Elvis Presley - Trouble (1958) Complete original movie scene HD

Elvis Presley - Trouble (1958) Complete original movie scene HD
A scene from the movie: King Creole (1958)
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Dressy Dave
Dressy Dave - 2 bulan yang lalu
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• Get the movie King Creole (digital) : https://amzn.to/3LBQ4cg
• Get all the songs from King Creole: https://amzn.to/3BETqXw
• Get Elvis: The movie (2022): https://amzn.to/3f8o6c7
• Get Elvis #1 Hits: https://amzn.to/3DITrMM
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Betty Getz
Betty Getz - Bulan Yang lalu
Kay Playforth
Kay Playforth - 2 bulan yang lalu
The One and Only King ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎶🎶🎶🎶
dbsti 300
dbsti 300 - 9 bulan yang lalu
I've always heard of Elvis, but never realized he actually has a really really good and powerful voice.
Woodrow Call
Woodrow Call - 11 jam yang lalu
What do live in a box ?
Rapphi - 8 hari yang lalu
Where were you? On the moon? Elvis is The Voice. ;-)
Science with Ken Kay
Science with Ken Kay - 8 hari yang lalu
he set the standard
Derek Miles
Derek Miles - 11 hari yang lalu
You been living under a rock? Him and Michael Jackson are probably two of the biggest names in music ever
Will Outlaw
Will Outlaw - Bulan Yang lalu
What hole have you been living in?
Panda_Cute - 3 bulan yang lalu
I love how when he’s singing you can see him struggle to not move 😂
Denis Lessard
Denis Lessard - 22 hari yang lalu
@Kino D don't vote conservative. the only word with more than 2 syllables in conservative lexicon is conservative.
David Pearson
David Pearson - 25 hari yang lalu
No. Not true. You do realise it’s a scene that planned out and being mimed to, where he knows exactly what the scene needs and what he has to do. All I see is him trying to do what he’s meant to do and achieving just that.
T M - 26 hari yang lalu
The moves are subtle, understated and sexy - they go with the song. If he had the benefit of today's editing - you would see it more clearly.
Phillip Awbrey
Phillip Awbrey - 29 hari yang lalu
Look at the bar table he was standing on. He couldn’t move much or he’d fall off.
Adrian Godoy
Adrian Godoy - Bulan Yang lalu
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo - 10 bulan yang lalu
1958... 63 years ago... How time flies. I remember watching this movie as a rerun with my grandfather when I was around 8 or 9 years old. Such a classic scene that goes to prove that, given the right role, Elvis Presley can also act.
Gabriela Lopetegui
Gabriela Lopetegui - 17 hari yang lalu
Watching this in 2022…and he thought nobody would remember him 😢❤
Maria Cortes
Maria Cortes - 29 hari yang lalu
Y'all be surprised if I tell you that I saw a guy just like him at a swapmeet I also called him elvis....he must be at his 30 now.
Ulysses Wynn Jr
Ulysses Wynn Jr - Bulan Yang lalu
This is Mr. Elvis Presley’s best movie scene ever!
Kara Zor El
Kara Zor El - Bulan Yang lalu
Nice to hear stories before my time. Ty
purpletree - Bulan Yang lalu
@FJB! LGB! King creole
Monte Lee My P.O.V
Monte Lee My P.O.V - 4 bulan yang lalu
I love how he made direct eye contact with the guy who challenged him to sing until he knew he won. Very powerful lesson.
Kim Rivers
Kim Rivers - Bulan Yang lalu
@Inthepubagain eh Right!! 🤣
Kim Rivers
Kim Rivers - Bulan Yang lalu
@LR Vogt Carolyn Jones was Very Pretty! 👍😁
Kim Rivers
Kim Rivers - Bulan Yang lalu
El was 🆒 😁👍
Ro L. Peace
Ro L. Peace - 2 bulan yang lalu
@Inthepubagain eh damn. That's just wrong. Lol 😅
Inthepubagain eh
Inthepubagain eh - 2 bulan yang lalu
@Ben Moore 🤣🤣🤣
Halie - 3 bulan yang lalu
You could tell he wanted to move his hips more so badly while he was singing. He was fighting it so hard. 😂 There was a line in the movie Elvis (2022) where he said something like "If I can't move I can't sing." and I love that cause it's so true. He was such a performer.
