like poetry
Kevin Bowen
Dear West Ham,
Edo Purwanto Purba
At the end Ferguson never wrong for choosing Moyes!