Man of Steel - Official Trailer #2 [HD]

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In theaters June 14th.
From Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures comes "Man of Steel", starring Henry Cavill, directed by Zach Snyder. The film also stars Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe, Antje Traue, Ayelet Zurer, Henry Lennix, Christopher Meloni and Laurence Fishburne.


Sonz_of_R3APER - Tahun Yang lalu
Still 2021, this trailer just motivates you to be a good person.
Mike Sexton
Mike Sexton - 19 hari yang lalu
2022 🙋‍♂️
TheMadButterfly - Bulan Yang lalu
2022 here
Rashi Sharma
Rashi Sharma - 6 bulan yang lalu
@I didn't ask to be born it does lmao 🤣
El Coleccionista Mauro y Mas
El Coleccionista Mauro y Mas - 6 bulan yang lalu
Black Adam
Black Adam - 6 bulan yang lalu
Imagine if we got this movie this year 😃
Geoff Janes
Geoff Janes - Tahun Yang lalu
The world wasn't ready.
But it is now.
Gay Priest
Gay Priest - 2 bulan yang lalu
@ThoughtGaze fr
Sumeet Behera
Sumeet Behera - 2 bulan yang lalu
@Zenitura Gaming shut up and get lost
Careful Icarus
Careful Icarus - 5 bulan yang lalu
Zenitura Gaming
Zenitura Gaming - 7 bulan yang lalu
@Mr. Blueberry to be fair you need a high IQ to understand snyder films their themes are subtle and nuanced and the average viewer can't even grasp their sheer complexity snyder movies have layers ogre layers he often sprinkles a lot of subtleties and witty dialogs in his movies like save martha which to the average viewer seems like garbage it's only after watching them multiple times do you understand their intricacies and subtleties
Zciliya Films
Zciliya Films - 7 bulan yang lalu
It's getting there.
Paul - 2 tahun yang lalu
This is the number of people who badly want Man of Steel 2.
Kazi Ahmed
Kazi Ahmed - Bulan Yang lalu
@SB No it's because he is the worst storyteller amongst all the Directors who did/are doing comic book based movies now. People don't hate on him to be trendy, people hate on him because he is bad
Robert Woodall
Robert Woodall - 2 bulan yang lalu
They could have just done a few MoS sequels before they went into the team stuff. Had to friggin rush it. Wtf. They did Cavill dirty.
Wise Tha Brain
Wise Tha Brain - 6 bulan yang lalu
Instead of Batman 2
Black Panda
Black Panda - 6 bulan yang lalu
Man of Steel 2 with Zack Snyder given complete creative control.
Naydra - 10 bulan yang lalu
@SB He’s ok
Hail to the King
Hail to the King - Tahun Yang lalu
2013: i love this movie
2021: i love this movie
2050: i love this movie
King Moe
King Moe - Bulan Yang lalu
2100: still love this movie.
Chris Geelan
Chris Geelan - 5 bulan yang lalu
This film made DC
Starsdealer - 7 bulan yang lalu
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel - 9 bulan yang lalu
@EPHRAIM Nice Head-Canon. Hey, by any chance, have you ever heard of the common-sense rule of thumb 'Rude=Embarassing; Extra-Bonus is received if it's the first comment ever to some stranger'? ?
100m Creations
100m Creations - 10 bulan yang lalu
@Slevin Channel ok boomer 🤣 for you 7 IMDB dc movie is trash .. OK OK thats just your opinion
Batwang HB
Batwang HB - 2 tahun yang lalu
This movie was a masterpiece and ahead of it’s time
sixz - 15 hari yang lalu
Captain MW88
Captain MW88 - Bulan Yang lalu
This movie has only 56% on Rotten Tomatoes? This is one of the greatest superhero movies I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen them all!
Peter Scargill
Peter Scargill - 4 bulan yang lalu
@Cillain Yup
Peter Scargill
Peter Scargill - 4 bulan yang lalu
@I didn't ask to be born No it doesn't - masterpiece. I read every single superman comic as a kid - the've pretty much captured Superman, bringing him into the modern world (remember Christopher Reeves - you'll believe a man can fly - despite my best efforts - I didn't. I do now).
Deepak Srivastava
Deepak Srivastava - 9 bulan yang lalu
@Unreal BOT superman was just learning about himself. There's no way he could act in a way before understanding himself and his powers.
Commercio - 2 tahun yang lalu
"He was convinced that the world wasn't ready"
Well, he was right. This movie was ahead of its time.