Broadwayfangirl98 - 2 bulan yang lalu
True 💯
muskiii - 5 bulan yang lalu
they should really put his movies on netflix would love to see his movies and his acting apart from his legendary singing career 🤩👍🏼💯‼️
Rhonda Shephard
Rhonda Shephard - 7 hari yang lalu
People make fun f elvis movies but they never lost money. There was no cursing, drinking smoking sex’s scenes I can remember going to drive in with parents to Elvis movies. Cheap entertainment and I loved everyone , well hating sacrum and ti le me not so much.
Mitchell Johnson
Mitchell Johnson - Bulan Yang lalu
@Trici Venola Sad but true, Elvis was a very talented actor. He could have done well if the cards landed differently
Timothy Kim
Timothy Kim - 2 bulan yang lalu
They should get Austin to redo his best movies or redo full concerts.
Tara Kesler
Tara Kesler - 2 bulan yang lalu
@A unti lpyy Cll f op f we😊 a. Knjp is no I’m e from j a
skylilly1 - 2 bulan yang lalu
they play them on Paramount.
3Volk - 10 bulan yang lalu
I watched this the other night and was absolutely floored. I didn't expect him to be nearly as good of an actor as he was. That scene with him doing those dance moves is the first time ive ever seen him dance and paired with how good the movie was and the atmosphere of the scene created a wonderful moment for me I truely dont think I will ever forget. My jaw literally dropped at @5:02
stormy  tempest
stormy tempest - 2 bulan yang lalu
​@Angela Buffkin You can get it on DVD, A TRUELY OUTSTANDING ATMOSPHERIC FILM.
librarianlovesrick - 2 bulan yang lalu
And my drawers literally dropped at that point too! LOL starting at about @4:55
Trici Venola
Trici Venola - 3 bulan yang lalu
@mafia Mark I'd advise it. All the streaming versions I found were really bad prints copied to video.
mafia Mark
mafia Mark - 3 bulan yang lalu
@Angela Buffkin Top of this page to the right...youtube Rent or Buy movie King Creole.
Angela Buffkin
Angela Buffkin - 3 bulan yang lalu
Where can i watch this?
mossden - 3 bulan yang lalu
It’s a shame Elvis didn’t get a chance to truly develop his acting skills, he was pretty damn good 👍
No Budget Short Films
No Budget Short Films - 11 jam yang lalu
Watch Flaming Star, it's a 60's movie where he did pretty good as well.
Lulu Moon
Lulu Moon - 15 hari yang lalu
Supposedly he was the first choice for the original, "A Star is Born," but his manager persuaded him to pass. Many thought he had serious dramatic potential.
Colie Maurie
Colie Maurie - Bulan Yang lalu
@leafyutube Which actor could be compared to Brando the legend and Dean his spiritual son ? "Elvis was an instinctive actor...He was quite bright...he was very intelligent." (Walter Mattau)
mossden - 2 bulan yang lalu
@leafyutube There are many good actors who would never be great no matter how much training they receive. I don’t think Elvis would have been great
leafyutube - 2 bulan yang lalu
@mossden Even with training, Elvis would have been a long project. Unlike Brando and Dean, who were naturals.
Alex Carratu
Alex Carratu - 4 bulan yang lalu
The first four movies Elvis did pre the Army are among his best work. Should have been a stepping stone to more great roles for him. Such a naturally talented dude Elvis was and he had no acting training at all. Absolute genius Elvis Presley was.
Alex Carratu
Alex Carratu - Bulan Yang lalu
@Mulberry2000 yes, Flaming Star (1960) was a great post Army film Elvis did and so was Charro! (1969). But the first four he did pre the Army are among his best of his 33 films (including the two early 1970s concert documentaries, Elvis: That's The Way It Is (1970) and Elvis On Tour (1972)).
Alex Carratu
Alex Carratu - Bulan Yang lalu
@Mulberry2000 who lost her husband during the shooting of the film?
Mulberry2000 - Bulan Yang lalu
@Alex Carratu Acutally not at the time she lost her husband during the shoot of the movie, it drove her nuts.
Mulberry2000 - Bulan Yang lalu
@Alex Carratu Also flaming star.
Alex Carratu
Alex Carratu - 2 bulan yang lalu
@Ben Moore yes and Parker was against Elvis doing West Side Story (1961) for the reason that Parker was worried that the plot of West Side Story (1961) would damage Elvis's career.
Lydia Wagoner
Lydia Wagoner - 3 bulan yang lalu
This was one of Elvis' best movies, "King Creole" Too bad he didn't get to make more movies like this. It show he could really act.
jj - 2 bulan yang lalu
Yeah it's pretty cool, I mean Elvis is good at everything lol, he's a beautiful soul, he will always be on our minds.
