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From Warner Bros. Pictures and director James Wan comes an action-packed adventure that spans the vast, visually breathtaking underwater world of the seven seas, “Aquaman,” starring Jason Momoa in the title role. The film reveals the origin story of half-human, half-Atlantean Arthur Curry and takes him on the journey of his lifetime-one that will not only force him to face who he really is, but to discover if he is worthy of who he was born to be…a king.
The film also stars Amber Heard (“Justice League,” “Magic Mike XXL”) as Mera, a fierce warrior and Aquaman’s ally throughout his journey; Oscar nominee Willem Dafoe (“Platoon,” “Spider-Man 2”) as Vulko, council to the Atlantean throne; Patrick Wilson (“The Conjuring” films, “Watchmen”) as Orm/Ocean Master, the present King of Atlantis; Dolph Lundgren (“The Expendables” films) as Nereus, King of the Atlantean tribe Xebel; Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Netflix’s “The Get Down”) as the vengeful Black Manta; and Oscar winner Nicole Kidman (“The Hours,” “Lion”) as Arthur’s mom, Atlanna; as well as Ludi Lin (“Power Rangers”) as Captain Murk, Atlantean Commando; and Temuera Morrison (“Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones,” “Green Lantern”) as Arthur’s dad, Tom Curry.
Wan directs from a screenplay by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick (“The Conjuring 2”) and Will Beall (“Gangster Squad,” TV’s “Training Day”), story by Geoff Johns & James Wan and Will Beall, based on characters from DC, Aquaman created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger. The film is produced by Peter Safran and Rob Cowan, with Deborah Snyder, Zack Snyder, Jon Berg, Geoff Johns and Walter Hamada serving as executive producers.
Wan’s team behind the scenes includes such frequent collaborators as Oscar-nominated director of photography Don Burgess (“The Conjuring 2,” “Forrest Gump”), his five-time editor Kirk Morri (“The Conjuring” films, “Furious 7,” the “Insidious” films), and production designer Bill Brzeski (“Furious 7”). They are joined by costume designer Kym Barrett (“The Matrix” trilogy, “The Amazing Spider-Man”) and composer Rupert Gregson-Williams (“Wonder Woman”).
Warner Bros. Pictures Presents a Safran Company Production, a James Wan Film, “Aquaman.” The film is set to hit theaters on December 21, 2018, in 3D and 2D and IMAX, and will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.


Stace_88 - 4 bulan yang lalu
Anyone else come to look at her acting skills after her awful performance in court 😂
Skyler Felix
Skyler Felix - 16 jam yang lalu
I have no idea why WB greenlit her in this? She’s so bad.
Sibb F
Sibb F - 9 hari yang lalu
Her acting skills are incredible until you put her in court
S.B. PANDEY - 27 hari yang lalu
@Sneh Kumawat From India. 😅😅😅😅
Krish asija
Krish asija - 28 hari yang lalu
It wasn’t bad imo
Simon Riley
Simon Riley - Bulan Yang lalu
@Mary Ritch the movie is great but amber heard as Mera is definitely not great.
Suresh Kumar
Suresh Kumar - 5 bulan yang lalu
If Amber witch isn't thrown out of the second movie. Aquaman 2 is definitely going down on theatres 💯
Holden Menard
Holden Menard - 13 hari yang lalu
Honestly, NGL, her only “good acting” is her own self in Zombieland, there, I said it, LOL.
JJ - 2 bulan yang lalu
Oh shut up. You know damn well your going to watch the movie wether or not she's in.
MythBuster - 3 bulan yang lalu
@Faisal West why? She's an awful person. She has an agenda and steps on the faces of true victims diluting their message
Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty - 3 bulan yang lalu
@TheUnderDog yeap not that bad i guess
TheUnderDog - 3 bulan yang lalu
@Humpty Dumpty And you still call her a good actress?
Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson - 4 bulan yang lalu
I can't wait to pledge a ticket to Aquaman 2.
