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what do you use for edit?
i use davinci resolve

what's the intro song?
4 walls by f(x)


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Minsomnia - 4 bulan yang lalu
_Bangtan random dance_
_Happy 8th Anniversary with army_ 🌷
_Intro: 4 Walls | F(X)_
0:12 ⭐;; _Butter_
0:49 ⭐;; _Boy With Luv_
1:40 ⭐;; _Boy In Luv_
2:29 ⭐;; _DNA_
3:17 ⭐;; _ON_
3:44 ⭐;; _Baepsae(Silver Spoon)_
4:46 ⭐;; _Anpanman_
5:46 ⭐;; _Go Go_
6:43 ⭐;; _21st Century Girl_
7:32 ⭐;; _Chicken Noodle Soup(Jhope ft. Becky G)_
8:00 ⭐;; _Dynamite_
8:43 ⭐;; _Dope_
9:24 ⭐;; _Airplane Pt2_
10:08 ⭐;; _IDOL_
10:58 ⭐;; _I Need U_
11:37 ⭐;; _Save Me_
12:16 ⭐;; _I'm Fine_
12:46 ⭐;; _Best Of Me_
13:05 ⭐;; _Fire_
13:47 ⭐;; _Mic Drop_
14:56 ⭐;; _Danger_
16:06 ⭐;; _Dionysus_
16:52 ⭐;; _N.O_
17:43 ⭐;; _Blood Sweat & Tears_
18:25 ⭐;; _No More Dream_
19:12 ⭐;; _Not Today_
19:50 ⭐;; _We Are Bulletproof Pt.2_
20:44 ⭐;; _Run_
21:32 ⭐;; _Black Swan_
22:28 ⭐;; _Fake Love_
23:21 ⭐;; _Just One Day_
23:40 ⭐;; _Spring Day_
24:39 ⭐;; _I Like Pt2_
25:21 ⭐;; _DNA(Break Dance)_
25:40 ⭐;; _Fire(Break Dance)_
26:29 ⭐;; _Mic Drop(Break Dance)_
27:27 ⭐;; _Not Today(Break Dance)_
28:15 ⭐;; _ON(Break Dance)_
_Outro : Wannabe | Itzy_
stephanie johnson
stephanie johnson - 10 jam yang lalu
YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! I LOVE BTS!!!!!!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Keyla Martinez
Keyla Martinez - Bulan Yang lalu
Waooo las escuche todas y son geniales 🎤🎼🎶🎵💕💞💜
BTSアーミー - Bulan Yang lalu
Manoli Chaparro
Manoli Chaparro - 2 bulan yang lalu
Thanks for video: jimin is best dancer, is beautiful
Manoli Chaparro
Manoli Chaparro - 2 bulan yang lalu
Fake love
mochi) - 6 jam yang lalu
clumsy cupcake
clumsy cupcake - 19 jam yang lalu
Me : OK OK I practiced the choreos.. I should be able to do it.
Sugafree : **adds dance breaks**
HEESHAN 💞 - Hari Yang lalu
JIN YOU sure come a long way ... keep shining
** Kim
** Kim - 2 hari yang lalu
난 '쩔어'가 영어로 어떻게 표현되는지 궁금했었다
Char Lucido
Char Lucido - 3 hari yang lalu
I can't go one day without listening to BTS. I just can't get enough!
They are soooooo talented, not to mention they are amazing dancers, respectful, good looking, & kind. I am saddened about Jin going into the Army but I know it's inevitable. We`re all rooting for you Jin!!!
No matter what happens with BTS, I will forever listen to them & keep them all close to my heart because of the joy they bring into my life & always making me feel like I matter in this crazy world :) I love you Guys!!
Anicia Pose
Anicia Pose - 3 hari yang lalu
All the music is fantastic chorography are amazing stress releaver,,gogogo BTS
Ignacia Ponce
Ignacia Ponce - 3 hari yang lalu
Son geniales
Ignacia Ponce
Ignacia Ponce - 3 hari yang lalu
Son únicos irreemplazable BTS
annabelle791 - 4 hari yang lalu
Why? Why Snowhite?????
JNY - 5 hari yang lalu
Cristina Sugastti
Cristina Sugastti - 7 hari yang lalu
Jóvenes talentosos, disciplinados y exitosos!!! Ni un solo margen de error.