Richard Harald
Richard Harald - 3 bulan yang lalu
Hi there
Alex Z
Alex Z - 5 bulan yang lalu
The voice does it for me. The rasp when he hits the blues notes says a lot about his potential.
Anthony Long
Anthony Long - 6 bulan yang lalu
Like him or not, Elvis could just flat out sing. Truly a king 👑
JAYJason6666 - 2 bulan yang lalu
Even if you don't like Presley's material, you can't knock him as a vocalist....and he was a super cool dude. lol
jillkristin - 3 bulan yang lalu
What's not to like?
TakersMissy - 4 bulan yang lalu
No doubt about it! 😊
blasterman789 - 2 bulan yang lalu
My grandmother was happily married for 50+ years. She was watching this movie with me and quietly shaking her head. She told me in confidence she would leave my grandfather in a second for 10 minutes alone with Elvis.
Muneeb Ahmad
Muneeb Ahmad - Bulan Yang lalu
@OrangeTabbyCat lol really?
OrangeTabbyCat - Bulan Yang lalu
@Muneeb Ahmad and many boys
Muneeb Ahmad
Muneeb Ahmad - Bulan Yang lalu
Any girl of that time would
T M - 2 bulan yang lalu
Rainer Rain
Rainer Rain - 2 bulan yang lalu
Now that's frisky !
Shannon Rounsavall
Shannon Rounsavall - 11 hari yang lalu
I can't get enough of Elvis. Man he's the whole package.
Sweesy  - 7 hari yang lalu
Hello beautiful Shannon how are you doing
Dyn Jarren
Dyn Jarren - Tahun Yang lalu
Elvis was the first white guy to sing with soul and on top of that he was a badass. He sang with attitude. His legend is secure. All his singing in this film is incredible! The King of Rock n Roll! Immortal.
JAYJason6666 - 2 bulan yang lalu
@Nessie Bullen Butler sang the 50s stuff, like this one, Presley's vocals were used for the rest of the tracks.
Jacob Paul Gordon
Jacob Paul Gordon - 2 bulan yang lalu
Rock n Roll 😎
capps ginny
capps ginny - 2 bulan yang lalu
*legend, not ledend
Dyn Jarren
Dyn Jarren - 3 bulan yang lalu
@JazzeBelle Thanks! Because it wasn’t my intention to offend anyone. When white guys play the Blues and try to sound gritty with their voices like Howlin Wolf or Bluesy like John Lee Hooker is that Racist? I don’t think so! Emulating your heroes and trying to sound like them isn’t Racist. Not in my book. Thanks for understanding!
Dyn Jarren
Dyn Jarren - 3 bulan yang lalu
@JazzeBelle Like it’s been said Imitation is a form of Flattery! You only copy something because it’s good!
Kendra Kleinhenz
Kendra Kleinhenz - 3 bulan yang lalu
My grandma was about 13-14 years old when this movie came. She was an Elvis Presley fan. May she and Elvis continue to rest in peace!💕
Lulu Moon
Lulu Moon - 15 hari yang lalu
Amen 🙏
Alan Da Silva
Alan Da Silva - 3 bulan yang lalu
"King Creole" was the best film Elvis acted! He was superb in the role of Danny Fisher. Wonderful soundtrack, directed by Michael Curtiz, one of the bests of his time, and filmed in the French Quartier, New Orleans, a mythic place. Shoud've had nominations for Oscar at least for the superb soundtrack, excllent supporting actors as Carolyn Jones and Walther Mathau. Hollywood is in debt with Elvis. They should give a post mortem prize. Elvis sure deserves it!
firenze55 - 26 hari yang lalu
Agreed - they should give Elvis' family a special Oscar for his contribution to film and music.
Truth of 73
Truth of 73 - 3 bulan yang lalu
Yes, and that’s poor Vic Morrow who was really decapitated on the set of “The Twilight Zone” movie when a helicopter crashed during a scene.
Eva Rodriguez
Eva Rodriguez - 3 bulan yang lalu
Even without dancing, Elvis's energy came right through. Brilliant man.
V-G-Z - 3 tahun yang lalu
Thank you very much for uploading this awesome scene in full length and HD!
V-G-Z - 9 bulan yang lalu
@dbsti 300 You´re welcome!
dbsti 300
dbsti 300 - 9 bulan yang lalu
Thank you, thank you very much for the positive comment.
phoen73 - 2 tahun yang lalu
V-G-Z the best scene , period , always my go too ! Check out Louie!!
