Baz Luhrmann's "ELVIS" - ABC Nightline Preview of 'Exclusively Elvis: A Special Edition of 20/20'

Preview on ABC Nightline -
20/20 visits Graceland, Elvis Presley's iconic home to explore the legend's life and music as the new Elvis movie inspires another generation. Premiering Tuesday night at 10/9c on ABC.


Gary Beauchamp
I have been an Elvis fan since I was ten years old in 1956. For sure he was influenced by black music but often left unsaid is that he also was greatly influenced by country music. He also was a fan of singers like Mario Lanza and Dean Martin. When he got out of the service his singing was vastly improved. He liked a challenge in his singing with songs like "It's Now Or Never" and other vocally demanding songs no other rock singer could do. This guy could sing rock better than anyone but could also kill a ballad, and even Broadway songs like "The Impossible Dream." Often he is criticized for "selling out" by not sticking to rock. That is a silly gripe. He loved to sing and stretch his voice. That clip of him not long before he died singing " Unchained Melody" seated at a piano (which is in the movie) is heart wrenching but showed despite all he still could muster his great voice. He will never be surpassed.
Josephine Rose
I have seen so many interviews now by Austin. He is utterly exceptional and gets me every single time with his incredible work ethic and his humility. Love Elvis. Love Austin.
Laura Stone
You will not take your eyes off Austin Butler. He killed it.
Denise Flore
I just got home from seeing the movie. It was fantastic!!! Austin was phenomenal and deserves an Oscar!!!💖 The movie had me in tears. The ending was a wonderful surprise. I could watch it over and over and not get tired of it. 💖 I absolutely love Elvis and love Austin for doing such a phenomenal job!!!💖
Theresa Jopson
All I can say is... WOW! I saw this yesterday and cannot wait to see it again. I also loved Bohemian Rhapsody and saw it several times because Rami Malek did such an amazing job as Freddie Mercury. I had my doubts that this could possibly be as good but it was also GREAT! I loved Elvis and got to see him live before he died. So I was thrilled this turned out so good. All of the actors were amazing but boy Austin would make Elvis proud! Well Done!
I just finished watching it again. I couldn't believe how amazing the acting was and how it was set up. Best hands down Most Incredible Elvis movie EVER.
Mikaela L. Gavaletz
The smile on Reilly’s face at the end when she says “you can’t compare yourself to Elvis”. Priceless.
Pam Gladden
I did not expect to get emotional. I actually started crying. There will never be another singer like Elvis!!!
Star Man
Whether people know it or not, Elvis is actually (in my opinion) the archetype for all those American Idol and X-Factor type shows. He's the superstar template because he was the original biggest American pop music star. He had goods looks, genuine musical talent, originality in his overall performance style, and he had his own look with his slick hairdo and sideburns that became the fashion model for many young men in that early rock n roll era. And he's an example of that "American Dream" of a poor boy doing well for himself and having his big dreams come true. These days it's hard to find someone with that much originality who's doing something so different that you can't help but notice them. Elvis was the first controversial music artist that woke people's dormant souls up.
I just got home from seeing this movie. It’s absolutely AMAZING! I’m definitely going back to see it again!
Dean Sutherland
Absolutely brilliant. Austin Butler does a great job of playing Elvis. Tom Hanks does a brilliant job as Tom Parker. .Baz deserves a Oscar as does Austin and Tom
Barbara Plake
The movie was wonderful and Austin Butler was amazing. His singing, his dancing, his moves, his personality and his voice was just like Elvis, he nailed it. He deserves an award for his wonderful acting and singing. I have always loved Elvis.
Jodi Jean
This movie was phenomenal! I'm 54 and remember the day he died. Huge fan of Elvis.
janae linder
I've seen this 7 times now and I absolutely loved it
/\ World Traveler
Went last night with my 18 yr old son, who went in knowing nothing about Elvis, he left the Movie a Fan!
When the producer Baz & Austin Butler go out to research, did lots of practices & Baz even talk to Elvis childhood friend Bell, he really absorbed in all the spirit of Elvis. All the Cast did a great job. Bravo!
melanie freitas
I just saw this today. WOW. Austin Butler deserves a prize for his performance!! Haven't been to a movie theater in 2.5 years. This brought me out. Very, very glad I went and saw it !!!! I will definitely purchase it when available.
Pat Tuner
Oscars for Tom and Austin
Annamaria P
I've seen it 4 times and will go again, Baz nailed it, Austin nailed it, he is the reincarnation of Elvis!!! he's back!!! this was not a tribute or impersonation, this was Elvis, the best ever and he deserves an Oscar!!!!!
Don Juan Production
It's heartbreaking to know he wanted to be free his loyalty may have been his demise because the colonel did so much for him in the beginning he never fired him said he could have been around with us longer the world really misses him still this film just shows how much people still love him and know how special and rare he was