KANG THE CONQUERER - 2 hari yang lalu
It's aquain time
Armando Ucles
Armando Ucles - 24 hari yang lalu
Sir that's not my question, as of today you have not donated, not pledged, donated, a ticket to Aquaman 2 🤣🤣🤣
Nemo Spence
Nemo Spence - Bulan Yang lalu
I pledge to give a billion tickets so that this movie will be the highest grossing of all time. 😂
Colby Buckley
Colby Buckley - 2 bulan yang lalu
Yo!! 😂 😂 💀 💀
🔥Rathianians(MuteRoasting)🔥 - 2 bulan yang lalu
Copy of Indian weapon of lord Shiva.... 😡😡How dare they idiots
Rick VencesC
Rick VencesC - Tahun Yang lalu
All good in this movie, except for Amber's presence.
Ronald Grove
Ronald Grove - 2 bulan yang lalu
Think she makes it interesting.
Tejas Andhale
Tejas Andhale - 3 bulan yang lalu
@Bella A 🥴
Lisa Larsen
Lisa Larsen - 3 bulan yang lalu
Full circle moment
WillTM - 4 bulan yang lalu
​@Bella A simping much? you're so pathetic you'd cheer for a abusive liar. You make me sick.
Joseph Rodriguez
Joseph Rodriguez - 4 bulan yang lalu
You knew…. You tried to warn us…
Anastasia Tsoukala
Anastasia Tsoukala - 2 tahun yang lalu
Haven't watched such a delightful and satisfying movie for ages! Way more sophisticated script than I imagined! Great music, awesome myth, wonderful 3D design... just enjoyed it to the fullest! Masterpiece for its category!
Reytian - Tahun Yang lalu
Movie is almost perfect. It sadly has Amber Turd in it so that brings it down in value.
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach - Tahun Yang lalu
@Leroy Vermilion 770 it better be less than 10
Leroy Vermilion 770
Leroy Vermilion 770 - Tahun Yang lalu
@Reytian Nah she's in the film but she will get a smaller role...that's what James wan said
Reytian - Tahun Yang lalu
@Mustafa Shahriyar This is so exciting! Here I thought I was going to have to skip it! #JusticeForJohnny
Mustafa Shahriyar
Mustafa Shahriyar - Tahun Yang lalu
She is getting replaced in Aquaman 2. #JusticeForJonny
Alexandre Gosselin
Alexandre Gosselin - 9 bulan yang lalu
Three years later and here I am, watching this masterpiece of a trailer.
Kyle Griffin
Kyle Griffin - Tahun Yang lalu
If Amber Heard in second movie that shhhhh getin missed
Nick Whitmore
Nick Whitmore - 4 bulan yang lalu
This comment aged well.
gloryboii Tayy
gloryboii Tayy - 6 bulan yang lalu
Megan fox would be good
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle - Tahun Yang lalu
@xPurplesimx Amy Adams acting better than emilas clark
J B - Tahun Yang lalu
She is unfortunately
NY Man
NY Man - Tahun Yang lalu
@PALLAB GIRIWhat's up.
Qui Gon Jinn
Qui Gon Jinn - 3 tahun yang lalu
Just saw this movie and it has been one of the best dc movies in a while would watch it again
(From a marvel fan)
Joker - 3 bulan yang lalu
You seem more like a Star Wars fan, Master Jinn
Crabtee glocusg
Crabtee glocusg - 3 tahun yang lalu
@Bryan Rodriguez sorry this movie was amazing and after so many dissapointing movies from marvel I quit as a marvel fan now I am dc fan
Cita Putra
Cita Putra - 3 tahun yang lalu
Yeah, wan totally deserve the credit.. learn from it DC and from dark Knight also.. hype for avengers 4, not the capt marvel.. lol
Chomot89 - 3 tahun yang lalu
Bryan Rodriguez
Bryan Rodriguez - 3 tahun yang lalu
Stay a Marvel fan please. This movie is a disappointment.
nut nut
nut nut - 4 bulan yang lalu
If Amber is gonna be in Aquaman 2 I feel like the movie will bomb at the box office
MysticFiddler1 - 2 bulan yang lalu
@Big Hand A lot has happened since then. She taints it now.
Big Hand
Big Hand - 3 bulan yang lalu
Amber Heard was in the first one and it made over a billion.
t. B.
t. B. - Tahun Yang lalu
This was such a great movie and I’m saddened by the fact that I won’t be able to support the second one due to AH being in it.
