Billie Eilish - my future

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Directed by:
Andrew Onorato
Produced by:
Chop Studio
Alex Dray
Andrew Onorato
Annie Zhao
Cliona Noonan
Ian Ballantyne
João Monteiro
Josh Trotter
Keith Kavanagh
Maddie Brewer
Nancy Li
Sarah Schmidt
Sean Anderson
Genesis Magat
Rick Sweden
Jarrod Prince
Andrew Onorato
Adam Henderson
Shane Dering
Music video by Billie Eilish performing my future. © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records
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Maria Eduarda Souza Mingardi
Maria Eduarda Souza Mingardi - 34 menit yang lalu
Her voice 🤩♥️
Caizah-X - 35 menit yang lalu
I really found the part where it rained touching..
Jones - 39 menit yang lalu
2:56 the sound she makes after she says “her” is so beautiful. i love that part & the way she says “cause I”
Sofia De Marco
Sofia De Marco - 40 menit yang lalu
I love this song SO much💜💙
Mr. Smith
Mr. Smith - 42 menit yang lalu
The future's yours. Don't change you and Fin's formula. At least not too much. ✌

Giselle Espinoza
Giselle Espinoza - 44 menit yang lalu
I like the song it’s beautiful ❤️🦋🌷💕🔥🌹💐🦋❤️🌸🦋🦋
Jones - 45 menit yang lalu
i love the beginning since it’s so slowed & lyrical :)
Rich Roberson
Rich Roberson - 47 menit yang lalu
My future... god
SAd LEihlA
SAd LEihlA - 49 menit yang lalu
Don’t cry is somebody is dead smile because they where born
Jessica Bailey
Jessica Bailey - 50 menit yang lalu
It's currently 5am, I just sang a cover to this at 4am. This song is a 'I can't sleep' kinda vibe ngl, been listening to it on repeat
toxic hands
toxic hands - 51 menit yang lalu
No one:
Comments: ThE fRoG iS sO CuTe

Belinda Arroyo
Belinda Arroyo - 52 menit yang lalu
i love it
Marlee Browning
Marlee Browning - Jam Yang lalu
Billie: I’ll see you in a couple years Me: ummmmm, hold on that better be a joke
Avril B
Avril B - Jam Yang lalu
Que lindo video
Avril B
Avril B - Jam Yang lalu
Por favor si leen esto vallan a seguirme please if you see this go follow me
Yan - Jam Yang lalu
By Billie I want to start singing but I am not really good singer-
Hiko Si
Hiko Si - 45 menit yang lalu
I would love to hear u sing
F r o g
F r o g - Jam Yang lalu
The animation is *immaculate*
cloudy thinker
cloudy thinker - Jam Yang lalu
This was soo beautiful Billie 🥺💚
Üčhïhä Särädä
Üčhïhä Särädä - Jam Yang lalu
I to Happy 💖😊
Yoel Esteban Acuña Bedoya
Yoel Esteban Acuña Bedoya - Jam Yang lalu
Üčhïhä Särädä
Üčhïhä Särädä - Jam Yang lalu
I already downloaded This song Our vei Wonderful music! Still but with Billie Singing? BEAUTIFUL! There is no one better than Billie eilish EVER! bear baby #Billieeilish i love iu
Gryphygirl Studios
Gryphygirl Studios - Jam Yang lalu
if this song isnt played at my funeral im not coming
Todd Lebov
Todd Lebov - Jam Yang lalu
How could you not love this voice?! I will never understand the haters.
Ary Raven Mons
Ary Raven Mons - Jam Yang lalu
Dancer4life - Jam Yang lalu
So freaking amazing and talented
Sophia Yurko
Sophia Yurko - Jam Yang lalu
Magic school bus vibzzzzz✨✨✨

