INCREDIBLE NOODLES | Japanese Curry Udon Noodles | Giant Curry Udon

55 000
【Udon Restaurant Maeda】
~Tempura Curry Udon~ $10.50
~Pork Cutlet Bowl~ $9.10
Address: Ousaka, Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
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Udonsoba Osaka Nara


Ai Chan
Ai Chan - 
I just ate here yesterday. He served our food to us and I told him that I saw him on YouTube. He gave the most genuine shy smile. Such a gentle soul. Very hardworking and humble gentleman. I wish him a long, healthy life.
Doris Peressin
This is not a simple "one man show", he's a genius, he does the work of a dozen people, he is a master in maximising efficiency in every single movement, action, procedure. He's not wasting any time or energy in every single phase of what he's doing. This video is a lesson of life and work ethics...
vab - 
i have such immense respect for the grandpa, even at his age he does so much hardwork & he's so skilled ! wishing good health & happiness to him !! <33
Jia Xing
you can see the amount of experience this guy has its truly amazing and for his age to be lifting stuff that heavy is even more commendable! if i was living near his restaurant, i would pop by for breakfast every morning without fail! :)
Andrej Popovski
as a former chef, this is such a joy to watch. the way he does his prep is just so optimal and basic, and reminds me of how i was trained to do prep. that is, how to do prep alone, regardless of the amount of prep that there was. no movement is wasted, he isn't running anywhere, every action is optimised. truly beautiful.
This man is amazing! He preps and cooks all by himself. He is quick and well organized. I'm Japanese and I'd love to eat his curry udon and tamago toji tempra don.
Christel Teo
it’s so admirable seeing him do things with such detail and concentration, i hope he’s very healthy and well!! I’ve come to appreciate chefs and their hard work in preparing our food even more :-)
M - 2 jam yang lalu
I have so much admiration for this man. He deserves every success in his business and in life. All the best to him.
Andreia Selmini
Admirável quanta experiência acumulada quanta destreza admiro sua cultura.🇧🇷
Matthew Dean
Matthew Dean - 21 hari yang lalu
As a cook of 14 years, this guy is amazing. He’s not only single-handedly doing the prep, but he is doing much more. He is simultaneously prepping for service and producing for the next couple days.
T - 
I really truly hope that I am lucky enough to be able to eat here even once in my lifetime. Everything looks so delicious and the food is prepared with such hard work, dedication and love 🥺❤
Maria Pereira
Amo e admiro essa arte de cozinhar parabéns
the way he makes sure the shrimp tempura gets a coating of crispy bits even when under time pressure for prep is truly impreasive. no shortcuts here. a true culinary professional!
Serhan Yigit
Such dedication, such energy! I can do nothing but admire and respect this chef!
Bonnie C
He has all my respect. I wish him very good health, happiness and lots of kind customers. I will definitely visit his store if I got a chance.
ZerooGravity 101
Wow the love and time he puts in his cooking it looks so delicious 🤤
Rem - 
I never thought I wanted to work in a food store/restaurant due to how scary the F&B industry in, but only in these videos featuring restaurants in Japan that make me want to work in one. :') Everything's so clean and systematic, the people tend to be nice and polite as well. As they always say, only in Japan.
Blue wolf
Look at the size of those bowls!! Filled to the brim! I would love to eat there🤤
may - 
Much respect to this guy, he does all the preparations, cooking and opening himself for 17 yrs, now that's dedication and skills, everything looks yummy and fresh. All those heavy lifting for his age is a bit worrying though.
S Morris
This is such a great example of time management by someone who loves what he is doing. The food looks very delicious 😋