Restoration of an Old Hunting Knife! The most Beautiful Handle

Today I have an old hunting knife for restoration.
This is a knife of one of four in the lot that I purchased!
There is one oddity, none of these knives have a handle, although there are pins for mounting!
Restoration process.
I used electrolysis for rust removal, I used a steel plate as an anode, and the knife itself was the cathode!
For the handle I chose a block of stabilized wood (our craftsmen make them of amazing beauty!!!). In this state, the wood is much harder and denser than a regular bar, thus my new handle will be ETERNAL)))!
I also used a special spacer for knife handles (G10, 1 mm).
I assembled everything with epoxy glue, during assembly I lost my nail on the finger of my left hand (do not try to twist something with a screwdriver if this part is in your palm), could not work for two days, and then completed the processing of the handle.
I treated the handle with wood oil, hand polished it with a cotton ribbon, and was amazed by the beauty of the stabilized wood!!!
I really liked the result, I hope you do too.
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Thank you!
Good luck to you all and take care of yourself!
See you next week!
Best regards Max!


Brilliant work, love how the handle turned out 👌🏼
Pavel Zagrebelin
Pavel Zagrebelin - 12 jam yang lalu
Не часто увидишь на ютубе мастеров, которые работают по-старинке. Вместо лентопильного станка - ручная ножовка, вместо гриндера - болгарка, круги на липучке и пара струбцин. Респект от простых пацанов из глубинки.
Помнящий Былое
Достойная работа. 👍🏼
Ася Васина
вы настоящий мастер! столько труда!
Allen - 
Nice work! I like to bevel the sides of the front of the scales before gluing them on. It's a lot easier. I also tape off the sides of the blade to keep the glue from going on it. Don't squeeze the clamps too hard, you squeeze too much epoxy out. I like to drill holes in the steel and dimples into the wood. It provides better adhesion.
Обожаю такие видосы перед сном. Ни каких разговоров, только звуки 😁 Автор молодец!
Poot MahGoots
I love the blue and yellow in the wood and the natural pitting in the blade. A nice, stark contrast from the beautifully crafted handle and those special pins for holding the grip scales on top it off perfectly. :) Beautiful knife. I'm definitely subscribing. :)
Beautiful work. The wood really makes it special and the pitting left behind is a nice touch. Glad it's back to a functional condition.
Elliot Martin
Let's say that your knife was well heat treated at first. Depending on the process and the metal type, we can safely say that harden was between 50 to 60 HRC. And already temper one or two times. So the austenite is now fixed and the steel is no longer under stress.
Tinkl Toy
Все очень информативно и особенно радует что для этого используется минимум инструментов
neil askew
If I had the time I would watch your vids all day your a talent keep up the good work 👍
James Stewart
James Stewart - 7 jam yang lalu
Beautiful handle!
Jay - 
That was a great looking build - beautiful handle!
Raid - 
I love the pitting that was left, looks old and new at the same time. What an intriguing choice of wood too. I haven't heard of stabilized wood before, that's really neat
Christian G.
travail de restauration magnifique!
Scott Worthington
My first time watching your channel. I like that you used simple, inexpensive tools that most people have.
Colds Stone
Que hermoso cuchillo , me gustó demasiado ese color azul de la empuñadura , es asombroso el talento que tienes amigo , saludos de México 👍
Suitov - 
I was so looking forward to seeing what that wood looked like finished. Worth the wait! Unusual and gorgeous.
Renato Barbalho
Excelente vídeo. Restauração fantástica e um trabalho meticuloso.
Term _
Term _ - 
Great restoration and nicely filmed.