Fan Zhendong vs Tomokazu Harimoto | WTT Cup Finals Singapore FULL Match Replay

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Relive the classic battle between Fan Zhendong & Tomokazu Harimoto at !
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Space Invader
So nice to watch the match in full again. Now we can hear everything from Adam. He's the hidden key part of the match, as always.
Ben TheKeeshond
When a TT player can defeat Ma Long, his confidence level is out of this world. This is Fan Zhendong. One has to feel sorry for Harimoto who was playing catchup throughout this match.
W MZ - 
best commentators ever, totally unbiased and equally appreciative of both players' good performance
Kat - 
That was a clean take down. Fan Zhendong is No.1 with good reason. What a smash
Space Invader
Reviewed again. I've studied and scrutinized serve techniques for a while (just curious, I'm not a pro). These guys are so good at disguising their serves even top players are often fooled. It's particularly hard for shake handers due to limited wrist motion. A good (or tricky rather) service is needed to set up for an instant kill. It takes years of practice to explore and perfect a serve and when to execute a lethal one for a CRUCIAL moment in a match. Ma Lin (Chinese pen holder) probably creates the greatest/fascinating TT serves of all time.
MK Uis
MK Uis - 
Very good match, and very good commentators!
Дмитрий Павлов
this is the quality this level of the sport deserves. 50fps buttery smooth motion
I really appreciated to see the match in full. Thanks WTT. Comments are interesting and entertaining.
Joseph Cruz
What I just realized which is pretty impressive, is that there seems to never be any equipment malfunctions from the bats to the table or anything
Jordi - 28 hari yang lalu
Fan Zhendong, is the Bruce Lee of table tennis, simply spectacular.
vandung nguyen
vandung nguyen - 8 jam yang lalu
Harimoto is improving a lot. Keep working on it.
Andrei Iordache
Awesome match but even then ... Adam's comments makes it epic :)!
Thank you for sharing with us! Wonderful!
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Koote Bi
Harimoto developed some muscles, he also stands a bit far away from table than he used to, losing some speed in my opinion.
Kemize Habib- Mohammed
The biggest reason I have such an issue with the camera angle is, we don't get to see the services and the receives; instead they tantalise with that very close-up shot right before the players actually serve the ball. I get that for non players that may not matter much, but many of us following the tournaments are players. It's really ridiculous to have to watch it this way. Whoever's reading this...
mohammed raad
i swear if harimoto didn't scream as much he would've had 10x the dans he has right now
Congrats Fan! Adam's commenting is great!
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