Commercio - Bulan Yang lalu
@Once you choose Hope anything is possible Well said.
Once you choose Hope anything is possible
Some people in this world do not want to accept the truth that this world is not the bed full of roses thats why they dislike movies like this because it shows them the dark reality of the world .Thats why instead of facing ,fighting the dark time they just wanna live in their fantasy world where everyone , everything is perfect. It does not matter if a person is weak to accomplish something but what does matter that he tries.
Tom-A062 - Bulan Yang lalu
@Justin Bailey Yeah, bot you and Maxandre are wrong, and you're both idiots. Go back to watching trash like the MCU for kiddies.
Careful Icarus
Careful Icarus - 5 bulan yang lalu
mathew yerry
mathew yerry - 9 bulan yang lalu
Way ahead
The Film Watcher
The Film Watcher - Tahun Yang lalu
This is one of the greatest comic book movies of all time. It’s grounded, it’s visually gorgeous, it asks gripping moral questions to the viewer, and it has some outstanding performances.
This was when comic book movies finally grew up.
Octazooka - 3 bulan yang lalu
@Gabi 2001 Spiderman 2 is when it grew up because the it was different since it focused on Peter's life more than the villain. Spiderman 1 though was silly but still GOATED.
Gabi 2001
Gabi 2001 - 4 bulan yang lalu
@Dario Vega Batista I love them but they are pretty silly imo (on purpose, it's not a flaw)
Dario Vega Batista
Dario Vega Batista - 4 bulan yang lalu
@Gabi 2001 lol? Spiderman 1 and 2 lol?
Gabi 2001
Gabi 2001 - 11 bulan yang lalu
@Heimdall Status I meant that Batman Begins is when comic book mpvies finally grew up
Heimdall Status
Heimdall Status - 11 bulan yang lalu
@Gabi 2001 he said one of the
Keanu Hixson
Keanu Hixson - Tahun Yang lalu
The fact that there are people out there in the world that somehow didn't like this movie forever boggles my mind.
Cured1976 - 2 bulan yang lalu
Well obviously when you’re steering a ship that big, you can’t please everyone. If you do then you just get criticized for pandering. Either way, no matter what you do, you can’t win
Trevor Adams
Trevor Adams - 2 bulan yang lalu
I know man. It makes me angry
LGJGamer - 3 bulan yang lalu
(Cough) Cosmonaut Varity Hour (Cough)
100m Creations
100m Creations - 10 bulan yang lalu
For me this is a masterpiece , for my sis it's not good ... I like dc more than marvel but my sis loves marvel more than dc .... that's the nature of this world , some may like which I don't and some may don't like which I like
T Daye
T Daye - 10 bulan yang lalu
Still may favorite Superman movie, likely always will be
Eternal Blessing
Eternal Blessing - Tahun Yang lalu
This remains the best DCEU movie. Thank you Zack.
Mike Hunt Burns
Mike Hunt Burns - 6 bulan yang lalu
@Gary the suicide squad was your standard mcu flick lol just with more violence and gore. It's not an experience, just a standard popcorn flick.
Gary - 7 bulan yang lalu
tss>all other dceu movies
Neauvalt Sultan Adhitya Sukma Nofendra
@Aedyn Blayse I don't think it was shaky cam but more of a handheld cam. Like the cameraman didn't purposely shake the camera. Sorry if my English is bad
Lazy - Tahun Yang lalu
Not anymore: THE suicide squad Not the 2016 version
Raed Sarhan
Raed Sarhan - Tahun Yang lalu
What about aqua man and the snyder
Pat Bateman
Pat Bateman - 7 bulan yang lalu
The epicness of this trailer is unparalleled. The shot of Superman walking, the cape flapping and he looking from above, with that amazing kinda celestial music, always gets me
To be Continued
To be Continued - Tahun Yang lalu
Who's watching this after the final snyder cut trailer got dropped
ALX - Tahun Yang lalu
Even the Snyder Cut JL cannot match this masterpiece. There's simply no movie in existence in superhero genre that can outclass this. It doesn't exist and it won't even exist in the future. This is one kind of a movie, a true timeless art.
Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony - Tahun Yang lalu
me hahahhaa
whosrumdoog - Tahun Yang lalu
Im here after the movie dropped
Miquel Espinoza
Miquel Espinoza - Tahun Yang lalu
xD It wasn't the final trailer
Max Svensson
Max Svensson - Tahun Yang lalu
Superman. The OG superhero
JeremyGSU2011 - 7 bulan yang lalu
I remember when this trailer dropped around December of 2012 and I couldn’t stop watching it. I had never been so hyped for a movie in my life. Trailer 2 and 3 are some of the best trailers ever made IMO.