See You On A Dark Night
See You On A Dark Night - Tahun Yang lalu
I can't wait for the sequel. Oh, amber heard has a starring role? Never mind.
Ivan Ichianus
Ivan Ichianus - Tahun Yang lalu
Just watched this movie for the first time
It was a lot better than expected, I enjoyed it a lot
Pretty good movie - I give it a solid 8/10
Chiera Anuge
Chiera Anuge - 3 tahun yang lalu
I just came out from the theater and such a great movie! DC has been saved!
Its-Nickelson - 3 bulan yang lalu
That didn’t age well
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr - 7 bulan yang lalu
Crabtee glocusg
Crabtee glocusg - 3 tahun yang lalu
@Blume De chaos well for now their movies sucked as
Crabtee glocusg
Crabtee glocusg - 3 tahun yang lalu
@Raghav Gogia you are a moron saying soundtrack does not fit movie says you are mcu gay fan and a hater of dc comics. Do you read comics huh? I think not
Crabtee glocusg
Crabtee glocusg - 3 tahun yang lalu
@John Lee wtf is marvel
Nemesis - 5 bulan yang lalu
No one's gona watch if amber is the lead for aquaman2
Sazz Le canard sovietique 🇷🇺
I hope there will be a boycott
Atharwa Verma
Atharwa Verma - 3 bulan yang lalu
She's deleted from it now ☠️
Joseph Gomwalk
Joseph Gomwalk - Tahun Yang lalu
This trailer still gives me chills
Subhashis Samal
Subhashis Samal - 7 bulan yang lalu
" I am bringing the wrath of 7 seas " literally goosebumps 🥶
1Yort_ Seab7
1Yort_ Seab7 - 11 bulan yang lalu
My top favorite DCEU movie:
1. Aquaman
2. Justice League Snyder's Cut
3. Man of Steel
4. Wonder Woman
5. Shazam
Subhashis Samal
Subhashis Samal - 7 bulan yang lalu
Well these are only good DC movies
Big Hand
Big Hand - 10 bulan yang lalu
Aquaman is my favorite as well.
Batman the knight
Batman the knight - 10 bulan yang lalu
Good list
Jr Lopez
Jr Lopez - 4 tahun yang lalu
I’m a big marvel guy but I really hope the DCEU does well because they have some good superheroes
Johnny Cheddk
Johnny Cheddk - 3 tahun yang lalu
@Big Boss marvel has shit heroes and villains
Juan Paredes
Juan Paredes - 4 tahun yang lalu
Punch Down King I believe Batman can beat anyone without Super Powers because of his Superior Fighting Skills and use of tech. Someone like the Punisher, give them time and they will find a way to win. ✌
BlueDreamKush23 - 4 tahun yang lalu
Big Boss You sound like a swell guy to be around in parties. Edit: Just in case, I was being sarcastic. You don't seem like a bright individual based on your comment.
Truth Is Relative
Truth Is Relative - 4 tahun yang lalu
Jr Lopez wow that was a great movie, and they give it all to us for free!
BlueDreamKush23 - 4 tahun yang lalu
Jr Lopez Good superheroes. Just handled by shitty writers, directors and producers that know nothing about superheroes.
Arvinth Kumar
Arvinth Kumar - Tahun Yang lalu
Man I remember exactly watching this and shazam trailer 2 years ago at midnight, got Goosebumps 😍
cliff woodbury
cliff woodbury - Bulan Yang lalu
just watched this movie yesterday for the first time and i can't lie - its a great superhero movie. In my opinion one of the best superhero movies. i understand that this may be because it is the only one that deals with the ocean and i know everyone who loves superhero movies is waiting to compare this to Namor - but i am going to also because it will be its only parallel.
Its-Nickelson - 3 bulan yang lalu
What a nice young lady she must have a great future ahead of her!
