[BE ORIGINAL] SOMI(전소미) ‘What You Waiting For’ (4K)

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[BE ORIGINAL] SOMI 'What You Waiting For'
[비 오리지널] 전소미 'What You Waiting For'
하이틴 드라마 속 프롬퀸 비주얼👑
낭낭한 솜이의 비오리지널 파티
(02:38) 비타비타 소미 절대 포기 못해..
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Rakhi Sharma
Rakhi Sharma - 9 menit yang lalu
The 'Chain move thing' is YG's speciality . AND I LOVE IT :-D
It is just so cool !!! Love you Somi :^ . You are the best .
Shreeya Rawal
Shreeya Rawal - 45 menit yang lalu
Im obsessed with “ring the alarm” part
Spin Spin
Spin Spin - 49 menit yang lalu
Can yall keep str9866g her mv !!!!!
Bali Waghamare
Bali Waghamare - Jam Yang lalu
Love you from India somi 😘🇮🇳😍
미경내 - Jam Yang lalu
파란머리 댄서분 성함 아시는분 ㅠ?
아침에우유 - Jam Yang lalu
언슬할때 음색튈까봐 목소리 크게 못내고 고민하던 소미 어디갔누 ㅎㅎㅎ
벌스데이도 그렇고 이곡도 그렇고 소미랑 찰떡이네ㅎㅎ
보기 너무 좋아요~~ 곡 분위기도 그렇고 소미아님 누가 부를까싶을정도로 ~
Christina Rebello
Christina Rebello - 2 jam yang lalu
Personally I friggin loved the choreography
이름을 뭐로해야신박하다고 칭찬받을까요
썸네일 진짜 이 갈아만든 심즈같다
Muskan 7D
Muskan 7D - 4 jam yang lalu
Somi looks so preetttyyyy..I'm in love with her dance & song .... The dance & song is so easy that i learnt it easily♥️♥️love you Somi♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Khalisah Khalisah
Khalisah Khalisah - 5 jam yang lalu
Theres no behind the scene for this?
예원김 - 5 jam yang lalu
소미 영어로만 부른것도 올라왔으면 좋겠다ㅜㅠㅠ발음이 너무좋아
Maariya Suhail
Maariya Suhail - 5 jam yang lalu
there could not be a more perfect choreo for this song, i am addicted
Priscila BLACKPLNK - 5 jam yang lalu
cl air
cl air - 6 jam yang lalu
I love her and the song but this is not a “chill” choreo, it’s just boring
Thxcky Nickiiil
Thxcky Nickiiil - 7 jam yang lalu
Bruh nobody is talking about how her backup dancers are smiling and stuff. they like the dance just like somi why hate on it if she likes is :)
Ellai Bomshell
Ellai Bomshell - 8 jam yang lalu
Somi es tan bonita :3
Maria Eugênia Michelis
Maria Eugênia Michelis - 9 jam yang lalu
this song and this choreo screams teen party in your room, and I'm living for it
KimJongdae Wife
KimJongdae Wife - 10 jam yang lalu
What are people hating her from?
KimJongdae Wife
KimJongdae Wife - 10 jam yang lalu
I'm a very advanced person. Who's here in 2025?
Stan Kpop Girl Groups For Clear Skin
I just can't thank enough people who created this channel and who stands behind this work and film these 4k idol song choreography videos! I can't stop watching these videos and I always come to this channel every time idols come back with new songs! I don't know why but it feels like I'm there with idols! The quality of the videos is out of this world and camera moves are done so professional, you just know you'll enjoy throughout the whole video! And Somi is so pretty and talented and this song is so catchy and I love the choreography, it's so smooth and suits our beautiful Somi!💙💙💙🌟
문미소 - 13 jam yang lalu
다시봐도 이 영상버젼은 소미가 날개를 단 듯 모든게 완벽하게 조화..게다가 소미 미모와 피지컬은 신의 기운이 느껴질 정도로 불가사의하다 못해 신비롭기 그지없다..어떻게 저렇게 퍼펙트한 미모를 지녔을까??..미스테리다..
세계 모든 대학은 '전소미 미모 연구' 전공학과가 빨리 생겨나야 한다😚
jesus antonio
jesus antonio - 14 jam yang lalu
omg 4k is amazing
Laxmidi Langthasa
Laxmidi Langthasa - 16 jam yang lalu
Owh God how could I not know her¿....SOMI SHE'S SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL & TALENTED.
