Highlights: Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 Leeds United | Dan James scores first Leeds goal | Premier League

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Highlights from our 2-1 defeat against Tottenham Hotspur at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in the Premier League. Dan James scored his first goal for us in the first half.

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Maxi Boy ET
Maxi Boy ET - 10 hari yang lalu
He has so much passion when Leeds score but then when Tottenham score he be like : goal spurs *misirible voice*
myg 22
myg 22 - 13 hari yang lalu
I love Joe gelherts guts,,and can't wait for him to score,,but come on bamford and Rodrigo,. This young man is keeping your position warm
Fint Flint
Fint Flint - 14 hari yang lalu
With the lower table teams having a surgence, Leeds are facing relegation threat.
g don
g don - 14 hari yang lalu
Leeds commentator is the best 🙌
ASIYAH アシヤー - 14 hari yang lalu
Mr Anon
Mr Anon - 14 hari yang lalu
Jammy deflection. I don't like Conte, he's got no respect for the opposition manager - only all about "me me me"
Bad luck Leeds.
Davide Pocecco
Davide Pocecco - 14 hari yang lalu
That was a lucky one.
Marlen Mukanbetov
Marlen Mukanbetov - 14 hari yang lalu
Thomas Lloyd
Thomas Lloyd - 14 hari yang lalu
Two very soft goals to give away. Performance once again was much better, which given the injury list, is pleasing. Overall, more pros than cons. Keep believing 💪
Kristanto Siagian
Kristanto Siagian - 14 hari yang lalu
Respect to that lad at 0:47 😂
City Cam
City Cam - 14 hari yang lalu
nice crowd
berlin white
berlin white - 14 hari yang lalu
LOL. Spurs´ home support was shocking.
Jonah Thrane
Jonah Thrane - 14 hari yang lalu
As a united fan, seeing Conte up and shouting until the very end, that's how a manager should be, Ole was too passive, on the bench, on his iPad.
Don't worry Leeds fans, you'll survive this year, make some smart investment, and come back to the top half of the table.
Raji Laskar
Raji Laskar - 14 hari yang lalu
Congrats 👏 conte ✌
kwong wing lai
kwong wing lai - 14 hari yang lalu
Meslier moving is so slow.😭
Foxhole FightClub
Foxhole FightClub - 14 hari yang lalu
defo missing alioski.
UNOJV - 14 hari yang lalu
Unless we sign players in January can definitely see us getting relegated unfortunately you look at the fixtures and we're just not a strong enough team to take on the teams this season we're just lucky that we still have Raph and Philips till at least end of the season or we would 100% be going down no questions
hassam saqib lodhi
hassam saqib lodhi - 15 hari yang lalu
Great performance by Tottenham 💙💙💙. Glad to see Conte relaxed and happy 👍👍👍.
Stanley Leeansyah
Stanley Leeansyah - 15 hari yang lalu
0:47 great header
Ben Mwasakujonga
Ben Mwasakujonga - 15 hari yang lalu
Conte still he is the same with the same vibe
Rafael Castelo
Rafael Castelo - 15 hari yang lalu
Leeds don’t deserve Raphinha in their team.
Mick - 13 hari yang lalu
Yes they do because Leeds are Massive so go chew on that.
Jacob Gouriye
Jacob Gouriye - 15 hari yang lalu
Maurice Rose
Maurice Rose - 15 hari yang lalu
...what's harder to kick straight...a Football...or a Rugby Ball...?
rutina Rolon
rutina Rolon - 15 hari yang lalu
Out bielsa
Gary Smith
Gary Smith - 15 hari yang lalu
Great first half, brilliant Dan got his first and really positive. Both goals from Spurs were a bit jammy. Overall, a really good performance and it bodes well for us. Great to see Forshaw getting more time and really looking forward to Pat coming back. We may not make Europe (still possible) but we will do better when we have a full team back. Great pass from Jack and really encouraging to see him back on form!
Michel75 M
Michel75 M - 15 hari yang lalu
in bielsa we trust , all leeds fans stand him
Logan Archer
Logan Archer - 9 hari yang lalu
Analyse - 15 hari yang lalu
Harrison nice pass🤗
Logan Archer
Logan Archer - 15 hari yang lalu
Boni Martins
Boni Martins - 15 hari yang lalu
Good job mr. Conte... Forza Inter
Leeds United John
Leeds United John - 15 hari yang lalu
I'm not too disappointed but I think the changes in the second half cost us the game.