Altherot - Tahun Yang lalu
The film has it's heart and is amazing as is. Kuddos to Jason Momoa and James Wan for bringing Aquaman to life in the greatest way possible. That being said, there is one person that probably everyone Heard about by now, that I really don't want to see in the second film. She does not deserve to feed from success of this franchise after everything she has done to Johnny.
sehwag282 - 4 tahun yang lalu
Well I got to say it’s looks better than justice league
Hurricane Gaming
Hurricane Gaming - 3 tahun yang lalu
@Lance Vance The original version of the movie was 2h50mn long
Hurricane Gaming
Hurricane Gaming - 3 tahun yang lalu
@Eliot The original cut of the movie was 2h50mn long. WB cut more than half of the movie, then reshot a lot of what was left. That's why the budget was so high. The final cut of the movie was 1h46mn. Imagine that. A movie that was 2h50mn got half of the footage removed, and then the half that was left was reshot and tampered with. So how much of JL was exactly Snyder 's vision? Snyder had said before JL started filming that Cyborg would be the heart of the movie. Heck, Ray Fisher the guy who played Cyborg said in an interview post JL's theater run that Zack had shot enough Cyborg footage for an entire Cyborg solo movie. Where was all that footage in JL? There's a video of Snyder at Snydercon talking about his oroginal version of JL. Go watch it. It was supposed to be a 2 part movie.
Hurricane Gaming
Hurricane Gaming - 3 tahun yang lalu
@BioLink Snyder directed the best zombie movie to date, he also did 300, he did Watchmen, he did Man of Steel, and he did BvS. Christopher Nolan was the one who recommended Snyder get the Man of Steel movie because he knew only Snyder could bring Superman to life in the modern world. Justice League is devoir of all depth and action. It's trash.
Hurricane Gaming
Hurricane Gaming - 3 tahun yang lalu
@Chinmay Dabherao Green Lantern Boy? Lol who tf is that? Also, they're going by the new version of the JL from the comics which started with Darkseid War. It's Cyborg, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Superman, and Batman.
Hurricane Gaming
Hurricane Gaming - 3 tahun yang lalu
@Tranquilo Club Man of Steel and Batman Vs Superman were fucking dope movies. Man of Steel is still the best superhero mobie out there with the best villain as well. How can u not love MoS?
About Face
About Face - Tahun Yang lalu
Anya Taylor Joy , would be a compelling cast addition to a sequel. A great actress with a genuinely interesting screen presence and artistic portfolio in film projects. (including her next one starring a couple of other cast members from Aquaman) Like many people I will take a hard pass on Amber H due to the glaring evidence against her. AH's presence in Aqua M.2 is already akin to a barnacled anchor dragging the loveboat to its watery demise. The engine room is already flooded, rendering it a floating duck. Meanwhile, drifting just out there and emerging from a billowing fog on a still ocean at dawn. A city block scale Iceberg looms. Dont let your giant ship of aqua-nautical entertainment become a Titanic
What tf
What tf - 4 bulan yang lalu
I used to think she is so cute and beautiful, finally she made me realised beauty is in inside
Soty Rare
Soty Rare - Tahun Yang lalu
I won't be watching aqua 2 if amber would be there.
katarina zonjic
katarina zonjic - Tahun Yang lalu
The fact that you fired someone who made you BILLIONS and kept the most hated person in the world on your team is the best representation of what your company stands for and supports. # boycottwarnerbrothers
rawley antoine
rawley antoine - 10 bulan yang lalu
so u like abusers…
Ashley Thomas
Ashley Thomas - 3 tahun yang lalu
After the movie ended I wanted to go right back outside and buy another ticket to watch it again lol
Breezy Arts 🎨
Breezy Arts 🎨 - 6 bulan yang lalu
@이관우 Lee Kwan Woo ♪ 🤣🤣
Adrian Villanueva
Adrian Villanueva - 7 bulan yang lalu
It looked like something out of Robot Chicken.
Stephanie Jordan
Stephanie Jordan - 3 tahun yang lalu
Janaé Francis
Janaé Francis - 3 tahun yang lalu
Ashley Thomas
Ashley Thomas - 3 tahun yang lalu
@Stephanie Salas sameeeeeee
theFinnishMonster1 - 5 bulan yang lalu
I dont want to see Amber Heard in any movie ever again!