Kanye Habibi
Kanye Habibi - 11 bulan yang lalu
In time, people will realize this movie is a masterpiece
Tony G
Tony G - Tahun Yang lalu
It’s been about 7 years since I’ve watched this trailer and I completely forgot how beautifully done it was. Brought tears to my eyes this time. It doesn’t get more epic than this.
Inner Confidence
Inner Confidence - 5 bulan yang lalu
Incredible and inspiring. This movie is a masterpiece. This trailer gets me motivated in all aspects of my life. The fact there is no man of steel 2 feels we have been robbed. The world needs a man of steel 2 with Henry Cavil as Superman
alok bharti
alok bharti - 2 tahun yang lalu
"People hate what they dont understand"
Morax - Tahun Yang lalu
@Youri Vreman Camerawork was bad?? Have you even watched the movie or not? The scene where Clark floats into the upper atmosphere from the Zod's ship, while his father tells him to go save Lois and jets down to save Lois. The scene where Clark suddenly comes and slams into Zod while he was threatening Clark's mom. The scene where Clark and Zod's female commander fight. The First Flight scene. Are you telling me these scenes were " *bad* camerawork"?? Please rewatch the movie ffs lol
Harsh Sinha
Harsh Sinha - Tahun Yang lalu
So that's why DCEU fans hate MCU mhmmmm. Understandable.
I didn't ask to be born
I didn't ask to be born - Tahun Yang lalu
@Paradox Edits you speak for yourself
Youri Vreman
Youri Vreman - Tahun Yang lalu
@Abhijit Racer ive come to respect this movie more but the flaws i pointed out still stand
Joaquín Bowen
Joaquín Bowen - Tahun Yang lalu
This movie is a masterpiece.
Mirza - 4 tahun yang lalu
Thank you Zack, thank you for this movie! 1:30 music, Kal launching himself into the sky = goosebumps. This movie will never die!
Once you choose Hope anything is possible
Our Clark kent not kal el of krypton
R M - Tahun Yang lalu
Craig Armstrong & AR. Rahman - Storm
Braselton94 - Tahun Yang lalu
“The storm “ from Elizabeth.
Ash Dhillon
Ash Dhillon - 2 tahun yang lalu
@being Man it's AR Rahman. The music is from Queen Elizabeth
Rushi - 2 tahun yang lalu
AR Rahman did this music for Elizabeth
SB - Tahun Yang lalu
I will be proud to say it my entire life that this is the superman I grew up with
Ezequiel Perez
Ezequiel Perez - 9 bulan yang lalu
Me too
placeholder - Tahun Yang lalu
@Sabari Nath Me too.
Sabari Nath
Sabari Nath - Tahun Yang lalu
Philippe Turcotte
Philippe Turcotte - 2 tahun yang lalu
8 years later, I'm still watching this trailer. Still give me goosebumps like it was the first time I'm watching it. The World was not ready. Funny how 2 minutes 32 seconds can give you hope like nothing else.
kvaknan here
kvaknan here - Tahun Yang lalu
The most Underrated origin movie
TheDirtyBird_ 11
TheDirtyBird_ 11 - Tahun Yang lalu
@RWS aside from Iron Man 2,3, Thor 1,2, & Black Widow, Marvel really hasn’t missed on a film. & this next phase w Kang The Conquerer going to be crazy.
RWS - Tahun Yang lalu
@TheDirtyBird_ 11 nothing beats avengers 1, 3 and civil war I feel like those are the best others idk they might lose
I didn't ask to be born
I didn't ask to be born - Tahun Yang lalu
@Amey Khare that's all you guys say "you don't understand the movie" headass.. Snyder fans are a joke.
Amey Khare
Amey Khare - Tahun Yang lalu
@I didn't ask to be born Absolutely, empty barrels makes more sound.
I didn't ask to be born
I didn't ask to be born - Tahun Yang lalu
@Amey Khare the execution was laughable
Hisyam Nct
Hisyam Nct - 2 tahun yang lalu
Who watching this trailer in 2020 anyone, this movie underrated and masterpiece
Mike Sexton
Mike Sexton - 19 hari yang lalu
2022 🙋‍♂️
Angivel - 23 hari yang lalu
2022 up in here. Still gives me the chills.
