THINGS ARE HEATING UP! TableTennisDaily Team | TTDSL S1 Ep 5

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Yes guys! We're back, thanks for all your patience! It's episode 5 of the TTD Team in the TableTennisDaily Super League and this time things are really heating up!
Don’t miss a single second of this one, as we take on Archway!
Each episode will be released back to back every Friday:
Episode 6: Friday 20th May 2022
Episode 7: Friday 27th May 2022
Also don’t forget to check out the action packed matches from round 5, featuring some of the best table tennis players the UK has to offer.
You can watch these matches in full on our new TTDSL ID-card Channel by clicking the link here: LETS DO THIS!


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Leo Stamp
Just awesome!! Have seriously missed you guys…you just leep me going…. Leo(still here lads!!)😀
Jan Voss
I'm so pumped. Love this series. Looking forward to the next episodes.
Zayd Mauthoor
Great format and work by the TTD...short and sweet with fantastic content, great to see the Apsolut advertising board ;-)
Lloyd Gregory
Great to have you back in front of my eyeballs TTD!!
Bruno Vink
Finally a new episode this is the most entertaining channel on yt. Was rewatching every vid every couple of weeks
Looking forward to a new episode for toooooo long now. Cant wait to see it! Greetings from Germany
Rachel Ives
Loved this ! What a treat ! Cannot wait for next week guys !
Joe Ratajczak
Quality stuff as always boys 👊🏻
I really enjoy watching this series :) This takes me back to my youth team, we had the same spirit and were always supporting eachother. Thanks a lot for doing this!
Yu Feng
Yu Feng - 
Where is osai released, region wise? Also it was awesome to see the best out of u guys against such a strong team
Jack Vaughan
Love these videos fantastic stuff!
Danilo Navarro
Yes! you guys are back AND with an episode release schedule. Love the content and the team spirit. Lets go!
What a timing to come home from work :D
Owen Slade
We need some more pocket and chair action|!
Tim Butzkueven
Waiting for this 2 months hope you will be posting more often like before
Patrick Fongang
Finally a new episode 😍
Who's going to be crowned champions? You can catch all the other matches from round 5 on our channel!
Robin Grimm
Hey!!!! I've been waiting so long for this. I love your videos ❤️
Darren Yeo
Hi table tennis daily I am subscribed and have notifications on love u guys!!!! ❤