Surain - 3 bulan yang lalu
@Bacalah KITAB TZI Dalam Ketulusan dan Kesungguhan L taste
Bacalah KITAB TZI Dalam Ketulusan dan Kesungguhan
I still want. 😊😊😊
entendible tenga un buen día
entendible tenga un buen día - Tahun Yang lalu
The movie's good but since Johnny was canceled, I hate you, he was good.
Tizy Man
Tizy Man - Tahun Yang lalu
He wasn't cancelled moron. He's still making movies
NISHAN - 7 bulan yang lalu
Masterpiece movie
Just Another Nerd
Just Another Nerd - 9 bulan yang lalu
An MCU style movie better than what MCU could do.....excited to see what MCU does with atlantis in BP2
Darkstarbucks - 4 tahun yang lalu
Coming from a Marvel and DC fan,
DC looks like they’re stepping in the right direction.
Rei - 2 tahun yang lalu
Fuck Marvel
Crabtee glocusg
Crabtee glocusg - 3 tahun yang lalu
@eksineshazam is awesome and 100 times better than capt marvel now any more excuses mcu fanboy
Crabtee glocusg
Crabtee glocusg - 3 tahun yang lalu
@Kush Man and you mcu fans are bunch of idiots
Crabtee glocusg
Crabtee glocusg - 3 tahun yang lalu
@Jose Sorto said by a guy with a profile pic of a marvel character😂😂
Crabtee glocusg
Crabtee glocusg - 3 tahun yang lalu
@Margaretha Falco not this time GIRL
uwase diane
uwase diane - Tahun Yang lalu
this movie will forever be my fave.
Manu Singh
Manu Singh - 2 bulan yang lalu
I love this movie ❤️
Big Hand
Big Hand - 2 bulan yang lalu
Hass Gropper
Hass Gropper - 4 bulan yang lalu
After finding out that Amber Heard has committed acts of domestic violence against her ex husband, the release of the aqua man sequel needs to be delayed and have the role of Mira recast and added in to the movie before release. Recasting has been done in the past for other actors found to be engaged in such deplorable acts so the same goes for Amber, if her role isn't recast this will bring some serious public backlash on to Warner Brothers.
Marvin Alvarez
Marvin Alvarez - Tahun Yang lalu
"You're best at thinking when you're not thinking at all." Aquaman is me.
Nguyen Duc
Nguyen Duc - 3 tahun yang lalu
who's still watching this after the movie? damn goosebump
Nguyen Duc
Nguyen Duc - 2 tahun yang lalu
@ferise1 SJWs just can't fix their damn life right
ferise1 - 2 tahun yang lalu
Goth Pop TV wtf...some weird protests goin on. The hell is wrong with young people.
Goth Pop TV
Goth Pop TV - 2 tahun yang lalu
I didn't watch this movie, unlike SOME PEOPLE, I have class. #JusticeForJohnny #BringBackCaptainJack #AmberHeardForJail
Ehzaaz - 2 tahun yang lalu
@ferise1 good thinking
ferise1 - 2 tahun yang lalu
Ehzaaz it’s for kids
Nomadic Mind
Nomadic Mind - Tahun Yang lalu
the beginning was a bit lame at some part, but tons of great scenes, I like the characters as well, the main character is very on point like from real ancient mythology and his mom as well, love em, sea creatures amazingly done
Linda Li
Linda Li - Tahun Yang lalu
finally my favorite movie is in the theaters
LaR. - 4 bulan yang lalu
Emilia Clarke as Mera would be perfect!
A. Nilla-or
A. Nilla-or - Tahun Yang lalu
just watched this movie last night on Netflix. though a bit too long, it was pretty good. and Momoa was a perfect cast.
Rene Ind
Rene Ind - 4 tahun yang lalu
Wow Goosebumps in every scene.
Well Done James Wan
Arthur M0nstr4o
Arthur M0nstr4o - 4 tahun yang lalu
Hell yeah!!
Nic - Tahun Yang lalu
All we need is Jason mamoa to refuse to work with amber heard and she’s off the second movie!! Come on guys use your voices. Justice for Johnny depp :)
Lil Guang
Lil Guang - 10 bulan yang lalu
What? No, Amber is perfect for that role please don't replace her… And why do we even care about actor/actress personal life anyway? We don't know any detail about it.