rich tea
rich tea - 15 hari yang lalu
Unlucky not to get the draw. It's all well and good to play exciting counter-attack football, but these results are killing Leeds. Interesting that the supporters knew from the outset they needed more strength and depth to the Leeds squad back in the transfer window, yet all that screaming from the rooftops led to zero activity. With a paper-thin squad, injuries and some players not performing at top level I'm not optimistic in Leeds future as a Premiership club as of late. Even buying from the scraps in January will probably not bear fruit. For a professional footballer to contemplate a move to another club is tempted by the prospect of future-proofing top-level football including the chance to play on the European stage. All the progress Leeds have made, sorting out their own house, removing the deadwood and playing football on the big stage will have come to no fruition if the unthinkable happens. With the prospect of losing Bielsa, Raphinia and some of the youth talent that has emerged and performed well on the big stage will be Leeds demise. In saying this the supporters and club need not worry because Leeds have Roberts, who according to Bielsa can perform at any position at any time and is the nucleus of the club..pffffff..What is the point in working with a thin squad, maxing them out physically or making them better players if the bigger clubs wave their giant wallets in front of the Leeds Utd boardroom? With clubs like Norwich, Newcastle, Burnley and Watford seemingly "upping" their game the battle is on. Let's not mention Brentford..Yes, let's, Brentford? Brentford? Really? Squeeze 20.000 in the ground and they are playing better football. It does not add up. With the likes of Toney, Wood,Pukki, Maximin at their respective clubs proves one point. Leeds needed an out and out goal scorer and midfielder even before one ball was kicked this season. Typical Leeds who are always late for the party and turn up with a bottle of Lambrusco. These are just my observations and will probably not reflect the most die-hard Leeds fans opinion.
Mick Easingwood
Mick Easingwood - 14 hari yang lalu
Paper thin squad ? They have lost to two lucky goals after dominating for the first hour,with a team missing SIX key players.There's absolutely nothing wrong with the squad when everyone is available.I wish some of these other clubs had to play without six or seven of their first choice squad.See how well they would do.
endiyeno - 15 hari yang lalu
Unni Akilanam
Unni Akilanam - 14 hari yang lalu
Biey Lട a😍
Alfred Stephenson
Alfred Stephenson - 15 hari yang lalu
what’s bamford even done to be out so long
Mick Easingwood
Mick Easingwood - 14 hari yang lalu
He was scythed down with a late studs first foul after the ball had gone, at Newcastle.He tried to run it off,but probably made the injury worse.The injury is taking longer to heal than first expected.
IAN. Blackwood,Gwent. Wales / GB
IAN. Blackwood,Gwent. Wales / GB - 15 hari yang lalu
Really disappointed, we deserved at least a point...congratulations Dan James on your first goal for Leeds..
kevin walters
kevin walters - 15 hari yang lalu
If you don't love the charisma in Conte then you don't have passion for the game.
Bangali Baba
Bangali Baba - 15 hari yang lalu
Leeds will be relegated .
berlin white
berlin white - 14 hari yang lalu
They´ll be nowhere near relegation.
Dîyar - 15 hari yang lalu
Everything will be fine again trust in Bielsa
R u k a w a _ 1 7 H i k e r u y a
R u k a w a _ 1 7 H i k e r u y a - 15 hari yang lalu
We have to be sharper. I still love you always and forever Leeds United.
Abanish Sardar
Abanish Sardar - 15 hari yang lalu
As a Leeds fan, this is pure frustrating to see they lost like this. Second Spurs goal was pure luck. But admit Leeds have a paper thin squad. Need to question the medical department why so many injuries? Not very pessimistic but survival will be a tough job if we don't improve. BTW why Roberts? He is getting us nowhere 😭😭😭
Ashitaka255 - 12 hari yang lalu
@Abhrajit Dhar Physically intensive trainig is good, but the actual game needs to be managed better. Bielsa didn't get that part right, and he often doesn't. Not to say he doesn't understand football, but it seems he's too stubborn to accept sometimes playing a bit slower.
Abhrajit Dhar
Abhrajit Dhar - 12 hari yang lalu
@Ashitaka255 without that physically intensive training, they would never have been as good.
Ashitaka255 - 14 hari yang lalu
Bielsa makes the same mistake Poch made at Spurs, too much training, leading to injuries after a couple years. Poch desotryed Rose, Dembele, Eriksen, Dele, and a few others. Makes sense, Poch learned it from Bielsa.