Genios del baile👏👏👏brillantes por donde se los mire🤩🤩🤩me encanta‼
Zu  Majid
Zu Majid - 8 hari yang lalu
Zu  Majid
Zu Majid - 8 hari yang lalu
Amla levikse
Amla levikse - 9 hari yang lalu
💗🤗💋💞🌹❤️💚son un amor
Bianca Duenas
Bianca Duenas - 9 hari yang lalu
My dream was (is) to be a dancer in any sort of way, but I'm too ashamed to actually go for it. But I swear one day Ima know all these choreos and dance them well enough to satisfy that dream💀
Екатерина Щеникова
Хореография огонь🔥
Christina Loupos
Christina Loupos - 13 hari yang lalu
Wow, this video was was so awesome....they can dance so good. I can watch them all day. The song very powerful thou. I love your songs in Korean also so powerful
cris herrera
cris herrera - 14 hari yang lalu
Un vídeo espectacular!!!! Esas coreos,m encantan
Hacen todo tan súper!!! Q no te cansas d admirarlos
Se nota,como se han superado en baile sobretodo!!!! Cada vez mejor!!! Gracias me alegran el día!!!
ㅎㅎ왜 유명한자는 모르겠지만 자랑스렙네요
百合子 田中
百合子 田中 - 20 hari yang lalu
Who is the person who makes the hair bun song by ON
Fabi Alpha
Fabi Alpha - 22 hari yang lalu
Se nota su disciplina, bailan sensacional.
Нина Стоволосова
Нина Стоволосова - 23 hari yang lalu
Как мне нравится Хосок он такой красавчик а как танцует, я вообще в шокевот это да Хося любимый мальчик
Jinky Agustin
Jinky Agustin - 23 hari yang lalu
Ang galing talaga ni jhope sa kanya lang ako nakatingin.🥰🥰🥰
kejda - 25 hari yang lalu
Akhi Moni
Akhi Moni - 26 hari yang lalu
Jk just kill all songs🤘❣️
Akhi Moni
Akhi Moni - 26 hari yang lalu
Anyone know's how many song our BTS Have.?
Luz Stack
Luz Stack - 26 hari yang lalu
love this guy's , awesome very talented boy's band I am 64 years grandma ARMY, used there music's for my worked out in the morning to keep me moving since this pandemic keeps us confined at home hoping this will end soon, Gods speed take the vaccines to be safe & healthy..........
Elena Stan
Elena Stan - 27 hari yang lalu
Они как один организм )) чёткие, слаженные и такие кайфовые)) 😍😍😍
Elena Stan
Elena Stan - 27 hari yang lalu
Как же я люблю их танцы)) 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥
Becky McBride
Becky McBride - 28 hari yang lalu
I believe I could watch them dance & sing all day and into the night, when I am down or I can’t sleep, I watch BTS, they calm me down, relax me and make me HAPPY, just get my mind off everything that is worrying me, when my Father died a month ago at age 90, as soon as I got home I watched them sing “I’ll be missing you”, it just made my day, and letting me know I’d be seeing my Father one day, and everything would be okay, seems they always have a Song for whatever is going on with me, thanks BTS! Everyone needs to watch & listen to BTS, They will make your DAY! Keep it up, please!💕💕💕💕💋
Анна Шамаль
Анна Шамаль - 6 hari yang lalu
Вы правы...я не знаю как ,но и меня успокаивают эти ребята,как -то тепло и спокойно с ними.Вечером или после нервотрепки- взяла за првычку их слушать и главное-смотреть..
Rosinha Vernaschi
Rosinha Vernaschi - 28 hari yang lalu
Wonderful video….very…very…. Beautiful….Thanks….Chosen and United by Nature itself…..Congratulations Dear Group BTS….
daeunchang01 - 28 hari yang lalu
에고 고생했다...
Solange Lippert
Solange Lippert - 28 hari yang lalu
양주님을 사랑하는
양주님을 사랑하는 - 29 hari yang lalu
멋져요! ^^♡7~~~
seven daffodils
seven daffodils - Bulan Yang lalu
💜💜💜💜💜❤❤❤❤❤Thanks for make a good video👍와~~~행복한 동영상😍😍
Betty B
Betty B - Bulan Yang lalu
I'm like BTS ❤️
Geraldine Mangilaya
Geraldine Mangilaya - Bulan Yang lalu
Wow amazing bts
Red&green - Bulan Yang lalu
Андрей Кузнецов
Андрей Кузнецов - Bulan Yang lalu
Cool video! Of the latest novelties, I like this video very much - I Recommend it, very impressive!
原田恵子 - Bulan Yang lalu
原田恵子 - Bulan Yang lalu
Moreen Mwangi
Moreen Mwangi - Bulan Yang lalu
I was here for a dance session, but waah, cant help but study them, coool
Guliya FOX
Guliya FOX - Bulan Yang lalu
Какие же они умнички!!! Клёвые!!!!
С каждым новым видео влюбляюсь ещё больше!!! Уважаю за их старания, умения,талант!!!!!