Also I’d just like to say that Billie is such a role model from showing that she has grown her happiness with her music, it has really made me hopeful. And these bops have and will not end giving me love and support.😊😊😊
Joe - Jam Yang lalu
So much credit to the animators and illustrators, the song is so profound itself but you can tell these visuals took a while to make and they make the song all the better
abril galvan
abril galvan - Jam Yang lalu
how bequtiful my baby billie eillish i hope and you fulfill all yors goals attm yor tan who loves you just as you are and i like all yor songs i love you
Billie Eilish Fan
Billie Eilish Fan - Jam Yang lalu
Can’t wait for Billie to sing this song at a concert 💚🖤
beep beep lettuce
beep beep lettuce - Jam Yang lalu
Sahil Chauhan
Sahil Chauhan - Jam Yang lalu
You future decided by illuminate
You not
Godfrey Stars Official
Godfrey Stars Official - Jam Yang lalu
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Brenda Palomino
Brenda Palomino - Jam Yang lalu
จินดารัตน์ วุฒิยา
I love this song. I've been listening to this song since the first day of the day, and it's because it's so much. I love you Billie​❤️😊
Rofie Espaldon
Rofie Espaldon - Jam Yang lalu is no one going to talk about the adorable frog 🥺
Katelyn Zunz
Katelyn Zunz - Jam Yang lalu
Tints and Tones
Tints and Tones - Jam Yang lalu
I drew billie Eilish 😊 plzzz check it out and tell me if it resembles her..... :)
Reed Daniel Cuevas
Reed Daniel Cuevas - Jam Yang lalu
It give me chills when she says “I’m inlove with my future”
juan sebastian correa beltran
es anime que lindo inspirate se libre y vive feliz estaremos hay por ti y para ti
Rose Loves Cats
Rose Loves Cats - 2 jam yang lalu
Im so proud of her😢 she went from making songs about her being depressed to this 😊
best_gamerz0 - 2 jam yang lalu
I wish Billie was my mom
Cloud pufff
Cloud pufff - 2 jam yang lalu
Who else is waiting for the “whos here after quarantine?”
Jessica Bailey
Jessica Bailey - 53 menit yang lalu
Davi Juan
Davi Juan - 2 jam yang lalu
Look, Billie's singing is pretty soft and emotional rather than that typical strong vocals, and that is absolutely rare... Well, she loves music and when you have the ability and opportunity to do what you absolutely love, you will obviously do it... She isn’t taking someone else’s spot or pushing people down while trying to create music so I don’t get why people are obsessed with hating on her. Let her sing. Singing and music for me is something that sounds pleasant to my ear. And Billie sounds like heaven to our ears, right?
*(Btw: I've done a cover of this song, if you're interested in watching it (:)*
NAna Qwesi
NAna Qwesi - Jam Yang lalu I bet you will enjoy this sooo much tho 😅 😊 ❤️ ❤️
Anilaiulu - 2 jam yang lalu
Hello I don't this won't be noticed but a lot of people are comparing Billie to I3CEPEAK please don't as Billie situation is not as bad I3CEPEAK may be arrested for their music but only a chance because they speak about the old government of Russia the Soviet Union. (sorry for bad englihs)
miyA amv
miyA amv - 2 jam yang lalu
Leah Augustin
Leah Augustin - 2 jam yang lalu
Her voice is like butter.

Just so smooth.....
laura : vargas
laura : vargas - 2 jam yang lalu
Some Sam
Some Sam - 2 jam yang lalu
this is such a lofi vibe song
Coco La douge
Coco La douge - 2 jam yang lalu
This became my lullaby.
cypher -x
cypher -x - 2 jam yang lalu
Dang one of the best songs in soul
Lakia Otero
Lakia Otero - 2 jam yang lalu
i literally can’t explain how much i love this
David Santiago Carrillo Velasquez
Y el comentario en español??
Joshua Fisher
Joshua Fisher - 2 jam yang lalu
3:7 the dummy thichk frog and it is sooooo cute
Joseph Song
Joseph Song - 2 jam yang lalu
Honestly since I dont have spotify premium I always use YouTube. But it is worth it cuz this song is good.
Sara Azizi
Sara Azizi - 2 jam yang lalu
Best song ever
Lê Hà
Lê Hà - 2 jam yang lalu
Dear my future me,
Don’t fall in love again
Fernanda Sparky
Fernanda Sparky - 2 jam yang lalu
Una bilie en anime
Davi Santos
Davi Santos - 2 jam yang lalu
Christopher Nguyen
Christopher Nguyen - 2 jam yang lalu
Tiktok better not ruin this song
Maleia Tricoche
Maleia Tricoche - 2 jam yang lalu
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The animation is absolutely stunning!