Callum - Bulan Yang lalu
arpit tomar
arpit tomar - Bulan Yang lalu
Raul lopez martinez
Raul lopez martinez - 2 bulan yang lalu
2022!! Superman lives
Sahil Rawat
Sahil Rawat - Tahun Yang lalu
I don't know about others, but this movie gives me hope, That however the world treats you never give up your code... live by it and inspire others along the way
GUNG_HO1 _ - Tahun Yang lalu
Truly inspiring, never give up who you are.
Augusto Farias
Augusto Farias - Tahun Yang lalu
Well said, truly inspiring.
Godspeed - 7 bulan yang lalu
2013: The Best Superman movie of all time
2022: The Best Superman movie of all time
2033: The Best Superman movie of all time
2042: The Best Superman movie of all time
● It Pennywise
● It Pennywise - Tahun Yang lalu
"As pessoas costumam odiar o que não entendem". Essa frase fala muito bem sobre esse filme, o melhor filme do Super Man já feito. E que já deveria ter saído uma continuação já faz tempo
The DC movie's soundtrack itself is enough to beat the whole marvel universe
Gaming rider
Gaming rider - Tahun Yang lalu
Marvel is childish 😂
baconear88 - Tahun Yang lalu
Marvel as of yet, don't have the greatest superhero of them all. Hans Zimmer
Jorge Cortinhal
Jorge Cortinhal - Tahun Yang lalu
@junior dossantos absolutely not
Jorge Cortinhal
Jorge Cortinhal - Tahun Yang lalu
fokin true
Ramesh Sharma
Ramesh Sharma - Tahun Yang lalu
@Gon Freecs MCU's background scores are forgettable and uninspiring... Listen to Flight by Hans Zimmer... And show me one such track on MCU movie....
SxundsTV - 6 tahun yang lalu
One of the best movie trailers ever made. 11/10
Jack Raider
Jack Raider - 7 bulan yang lalu
@Kiambra Leflore excuse me, more like 10 out of 10, why don't you put the 6 away and watch the damn movie you hater.
nick zurbuchen
nick zurbuchen - 7 bulan yang lalu
@Jake P. 1. Song: "Elegy" by Pattrick Cassidy and Lisa Gerrard. 2. Song: "storm" , by Craig Armstrong
Jake P.
Jake P. - 8 bulan yang lalu
What music is it?
Lord Mason Chase
Lord Mason Chase - Tahun Yang lalu
@The Noir Knight It was perfect.
The Noir Knight
The Noir Knight - Tahun Yang lalu
One of the best Super-Hero and Comic Book movies ever too. Such an amazing film
Hellfire - Tahun Yang lalu
This trailer still gives me chills. I can remember it being released and being utterly blown to pieces by it. Absolute showstopper and the movie was so underrated in my opinion, I don't think many appreciate just how difficult a task it is to take such a grounded iconic figure and reinvent him like they did. Personally I think they nailed it but many disagree I understand that.
Sebastian - Tahun Yang lalu
Jesus fucking Christ. I have seen this movie like 15 times. I have seen ZSJL 4 times now and its a masterpiece. I dont understand how WB decided to not follow through with this storyboard. Its insane... Man of Steel and ZSJL is the greatest combic book movies I have seen (my opinion). Fyi I find Infinty war and engame really good too, so no fanboying on me plz.
Sebastian - 10 bulan yang lalu
@Slevin Channel Ok
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel - 11 bulan yang lalu
I love how this is one of the worst superman movies (not just as an succesor of the comics) and the Kryptionias made it into a yt-video named 'Advancd Sci Fi Civilizations Too Stupid To Really Exist' but everyone in this commentsection is high-on-sugar about this. Goes a long way to show that the modern world does not need Plots to make sense; at all; cause this world is a world with flat-earthers, so duh.
the dark horse runs
the dark horse runs - 7 bulan yang lalu
Still gives me goosebumps in 2021. Superman is such a pure spirit, Henry Cavill is perfect for this role.
MarvelDCgeek78 - 7 bulan yang lalu
Rewatching this trailer in 2022 this trailer is still a masterpiece 🔥🔥🔥
John Bee
John Bee - Tahun Yang lalu
I've been watching this trailer like, many times now. But the shot of General Zod @1:52 still gives me goosebumps. The best DCEU villain so far.
ricardo Guimaraes
ricardo Guimaraes - 7 bulan yang lalu
This movie trailer is awesome. The song is inspiring The sequence of images is sensational. The dialogues, fantastic.The best I have seen in more than five decades.
matias thompson
matias thompson - Tahun Yang lalu
La piel de gallina... me hizo llorar verlo otra vez.. gracias Zack por esta obra maestra. Y Henry.. el superman de nuestra generacion definitivamente
The Silent Hero
The Silent Hero - 2 tahun yang lalu
This is honestly one of the best trailers. I'm still filled with emotion when he takes off for the first time
Jay Somnath Raut
Jay Somnath Raut - Tahun Yang lalu
The most underrated movie I've ever seen.