I will stan her,only girl idol that attracted me.
Minx Bella
Minx Bella - 16 jam yang lalu
Congrats to Somi for her first win 🎊🎉
KING LEE 333 - 16 jam yang lalu
Women are so pretty
rosietzuyuforever - 18 jam yang lalu
I was waiting for the little "hey" after "rrrring the alarm" and was sad when it didn't happen 😂
Priscila BLACKPLNK - 5 jam yang lalu
Mary Bou
Mary Bou - 19 jam yang lalu
1234567eight - 20 jam yang lalu
I didn't realize Somi is Canadian :D
Arfan Ali TV
Arfan Ali TV - 20 jam yang lalu
At the moment, it looks so beautiful
bo gyung choi
bo gyung choi - 21 jam yang lalu
와 진짜 기획사 이제 감잡았구나......... 인어공주인줄ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 너무 예쁘다 ㅇ
Mke Mke
Mke Mke - 21 jam yang lalu
2:16​ i​ LIKE​ IT​
Average Book
Average Book - 22 jam yang lalu
People are honestly just jealous and that’s why they hate
B Y - 23 jam yang lalu
She looks Latina more than Korean
kemo kemo
kemo kemo - 23 jam yang lalu
Does anyone know what brand her shoes are? It's so pretty
khayheykhay Mt
khayheykhay Mt - Hari Yang lalu
rizka amalia
rizka amalia - Hari Yang lalu
why u so pretty XD
Yvine Mariana Santana Fernandes
O toque parece funk né?
JJ Moon
JJ Moon - Hari Yang lalu
Here is 'WhatYouWaitingFor'
color Lyrics ^^
Som Taengs, watch this please 😍
JJ Moon
JJ Moon - Hari Yang lalu
Here is 'WhatYouWaitingFor'
color Lyrics ^^
Som Taengs, watch this please 😍
JJ Moon
JJ Moon - Hari Yang lalu
Here is 'WhatYouWaitingFor'
color Lyrics ^^
Som Taengs, watch this please 😍
JJ Moon
JJ Moon - Hari Yang lalu
Here is 'WhatYouWaitingFor'
color Lyrics ^^
Som Taengs, watch this please 😍
엘레나 - Hari Yang lalu
진짜 소미언니는...............................................


너무 예뻐!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Music On Lyrics
Music On Lyrics - Hari Yang lalu
Жанна Бадмаева
Жанна Бадмаева - Hari Yang lalu
кому нрав лайк
Жанна Бадмаева
Жанна Бадмаева - Hari Yang lalu
прикольно нрав
Жанна Бадмаева
Жанна Бадмаева - Hari Yang lalu
прп ра пр но тэ лю гэ
Linh Nguyễn Thị Ngọc
Linh Nguyễn Thị Ngọc - Hari Yang lalu
And there are still people saying this girl is not talented -_-
•Dark_Lapiz• - Hari Yang lalu
The dance is beautifull 😍❣️ And somi is the best 😉 / el baile es hermoso 😍❣️ y somi es la mejor 😉
hyunjin's bitch
hyunjin's bitch - Hari Yang lalu
i swear it was just yesterday i saw her singing on sixteen
Cloud Lyrics
Cloud Lyrics - Hari Yang lalu
Somi is one of my fav soloist
VerVainnn - Hari Yang lalu
She looks like ariana
alexa maria
alexa maria - Hari Yang lalu
it would be great if she wears blue boots but the coordi unnie... glad somi is so pretty she's literally an HD PREMIUM GIRL
jissa marie canton
jissa marie canton - Hari Yang lalu
her dress strap broke
Manussaya Ritoo
Manussaya Ritoo - Hari Yang lalu
Wes D .C
Wes D .C - Hari Yang lalu
Is it bad to say that this is a good song because the english pronounciation is good not like others butchering it
FerasyenJohnny 194
FerasyenJohnny 194 - Hari Yang lalu
Who here still learning this dance?😶
Stellaviaa Claudia
Stellaviaa Claudia - Hari Yang lalu
is the dress is same with joy red velvet ? at Psycho song ..
Grace Xxxx
Grace Xxxx - Hari Yang lalu
Mahal ka namin SOMI
Harshitha's Wonderworld
Harshitha's Wonderworld - Hari Yang lalu
She is only 19 and she beatiful
Ngọc Huấn
Ngọc Huấn - Hari Yang lalu
Wow .Somi is very beautiful.