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That's our Cap. All episodes of Marvel Studios' "The Falcon and The Winter Soldier" are now streaming on Disney+.

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Brave Just Defend
Brave Just Defend - 5 jam yang lalu
This is the most racist series I've ever seen. All they do is talk bad about white people
WKA DESIGNS - 13 jam yang lalu
*I'm Captain America*
And put some RESPECK on it!!
Sastry Gollapalli
Sastry Gollapalli - 2 hari yang lalu
Who is missing the old shield which had no details (I loved it and this one is sick
Rika Nisfularika
Rika Nisfularika - 9 hari yang lalu
I miss steve rogers.
Viper the Red
Viper the Red - 14 hari yang lalu
The guys who say wait you are you I think is the same dude later that says uh cap and tells him about the last flagshaser
Evolution Studios Mash-Ups
Evolution Studios Mash-Ups - 20 hari yang lalu
Captain America From The 1944 To Falcon Captain America
Anish Das
Anish Das - 28 hari yang lalu
Captain America and the white wolf 🐺 🤖
Anish Das
Anish Das - 28 hari yang lalu
Captain America and the white wolf
ömer Tunç
ömer Tunç - 28 hari yang lalu
Daha iyi bir kıyafet yapmalıydınız yeni captan americaya
Big Hand
Big Hand - 15 hari yang lalu
Vidula Hasamal AL
Vidula Hasamal AL - 29 hari yang lalu
Cap would be proud of you man
Kiran Babu
Kiran Babu - Bulan Yang lalu
He deserved it😘
SpartanCDC - Bulan Yang lalu
That suit is clean
كريم EpIc
كريم EpIc - Bulan Yang lalu
Omg its fire
Eric Lopez
Eric Lopez - Bulan Yang lalu
the only good part of the episode
Nobody Gaming
Nobody Gaming - Bulan Yang lalu
i couldn't keep myself connected with background music
Daniel Dixon II
Daniel Dixon II - Bulan Yang lalu
This show was abysmal garbage even without all the "social commentary" that made no sense in the world in which the MCU is set. The saddest part is: I was the biggest proponent of the MCU within my family until I saw this show.
max max
max max - Bulan Yang lalu
How much money that suit🤣🤣🤣
Soul keeper💀☠️🙀
Soul keeper💀☠️🙀 - Bulan Yang lalu
Please don’t in the season I love this show please make more episodes or new season because I do not want to stay and it’s pretty cool
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia - Bulan Yang lalu
That's gangster! Looks like the comic book and marvel legends!
MichealNotMichael - Bulan Yang lalu
Sam: I'm Captain America
Some guy: I thought Captain America was on the moon.
Agent Coulson
Agent Coulson - Bulan Yang lalu
I'm blacktin America and I'm black also did I mention I'm black.
Priyanshu Singh
Priyanshu Singh - Bulan Yang lalu
Fitting of the suit was not perfect
Sascha R.
Sascha R. - Bulan Yang lalu
Steve Rogers is the one and only Captain America and Chris Evans plays him and this role so well. It's matching perfectly to Mr. Evans. Please bring him back as Captain America.
Marvel took two well-known characters from the movies (Robert Downey jr. as Iron Man and Chris Evans as Cap). It's quite hard for the fans which you got in the last 13 years of MCU.
Dear Marvel, bring them back asap.
ArCADIUM 2606 - 20 hari yang lalu
Both of their character arcs had such good endings why bring them back
Zeal XII
Zeal XII - Bulan Yang lalu
He is not the one and only captain america. But alright
Abrar - Bulan Yang lalu
It's hard digesting it
Epic xx gaming
Epic xx gaming - Bulan Yang lalu
Imagine if captain America aka falcon said at the end of the series like at the credits Tom Holland look at me now
Tiffani Butler
Tiffani Butler - Bulan Yang lalu
I LOVED how he made it right with Isaiah, it was perfect
Fire puppies
Fire puppies - Bulan Yang lalu
*Captain Phillip's line who here*
Aditya pugalendhi
Aditya pugalendhi - Bulan Yang lalu
Waiting for captain America 4...😎🔥🔥
17-158 IV
17-158 IV - Bulan Yang lalu
He will never be Steve Rogers
GEMINIVice1 - Bulan Yang lalu
Sam isn’t trying to be Steve Rogers.