Zivcoul 95
Zivcoul 95 - 5 bulan yang lalu
Superman returns
mind blogger
mind blogger - Tahun Yang lalu
Having seen the Snyder cut i honestly feel bad for not giving this movie break. This movie is actually amazing. Alot of us just weren't ready for it. It was way ahead of its time
•Pēēl-sōcks• - 7 bulan yang lalu
I remember seeing this Trailer with my dad. That was the first time I got into superhero movies.
Tyler Castillo - Tails -
Tyler Castillo - Tails - - 8 bulan yang lalu
Todavía tengo este maravilloso trailer en mi cabeza 10/10 de mis favoritos
Astro Ash
Astro Ash - Tahun Yang lalu
This movie was ahead of its time. The World wasn't ready for this masterpiece in 2013 !
NozKahn - 2 tahun yang lalu
This trailer still gives me chills even after so many years.Its a shame the justice league messed up the whole universe.Thanks joss Whedon.This film will go down as one of the best superman movie In terms of character development Back story costume designs kryptonian language etc and all the other unique quality details in the movie.Zack Snyder was passionate about this very much.
Ben V
Ben V - 2 tahun yang lalu
This was the first movie I saw in theaters by myself. I hadn't seen a movie in a while and just where I was at in life it was an amazing, emotional experience watching this. Thank you Zack Snyder. Thank you Henry Cavill. Thank you Nolan and everyone involved with this. This is what the DCEU can be.
Austin Reeves
Austin Reeves - Tahun Yang lalu
This is literally one of the best trailers ever
Nick Troisi
Nick Troisi - 2 bulan yang lalu
2:17 10 years later still chills
Seb Swede
Seb Swede - Tahun Yang lalu
*8 years later*
I'm not crying. You're crying. 😭
Burlap Sack
Burlap Sack - 6 bulan yang lalu
This movie has grown on me like no other… I was used to the Easily digestible stories with lots of ‘happy joy’ themes that Marvel came out with, and I didn’t really appreciate this at the time… now it’s one of my favs 🙌
Josluis B
Josluis B - 2 bulan yang lalu
This masterpiece needs a sequel 🙏🏻
Gerard Conlon Shaw
Gerard Conlon Shaw - 4 tahun yang lalu
This movie is 10 billion times better that the Justice League that's ruined by Joss Whedon and Danny Elfman
100m Creations
100m Creations - 10 bulan yang lalu
@Dex Davis suicide Squad was even a huge commercial hit with 400m of profit not like the trash league which lost 70m
Dallas Hewitt 🎶
Dallas Hewitt 🎶 - Tahun Yang lalu
@kiiieeechiii I know I am an entire year late. But he also copied Blake Neely’s flash theme for his own :(
Superhero Enjoyer
Superhero Enjoyer - Tahun Yang lalu
I mean Danny Elfman does great music but his score wasn't the best.
Joel Joseph
Joel Joseph - Tahun Yang lalu
Well Snyder cut is here!
Samuel Chelemer
Samuel Chelemer - Tahun Yang lalu
Fortunately, that version will be relegated to the dustbin of history.
Chad Holzhuter
Chad Holzhuter - 2 tahun yang lalu
I come back to this every once in awhile. Aside from loving Man Of Steel, which got me into Superman as a character, this is just an amazing trailer overall. The music, the cinematography, how it shows you just enough to pique your interest but doesnt give the whole film away.. incredible.
Johnny Velez
Johnny Velez - Tahun Yang lalu
1:30 a quien mas se le pone la piel de gallina
Scott Summers
Scott Summers - Tahun Yang lalu
:chris: wolf
:chris: wolf - 2 tahun yang lalu
Who still gets goosebumps from watching this?! I only watched it 100 times before I saw the movie in 2013, but it still gives me chills.
Toe Knee
Toe Knee - 2 tahun yang lalu
Who’s watching this after the Snyder cut was revealed to be launched on hbo Max
Leandro Lima
Leandro Lima - Tahun Yang lalu
Sangoku s
Sangoku s - Tahun Yang lalu
@Kelly Vandall It will.
