16 Cities, 16 Dishes, a Map Feast Composed of Delicacies From All Over Yunnan

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The elderly in the village watched me grow up, and they're very kind to me. We meet almost every day in the village, and they always give me something delicious. However, this is the first time I've officially invited them to a reunion dinner...Xishuangbanna's pineapple rice, Dali's raw hide, Dehong's lemon cold chicken... 16 dishes correspond to 16 cities in Yunnan, forming a food map of Yunnan.
I've cooked a lot of Yunnan dishes, but it's my first time to cook 16 dishes at a time and arrange them to make a map of Yunnan. My grandparents and their friends are so happy...I hope they will be healthy and safe, and be together every year!
Hello, everyone! I am Dianxi Xiaoge, a Yunnan native. If you enjoy my videos, please keep subscribing to my channel.
I'll continue to share my life and Yunnan-sytled food in my uploads. Wish you have a happy life and enjoy tasty food every day.
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terese lapree
Grandma and grandpa are both very happy to have everyone to their house for dinner. They are so proud of their Penji! Such a kind heart. Wonderful cook!
Yafen Fuyang
Smile KK
这视频是小哥这几年来最好看,最有意思和創意的视频,看着看着眼泪不由自主的流下,太感动了,还有,要做出16道不同地方特色菜,相信小哥一定下了不少苦工,很不容易,可以看到小哥拍视频的努力和认真,赞 ! 再有,大王帮忙捉鸡的那段,太可爱了!奶奶和爺爺是一对慈祥的老人,很爱笑,也很可爱,和他们相处肯定很愉快舒服
Donna Lёka
Спасибо Вам, Дяньси, за такое содержательное видео, впрочем, все Ваши видео очень интересные. Так приятно видеть, как Вы заботливо относитесь к своим односельчанам, к пожилым землякам. Любите своих родителей, бабушку и дедушку. Вы молодец! С наступающим восточным Новым годом! Счастья, здоровья, благополучия и... новых видео. Приветствую Вас из России.
Kelsie Hutchinson
This is so heartwarming, so lovely to see. Your grandparents were so happy and everybody enjoyed themselves. You put in so much work and did an amazing job! Thank you for your work and for sharing this with us.
She Felic
What an amazing episode. You need to win a YouTube cinematic award. The way you captured the community, everyone coming together and the preparation of food. Just beautiful!
This is why I love the village more than the city, is just all the people are really caring and help each other with all they have. And the way they always say hello to each other when passing by and hanging out together really makes your heart warm.
Kim den Boer
Everyone looks so happy and relaxed. Lots of love and good wishes for you, your family and the village. Happy new years!!!
Saffron Lealle
To see how everyone comes together, loving each other, happy and working hard to take care of each other.. it moves me so much. I had that growing up but in today's world where I live it's a "each man for himself" mentality. I miss togetherness. Your videos are beautiful, for more than just your delicious cooking, but for the peace and love you share with us. ❤
Raven - 
I love this village, everyone is so friendly and helpful to one another. Such a beautiful soul to cook for her grandmothers friends.
Hetalia Fan
I love watching how your community interacts and the respect between everyone. I wish it was like that where I live.
Raymond Remandaban
Raymond Remandaban - Hari Yang lalu
"The elderly prefer this size" Such a small gesture but greatly shows how caring you are Penji.
I loved seeing your grandma with her friends. She seemed so happy
Dawn Bruner
You take such great care of your grandparents and your family. It warms my heart to see it!! Thank you for the episode and the happy memories it evokes in us viewers of our grandparents and families sitting around tables eating and loving on one another. Also tell your grandmother she has earned those wrinkles and gray hair she should enjoy them!!! 😆 LOL
Мавжуда Назарова
Так приятно, видеть всех за одним столом.
Carl Brown
Thank you for sharing your home, your family and your culture with us all. Truly, if you bring everything down to the simplest levels, there is not much dividing us at all. We all celebrate family and friends over good food.
Lara Neves Foeger
Por favor, liberem as legendas em espanhol ou português. Please. Amo seu canal.
Christine Manejero
So nice to see your grandmother and grandfather enjoying with their friends. Your grandfather looks so happy and enjoying the company so much. Normally he is just quietly eating in your other videos. In this one, he is so engaged and enjoying the conversation. So nice to see them happy and healthy. Happy New Year!
Im so happy and delighted seeing happy people having happy faces eating very good food from other part of this world.more videos like this, like eating together as a