This Roger Federer Masterclass Isn't Talked About Enough!

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francesco decio
The sharpness of his forehand with that raquet is amazing. That day his entire game was spot on. But you can clearly see that the pace he generates with his forehand was really tough to handle every match. That forehand maybe was even better than the 2004-07.
ICA - 
Feds game is just so different from all the rest. Even the other two Goats can’t match his sublime skills. Nadal is unique with his ridiculous topspin and being a lefty he has a natural advantage against Feds and Djokovic who are both right handed and even more so against Feds whose single handed backhand is at a natural disadvantage in receiving such high balls from Nadal’s forehand. Djokovic is the best returner and mover out of the three and he just gets everything back until you miss. However, Feds is 6 years older so we shouldn’t compare him to the other two really as he’s from the previous generation. Nevertheless, Feds is at a disadvantage to the other two because of his single backhand which requires a higher degree of skill that using two hands. Will be a sad day when he finally does retire though. On the bright side I’ll be coming back to watch your Fed vids Raz. ❤
Jazz Tech
Best footwork in the history of the game…. Everything he does… possible and impossible is because he’s gliding while everyone else is running.. Don’t even want to talk about his hands….. So much fun to watch him play…
Wally Friend
Fantastic performance. When he's on, he's like a tornado. Just nothing Istomin can do but watch and admire.
Jolly Molly
As is always the case when Roger is on song - it's the footwork that's insane. Sometimes I watch these match highlights and just watch Roger's feet...
Robert Stark
Wow, his 2012-2013 forehand with that raquet. When it's on, it's just ridiculous. The 2012-2013 era may be the most elegant style he has ever played. His game at that time looked so smooth!
M.K.D. - 
At that time, it was his worst year on tour! Imagine the level and consistency.
Peter Parker
Roger Federer 💙 # G.O.A.T
Francesco Picchi
Always wondered why this one never shown up in Federer's highlights reel. Great find, man!
Nick Slaughter
The way he played when he was using the 90 pro staff, especially this specific racquet was just beautiful!
Anthony Burman
Oh my goodness, he was ruthlessly efficient and dazzling alike.
2596 views already today! Boy there are a lot of people missing him out there. His game looks just beautiful.
CJ Ever
CJ Ever - 
Try that Halle Final some months later, he absolutely demolished Mischa Zverev. Even though 2013 was tough for Roger, he produced some remarkable performances
Vijayendran Vijay
Novak would feel proud watching this match and get some tips from Roger on beating istomin..BTW, back issues for roger started after this match I guess
Bukhtiar Shah
Sir Roger federer golden legend in universal love you so much ❤❤❤
Simply the GOAT
his forehand was so good back in 2012! It really did chance after that racket change!
Ketan Jobalia
Without doubt, Federer is the most talented, beautiful, vesatile player ever to play tennis. Variety of shots he plays, is far more than combined of Nadal or Novak. His volley , stop volley, backend, forehand and dropshots are very pleasing to watch. To play for 20 over yrs with very high consistency is simply amazing. And above all, he is very humble, down to earth always easy going with his fans and media. We hardly read or hear ppl say bad things abt him. It is astonoshing to know that he has never retired half way in 1500 plus matches he has played. This shows how much he loves Tennis.. No other player has this effect on public past 50 yrs plus. No wonder he gets so much love, respect and attention from Reporters, players and public.. Even if Novak wins 25 Slams, he can never match talent, skill, charishma, elegance and popularity of Federer. Novak may go down as Goat but Federer is Lion ( king who rules)..👌🏻👌🏻.......
Mayank Sharma
His 2013 turned into a nightmare after this match. He had already stopped wearing that compression shirt by this time, I think.
Raz Ols
Raz Ols - 
Your favorite point from this match? Plenty to choose from!