Kevin Denman
Kevin Denman - Tahun Yang lalu
Made me realize how beautiful this movie is
Raunak114 - Tahun Yang lalu
@Brooks Brigmon its real, there's a trailer out. And a release in march on HBO max
SB - Tahun Yang lalu
They should release it in theaters as well just to put the original to shame
WYOS DSN - 8 tahun yang lalu
You know a trailer is great when you still come back to watch it even though you've watched the movie. It just gives me chills and inspires me! 
Swapnil Jadhav
Swapnil Jadhav - 5 tahun yang lalu
The music , visual and narration are soo spot on! Indeed a masterpiece!
MrWazzup19 - 7 tahun yang lalu
True that... This is one of the best trailers of a movie!
Magio03 - 7 tahun yang lalu
I know man, specially the flying scene in this trailer with the score.
General Prime
General Prime - 7 tahun yang lalu
u daaaamn right
Rosena Berney
Rosena Berney - 8 tahun yang lalu
Watching this trailer recently I had to check around to find the complete movie. This site came out where you can see movies exactly like this one without spending a dime. I'd been concerned about security, however I seem to be fine. The movies look the best. I can't wait around to see more. Here is the link for the web site... *WatchTheseNow . com*
theycallmejudd - Tahun Yang lalu
I'm just gonna say it...this is the best trailer ever made. nothing else has come close to this.
Tony Fielding
Tony Fielding - 2 tahun yang lalu
Sometimes I like to come back to this trailer. And I remember how I felt. I was drawn in on the absolute epic feel of the film. How grand in scope it looked. It looked special. And it was. MOS is easily one of the best, and most underappreciated, CB films ever made.
Mr N Animations
Mr N Animations - 5 bulan yang lalu
9 years later still the best thing ever
Iacovos Kritz
Iacovos Kritz - 2 tahun yang lalu
It warms my heart that this movie is being more loved as the years go on, it's a masterpiece.
Swayam Joshi
Swayam Joshi - Tahun Yang lalu
this movie was ahead of its time ......the most perfect superhero movie ever made
ste bristow
ste bristow - Tahun Yang lalu
Still here in 2021, the film was epic, this trailer was epic and the music in this trailer was epic
Pray for MOS 2
Steve Gomez
Steve Gomez - Tahun Yang lalu
The first time I saw this movie, I felt the rush and I even seen this movie the second time. It’s still gets me every time.
It’s good people watch this trailer in this decade because it reminds us that there might be hope from this COVID-19.
Nitish Kamble
Nitish Kamble - Tahun Yang lalu
This movie is so much more than what we expected
I rewatched it agian after Zack Snyder's justice League
Now i really want Snyderverse to shine
AMP - 2 tahun yang lalu
This movie was remarkable! Funny how this movie is getting more and more respect as it ages. Many of the super hero movies that have superseded Man of Steel can’t hold this movies cape!
Edits - 5 bulan yang lalu
One of the Greatest CBM of all Time, it was ahead of its Time.
King Zande
King Zande - Tahun Yang lalu
March 18th: Man of Steel, BvS: Ultimate Edition and the Snyder Cut. Gonna be glorious.
ryan f
ryan f - Tahun Yang lalu
I don’t even like super hero movies but I legit love this one
Damn Dude
Damn Dude - 6 tahun yang lalu
Underrated masterpiece
Beren Gustav
Beren Gustav - Tahun Yang lalu
@Vias I enjoy both D.C and Marvel, it's sad that there's so much hostility.
Alan Chong
Alan Chong - 2 tahun yang lalu
@Deltacon777 1 They also killed Clark Kent. How are they going to bring him back? How can you have a Superman movie without Clark?
Alan Chong
Alan Chong - 2 tahun yang lalu
@Deltacon777 1 The theatrical version just didn't do it for me. A 'bad first date' sets a bad first impression. I'm not going back for a second date!
Bob johnson
Bob johnson - 2 tahun yang lalu
Christopher Reeve's Superman will always be number one but this was close
Elijah Lee
Elijah Lee - 2 tahun yang lalu
@Alan Chong and thats exactly my point. You have a very narrow limited view on what superheros should be. If you enjoy camp then fine no one cares but you cant deny that darker superhero stories have been successful in the past and will continue to do so.