Mick Easingwood
Mick Easingwood - 14 hari yang lalu
Some of the injuries have been sustained on International duty.After EVERY International break this season,players have returned to Leeds injured.Rodrigo and Raphina being the latest to come back unfit.
steelyman08 - 15 hari yang lalu
I agree about Roberts. I see absolutely nothing from him except mistakes. He's no threat whatsoever. I really don't understand why he keeps being put in at all. Keep Gelhardt on! He actually takes shots & keeps them on target. Nothing like that ever from Roberts. He's annoying to watch when you've got 15 mins to get a point. Loses the ball constantly, his passing dreadful, and he never looks a threat. Firpo is another one I can't understand. He can hold the ball & pass. That's all I've ever seen from him. That's a lot of money for a guy to simply keep the ball & pass with some bland accuracy. We're in trouble unless we get our key players back. Raphina would have made a huge difference had he been fit. But you need more than one star in any league!
Simon Mcmanus
Simon Mcmanus - 15 hari yang lalu
We played very well given the lack of 1st team players but Spurs were value for the win in the 2rd half, we should of killed it off given the chances we had in the 1st half, infront of goal we are very poor, points are everything regardless of how positive the performance was, 29 points from safety is the target & we need points in the next few games because Decembers matches are difficult.
Kenneth Kimani
Kenneth Kimani - 15 hari yang lalu
Jack Harrison remember that name
Skills premier122
Skills premier122 - 15 hari yang lalu
Dan james continue record
DeeMan - 15 hari yang lalu
Leeds were playing really well, I thought they would surely win. Tough luck
Endhy - 15 hari yang lalu
God jobs debut by Antonio Conte.
Jamie Miller
Jamie Miller - 15 hari yang lalu
We lost again and Dan James is still shite
Zainuddin Othman
Zainuddin Othman - 15 hari yang lalu
Conte 3 point
Paratici win
Levy smaile
Spurs player and fan happy
Sin sumin
Sin sumin - 15 hari yang lalu
리즈 선수들 잘했어 ㅠㅠ 하피냐, 뱀포드,에일링,코흐,로드리고 그립다
LEEs CH - 15 hari yang lalu
Kane is superior to Team???
Steven Maharjan
Steven Maharjan  - 15 hari yang lalu
Bergwin be like - He dont play me for sure
Chua Szeyan
Chua Szeyan - 15 hari yang lalu
We need a plan B. currently we only got planA +planA.
How many time we lost our lead this season....
Tommaso Di primio
Tommaso Di primio - 15 hari yang lalu
Joey7 - 15 hari yang lalu
That conte celebration was priceless
Tyson Kidd II
Tyson Kidd II - 15 hari yang lalu
Leeds were the better side
Poet on a Motorbike
Poet on a Motorbike - 15 hari yang lalu
Unlucky.. They really need to buy some enforcements in winter. This squad is really lean and stretched
Steve Carl
Steve Carl - 14 hari yang lalu
@Poet on a Motorbike I don't think U23s are boys. Gelhardt is a good example and Lewis Bate should be given a chance. They can't do any worse than watching Roberts come on and do nothing week in and week out. Give those guys a chance, let them prove themselves and gain some experience. They can always be subbed if it doesn't work out but I'm pretty sure you'll find an improvement in the team if they're given a chance.
Poet on a Motorbike
Poet on a Motorbike - 14 hari yang lalu
@Steve Carl Men vs boy's, that's not going to help anyone. Sure , you can promote players from und U23 squad if you just wanna make up the numbers. But if you want to finish in the top 10 you need quality players. That what we are lacking at the moment. Especially when you are going to have so many players injured .
Steve Carl
Steve Carl - 15 hari yang lalu
They've got reinforcements in their U23s. No need to buy any more dud players.
Jonathan Okto Kurnia
Jonathan Okto Kurnia - 15 hari yang lalu
From a neutral, Leeds were very unlucky to lose this game. Created so many chances even in the second half, if you had Raphinha or Bamford, I believe you'd have led by 2 or 3 goals before Spurs equalised.
Akintunde Ajimakin
Akintunde Ajimakin - 15 hari yang lalu
Conte.....will bring a lot of difference
Rosli Abdullah
Rosli Abdullah - 15 hari yang lalu
As a spurs fan I'm happy we have won. Leeds was better in the 1st half and in the 2nd half we dominated the match. dont worry Leeds fans, I think Leeds will survive in the EPL.
Dani Indra
Dani Indra - 15 hari yang lalu
Big Respect to Leeds, but congrats to The Lilywhites
_Danial S
_Danial S - 15 hari yang lalu
Loved the message at the end. Great touch by Leeds 👏
football fanatic1
football fanatic1 - 15 hari yang lalu
Leeds leed tak dukung wayae menang malah gak menang 😭
45 Askel
45 Askel - 15 hari yang lalu
Conte’s reactions towards the end of the game is priceless 💯
Fotoandi 22
Fotoandi 22 - 15 hari yang lalu
nothing wrongs...just unlucky
anggi yuda
anggi yuda - 15 hari yang lalu
Always glad to see Conte close with his player
Leo - 15 hari yang lalu
Conte reaction after full time shows how passionate he is in football🔥❤️
ITSAGRANDOLDTEAM - 15 hari yang lalu
Bielsa is a really nice guy. Still gave smile to Conte even they lost.