i - Bulan Yang lalu
Yep he is captain america not steve rogers
no one
no one - Bulan Yang lalu
No this is worst suit marvel, please change it in season 2. i don't really like it. and the suit on his face makes it really worse. 😐😑
Lorenzo Cuminetti
Lorenzo Cuminetti - Bulan Yang lalu
Hi Cap, i follow you since u was rapping against Eminem
ArCADIUM 2606 - 20 hari yang lalu
Prince Asraful Islam Siam
Prince Asraful Islam Siam - Bulan Yang lalu
What is the name of this movie
Master Chief
Master Chief - Bulan Yang lalu
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier | Disney+
Arfaan Khan
Arfaan Khan - Bulan Yang lalu
I really wish when Sam came into the building the music should be when Steve picks up Thor's hammer
Nemesis Divino
Nemesis Divino - Bulan Yang lalu
My dad (66) watched only 2 o 3 episodes and so he in the finale: But hey hey this Falcon... did he take some of the serum?
Me: Nope, just got that new uniform.
My dad: FOR GOD'S SAKE give this guy some Mando helmet or something!!! How in the hell they put him a KNEE WARMER in his neck...
Dunno guys but I agree 🙈
Chiko was here
Chiko was here - Bulan Yang lalu
Why isn't Bucky the new Captain America?
skyisblue - Bulan Yang lalu
Go watch avengers endgame and the full series of the falcon and the winter soldier then you’ll found out why
GEMINIVice1 - Bulan Yang lalu
previous movies answer that
i - Bulan Yang lalu
Steve choose Sam
Raquel C.P
Raquel C.P - Bulan Yang lalu
CyberGaming - Bulan Yang lalu
That's *ONLY* your Opinion "You better pack it up and get out of here." - Tony Stark
Mano Munoz
Mano Munoz - Bulan Yang lalu
I'm not with the PC crap but Falcon makes an awesome Captain America
Nick DiNardo
Nick DiNardo - Bulan Yang lalu
Still dont know why they didn't brand Bucky as The White Wolf at the end
Tiffani Butler
Tiffani Butler - Bulan Yang lalu
There is still a Wakanda Series in the works trust the process, Marvel hasn't let us down yet
UNBOXINg dude fans club
UNBOXINg dude fans club - Bulan Yang lalu
Spoiler Alert
ZetsubouZolo - Bulan Yang lalu
love the suit and the fighting style with the shield but I think Sam will always remain a side character to me
Justin B.
Justin B. - Bulan Yang lalu
Falcon Punch!
DGX - Bulan Yang lalu
0:46 Oh!! Man!! 😁
God Thor
God Thor - Bulan Yang lalu
This single clip is better than whole bunch of DC movies




(joker is not in this list)
iyi_huylu_kekeme - Bulan Yang lalu
Sorry but he's not as cool as Steve Rogers
Ghostball - Bulan Yang lalu
Lol no that's Captain Falcon
Falcon Punch!
Rishik Bhoumick
Rishik Bhoumick - Bulan Yang lalu
Cm on... We are all here for the suit. Nice job.
이주동 - Bulan Yang lalu
I don't like that suit design
이주동 - Bulan Yang lalu
@C0P3R Killer It looks good to have Wilson as Captain America, but it's just a shame to me that he's not a modern-design suit...