Abbas Regal
Abbas Regal - 3 tahun yang lalu
Elvis not just the Epitome of Cool like in this awesome to say the least scene of King Creole....
But for any genre of music: rock, pop, rock 'n roll, blues, jazz, country,.....Elvis had the most versatile vocal chords ever!!!!
TakersMissy - 5 bulan yang lalu
@Abbas Regal Heck, with some professional formal training, Elvis could've even been an opera singer with that deep yet wide-ranging voice of his! Seriously - I was a college music major, started on piano when I was 5, and my dad was a career professional musician and music teacher. I say all this only to show I have some credibility to make such a claim about Elvis's incredible God-given singing talent! 😚🥰
Genie K. O'Hara
Genie K. O'Hara - 3 tahun yang lalu
He was indeed...and he had perfect pitch,,The talent, the look.... There will never be another like him.
Amy Noosun
Amy Noosun - 2 bulan yang lalu
I’m in my fifties and just keep rediscovering how amazing Elvis was! He is and will always undoubtably be the King of Rock, just so full of raw talent!
Raymond Mark
Raymond Mark - 2 bulan yang lalu
Hello how are you doing?
Jessica Christine
Jessica Christine - Bulan Yang lalu
Omg, this makes me smile! Long live The King in our hearts and ears 💞
Greg Normal
Greg Normal - 24 hari yang lalu
Hello!!! How are you doing today, please pardon me for intruding into your privacy but I just wanted to know if you’re a fan ? Have a great day… Stay Safe
Gaming Seru
Gaming Seru - 2 tahun yang lalu
Damn,im 16 but i cant deny this is one of the best musical movies of all time,the drama,the acting,the songs are top notch.the full movie is really good and no sex at all so im comfortable watching it with my parents.
Kentucky Mama
Kentucky Mama - Tahun Yang lalu
Try watching Viva Las Vegas with Ann Margaret in it. It'll put a smile on your face.
swagbibby - 3 bulan yang lalu
This is by far my one of my favorite songs from Elvis!! Your always alive in our hearts Elvis ⚡️⚡️⚡️
The Cawd Squad
The Cawd Squad - 10 bulan yang lalu
I've never seen anyone with charisma like Elvis.
Larry O'Connor
Larry O'Connor - Tahun Yang lalu
Presley, given the right roles, was an excellent actor. Too bad Hollywood and Parker betrayed him.
SayItLoud - 3 bulan yang lalu
@Winston Smith no, he did not
Greenz1100 - 3 bulan yang lalu
Parker more than Hollywood but AMEN
Donna Scearce
Donna Scearce - 3 bulan yang lalu
Exactly right!
Get OverIt
Get OverIt - 3 bulan yang lalu
@Winston Smith Technically, he DID have every chance to walk away. HOWEVER, given his poverty-stricken background and aching desire to succeed, Tom Parker dealt with Elvis in the cynical confidence that he would never be able to walk away. This is why Parker was so wicked --- kind of like abusers who know that their victims are dependent on them for love and support. Parker took advantage of Elvis's financial and psychological needs, for the sake of money and control, instead of having the integrity to realize Elvis's weaknesses and truly help him with his career.
Winston Smith
Winston Smith - 3 bulan yang lalu
Elvis had every chance to walk away.
Alves José da Silva Neto
Alves José da Silva Neto - 3 bulan yang lalu
Simplesmente fantástico Mito do Rock....👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Muffs 55mercury
Muffs 55mercury - 3 bulan yang lalu
Considered by many to be Elvis's best film. So glad the Army let him finish it before having him report for duty as it turned out would have been a huge loss if it were scrapped.
Elvis was outstanding in fight scenes in his movies.
SWAG4LIFE - 2 tahun yang lalu
If you're looking for trouble
You came to the right place
If you're looking for trouble
Just look right in my face
I was born standing up
And talking back
My daddy was a green-eyed mountain jack
Because i'm evil, my middle name is misery
Well i'm evil, so don't you mess around with me
I've never looked for trouble
But i've never ran
I don't take no orders
From no kind of man
I'm only made out
Of flesh, blood and bone
But if you're gonna start a rumble
Don't you try it on alone
Because i'm evil, my middle name is misery
Well i'm evil, so don't you mess around with me
I'm evil, evil, evil, as can be
I'm evil, evil, evil, as can be
So don't mess around, don't mess around
Don't mess around with me
I'm evil, i'm evil, evil, evil
So don't mess around, don't mess around with me
I'm evil, i tell you i'm evil
So don't mess around with me
Captain Dred
Captain Dred - 25 hari yang lalu
@N!ghtR0t He nailed it too. It's on the Thrall/demonsweatlive EP
N!ghtR0t - Bulan Yang lalu
Danzig did a cover once 😄
Adrian Godoy
Adrian Godoy - Bulan Yang lalu
Nice, 👍
WOLFGANG RUCA - 3 bulan yang lalu
SWAG4LIFE - Tahun Yang lalu
@80s Teen indeed.