SuperOche Miranda
SuperOche Miranda - Bulan Yang lalu
Fact!!! Jin is really good dancer as well. Maybe not the same level as the other especially Jhope but you can see he gave all his effort and best to meet the requirements as a team and BTS never once hide Jin in their choreography. That's why I wonder why there is such a talk about "Jin is not a good dancer". Where the hell it came from?? He is good actually.
The best group ever in history with so much talent and relevance
Марина Лысакова
Марина Лысакова - Bulan Yang lalu
Я в восторге😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Maria Hilaria
Maria Hilaria - Bulan Yang lalu
Me en cantas estos chicos me motivan 👍🏾🥰🤩😘👍🏽
Happy Family
Happy Family - Bulan Yang lalu
jaw dropping dance moves
Nelly Sermonia
Nelly Sermonia - Bulan Yang lalu
Stay safe and healthy alwaysGod bless
Nerrissa Rich
Nerrissa Rich - Bulan Yang lalu
So damn proud of them💜💜
우뚝이 - Bulan Yang lalu
블랙 스완에서 태형이 한국적 춤사위가 나오네. 느낌 제대로 아름답다~
워낙에 제이홉이랑 지민이는 춤잘추기로 유명한데 태형이 춤은 또 나름의 느낌이 다름.
매순간 보다는 강약을 조절한 느낌있는 춤이랄까...
mie tanaka
mie tanaka - Bulan Yang lalu
Maravilhoso 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Celia Braz
Celia Braz - Bulan Yang lalu
Como eu os amo ❤️🤩❤️🤩, vê-los dançando então e maravilhoso tudo que eles fazem.💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜
sally j
sally j - Bulan Yang lalu
30분동안 콘서트본 느낌.
대단한 방탄이들~ 콘서트장에서도 곧 볼수있기를... 최곱니다.
Елена Абляимова
Елена Абляимова - Bulan Yang lalu
Самые лючшие, узнала про них не так давно и всё, каждый день смотрю бтс, такие молодцы слов нет да ещё и красавцы 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞
Kommagalla Pavankalyan
Kommagalla Pavankalyan - Bulan Yang lalu
이쁜규리 - Bulan Yang lalu
노래다 ~ 좋다 💜
Флюра Волкова
Флюра Волкова - Bulan Yang lalu
Спасибо большое!
Neo 7
Neo 7 - Bulan Yang lalu
Thank you! Мне очень понравилось видео , BTS отлично танцуют!!! Поют !!! Почему людям не понравилось? А я буду смотреть все видео BTS с великим удовольствием!!!
Rachel Lee
Rachel Lee - Bulan Yang lalu
JK~~ my shining star.
서재호 - Bulan Yang lalu
그만해....우리 아세기들 팔다리.허리 다 부셔진다.....그냥 조용히 노래만 해.....제발
Myrna Winters
Myrna Winters - Bulan Yang lalu
Suga’s iconic kick just love it 🤔
Edwina Dela Rosa
Edwina Dela Rosa - Bulan Yang lalu
Wow....I don't know what can I are the best... group in all time.....when you dance and moves is so perfect . ...your the best.....watching from Montreal Canada . ..
Cinders Vale
Cinders Vale - Bulan Yang lalu
You can play the game of who had what hair color in each dance clip. I know that I did while watching the fantastic progression of dance skills for each BTS member through the years.
Ирина Салимова
Ирина Салимова - Bulan Yang lalu
Это полный восторг!
Monika Kampasi
Monika Kampasi - Bulan Yang lalu
Wow nice video. I ❤️ BTS. Thanks for giving us the choreography version. Seriously loved it.🙏
Chi Vu
Chi Vu - Bulan Yang lalu
talented boys and great dances
075 Kzt
075 Kzt - Bulan Yang lalu
Lois Bentley
Lois Bentley - Bulan Yang lalu
💕. It's. Awesome 😎
Lois Bentley
Lois Bentley - Bulan Yang lalu
I can not dance. Like. That.
K Singha
K Singha - Bulan Yang lalu
Always ready to watch them.. Borahae BTS forever..
christine0725 - Bulan Yang lalu
I'd say they are just crazy. I found my jaw dropping all the while watching this clip. They are a legend itself.
펭킹라이킹 - Bulan Yang lalu
이정도면 국가에서 군대면제 해야함 BTS영상을 본사람이라면 당연히 면제가 답이다 영상만 봐도 내몸 마디마디가 다 쑤시네
Crystal Wynn
Crystal Wynn - Bulan Yang lalu
Yeah ok and MTV dared to give Best Choreo to Harry Styles. They are so whacked! #MTAWARDSUCKS
piyawan bordeerat
piyawan bordeerat - Bulan Yang lalu
Jungkook are good center🤍👍
Dorine Chok
Dorine Chok - Bulan Yang lalu
Happen to watch this video. Brings back so many great songs n choreographies. Well Done!