C0P3R Killer
C0P3R Killer - Bulan Yang lalu
Well sucks for you
Jure Ugrin
Jure Ugrin - Bulan Yang lalu
i miss cris evans
Ly Sreng
Ly Sreng - Bulan Yang lalu
Captain Megalomaniac
Captain Megalomaniac - Bulan Yang lalu
no one can replace Steve Rogers
Captain Megalomaniac
Captain Megalomaniac - Bulan Yang lalu
no one can replace Steve Rogers
Captain Megalomaniac
Captain Megalomaniac - Bulan Yang lalu
no one can replace Steve Rogers
CyberGaming - Bulan Yang lalu
Cry about it kid, just play your tiny PS4 and leave the MCU
Michelle Noormahomed
Michelle Noormahomed - Bulan Yang lalu
black captain America
Rakesh Kumar
Rakesh Kumar - Bulan Yang lalu
When season 2 is comming🔥🔥
Alejandro Vasquez
Alejandro Vasquez - Bulan Yang lalu
Master Chief
Master Chief - Bulan Yang lalu
stfu kid
noobmaster 69
noobmaster 69 - Bulan Yang lalu
Crypto Optic
Crypto Optic - Bulan Yang lalu
How did marvel get their title wrong. Wasn’t it Captain America And The Winter Soldier
SOUL HUNTER - Bulan Yang lalu
Who ever wants captain america back comment
C0P3R Killer
C0P3R Killer - Bulan Yang lalu
He is back it's in the video
someguy231 - Bulan Yang lalu
Wym? he's right there in the video
Pranav Ogale
Pranav Ogale - Bulan Yang lalu
I just want to know Scott Lang's reaction to Falcon becoming Captain America
Johnathan Simonson
Johnathan Simonson - Bulan Yang lalu
Is no one talking about the potential of those gas grenades coming from oscorp?
fun made
fun made - Bulan Yang lalu
Sasikumar Rajan
Sasikumar Rajan - Bulan Yang lalu
When will be next season start???
எப்பொழுது அடுத்த அத்தியாயம் துவங்கும்???
C0P3R Killer
C0P3R Killer - Bulan Yang lalu
It's been confirmed that there will be no season 2
Big Hand
Big Hand - Bulan Yang lalu
No idea.
Finally a new captain America is born🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Andres Guzman
Andres Guzman - Bulan Yang lalu
SREEGANESH P S - Bulan Yang lalu
It all started with his real name's Clarence and he went to a private school
Matthew Kohl
Matthew Kohl - Bulan Yang lalu
Mohit Singh
Mohit Singh - Bulan Yang lalu
The cliffhanger from the 5th episode had me thinking that instead of taking the mantle of captain america, Sam would don the Black Panther suit if not a combination of those two in series finale. The chest being a gift from Wakanda served as a good red herring too.
It seemed plausible considering the backdrop of Chadwick's demise while the black panther sequel was still in works. I mean who better and a safer bet than Anthony to replace him. He has been a member of MCU for long, is liked by everyone, his character too is on good terms with everyone, has got a strong moral code probably second to only Steve's and to adress the elephant in the room, he is black too.
Other than that I thought this move would well be in line with his character arch upto that point. He was given the shield by Steve, he reluctantly accepted it and then graciously declined it on account of honoring and preserving Steve's legacy as captain america. In my opinion it didn't look too good for Sam to backtrack on his resolve to stay his own guy. His election as the new black panther could be explained later by the Wakandans in the sequel. It could have very easily saved the upcoming movie. They had an excellent opportunity to recast Chadwick and they blew it.
Mohit Singh
Mohit Singh - Bulan Yang lalu
@SourSquid_78 What I mean to say is that they had a 2 bird 1 stone situation. They needed a new black panther and were "coincidentally" at a point when a character who is old, trusted and is of great virtue has declined the mantle that was teased earlier and has received a package from Wakandans. The new black panther could be anyone true but what I said in my op was who better and safer bet than sam wilson at that point in his character arc.
SourSquid_78 - Bulan Yang lalu
Uh, doesn't it make more sense for the Black Panther to be someone from Wakanda? Sam becoming Black Panther just makes no sense at all.