Living Shadows
Living Shadows - 3 bulan yang lalu
chills from this scene... such a great movie
Isabelle Cowie
Isabelle Cowie - 3 bulan yang lalu
What's this movie called and where can I watch it?
Dropkick Ninja
Dropkick Ninja - Tahun Yang lalu
My man in the back was killing that trumpet.
Dolly Nina
Dolly Nina - 4 bulan yang lalu
Hell yeah😎
ENTERtaIN - 3 bulan yang lalu
elvis is so popular and familiar to me after watching him for decades, and yet when he sings angrily at the boss, you feel like you are in the bar with him, waiting for a real fight to break out; that is the sign of good acting, when you feel you are in 'their' reality
Craig Meyer
Craig Meyer - 5 bulan yang lalu
As much as Elvis loved singing, he had a dream to become a movie star ever since he was a little boy
The Clephane
The Clephane - Bulan Yang lalu
Elvis was so great! King of Rock and Roll, but he could sing ANYTHING!
Jesus Torres Domingo
Jesus Torres Domingo - 4 bulan yang lalu
Es y será siempre el rey el número uno el mejor cantante de mundo 🌎 nadie como el ni emitadores ni dobles sólo elvis presley
Anne Lucas
Anne Lucas - 2 bulan yang lalu
Having seen most of his movies years ago, King Creole may be the best. Very atmospheric, New Orleans looks great in black and white and it has a dramatic story line. Checkout "Crawfish" "New Orleans" and "Lover doll", other great songs from the film. In fact just watch the whole thing if you can!
Raymond Mark
Raymond Mark - 2 bulan yang lalu
Hello how are you doing?
hana1130 - 4 bulan yang lalu
I love Elvis! What a talent and what a presence 💗
Martin McDonald
Martin McDonald - 29 hari yang lalu
Love it!!! A great rendition of a great song. I love how it's used in the Bag Luhrmann picture as well - Elvis saying to the powers-that-(would)-be "You think I'm evil. I'll tell you how evil I am. I'm gonna sing all about it."
Chris Carlin
Chris Carlin - 24 hari yang lalu
Love this movie. Elvis was struggling so hard not to move his hips . There’s a line where he said if I can’t move I can’t sing. and I love that cause it’s so true . He’s a great singer and actor. The greatest performer ever. Love you Elvis Forever and Eternity ❤🌹🌟❤️💯
Julio Gama Lucas
Julio Gama Lucas - Bulan Yang lalu
O maior de todos os tempos...
Achilles E
Achilles E - 2 bulan yang lalu
He's so holding back, but he truly had soul and rhythm.
Jesus Torres Domingo
Jesus Torres Domingo - 3 bulan yang lalu
Tenía una gran voz y potente el rey y está una de su mejores películas es y será siempre único nadie como el ni emitadores ni dobles sólo elvis presley el rey el número uno el verdadero rey y mejor cantante del mundo
Skip Waldent
Skip Waldent - 2 bulan yang lalu
One of His very best performances right here.
Thomas De Feo
Thomas De Feo - Bulan Yang lalu
King Creole one of Elvis best. Under rated as a actor because of the crap col. parker had Elvis contracted to do. As a singer unparalleled. Highs, lows , texture, infliction and pronunciation. That's why Elvis is and always will be the King. I pray that Elvis is resting in Peace ☮️🙏
Tracey Hellsten
Tracey Hellsten - 2 jam yang lalu
Even singing silly little songs like this, he sounded awesome! ❤️
Richard Phillips
Richard Phillips - Bulan Yang lalu
Fantastic what a voice love the energy
MIKELIN8 - 3 bulan yang lalu
This was Elvis' best movie. It's too bad that the Colonel took him the way of what he called "musical travelogues", because he could have been a really good/great actor given the roght material.
The Guy
The Guy - 3 bulan yang lalu
Only Elvis could pull this off. Love this.
