Carole Baskin’s Paso - Dancing with the Stars

Carole Baskin and Pasha Pashkov dance the Paso to “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor on Dancing with the Stars 2020 premiere!
Lamanya: 01:27


Milani Moreno
Milani Moreno - 3 jam yang lalu
We all know they only did it for the views and cause it’s disturbing and hilarious
Coach Dusky
Coach Dusky - 3 jam yang lalu
They should feed this show to the tigers
Kitana Jade Frost
Kitana Jade Frost - 4 jam yang lalu
Woooooooow I can not do life right now 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ledya vtwenty
Ledya vtwenty - 5 jam yang lalu
This is like when your parents say they wanna preform a dance at your sweet 16.
Ledya vtwenty
Ledya vtwenty - 5 jam yang lalu
does everything have to be cat reference?
Rachel E
Rachel E - 5 jam yang lalu
This is my favorite dance out of all the dancing with the stars dances
its just kylie
its just kylie - 7 jam yang lalu
im so sorry pasho
Tiffany Nixon
Tiffany Nixon - 8 jam yang lalu
Probably the very song she played while killing her husband...
digdug1978 - 8 jam yang lalu
Carole fed her husband to a tiger 🐅
M. Patti
M. Patti - 9 jam yang lalu
Her partner is to small. She needed a big burly man to help spin her around, thst poor little man is struggling to push her in the right direction. 😆
lil - 10 jam yang lalu
She looks like her breath smells !!
Journal of a Crazy Woman
Journal of a Crazy Woman - 11 jam yang lalu
Can't wait for her husband's murder to be solved and all the producers of DWTS to be like 👀👀👀👀
Akeem Coit
Akeem Coit - 11 jam yang lalu
Better than circle of life but still horrible!!!
Dan Pierce
Dan Pierce - 12 jam yang lalu
The last time i saw a body so stiff carol was putting it into a meat griner then feeding it to a tiger.
Edward Hudson
Edward Hudson - 12 jam yang lalu
SAD is All I got to say!
FAB - 13 jam yang lalu
Only the Elites are allowed to be unmasked
skitzo chik
skitzo chik - 13 jam yang lalu
no she cant... i promise
Anne Cohen
Anne Cohen - 15 jam yang lalu
Awful music to be paired with .her mediocre. dancing skills. Dances like a juvenile. I see she shouldn’t have signed up for Dancing with the Stars 🤢🤮
Rreionna Brunner
Rreionna Brunner - 15 jam yang lalu
How do she have a higher score than Skai
Skye Minsky
Skye Minsky - 16 jam yang lalu
She probably got a yeast infection
John Hernandez
John Hernandez - 17 jam yang lalu
Wow.. She really sucks.
Michelle Nar
Michelle Nar - 18 jam yang lalu
🎵🎶" Carol Baskin , killed her husband wacked em , Can't convince me it didn't happen,... Carol Baskin! "🎶🎵
Tara Lynn
Tara Lynn - 18 jam yang lalu
So yeah just whatever you have at home in your closet will work
bee boo
bee boo - 18 jam yang lalu
It's gotta be the FACT she has a FAT face, funny expressions and a low amount of rhythm and this routine is HORRIBLE too.
Paula Coleman
Paula Coleman - 18 jam yang lalu
She’s worse than Kate gosselin was!! That’s bad!!
Delilah Rainelle
Delilah Rainelle - 21 jam yang lalu
They just opened an investigation into the death of her husband. She’s as guilty as sin. I hope they bury that witch.
S_ vlog101
S_ vlog101 - 23 jam yang lalu
Why does Carole like tigers so much
MLSlate233 - Hari Yang lalu
I wonder if her workers are getting paid more with her rise to fame 🤔
Dee Dubs
Dee Dubs - Hari Yang lalu
Was she even moving her feet 🤔
P R - Hari Yang lalu
Killed her husband...whacked him
Rooskmyster - Hari Yang lalu
They’re not even doing any real dancing lol elementary school kids could do better haha
slappedbylegal - Hari Yang lalu
This comments section has me w h e e z i n g. This show really is scraping the bottom of the barrel.
Martha Whiteman
Martha Whiteman - Hari Yang lalu
That women is only famous because she murdered her husband and successfully hid his corpse from investigators, if she hadn’t been related to law enforcement that would help her cover up her crime she’d just be in prison. ABC has that mans blood on their hands now
DeNice! Victorious
DeNice! Victorious - Hari Yang lalu
I saw on IDtv that she had him knocked off by Don’s handy man and then paid him off with real estate. They grinded him up with his meat grinder golf cart and put him in a lake for the gators to eat...pretty gruesome stuff. But she’s dancing with the stars now so nothing to see here.
Andrew O'Brien
Andrew O'Brien - Hari Yang lalu
And next on dancing with the stars ed kemper and madonna
Andrew O'Brien
Andrew O'Brien - Hari Yang lalu
Murder much lol
Brandi McElrath-Miles
Brandi McElrath-Miles - Hari Yang lalu
What in the world is this
Phoenix 333
Phoenix 333 - Hari Yang lalu
Carol Baskin I'm not laughing your a very sweet lady who cares for and about the big cats. Your work with the big cats is admirable! ❤
Jennifer Byron
Jennifer Byron - Hari Yang lalu
Killed her husband Don ewwwwww
Emma Scott
Emma Scott - Hari Yang lalu
This isn’t Tiger King...