Quirino Garcia
Quirino Garcia - Bulan Yang lalu
I thought Captain America was on the moon
LazyTime YT
LazyTime YT - Bulan Yang lalu
*I thought cap was on the m0on?*
LazyTime YT
LazyTime YT - Bulan Yang lalu
even for a split second, that shield even in the thumbnail was just edited there.
Bill Harmson
Bill Harmson - Bulan Yang lalu
BAD. Boycott Anything Disney.
Ashlee Cabrera
Ashlee Cabrera - Bulan Yang lalu
@Bill Harmson Thats it? You have done nothing to explain why these movies are bad or try and change my opinion. I had a whole paragraph saying why I thought captain marvel was good, all you are saying that its woke therefor bad. But whatever you do you my man
Bill Harmson
Bill Harmson - Bulan Yang lalu
@Ashlee Cabrera Then I would encourage you to waste your money. You clearly had every intention of going to see this movie anyway and nothing was going to change your mind. Enjoy. BAD. Boycott Anything Disney, they want you to waste your money.
Ashlee Cabrera
Ashlee Cabrera - Bulan Yang lalu
@Bill Harmson So your saying the only reason you don't like the show is because of the poor cast? I thought Bucky's acting was really good.I still don't understand what you mean by "woke" Because again, captain marvel and black captain America existed long before woke culture, your just repeating yourself.
Bill Harmson
Bill Harmson - Bulan Yang lalu
@Ashlee Cabrera Anthony Mackie can’t carry a movie. His acting destroyed Altered Carbon, rotten tomatoes agrees with me. Making a bad casting decision will ruin a potentially good movie. Casting and business decisions are now based on woke ideologies. Look at Gina Carano. The best person for her part in the mandalorian but Disney let her go because she was a strong woman. Another woke decision. BAD. Selling my Disney shares.
Ashlee Cabrera
Ashlee Cabrera - Bulan Yang lalu
@Bill Harmson Fair enough, imma start with what i don't like tho, The villian kinda sucks and I don't really care about that old lady marvel character who's name i forgot, BUT I really do like captain marvel's character growth and sure she's kinda stuck up and rude sometimes but hey so is ironman, and we all love him. Anyway I really liked the action scene at the end in the space ship with "im just a girl" playing in the backround. Also im a big fan of nick fury in the movie and how they finally brought back agent colson!!! They also perfectly set up endgame which is a masterpiece and I also like Monika in the movie who also made a good role in WandaVision.
Shavaiz !
Shavaiz ! - Bulan Yang lalu
Nooooo Falcon sucks
C0P3R Killer
C0P3R Killer - Bulan Yang lalu
Like your personality
Kripax gaming
Kripax gaming - Bulan Yang lalu
falcon was his first name then a child named him black falcon and after becoming captain america now he is
Ashwin Chauhan
Ashwin Chauhan - Bulan Yang lalu
I can watch this all day....
Kyle GMaster
Kyle GMaster - Bulan Yang lalu
Wait... I thought captain america is on the moon.
Oboe Player
Oboe Player - Bulan Yang lalu
"B O Y , Y O U J U S T E A R N E D T H I S A S S W H O O P I N
Keanu Day
Keanu Day - Bulan Yang lalu
well well well looks like we got the new captain america known as falcon
DJ DHONI Ø7 - Bulan Yang lalu
U all avengers are not equal to hanuman
Cosmos - Bulan Yang lalu
Watching Steve as captain America and the mentality which I created as a character for captain America can never be changed.
minion70000 - Bulan Yang lalu
Get woke go broke
Ashlee Cabrera
Ashlee Cabrera - Bulan Yang lalu
Falcon became captain America in the comics way before woke culture existed.
i - Bulan Yang lalu
Dc fan kid
Asupernaruto1 - Bulan Yang lalu
kid get lost.
willy102073 - Bulan Yang lalu
So season 2 will be called Captain America and the Winter Soldier. That's pretty cool.
