OMG! My Kid Cut My Hair! 😱

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Karla Reyes
Karla Reyes - 44 detik yang lalu
♡•Just _Sen not monika•♡✘ ͜✘
Lol XD this is the most cringe and funniest thing ever
Alphanso Brown
Alphanso Brown - 22 menit yang lalu
Дарья Ивакина
Дарья Ивакина - 24 menit yang lalu
И то есть ее ВООБЩЕ НИКАК не наказали за то,что она сделала.Женщина,ваш ребенок отрезал вам волосы!
Mia Gordon
Mia Gordon - 31 menit yang lalu
If the kid cut your hair your are not gonna die
marcos leal felipe
marcos leal felipe - 38 menit yang lalu
Meu Deus que legal passei isso aí também na televisão Essa menina é show no negócio de amarrar e essa aí que corta o cabelo vai ser uma cabeleireira
Karina Oupachak
Karina Oupachak - 45 menit yang lalu
i wonder how much they paid her to let the child cut her hair
Zaria Alvarez-Benson
Zaria Alvarez-Benson - Jam Yang lalu
Luisa Fernández
Luisa Fernández - Jam Yang lalu
wow es una niña genia
Rayelynn Brown
Rayelynn Brown - Jam Yang lalu
Wow 😳
Juiceb0x_b0i - Jam Yang lalu
Great! Now put that cardboard cutout outside their window each night, they'll never sleep again.
Oscar Picon
Oscar Picon - Jam Yang lalu
Mira Bauer
Mira Bauer - Jam Yang lalu
5 minute crafts upping their game
Slay Flxids
Slay Flxids - Jam Yang lalu
Oh boy if I did this I would be the next superman flying across the world
OrEo - Jam Yang lalu
Its a little fun to detangle cables actually
Jeremias Mendoza
Jeremias Mendoza - Jam Yang lalu
Jfjxjjjc Hola
Aron Yoon
Aron Yoon - Jam Yang lalu
She is so chill
✨ EnnoTana For Life! ✨
✨ EnnoTana For Life! ✨ - Jam Yang lalu
That doesn’t fix her hair 😂😭
Dunia Mejia
Dunia Mejia - 2 jam yang lalu
Gffw os pu ss plan ñs
Mdw oh xts
Y dw oh deso
Oí wg oí faj X
Oh xw u de 7u fs oye es oye c
O y de
Oye de oí d
y Eh d oí f
Y es t et w7r
Y rwignw erg snt.
Ucs oh ch osc c vu in v
U fui w pu g oí wg oye f igual s
t8sytks Etc veis
7w e visto rs oh dsb rx u y disculpa
Fósforo desvela
Y gw oc te csk
7es oh
Gsuf v 5vs
Y gastos
Julia - 2 jam yang lalu
Isso não corrige nn
CaTalEyA - 2 jam yang lalu
Karla Gonzalez
Karla Gonzalez - 2 jam yang lalu
الله اكبر
الله اكبر - 3 jam yang lalu
لرضانشككل على المنقيش واا الله وبركاته افةخ ىتى ما بتردي ما اجيتي تعللتي على
Tatertastic - 3 jam yang lalu
Smart my mom would have loved this hack
Yunus Kayayurt
Yunus Kayayurt - 3 jam yang lalu
Yamilett Campos
Yamilett Campos - 3 jam yang lalu
that Will Make the kid cut peoples hair this is bad
Fabiana Santos
Fabiana Santos - 3 jam yang lalu
E você não deixou
Monique lima
Monique lima - 3 jam yang lalu
Eugenia Guadian
Eugenia Guadian - 3 jam yang lalu
Lola Roblox
Lola Roblox - 3 jam yang lalu
I would beat my kid if they did that
•°[julieta-amajiki]°• - 3 jam yang lalu
Me corta el pelo le pego un sape ùnú
Tʜᴀᴛ Hᴀɪᴋʏᴜ Fᴀɴ
*What a coincidence that you filmed it*
Eunice Mukumba
Eunice Mukumba - 4 jam yang lalu
María Garcia
María Garcia - 4 jam yang lalu
Cuts hair mom rewards her
isa hong
isa hong - 4 jam yang lalu
I cut my hair to.
isa hong
isa hong - 4 jam yang lalu
Yo jhitt
Yo jhitt - 4 jam yang lalu
Everyone:talking about how the girl chopped off the moms hair
Me:why is they teeth always so yellow
Soufiane Chaiboub
Soufiane Chaiboub - 4 jam yang lalu
Antonio Rodríguez
Antonio Rodríguez - 4 jam yang lalu
El pelooo🙅💇💇💇🥀😔
Antonio Rodríguez
Antonio Rodríguez - 4 jam yang lalu
De la señora😔🚘😔
Jeremy Mcphetridge
Jeremy Mcphetridge - 5 jam yang lalu
Not me still wondering why the dad gave the daughter the wires to untangle
Ellina🎁 - 5 jam yang lalu
Ellina🎁 - 5 jam yang lalu
Leila Gharbi
Leila Gharbi - 5 jam yang lalu
If i were that kid i would have got hit with a slipper headshot that would knock me out till i get revived at the doctors
katherin marlene caballero vargas
Ideas en 5 minutos?
Ivonne Laronda
Ivonne Laronda - 5 jam yang lalu
Joseane Ferreira
Joseane Ferreira - 5 jam yang lalu
NP - 06MT 858703 Tribune Drive PS
Her mom straight up smiling after the kid cut her hair.