Francesca Nails & Beauty
Francesca Nails & Beauty - 20 hari yang lalu
So freaking handsome..he was so powerful, so talented...such an amazing performer! Love you Elvis!
Eazy-E Ryder
Eazy-E Ryder - 3 bulan yang lalu
Lol I LOVE this part! Challenging a then unknown Elvis to a song (in the 50s) would have been like challenging Mike Tyson to a fight (in the 80s)
Moira Henry
Moira Henry - 2 bulan yang lalu
He should of got more praise for his acting skills. Elvis should of had more roles like this something he could really show how good an actor he really was.❤️❤️❤️
Pluto - 2 bulan yang lalu
My sister was named after elvis, Her name is Presley. I hope she grows up understands how amazing he was!
Nana - 3 bulan yang lalu
The most beautiful man in the world to this day 💞Elvis Forever.
jj - 2 bulan yang lalu
Yeah it's pretty cool, I mean Elvis is good at everything lol, he's a beautiful soul, he will always be on our minds.
The Caribbean Belle
The Caribbean Belle - 4 bulan yang lalu
He really did have a presence that commanded attention
Corey Chambers
Corey Chambers - 27 hari yang lalu
Powerful scene!
THM Studios
THM Studios - 3 bulan yang lalu
One of my all time favorite scenes…
Thomas Wagner
Thomas Wagner - Bulan Yang lalu
Long Leave The King Of Music Elvis Aaron Presley the best Entertainer and singer from the world.
Tomisha Sanjock
Tomisha Sanjock - 3 bulan yang lalu
Amazed by his abilities and the way Elvis shines on camera to this day.
No doubt a Light Worker who helped many people wake up to the corporate matrixular prison he found himself, eventually killed him ,shortening his life . We all miss you,original shorty#1.👁️,
B Noble
B Noble - 9 bulan yang lalu
My favorite Elvis movie scene. Says it all.
juniorrhinox - 3 bulan yang lalu
Don't get it twisted, I'm Black guy who grew up on Reggae and Hip Hop, and I love anything Elvis. I've seen most of his movies but not this one so it just made the list.
Janet Fernie
Janet Fernie - 25 hari yang lalu
To this day no one will ever match Elvis he could sing it all from blues to rock to gospel and everything else,his voice was unique but he also had a knowledge of how each and every song should be sung,he was a perfectionist,he spent hours going over a song until he got the sound he wanted,l have been an Elvis fan all my life and no one has ever come close to him in the execution of a song.
Greg Normal
Greg Normal - 24 hari yang lalu
Hello!!! How are you doing today, please pardon me for intruding into your privacy but I just wanted to know if you’re a fan ? Have a great day… Stay Safe
DD M - 3 bulan yang lalu
I absolutely adore Elvis. ❤️💕
Wilson Cortez
Wilson Cortez - Tahun Yang lalu
Elvis could have been such a great actor!!!!!!!!
Real Workouts For Real People
Real Workouts For Real People - 5 bulan yang lalu
I've watched almost all his movies and I absolutely agree with you. He really got shortchanged.
Blue Zodiac
Blue Zodiac - Tahun Yang lalu
Elvis was a cross between James Dean and Marlon Brando.
I'm Vincent Morales
I'm Vincent Morales - 2 bulan yang lalu
Любовь Борисова
Любовь Борисова - 4 bulan yang lalu
Очень люблю этот фильм, а эта песня Элвиса просто бомба! Элвиса никто и никогда не сможет ни скопировать ни изобразить, его харизма уникальна и даётся Боженькой. Эл, ты с нами а мы с тобой.
queeniemoonwalker - Tahun Yang lalu
everyone who hasnt seen this movie, go watch it. i swear its amazing
Isabelle Cowie
Isabelle Cowie - 3 bulan yang lalu
What's it called and where can I watch it?
80s Teen
80s Teen - Tahun Yang lalu
@queeniemoonwalker I used to have the thriller video and the making of the video documentary on vhs tapes lol and of course everyone had the Thriller album. Friends of mine wearing Michael jackets to school ha ha. I always loved the long version of the BAD video. Great story. I love G.I. Blues too and it wasn't nearly as bad as the goof movies that followed. Had they kept his musicals like G.I. Blues and Viva Las Vegas with decent story lines and an actual talented leading lady, than they would have been okay. Sadly, the scripts got downright stupid and they hired mostly cheap and terrible supporting casts.
queeniemoonwalker - Tahun Yang lalu
@80s Teen Flaming Star and G.I Blues actually are both my favorites. I really love Flaming Star and my grandma said it was criminally underrated and Elvis' acting was amazing in it!
queeniemoonwalker - Tahun Yang lalu
@80s Teen You said it all! Elvis was naturally an amazing actor and already had the looks for it too. G.I Blues is my favorite film of his. And wow! You are so lucky to have been a kid in the time of his best era.. I would've died to see him live or just be alive when he was alive. good thing i shared the earth with him for 2 years though! thanks for sharing your experiences!!