Although I was hoping that it would be called Captain America and the White Wolf.
Yeneh - Bulan Yang lalu
Amazing suit! Every part of his body is covered, except the top of his head where his brain is.
Commander Captain
Commander Captain - Bulan Yang lalu
RIP Falcon
Long live Captain America!
Tahsin Habibi, roll 2, NGTL
Tahsin Habibi, roll 2, NGTL - Bulan Yang lalu
WhatsApp man
Noble Aiiro
Noble Aiiro - Bulan Yang lalu
“Ironically, when Disney fired Gina for her opinions it inadvertently proved her point.” - Forbes
Zeke Elliott
Zeke Elliott - Bulan Yang lalu
Captain California and the Shrimp Boat Solider
Noble Aiiro
Noble Aiiro - Bulan Yang lalu
“Disney’s firing of Gina Carano is confusing and hypocritical, lacking sound management.” - Forbes
Noble Aiiro
Noble Aiiro - Bulan Yang lalu
“I’m Not The Only One That’s Ever Been Bullied By Disney Company”- Gina Carano
Noble Aiiro
Noble Aiiro - Bulan Yang lalu
“Don’t try to ruin my life with lies, when yours can be ruined with the truth”- Gina Carano
Georgios Spyridon Christopoulos
When he entered the building, he should say: "On your left"
Pokejoseph - Bulan Yang lalu
I can’t wait for him to show me his moves!

I dare ya to get my reference
Ridho Almufarrizy
Ridho Almufarrizy - Bulan Yang lalu
idk i love his old suit more
Indibar Dutta
Indibar Dutta - Bulan Yang lalu
Comfortably the worst series ending!! How can you justify flag Smashers are just a victim!! If falcon feeling so sad for them give them his boat & house!! The last speach was 3rd class!! If I see somebody living in my house, I will not accept it.. no body will!! How can marvel justify a terrorist organisation is 🤮, then osama bin laden is also a victim of your's(USA) policy.. then 9/11 is also justified!!
Comicstone - Bulan Yang lalu
Jordan Peterson is Red Skull.
Abdiel de Jesús Hernández herrera
Marvel ya no es lo mismo sin capitán América y iron man
Billy-Ray Boychuk
Billy-Ray Boychuk - Bulan Yang lalu
Looks really good I'll admit. But I'm old school...there's only one Captain America (who had super serum).
DeclanHugo RS
DeclanHugo RS - Bulan Yang lalu
They've seemingly crossed in Quick Silver and Green Goblin but nothing has been added onto that yet. I can't wait for more reveals!
vladimir cruz
vladimir cruz - Bulan Yang lalu
MARVEL Try Diego Boneta or Sebastian Rulli in the MCU
vladimir cruz
vladimir cruz - Bulan Yang lalu
I want capitán México 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽, Marvel.
Riotsu - Bulan Yang lalu
This Captain America is way more cool than Steve
Clip 5
Clip 5 - Bulan Yang lalu
I will stop following Marvel, because of his omosexual agenda, because of his diversity agenda, they killed art, I no longer like his company or many of my friends, I am number 24 who leaves this company, I will see Japanese anime now onwards. I hate you marvel for your feminist agenda your agenda of the black in distress, they are hypocrites. If Stan Lee were alive, I would disgust him all this
Ashlee Cabrera
Ashlee Cabrera - Bulan Yang lalu
Can you further explain how female and black super heroes are ruining marvel? im legit curious on what your opinion is.
LeBron James-China Pays My Bills
@ShadowWolf712 Marvel sucks, get over it.
willy102073 - Bulan Yang lalu
@ShadowWolf712 truth
ShadowWolf712 - Bulan Yang lalu
Have you read Stan Lee's commentaries on racism, sexism, and the like? Did you ever read an X-Men comic? Ever? Seen the Spider-Man issues on Civil Rights? Anything? NEVER presume to speak for Stan, fam. Ever.