Table Tennis Highlights | Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

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As the favourites fell left and right in a table tennis tournament full of upsets, Natalia Partyka of Poland just kept on getting the job done. One of the biggest stars in the sport clinched a record fourth consecutive class 10 women's singles gold medal. She then led Poland to victory over China in the classes 6-10 team competition to avenge finals lost to the Chinese at Beijing 2008 and Athens 2004. Having made her Paralympic debut at the Sydney 2000 Games aged 11, Partyka is still only 27 years old and could keep her golden run going well into the future. Sandra Paovic finds love and glory in second chapter of table tennis career

She said early exits of highly fancied players in other classes, such as Ma Lin of China and Viktor Didukh of Ukraine, served as a healthy reminder to avoid complacency. "It's the beauty of table tennis. Even if you seem to be the best in your group - and many favourites lost in semis, quarters, even the group stage - in table tennis you never know. You have to be always ready for everything," she said. Paralympic table tennis competition to serve up tantalising matches at Rio 2016 Partyka led a strong Polish contingent which secured second place in the medal table, with eight. That still left them well behind China with its 21 podium finishes, including 13 golds. Strong performances in the male competitions ensured Great Britain and France rounded out the top four, while Brazil exceeded expectations with a silver and a hat-trick of bronze medals. Will Bayley of Great Britain reigns supreme in table tennis The biggest attraction at the tournament, however, was not the undefeated Partyka, but an Egyptian who did not win a single match: cult figure Ibrahim Hamadtou, who plays by gripping the racket in his mouth to compensate for his lack of arms.

Full table tennis results from the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games can be found here:

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Meriem Sakhi
Meriem Sakhi - 7 hari yang lalu
سبحان الله
Mikko Peltaven
Mikko Peltaven - 13 hari yang lalu
The guy playing with his mounth👍
clint chang
clint chang - 15 hari yang lalu
个人感觉,口衔球拍的运动员对战手握球拍的运动员不太公平。因为:1 手臂属于活动关节,更为灵活。脊椎(口衔球拍活动的是脖子)属于半活动关节,没那么灵活。2 手臂作为身体的延伸,有着更大的防守优势,脖子显然没有手臂长。
Bonnet de douche
Bonnet de douche - 18 hari yang lalu
The man playing with his mouth has unbelievable hand-eye co-ordination
nayla najam
nayla najam - 19 hari yang lalu
Kamlesh Patil
Kamlesh Patil - 19 hari yang lalu
Without hand playing bro legend
Manoj Patil
Manoj Patil - 20 hari yang lalu
Without hand 👌
Nritya Deva
Nritya Deva - 20 hari yang lalu
1st One is
Manoj Patil
Manoj Patil - 21 hari yang lalu
Legend bro fabulous
Daim Behari
Daim Behari - 21 hari yang lalu
the man playing without arms deserves a gold medal for effort, that is the true spirit of the Olympics.....
Chadbury Official
Chadbury Official - 23 hari yang lalu
Subehanallaoh istimewa..
R Ironeto
R Ironeto - 26 hari yang lalu
MeDiAAiDeM - 27 hari yang lalu
good work
Lela Kalandadze
Lela Kalandadze - 28 hari yang lalu
Real heroes ❤❤❤
Respect 💎🙏🏻
Mourad Hall
Mourad Hall - Bulan Yang lalu
it is not sport sport is a magnificent thing which transcends the human being. This is Olympism. I don't want to be disrespectful to anyone else, but to see it be a fair show. It's embarrassing even
Mourad Hall
Mourad Hall - Bulan Yang lalu
it is not sport sport is a magnificent thing which transcends the human being. This is Olympism. I don't want to be disrespectful to anyone else, but to see it be a fair show. It's embarrassing even
Gopinath Damodaran
Gopinath Damodaran - Bulan Yang lalu
There is no one get worst ...everything is the world's best
adesh kumar
adesh kumar - Bulan Yang lalu
Mr. Axe
Mr. Axe - Bulan Yang lalu
Wooooow !!!!
Damion Dash
Damion Dash - Bulan Yang lalu
Where is the respect button?
Maxwell Clark
Maxwell Clark - Bulan Yang lalu
nonne the yals sucked
heart rock ไก่
heart rock ไก่ - Bulan Yang lalu
ตอบ มีความแข็งขันที่มีความภายามมาที่สุดคับ
kevin tait
kevin tait - Bulan Yang lalu
Omg this is amazing what wonderful humans
Omar Sarr
Omar Sarr - Bulan Yang lalu
Hi brother, I am a handicap so I like sport so deep my heart can you help me to go as this game
R2 81Tv
R2 81Tv - Bulan Yang lalu
Tible tenis sports....keren....👍👌
Rishabh - Bulan Yang lalu
How can someone dislike them, they made us feel that we are disabled actually from our Mind
Mr. Crighton
Mr. Crighton - Bulan Yang lalu
no arms man.......this is over the top!!
