benny blanco, Tainy, Selena Gomez, J Balvin - I Can't Get Enough (Official Music Video)

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"I Can't Get Enough” out now:
Directed by Jake Schreier
Executive Producers - Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Alex Fisch
Line Producer - Rogers Marquess
DP - Pedro Luque
Set Design / Construction - Willo Perron / Nu California
Costume - Day Blackmon
VFX - Arjail
Color - The Mill / Michael Rossiter
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Peachy Minnie
Peachy Minnie - 3 tahun yang lalu
After everything she went through. She still makes music. What a professional.
simin simin
simin simin - Tahun Yang lalu
She is not just singing , she is telling us a story .
GREATON SHAIKH - Tahun Yang lalu
Selena is like a Barbie doll character. She is so adorable.
Adith Uday
Yet another underrated song....Will never understand why though
Simone Giosa
Selena como sempre arrasando👏👏👏 Sua voz doce e única revelam o quanto é rara. Difícil entender tanto ódio contra ela na internet🤔. Ela já brilhava desde os 7 anos e continuará. 😉
Lexi W
Lexi W - 3 tahun yang lalu
The fact that they made the music video not sexual is absolutely amazing!
Obaloluwa Sowande
Obaloluwa Sowande - Tahun Yang lalu
Niku Lod
Niku Lod - Tahun Yang lalu
Selena's voice is just something else 💜
Morel Seedo
Morel Seedo - 14 hari yang lalu
Selena is one of the Disney star that always shine true the day. The fact that she is natural and normal makes her unique.❤
Clara - Tahun Yang lalu
Why Selena is so adorable? 😓
One - 12 jam yang lalu
Mart,27 De Septiembre y Aun sigo escuchando esta cancion Como Amo a Selena Gómez la Adoro😉🤗
Syeda Ali
Syeda Ali - 3 tahun yang lalu
This is such a cute idea instead of singers trying to show off cars and making the videos too complicated. Selena’s voice😍
Laura Nogueira
Laura Nogueira - Tahun Yang lalu
Essa música me passa uma vibe tão boa... toda vez que eu ouço ela eu fico com o sorriso no rosto 😊
Can't stop listening to this song, the vibes are just too good! ❤️
chuu - 
this is her best look ever. the makeup, the hair, the glow. love it
Rational Belief
No nudity, no bad scene 100% talent 🥰
Sady Gimenez
Sady Gimenez - 14 hari yang lalu
Selena Gómez Queen!
Liana Pompey
Liana Pompey - Tahun Yang lalu
The bed bigger than my house.😂😂
Aaaaaa essa música é tão viciante