Jayden Murray
Jayden Murray - Bulan Yang lalu
There's something very provokingly motivating about this trailer. This trailer establishes what we as growing people desire, change, growth, and ambitions. Despite tiring days getting to us, we always have to keep going no matter the struggle. hearing Jonathan kent's speech through this trailer, accompanied by the exhilarating music, makes you feel super formidable. It just speaks to you, like an angel.
kemenyan23 - 2 tahun yang lalu
beautiful story, beautiful movie, even on today's standard
parsa amini
parsa amini - Bulan Yang lalu
9 years later this film is still amazing as the dark knight trilogy.
will - 29 hari yang lalu
Yup because Christopher Nolan write it
Shoaib Zafar
Shoaib Zafar - Tahun Yang lalu
Greatest superman movie of all time# MASTERPIECE
Azaz - 2 tahun yang lalu
Art : Man of steel
Artist : Snyder
Ben Akinnusi
Ben Akinnusi - 2 tahun yang lalu
Brian McAleer
Brian McAleer - Tahun Yang lalu
I love trailers like this, where it feels the voice over is speaking to you... Whoever that man is... he's going to change the world. I feel like that could be me when I watch this brilliant trailer.
spider_fan_boi - 2 tahun yang lalu
I loved the moment when Clark gets sensory overload and how Martha helps guide him. Shows how vulnerable he is. How he has problems with his powers that make him just as afraid of any other kid
The Flash
The Flash - Tahun Yang lalu
This movie is a masterpiece!
Aaron - Tahun Yang lalu
I was twelve when I watched this movie come out on release day with my dad, I didn’t really think too much of it. I’m now twenty and I rewatched this for the first time after watching the Snyder cut and what can I say, Superman was my favourite hero growing up and watching this movie again has brought me in awe. I think it’s my favourite superhero movie of all time, everything about this movie was perfect! Restore The Snyder Verse!!
TheBlur 9
TheBlur 9 - 2 tahun yang lalu
Best DC movie ever made since Nolan trilogy. Masterpiece!
Vincent Nguyen
Vincent Nguyen - Tahun Yang lalu
Had to come back to this gem after watching Zack Snyder's Justice League 2021 trailer!
jagannath mishra
jagannath mishra - 2 tahun yang lalu
Optimus - 6 tahun yang lalu
This movie sparked up my feelings for the superhero genre and the character himself. One of the most greatest movies I've ever seen. Greatest way to build up Supermans character. Thanks Snyder.
kelvin chandra
kelvin chandra - 5 tahun yang lalu
ProjectUnite couldn't agree more.
maxphilly - 3 tahun yang lalu
If this movie came out in 2020 it would still be way ahead of it's time. Juat brilliant! This is the tone and realism dc should embrace going forward.
D E M O N S P I T C H - 2 tahun yang lalu
The world wasn't ready for this masterpiece.
Yaman Cérin
Yaman Cérin - 2 tahun yang lalu
Man Of Steel is a visionary masterpiece.
Ani - Tahun Yang lalu
Till this day, my eyes well up in tears watching this masterpiece. Give us Man of Steel 2 with Henry Cavill please
YogaFlame24 - 5 tahun yang lalu
This movie was ahead of its time
pyromaniac03 - 2 tahun yang lalu
it truly was
Bob johnson
Bob johnson - 2 tahun yang lalu
Christopher Reeve's Superman will always be number one but this was close
splashout 5555
splashout 5555 - 2 tahun yang lalu
YogaFlame24 we didn’t deserve this movie man
Leo - 2 tahun yang lalu
Better trailer Man Of Steel here!!!!!!!!!!
Space Cop
Space Cop - 2 tahun yang lalu
Already pretty dated tbh
Jay Flores
Jay Flores - 10 bulan yang lalu
Easily one of the best trailers ever made
DH - 11 bulan yang lalu
In 2021, this trailer still gives me goosebumps when Superman first takes off flying. Awesome!!!!!
Big Hand
Big Hand - 9 bulan yang lalu
COLEKTOR - 8 bulan yang lalu
What a film! What a trailer!! The world just wasn't ready for such an imaginative and real take on the greatest hero of all time. I love this film and in 10-20 years people will be watching this movie and appreciate it for what it is. No corny jokes, no fluff and PC culture forced on us. Just a great film with heart and passion throughout. By far the best superhero film ever made and ranks very high for me when compared to any movie. I genuinely cried and felt emotion in so many scenes of this film. That's what movies should do, they should make you feel something and this film did that for me. Thank you Zack Snyder for giving us this amazing film 🙏
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody - 2 tahun yang lalu
ONe of the greatest trailers of all time. Still gives me chills.
The Hound
The Hound - 4 tahun yang lalu
Say what you want about the movie, but this is one of the greatest trailers ever made. The emotion is incredible.