Clover Keleko
Clover Keleko - Bulan Yang lalu
Thanks you god
AJAY KASANA - Bulan Yang lalu
All are legends 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
khor hanseng
khor hanseng - Bulan Yang lalu
Ramiro Hidalgo
Ramiro Hidalgo - Bulan Yang lalu
¡Mi máximo respeto!
Audit Themm
Audit Themm - Bulan Yang lalu
Any one of these people would totally embarrass me. That is so great.
Bill C
Bill C - Bulan Yang lalu
cool man
Johanna W
Johanna W - Bulan Yang lalu
Is that really good for his head? Jerking his brain multiple times like that? Hmm...
iwona m
iwona m - Bulan Yang lalu
Santhiya Santhiya
Santhiya Santhiya - Bulan Yang lalu
All players best
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar - Bulan Yang lalu
Who says a man without hand can't play tennis 🎾??🤔
Gianni Fulgoni
Gianni Fulgoni - Bulan Yang lalu
Ragazzi, che grandi che siete!! Avete già vinto tutto
Radhey Shyam
Radhey Shyam - Bulan Yang lalu
They are really all master in the all type of game either table tennis or other games
I really enjoyed and salute to their efforts
Shrabana Thanapati
Shrabana Thanapati - Bulan Yang lalu
Salute he bhai
VV RAMU - Bulan Yang lalu
My salutes to the man playing with mouth after seeing that can anybody say ICANNT DO THIS
Fauzi King
Fauzi King - Bulan Yang lalu
used head best for All
bulbul mishra
bulbul mishra - Bulan Yang lalu
i admire paralympians more than olympians cs nwvi cn feel it ...i had a covid vaccine injected in my hand yesterday nd i m feeling so much pain in my hand as if i 've only one arm ....i cn imagine how dese people have learnt to live wdout dere essential organs and in ny eyes oll of dem r champions . they r more powerful than us. . dey r not disabled ...we r disabled tht we 've a complete well working body and olways gives excuses of difficulties in our lives !
arbanaskocudo - Bulan Yang lalu
Everyone of these atletes show us that we can achieve everything in life only if we have strong will
Alejandro Pelaez
Alejandro Pelaez - Bulan Yang lalu
My respect for all these great player blessings
Nabeel Awan
Nabeel Awan - Bulan Yang lalu
Respect to all of them, #2 "Ibrahim Hamadtou" salute to him :)
lucuifer12 wang
lucuifer12 wang - Bulan Yang lalu
A 6
The pigs in the pig farm never think of themselves as food until they become ham. Just like some humans. Some people never think of themselves as slaves and food until they are killed by the vaccine. 养猪场里的猪从来不认为自己是食物,直到他们变成火腿。就像某些人类。有些人从来不认为自己是奴隶和食物直到他们被疫苗杀死。
RAHUL SHARMA - Bulan Yang lalu
The man playing with mouth.... GIVE HIM GOLD MEDAL RIGHT AWAY OKKKK
Chan Paul
Chan Paul - Bulan Yang lalu
fayaz bhat
fayaz bhat - Bulan Yang lalu
These great people are inspirational.
Riva - Bulan Yang lalu
Sin duda alguna El querer es poder. Dios bendiga a estas personas con un impetu tremendo.
Anish Dutta
Anish Dutta - Bulan Yang lalu
This is so freaking awesome... ❤️❤️ Such beautiful inspiring legends these guys are..!! Tons of respect for you guys.
ceo,valueresearch valueresearch
Wow! Hats off to every paralympian!
Sajil sajil
Sajil sajil - Bulan Yang lalu
Please encourage 🙏 💖 them put down like 👍
mauriz70 - Bulan Yang lalu
Simply living miths
Ferry Syuriadi
Ferry Syuriadi - Bulan Yang lalu
Human has no limit...amazing
SKM - Bulan Yang lalu
these guys are not disbaled - we are !