D M - 15 hari yang lalu
They both expressed mutual admiration before
Rayden Tan
Rayden Tan - 15 hari yang lalu
Kerwens Joseph
Kerwens Joseph - 15 hari yang lalu
Conte always acts like a crazy man once he is coach of a team. Look at him at the end of the match when he was talking to the referee. I like this man. He does his job with passion. Those kind of coach will always be respected by the players
Gil - 15 hari yang lalu
Doherty and Bergwijn ain't looking happy
adrian molina
adrian molina - 15 hari yang lalu
Le falta hace rato un 9 de área y un buen arquero si quiere estar en posiciones de copa.
83marioalberto - 15 hari yang lalu
Y un tecnico mas respomsable
Azman Mansur
Azman Mansur - 15 hari yang lalu
Always nice seeing conte passion
Ezzaam - 15 hari yang lalu
daniel james is underrated
Taffy Ducks
Taffy Ducks - 13 hari yang lalu
Indeed. Hes Slightly greedy
santiago stokle
santiago stokle - 15 hari yang lalu
It is a sad result, because we dominated the first half. But thinking positively, I keep the return to a good level of Jack, a firm performance of Joffrey, the healthy 70s of Adam and the evolution of Pascal occupying the fullback position.
Warrior J93
Warrior J93 - 15 hari yang lalu
I’m a Tottenham fan and I think you guys were fantastic in the 1st half and we just respond well in the 2nd
If you get your injured players back you won’t be in the relegation zone
For my opinion I think buying more players would strengthen your team more
Abdou Arsenal
Abdou Arsenal - 15 hari yang lalu
Sam697 - 15 hari yang lalu
Leeds bench is horrendous for a prem team. Every week we list mostly players from them u23. Kids who would be lucky to get a game in the championship
Steve Carl
Steve Carl - 15 hari yang lalu
@Sam697 Well I disagree with you Sam. I would play both Bate and Gelhardt over Roberts and Bamford. I would give both those young guys a chance. Can always revert back to the old school if they can't prove themselves but I'm sure they would.
Sam697 - 15 hari yang lalu
@Steve Carl Lewis bate has been good for u23s but nows not the time to blood unproven youngsters at the highest level. We are in a dog fight.
John Dransfield
John Dransfield - 15 hari yang lalu
Not their fault they're teenagers. Future LUFC stars, Main problem is the injuries to first team. Don't think that other prem sides moan when they are missing a couple of first choices.
Steve Carl
Steve Carl - 15 hari yang lalu
Lewis Bate
Steve Carl
Steve Carl - 15 hari yang lalu
@Sam697 Anybody is better than Roberts.
RG _Nald
RG _Nald - 15 hari yang lalu
I’m happy we got the win, but I hope Leeds become okay.. The next 3 fixtures are tough, but very winnable for Leeds and you guys should be winning them.
mantxs - 15 hari yang lalu
It is odd but i think our team was better in the championship with Ben White and Pablo Hernández, Raphinha is really the only player added that is a definite improvement. Good new is we have a very good set of young players coming though but they are a few years off.
UltimateDriftR - 15 hari yang lalu
Don't think it was better but you have a point. Can you imagine prime Pablo Hernandez and Ben White in this Leeds team with a fully fit sqaud.
Gaming Kami
Gaming Kami - 15 hari yang lalu
First half was good second half we couldn't keep the ball and put pressure on ourselves. Side note once again Robert's came on and offered nothing once again, still seeing zero improvement from him.
Steve Carl
Steve Carl - 15 hari yang lalu
Yeah, why does Bielsa keep putting him on. Even bigger question why did he renew his contract ?
Paul Brennan
Paul Brennan - 15 hari yang lalu
Come on LEEDS UNITED we should of got a point unlucky next Saturday we lost a Leeds United Legend Gary Speed died on 27th November 2011 it's his 10 anniversary of his tragic death the Spirit of Gary Speed will be with us on Saturday 27th November 2021 gone never forgotten Gary Speed we still miss you today come on LEEDS UNITED fan's get behind Mr Bielsia and the Lads we have Adam Forshaw back after 2 year's out he wears the No 4 of king Billy Bremner . Billy Bremner s spirit is with Adam ,now let's get a result against the Seagulls on Saturday for Gary Speed . Leeds are staying Up keep fighting until the end All Leeds aren't we 🤍💙💛🦚✊👊🏟️🇮🇨🙏 RIP Gary Speed we will always miss you 🤍💙💛✊👊🏐 No 11.✊✊🏐👊
B 7
B 7 - 15 hari yang lalu
Lot of experienced players not really trying for this club
Scipio Afrikanus
Scipio Afrikanus - 15 hari yang lalu
We are so light in midfield. Please sign a midfielder and keep us up.