80s Teen
80s Teen - Tahun Yang lalu
Yeah, it is. It's not just a good "Elvis movie" it's just a really good film in general. Elvis had made three movies before this one and his acting got better with each one. Then with this one he had a great cast, script and director and really nailed it. Unfortunately, once he was out of the Army the audiences continued to flock mainly to the goofy musicals without much substance and mostly ignored another very good dramatic film in Flaming Star. That film was really ahead of it's time for Hollywood in those days. Elvis' character being half white and half "American Indian" fights against the white men on the side of the Native American tribe. Btw I'm also a Michael Jackson fan. I was fortunate to experience his heyday of Thriller and BAD albums and videos in real time during the 80s between the ages of 13 and 18.
William Kirk
William Kirk - 3 bulan yang lalu
One of the area's that Elvis mastered, naturally, was his Blue Eye Soul. He never lost that skill no matter the song material even late in his career.
Claudia Lewin
Claudia Lewin - 2 bulan yang lalu
He’s so good at singing he is the best 😄😄
David Murphy
David Murphy - 2 bulan yang lalu
Hello Claudia 👋indeed he’s an amazing artist with such a nice song 🎵 that touched my heart ❤️ can I please ask you a question??
Dori Aravis
Dori Aravis - 2 bulan yang lalu
KIng Creole one of Elvis's best movies (out of 4 that were actually watchable). I was about 14 but I loved him so much! Austin Butler does him better than any other actor or impersonator!
Gregory Gast
Gregory Gast - Bulan Yang lalu
Have you seen Kurt Russell play Elvis, in the made for TV movie called Elvis? I feel his was the best Elvis depiction.
David Murphy
David Murphy - 2 bulan yang lalu
Hi Dori 👋 how are you ??
tylsimys67 - Bulan Yang lalu
What's amazing and sad at the same time is the fact that all Elvis movies in the 50's were - if not the highest quality drama - quite entertaining and among classic songs he really did show hints of Brando & Dean canon.
Jose Aravena
Jose Aravena - 15 jam yang lalu
Hace mas de 40 años un amigo Roberto Torrealba me dijo Guillermo te quedaste en la era de Elvis y hoy cada dia mas agradecido de Elvis Lo maximo Gracias
80s Teen
80s Teen - Tahun Yang lalu
The most authentic and true to life scene in the movie is at 4:20 to 4:26 of this scene. Ronnie (Carolyn Jones) looking at Maxie (Walther Matthau) when Danny (Elvis) wins over the crowd like Take that you arrogant piece of shit, you're finally getting put in your place and you failed miserably at trying to embarrass Danny.
Steve Andrews
Steve Andrews - 4 bulan yang lalu
Carolyn Jones was magnificent in this.
Will Teuscher
Will Teuscher - 2 bulan yang lalu
I never really watched Elvis movies, but this actually looks pretty good.
Sandro S Passos
Sandro S Passos - 2 bulan yang lalu
Nota 10 muito bom.
arrascaeta dora
arrascaeta dora - Bulan Yang lalu
Escena icónica, tanto como la de Glida con la Rita.
Es tan bello el arte!
Kelly Williamson
Kelly Williamson - 2 bulan yang lalu
Wow! Wow wow wow! Elvis is a natural! This is only four years after his first hit and he is acting superbly alongside of established Hollywood veterans - amazing talent!
Michael Polydorou
Michael Polydorou - Tahun Yang lalu
elvis was just amazing ,hearing this today and seeing the video ,,, what a era of real music
Sarah Aziz
Sarah Aziz - 3 bulan yang lalu
OMG. Elvis the greatest. I watched this song every day. He's so handsome. So good. Rip Elvis
jj - 2 bulan yang lalu
Yeah it's pretty cool, I mean Elvis is good at everything lol, he's a beautiful soul, he will always be on our minds.
JClaus1221 - 3 tahun yang lalu
to think this masterpiece was thrown together by Leiber/Stoller in a few minutes. His best scene in any movie he was in.