Maria Hilaria
Maria Hilaria - Bulan Yang lalu
Maria Hilaria
Maria Hilaria - Bulan Yang lalu
Mis hermosos nenes🥰🤩♥️♥️💋👍🏽🥰🤩
Solange Lippert
Solange Lippert - Bulan Yang lalu
Ery Rodríguez
Ery Rodríguez - Bulan Yang lalu
Armys, una pregunta, los chicos cambiaron de coreógrafo? Pregunto por si al principio era otro o siguen con sus mismos coreógrafos, pregunto por qué no soy una army pero me gusta mucho su música y cómo bailan y en este vídeo he visto cambios para bien me agradan más sus bailes de ahora,
A por cierto muchas gracias por cuidarlos y apoyarlos siempre son unos chicos con muchísimo carisma y demasiado angel
Messic Kim
Messic Kim - Bulan Yang lalu
The best dancer j.p
Messic Kim
Messic Kim - Bulan Yang lalu
Messic Kim
Messic Kim - Bulan Yang lalu
J.hope i really love
Samira Sanchez
Samira Sanchez - Bulan Yang lalu
This boys are so talented..the most well-known boy band on the face of the Earth..💜💜BTS💜⚘
Amy - Bulan Yang lalu
와~~ 지민아 정말 최고다~♡♡♡
Gigi Mayang
Gigi Mayang - Bulan Yang lalu
The best compilation!
Kpop Kolorado
Kpop Kolorado - Bulan Yang lalu
Me during every #BTS choreo video: 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 #Jimin 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀
Irīna Zīberte
Irīna Zīberte - Bulan Yang lalu
Lindsay vlogs
Lindsay vlogs - Bulan Yang lalu
It's so crazy these guys have a lil bit of everything they don't have just one style they have a lil bit of all genres and that's insane they are some of the best dancers I've seen in a while honestly I love almost every song no group has ever got me like this before I can't find one thing I don't like about these superstars... Superstars that are deserving of all that comes their way
Chelo Lzn
Chelo Lzn - 4 hari yang lalu
Todos son excelentes 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜👌🏼
Rosa Strazzeri
Rosa Strazzeri - Bulan Yang lalu
Yessss I agree.. I love this group..I love BTS🔥🔥🔥❤💜💯
youngah0996 - Bulan Yang lalu
Bts V zoyaali
Bts V zoyaali - Bulan Yang lalu
Thank you RM for carrying the weight of the whole bangtan on your shoulder.
Thank you jin for always making your members be happy.
Thank you suga for always being so reliable and calm for the members.
Thank you jhope for being such a caring friend and sunshine for the members.
Thank you jimin for always being so sportive and appreciate towards the members.
My most favourite kim Taehyung thank you for loving your members and armys endlessly .
Thank you Jungkook for being the source of joy for the older brothers.
Thank you so much BTS given the happiest moments for us.
浜野 恵子
浜野 恵子 - Bulan Yang lalu
B T S!!! handsome and cool!!! The best dance Nori nori kirekkire!!! B T S!!! That looks amazing 👍 The singing voice is beautiful and the chest is squeaky💓
Zara Trifonova
Zara Trifonova - Bulan Yang lalu
Really good group but composed of gay people
복사꽃 필 무렵
복사꽃 필 무렵 - Bulan Yang lalu
BTS는 게이 아닙니다 알지도 못하면서 함부로 단정지어 말하지 마세요 누가 당신을 잘 모르면서 함부로 말하면 안되는 것처럼 당신도 마찬가지 입니다 대단히 불쾌합니다
奈美丹羽 - Bulan Yang lalu
Elvira Fabre
Elvira Fabre - Bulan Yang lalu
Jk auditioned in kpop world to pursue his passion in singing. Little di he know that he will discover his talent to dancing. Now he is not just an excellent singer but a great dancer as well. Kudos to their choreographer and their hard work that brings out the best of them.
I love watching all their dance practices from begining until now. It really shows the evolution of BTS.
Fire was the very first song I heard
Followed by Mic Drop Steve Aoki Remix and then IDOL, War of Hormones, DOPE, Fake Love.
Celia Pommier
Celia Pommier - Bulan Yang lalu
impresionantes sus coreos
nina beqauri
nina beqauri - Bulan Yang lalu
Super BTS
H Ywayan
H Ywayan - Bulan Yang lalu
I love this compilation yes!
Shanika Piyumali
Shanika Piyumali - Bulan Yang lalu
Actually speaking he always pick my eyes too.. that's the reason he was my bias too..💘💘💘🕺🕺🕺🕺