Steve Carl
Steve Carl - 15 hari yang lalu
Yeah, oh the irony. And Bielsa sold Hernandez.
Jerrick - 15 hari yang lalu
Leeds plays good football, defence isn't helping matters
Ashitaka255 - 14 hari yang lalu
Bielsa is a clown. You can't play every single game with mad intensity, not for 90 mins. The second half was always going to be tougher, but he didn't seem to account for that. Conte said in the post-match interview that he didn't think Spurs would be able to play for 90 mins, so he tried to sit back a bit in the first half, and went after a tired Leeds in the second half. In terms of pure quality, I honestly think Leeds were better. Better first touch, better dribbling, better pasing accuracy, etc etc. The last few years, teams like Leeds outwork Spurs but the sheer quality of players like Son, Kane, Ndombele, Lloris etc wins us the game. We didn't even need quality today.
Jerick ALBERCA - 15 hari yang lalu
@Maz1982 yes, conte said that he did not like the performance. I like Leeds too but they have shallow depth imho
Alfred Stephenson
Alfred Stephenson - 15 hari yang lalu
cooper out
oirsip lvekp
oirsip lvekp - 15 hari yang lalu
@Maz1982 nah. We had a better chances
Maz1982 - 15 hari yang lalu
@Jerick ALBERCA I think Leeds United will stay up if continue to play the way you played against us
Mark Paul
Mark Paul - 15 hari yang lalu
Such a basic error in that free kick.
Nobody on the back post, everyone just freezes.
Bet they couldn't believe their luck.
yannik - 15 hari yang lalu
Hey he's is the best
Freshly Picked Football Videos
Freshly Picked Football Videos  - 15 hari yang lalu
We need Raphinha, Bamford and Ayling back.
Freshly Picked Football Videos
Freshly Picked Football Videos  - 15 hari yang lalu
@Michael Power bro michael power, your sooo funny. everyone thinks your soooo funny. your soo funny. hahaahahaha. did i mention how funny u are btw. your so funny
Michael Power
Michael Power - 15 hari yang lalu
@John Dransfield Bielsa out, Bielsa out, Bielsa out, Bielsa out, Bielsa out, Bielsa out ,
John Dransfield
John Dransfield - 15 hari yang lalu
@Michael Power troll
Michael Power
Michael Power - 15 hari yang lalu
@Freshly Picked Football Videos Bielsa out, Bielsa out,.....Bielsa out,
Freshly Picked Football Videos
Freshly Picked Football Videos  - 15 hari yang lalu
No way
Shakermaker - 15 hari yang lalu
We're in a relegation battle now 100% .
Brighton and Palace and Brentford are all must win games cos after that it's a tough run
berlin white
berlin white - 14 hari yang lalu
@Shakermaker Just flu afaik.
Gaming Kami
Gaming Kami - 15 hari yang lalu
@Mata Hari what does Watford have to do with what I said
Mata Hari
Mata Hari - 15 hari yang lalu
@Gaming Kami you act like Watford under Ranieri is an easy game
Etelezoli - 15 hari yang lalu
@Gaming Kami Now we have 11 points after 12 matches, last season we had 14 points after 12 matches and 17 points after 13 matches.
kwong wing lai
kwong wing lai - 15 hari yang lalu
@mantxs Fripo played too bed yet.😭
SnowyGames - 15 hari yang lalu
Unlucky boys👏💙
yannik - 15 hari yang lalu
Daniel james is the best
David Russell
David Russell - 14 hari yang lalu
@Shakermaker You won't be saying that when he wins the world cup next year.
Alfin Pratama
Alfin Pratama - 15 hari yang lalu
mantxs - 15 hari yang lalu
James tends to cross without looking did it a lot tonight, that being said there should have been someone in the box. 3 time he crossed the ball beautifully into the box where there were no leeds player. They need to really get in the box.
Jayjay Okocha
Jayjay Okocha - 15 hari yang lalu
@Shakermaker he was good
Shakermaker - 15 hari yang lalu
@Please Shush His decision making and final ball is shocking. Kalvin our man of the match for me