80s Teen
80s Teen - Tahun Yang lalu
And they wrote it as a novelty with the old 12 bar blues for it to be sort of a nonchalant performance about how big and bad the singer is, but Elvis addressed the song seriously and they were both both away by his interpretation.
v - 8 hari yang lalu
My daddy played this a lot when I was a really small kid, didn't understand what was going on, and was only listening to the upbeat melody, no clue about what was going on between that man treated the girl nasty, and how Danny was being sarcastic with his lyrics to stand up for himself and mock at the boss ... Now that I watched what it again with an adult's mind, its nostalgic childhood memory for me, as well as a whole different experience. !! Love it ~!!
Jamie Lawrence
Jamie Lawrence - 2 bulan yang lalu
I decided to watch an Elvis movie after seeing the new Baz Luhrmann. I chose this one and, though there is no doubt he can also act, when he starts to sing he's just f**king electric. What a talent. ❤
Jo Dudley
Jo Dudley - 26 hari yang lalu
He will always be King!
MyChocow - 3 bulan yang lalu
such class.. I know it's just a movie and scripted but still I feel he's like that in real life
Sammy - 2 bulan yang lalu
Austin Butler sings this song in Elvis, the movie and he kills it….
Kenshii - 3 hari yang lalu
He’s such a good actor like I’m genuinely enjoying this movie
Some Bose
Some Bose - Tahun Yang lalu
He's not a singer..he greatest singer of all time
Christopher Hodgkiss
Christopher Hodgkiss - 3 bulan yang lalu
Just raw rock and roll nobody else could sing like ELVIS
ME - 3 bulan yang lalu
So amazing, just imagining how this would be if he’d been allowed to do the full “Elvis swagger “ dance
Galaxy DeathSkrill
Galaxy DeathSkrill - 2 bulan yang lalu
I know, and I kept wondering where the second half of the dancing was Then I reminded myself
Lulu Moon
Lulu Moon - 15 hari yang lalu
Enjoyed this record of my folk's as a kid, glad to see the film original, thanks! ❤️👍
andrew miller
andrew miller - Bulan Yang lalu
It is so clear and apparent just from this short movie clip that Elvis could have been a great dramatic actor had he been given good quality scripts with more serious roles. ........ So sad, because Elvis could do so much more than just sing, which he was brilliant at, but he also had so much more to offer.
Thiago Muniz
Thiago Muniz - 8 bulan yang lalu
they really didnt let him dance even a little bit, so weird hahahahahah but he is awesome
Lady Diana
Lady Diana - 4 bulan yang lalu
It makes sense, he’s playing another person not Elvis, so to say
Cecilia Filip
Cecilia Filip - 5 bulan yang lalu
He was the best of the best ❤🖤
Richard Harald
Richard Harald - 3 bulan yang lalu
Cindy Evans
Cindy Evans - 2 bulan yang lalu
Love that Pirate Smile at the beginning! (.051) And to see the Great Late Bobby Keys blowing that sax, warms my heart it does, makes me smile. RIP.
.Pure Magic right here!! Thanks so much for posting!!
Warinthorn Kachornnantachai
Warinthorn Kachornnantachai - 5 bulan yang lalu
In the movie, he looked for trouble, and came to the right place.
Dae Forever
Dae Forever - 4 bulan yang lalu
His decisions on the movie thake him to trouble
Brian Yassem
Brian Yassem - 5 bulan yang lalu
I hope this comment gets all the likes it deserves 😂
Chris Thornycroft
Chris Thornycroft - 4 bulan yang lalu
The opening notes are perfect. He’s basically saying, oh yeah, you think I can’t sing? Just wait.
Harry - 3 bulan yang lalu
i like how in even in his movie he cant help but dance in that classic elvis fashion but try to keep it toned down
Sandro S Passos
Sandro S Passos - 2 bulan yang lalu
O cara era bom demais ebó relembrar esses momentos.
skylilly1 - 2 bulan yang lalu
Love this movie!
Luis Casas
Luis Casas - 3 bulan yang lalu
I love it. Awesome! Elvis4life!
Elsa Fines
Elsa Fines - 2 bulan yang lalu
Thank you for this video! This is one of my favorites of Elvis Presley. I can watch this over and over again if I had the time. Elvis Presley is the handsomest man God ever created on this Earth. The combination of being so handsome and talented, being able to dance and sing and play his guitar, such grace, but sexy and classy. Indescribable charisma!