BENCHMARKS LAB - 2 tahun yang lalu
@The Hound it is not perfect but very good
The Hound
The Hound - 2 tahun yang lalu
@BENCHMARKS LAB I agree, but perhaps it was a little too... cold. The colors were too gray in my opinion. That's a minor complaint though
BENCHMARKS LAB - 2 tahun yang lalu
Movie also great dude
Oh well
Oh well - Tahun Yang lalu
I do like this movie quite a bit.
It feels, genuine and unique.
MuZZ8 - 2 tahun yang lalu
This trailer is so amazing !! Makes me shivering every time I see it ! Man of Steel fan forever !!
Mahesh Prince
Mahesh Prince - 2 tahun yang lalu
This movie reinstated the belief everybody can be a hero in their lives...
Zack Snyder and Goyer did a very down to earth take on the movie, which had parallelism on the events in our real lives. Best motivational movie for me, after Nolan's The Batman Begins.
Aldo Cabrera
Aldo Cabrera - 9 bulan yang lalu
I saw this movie 7 times in theaters, back when I was 14... GOD I miss those days. Thanks Zack Snyder for giving us one of the best comic book movies ever made :')
wiinterflowers - 4 tahun yang lalu
Such a powerful trailer.. The shots, the aethesatics, the music. Zach Snyder really nailed it!
speckyhotdog84 Anderson
speckyhotdog84 Anderson - Tahun Yang lalu
This movie was definitely ahead of its time. beyond epic still to this day I get chills down my spine when you see the back of his cape flapping abt in this trailer zack snyder is the god dam man 👍👏☝
Frankie Fencepost
Frankie Fencepost - 2 tahun yang lalu
7 years later, and I’m still in love. More Superman!!
Robert Walden
Robert Walden - 2 tahun yang lalu
When this trailer hit in the theaters, the sound and the flight scene were much better then the movie I was originally there to see. Zack made a masterpiece and Cavill's performance of the big S made the character human, but also alien in a way that we haven't seen. Here's praying that the Justice League Snyder cut is as good as this.
Gundam117 - Tahun Yang lalu
2021, this is still an amazing movie.
Amazuber - 4 tahun yang lalu
This was such an amazing movie. It got some flaws, but it's the best superman film out there. The acting, music, action, direction, character development, etc. was excellent!
CJ - 2 tahun yang lalu
What are you talking about? It didn't have any mistakes. Rewatch the movie! Then come here.
TommFoolery - 2 tahun yang lalu
​@Jordan Rodriguez Yes I agree, I really love how the film shits on Superman's optimistic character to make a film that's dark, gritty and "intelectual". The only themes in this film are litterally thrown in your fucking face, a 6 year old could see them. "HE'S LIKE JESUS! LOOK! HE DOES A CROSS! AND HE GOES TO A CHURCH!" Fuck off with that. This is a dry, boring character who looks like he wants to off himself in nearly every shot. "BUT WAIT! HE'S JUST LIKE SUPERMAN! LOOK! THE SYMBOL STANDS FOR HOPE". Oh my god! I stand corrected! they tell you that he stands for hope, therefore he stands for hope.
Darren The Tuber
Darren The Tuber - 2 tahun yang lalu
The biggest positives I got out of this were mostly Zod, I like that his character was not blessed with the same free will as Superman, and all he knows is the purpose he is tasked with, representing all the flaws of a flawed and doomed species
Wombat - 2 tahun yang lalu
@Bollox Off i would add watchmen.. and iron man 1/2 it gave us the billionaire persona finally and visually the second one was great
Bob johnson
Bob johnson - 2 tahun yang lalu
Christopher Reeve's Superman will always be number one but this was close
Andy Inwards
Andy Inwards - 2 tahun yang lalu
The thing with MoS is that it feels like a proper film in the good old fashioned sense of the word. Lots of things I personally liked and enjoyed, some things I didn’t so much, but through most of the movie it felt like it had a purpose and a heart. I understand that movies can serve different purposes - the latter DCEU titles have focused mainly on providing entertainment value as their purpose. Personally, I don’t really have much interest in paying to see them for that reason really. I like seeing films that have an interesting story, an underlying message and some substance and heart to them, and despite not agreeing with all the choices made with this film it had those things, which is why I like it.
Mario Todorov
Mario Todorov - Tahun Yang lalu
This is the most beautifully crafted trailer I've ever seen!
Mario Todorov
Mario Todorov - Tahun Yang lalu
@Savant thank you for the suggestion! Imma check it out :)
Savant - Tahun Yang lalu
The n u should check out Adam McKay's Vice trailer