My Indian mom: *takes off slipper*
Me falling because it hit me HARD
*the slipper going back to my mothers hand like a flipping boomerang*
Roberto Zavala
Roberto Zavala - 5 jam yang lalu
Mejor pelgale
Lilygaumball - 5 jam yang lalu
I’m not a parent or anything but I don’t think you’re supposed to teach your child it’s ok to cut your hair
W̑̈ȇ̈ȇ̈b̑̈ T̑̈ȋ̈m̑̈ȇ̈
10 seconds later I would be ✨dead ✨
Giabeli Redz
Giabeli Redz - 5 jam yang lalu
Me wondering why the mother didn't like get mad?🧐
Leo Salas
Leo Salas - 6 jam yang lalu
Genial 😄😗
Makenna B.
Makenna B. - 6 jam yang lalu
That hair hack was good
João Vitor Lima
João Vitor Lima - 6 jam yang lalu
sevda Alıyeva
sevda Alıyeva - 6 jam yang lalu
Diego Mariano
Diego Mariano - 6 jam yang lalu
ilove mypuffycheeks
ilove mypuffycheeks - 6 jam yang lalu
My mom would've of slapped me into the next dimension.
Luzvenia Vera
Luzvenia Vera - 6 jam yang lalu
La niña debe de aprender y no asi
aesthetic_iio - 6 jam yang lalu
omg she done nothing to her hair
Naide Pereira
Naide Pereira - 6 jam yang lalu
Naide Pereira
Naide Pereira - 6 jam yang lalu
Beatriz Florêncio Freitas de Almeida
Sou good
Jose Elmer Serna Rivas
Jose Elmer Serna Rivas - 6 jam yang lalu
Me llegan a cortar a sí el pelo y vamos no lo cuentan
Silvia Patricia Beal
Silvia Patricia Beal - 6 jam yang lalu
Elena Bărăgan
Elena Bărăgan - 6 jam yang lalu
Rafael Calebe Sousa Ferreira
Rafael Calebe Sousa Ferreira - 7 jam yang lalu
Thats what ypu get dor being so discracted
ashneilia goes
ashneilia goes - 7 jam yang lalu
I would not give the untangle wire so easily I would ask something for doing it.
Emilly Gomes dos santos
Emilly Gomes dos santos - 7 jam yang lalu
A mulher super calma com o fato da menina ter cortado o cabelo dela
Eu se cortasse meu cabelo sem minha permissão: 😡😳😭
ashneilia goes
ashneilia goes - 7 jam yang lalu
My mom would calm be would be flying Chappell and utensils.
Estella Rule
Estella Rule - 7 jam yang lalu
Smart kids and Talent kids
Patricia Del Carmen Moreno
Patricia Del Carmen Moreno - 7 jam yang lalu
Жапар Базарбаев
Жапар Базарбаев - 7 jam yang lalu
Paula Pires
Paula Pires - 7 jam yang lalu
bubblyyy - 7 jam yang lalu
The way the mom is so chill- ✋🏼💀
AnGeL A2m
AnGeL A2m - 7 jam yang lalu
Ani Jaimes
Ani Jaimes - 7 jam yang lalu
Ani Jaimes
Ani Jaimes - 7 jam yang lalu
Mark Sajda
Mark Sajda - 7 jam yang lalu
I think your kid only has this problem lol
Priyu Mhatre
Priyu Mhatre - 7 jam yang lalu
Oh god his yellow teeth was like yuck 🤢
pamela analia osorio
pamela analia osorio - 7 jam yang lalu
Holaaaaa si
Any Peralta
Any Peralta - 7 jam yang lalu
tota anime
tota anime - 8 jam yang lalu
جميل جدن
Upasana Ghosh
Upasana Ghosh - 8 jam yang lalu
If I had done this to my mumma she would be like :
Mom - What have you done you bit*h
Me - I just saw 5 minute crafts did this
Mom - Teri 5 minute craft ki aisi ki taisi ...
Mah'li Williams
Mah'li Williams - 8 jam yang lalu
If my dad did that I would puch him I just kidding
Viktorya Alcala
Viktorya Alcala - 8 jam yang lalu
Que tal si le hudieran comprado una muñeca
Dhamon Wilemon
Dhamon Wilemon - 8 jam yang lalu
Who uses wierd controllers in 2021
LILIANA FENECHI - 8 jam yang lalu
Child labor on the 2nd one 😂😂
SariHj Dalimunthe
SariHj Dalimunthe - 8 jam yang lalu
ALLHMDULILLAH Cepaaattttt Masuk Agama ISLAM Taat Khusyuk SHOLLAT 5Waktu Fardhu Pada
WildChildEmya - 9 jam yang lalu
Bro he’s teeth were so yellow we gone ignore that has he ever heard of a idk maybe a toothbrush maybe don’t go to willy wonka’s candy factory to often
brianna guzman
brianna guzman - 9 jam yang lalu
Lesa Gallant
Lesa Gallant - 9 jam yang lalu
Did anybody think about why the little kid had scissors in the first place
Harish Sutar
Harish Sutar - 9 jam yang lalu
Background music name pls
Sebastian Carlos
Sebastian Carlos - 9 jam yang lalu
Never knew they use a knockoff xbox 1 controller
martina basaez
martina basaez - 10 jam yang lalu