I Tricked The Internet Into Thinking I Played Fortnite

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I envisioned a masterplan to trick the internet into thinking I played Fortnite despite being banned by Epic Games back on November 6, 2019th. So I put my scheme to the ultimate test LIVE on Twitch. Here are my findings.
• Slater: www.twitch.tv/slaterkodish
📸 Instagram: @fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss
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Andrew James
Andrew James - 12 menit yang lalu
Even if he could play again, why the hell would he play that shitty game it was horrible Nov 2019 and it’s gotten much worse since then.
Abhir Duneja
Abhir Duneja - 41 menit yang lalu
His girlfriend is so cringe🥴😵
Team_HaZe HaZe
Team_HaZe HaZe - 53 menit yang lalu
Al recorded a day later to not get sued
MrSemmie - Jam Yang lalu
Im not a fan of fortnite so I like this a very decent bit
GGxEpsilon - Jam Yang lalu
Ofcourse you are a cheater, this is your expertise.
Podgorski37 - Jam Yang lalu
What’s this clown doing now? oH lOoK aT mE i HaVe FaZe In My NaMe CaUsE iM sO fUcKiNg CoOl
Ghosted - Jam Yang lalu
Fortnite is dead
siempre arriba
siempre arriba - Jam Yang lalu
Play some warzone
Paul Jacob Santos
Paul Jacob Santos - 2 jam yang lalu
Ines Naidoo
Ines Naidoo - 2 jam yang lalu
Just imagine banks swing this
HELP ME REACH 10K SUBS - 2 jam yang lalu
(Only a button) made him get banned 😱😱😱😱
Marco Salvatori
Marco Salvatori - 2 jam yang lalu
TBH I think that the Fortnite ban was a bit too much but I never liked it that much
Mosem Jamir
Mosem Jamir - 2 jam yang lalu
Stealty OTS
Stealty OTS - 2 jam yang lalu
Lol you dont learn
gio dahdah
gio dahdah - 2 jam yang lalu
if you wont I will send you a cod to send to the gaiml of fortnite
gio dahdah
gio dahdah - 2 jam yang lalu
hi bro I can unbennd you
Liam - 2 jam yang lalu
WHy did the block him in the first place??
espartago javis
espartago javis - 2 jam yang lalu
yo why does slater look like david dobrik combined with faze orba .hahahahaha
Mangocow - 2 jam yang lalu
Who’s that girl🥵
Easton Q
Easton Q - 3 jam yang lalu
Wait so none of you guys can play fortnite or was that just a troll if not they need to take away the ip ban
Potato maddox
Potato maddox - 4 jam yang lalu
or just make a new fort account( its a joke)
Rydoge 21
Rydoge 21 - 4 jam yang lalu
I love how hype every other Faze guy is lmao
mjawara1 - 4 jam yang lalu
Fortnite needa unban
mrbeast6000 - 5 jam yang lalu
The thing about this is that he can play and he can’t get IP banned because he lives in the Faze House which is full of FN players
PHD Flopper
PHD Flopper - 5 jam yang lalu
Bruh chat ruined it they leaked his name and everything🤦🏽‍♂️
Lucky Sin
Lucky Sin - 5 jam yang lalu
ishan Gaming
ishan Gaming - 5 jam yang lalu
jarvis pls play fortnite
ishan Gaming
ishan Gaming - 5 jam yang lalu
jarvis pls play fortnite
ishan Gaming
ishan Gaming - 5 jam yang lalu
jarvis pls play fortnite
Baljeets son
Baljeets son - 5 jam yang lalu
Plot twist:He was actually playing and trying to cover up
PRATYUSH ! - 5 jam yang lalu
Bestttt fkinnn Video brooo❤️😂🔥🔥🔥
game rub
game rub - 6 jam yang lalu
Insane 😲
HackerTV - 6 jam yang lalu
So we just gonna ignore all that damn food
hayden farley
hayden farley - 6 jam yang lalu
JARVIS breaks the internet
Corelism - 6 jam yang lalu
Getting banned in twitch
Bugin-arug 21
Bugin-arug 21 - 7 jam yang lalu
Your insane Jarvis
Bugin-arug 21
Bugin-arug 21 - 7 jam yang lalu
Funny vid
TheHammer - 7 jam yang lalu
So, I actually think Jarvis is playing Fortnite here because Tiko said several times that he gets to see Jarvis play again. You also see Jarvis holding and Xbox controller here 9:17, and he is moving it. You also see the other player holding a ps4 controller here 17:25. Throughout the gameplay you see Xbox icons look at the icon to switch to your pickaxe, it says Y. There is no Y on ANY PlayStation Controller on any PS Console. So unless somehow the other player next to Jarvis is playing on a PS4 controller and has Xbox icons, and its just a coincidence Jarvis is holding and moving an Xbox controller. Jarvis is playing Fortnite.
Pawsly - 7 jam yang lalu
16:15 what was that squeak
702._.valentine - 7 jam yang lalu
Who else had no idea this ever happened