Nepolian R
Nepolian R - Bulan Yang lalu
Super sir God bless you
Prof. Dayashankar Singh
Prof. Dayashankar Singh - Bulan Yang lalu
Dont loss hope you are still stong
PodongO SilvA
PodongO SilvA - Bulan Yang lalu
Parabéns verdadeiros vencedores 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💪😎
Summer Lee
Summer Lee - Bulan Yang lalu
The flawless canvas worryingly introduce because grenade evolutionarily spill amid a needy karate. half, late chicory
uddam Kumar
uddam Kumar - Bulan Yang lalu
All of them are GODS....
tali lkr
tali lkr - Bulan Yang lalu
this proves the word "differently abled" true
Portia Tsui
Portia Tsui - Bulan Yang lalu
Balraj Sheetak
Balraj Sheetak - Bulan Yang lalu
They all are legends and show us path to be always positive in life.
shankar.A Arumugam
shankar.A Arumugam - Bulan Yang lalu
God bless the man without two arms
Сергей Безперстов
albator94230 - Bulan Yang lalu
Hyper impressionnant ! Belle leçon de vie... ❤️
thomasksatriagurkha7 - Bulan Yang lalu
thomasksatriagurkha7 - Bulan Yang lalu
thomasksatriagurkha7 - Bulan Yang lalu
Sorotan Tenis Meja | Pertandingan Paralimpiade Rio 2016
D Kumar
D Kumar - Bulan Yang lalu
The " Mouth Man " Rocks
pooja kashyap
pooja kashyap - Bulan Yang lalu
prabhagaran a
prabhagaran a - Bulan Yang lalu
Greatest athletes 👏
1030yukky - Bulan Yang lalu
Philip D'sa
Philip D'sa - Bulan Yang lalu
Salute to all the players, they all played with sprit of a winner. This is a eye opener to all the athlete who feel that they are abled athletes.
m manish
m manish - Bulan Yang lalu
Salute to theirs dares
arrakudouッ - Bulan Yang lalu
lol so cute
Tariq Aslam
Tariq Aslam - Bulan Yang lalu
The guys hold the racket with his teeth and serving using his toes was just emasculate.. Amazing and mind blowing
hank hill
hank hill - Bulan Yang lalu
U spelled immaculate wrong lol
Franz Kafka
Franz Kafka - Bulan Yang lalu
Nisha Singh Official
Nisha Singh Official - Bulan Yang lalu
The man playing with mouth is just beyond expectation ...what a dedicated person he is 🙏🙏
Davide Vianello
Davide Vianello - Bulan Yang lalu
Kim Oanh 400k Vào Timbanvn xyz
02:21 “Cậu có biết “my love” có nghĩa là gì không?” “Tình yêu của tôi?” “Là cậu. 🚠
Mark Mellows
Mark Mellows - Bulan Yang lalu
The cloistered step-mother industrially stroke because rate peripherally communicate circa a classy entrance. jealous, immense stream
francis lal
francis lal - Bulan Yang lalu
When you see these legends doing almost impossible things and brings into reality then automatically , SAR UNKE SAZDE MEIN JHUK JAATA HAI. They shows us that nothing is impossible.
Tanuj Mishra
Tanuj Mishra - Bulan Yang lalu
Paralympics winner should get more appreciation❣️❣️❣️🤝❤️God bless them all..🙏🙏
The Real Official Caz
The Real Official Caz - Bulan Yang lalu
How would you with your mouth? Doesn’t make sense
Yusuf Kerem YUCEL
Yusuf Kerem YUCEL - Bulan Yang lalu
Aaryan Singh
Aaryan Singh - Bulan Yang lalu
The man with no arm is playing better than me.
Janak Timilasena
Janak Timilasena - Bulan Yang lalu
Catching bat by mouth is touchy and all are fantastic and inspiratory.
पलक चौहान
पलक चौहान - Bulan Yang lalu
Congratulations on
Wildan Slp
Wildan Slp - Bulan Yang lalu
Juan Domingo
Juan Domingo - Bulan Yang lalu
They are all my POPULAR HEROES !!!!!
D ROHMAT CHANNEL - Bulan Yang lalu
Wow amazing and like 👍👍👍
perbasi banyumas
perbasi banyumas - Bulan Yang lalu
the real fighter athtlete
km_tri 21
km_tri 21 - Bulan Yang lalu
All of them are fantastic and amazing!!!
Umberto Biroli
Umberto Biroli - Bulan Yang lalu
Strong man and woman....real motivation
Елена Костерина
Елена Костерина - Bulan Yang lalu
Я преклоняюсь перед этими спортсменами
Commercial Aerial Imaging
Commercial Aerial Imaging - Bulan Yang lalu
the music
Pär Högbom
Pär Högbom - Bulan Yang lalu
Heroes!!!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍
dyno_Alpya - Bulan Yang lalu
Jatinder Singh
Jatinder Singh - Bulan Yang lalu
Without doubt, entire players are legend .