Dr. Deadpool
Dr. Deadpool - 11 bulan yang lalu
Nope she’s coming back for the second one
denta busu
denta busu - 11 bulan yang lalu
pls don't do this
R A - Tahun Yang lalu
@Peter Onuigbo depps contract was renewed. That's why he still got paid IN FULL for the movie even though he isnt gonna be in it.
Arush Rai
Arush Rai - Tahun Yang lalu
@OLAV WILHELM love to make yourself look stupid eh?😂
Aren2 Naga
Aren2 Naga - 4 bulan yang lalu
10 minutes they say? Ain't watching it if there's 1sec of Amber Heard in it.
Joel Henricks
Joel Henricks - 2 tahun yang lalu
" Redheads , u got 2 love 'em. " Love that line.
Giovanni 1231
Giovanni 1231 - Tahun Yang lalu
Goosebumps after watching the trailer
Isaac the Worship Warrior
Isaac the Worship Warrior - 3 tahun yang lalu
Just saw the movie today. This is absolutely one of DC's best movies to date.
Rahul Biswakarma
Rahul Biswakarma - 3 tahun yang lalu
@Dip Do aquaman earned more than thor 1 & 2 jokes on you
Things - 3 tahun yang lalu
Paul Nu and you must be stupid this movie was amazing you clearly are not good in rating/talking/reviewing about movies your stupid this movie was a solid 7.5/10
Nella J
Nella J - 3 tahun yang lalu
Agreed :)))
Marius - 3 tahun yang lalu
@Corey C. agreed!
Jake Saunders
Jake Saunders - 3 tahun yang lalu
@Jesus Jimenez the money it makes doesn't dictate the quality though? Not saying aqua man is shit, I haven't seen it so I can't say that, but using the gross of a film doesn't equate to quality
Roopnarine Deonarine
Roopnarine Deonarine - 3 bulan yang lalu
Me in 2018: this movie rocks. It’s so good and I really like it
Me in 2022: I can’t look at Mira in this movie the same way now without knowing that Arthur might get abused
Mr Yellow
Mr Yellow - Tahun Yang lalu
Jason is a beast in this movie! Amber is a beast too, but that's not movie related.
Neeraj Kumar
Neeraj Kumar - 4 bulan yang lalu
I want the directors to cast Amber Heard because I know that part 2 will fail miserably coz of backlash.
Pranav Prasad
Pranav Prasad - Tahun Yang lalu
DC Avatar =aquaman 🔥
CKT Danny
CKT Danny - 4 tahun yang lalu
These visuals tho
Can't wait to see it, DC, don't disappoint us!
gogo vermouth
gogo vermouth - 4 tahun yang lalu
I trust James Wan. This is gonna be amazing
jjman9 - 4 tahun yang lalu
They will
Speedy V
Speedy V - 4 tahun yang lalu
SDG Danny the music as well. It goes well with the trailer.
Hillary Atkinso
Hillary Atkinso - 6 bulan yang lalu
23:23 Hermosa elección 😘 Topgirls.Uno de los mejores conciertos ❤
23:23 Senada: ''Hermoso''
23:23 Megan: ''Hotter''
23:23 Hopi: ''Sweeter''
23:23 Joonie: ''Cooler''
23:23 Yoongi: ''Butter''
23:23 Amor: ''Momentos''
23:23 Alfiora: ''Preety''
23:23 Alana: ''Awesome''
23:23 Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente 🖤.
Maverick C
Maverick C - 7 bulan yang lalu
What a movie! Nichole Kidman looked so gorgeous and fine in this movie aswell😍😍😍
Flyout91 - 5 bulan yang lalu
Just here to give a dislike for WBP keeping Amber Heard for Aquaman 2 despite what she did. We have no weapon so we got to fight with what we have.
VirtualDog - 5 bulan yang lalu
But Disney remove johnny depp.... Stand with Johnny depp... Justices for Johny depp man
ダイアナ👾 - 5 bulan yang lalu
Tbh i never know who this Amber heard is but after finding out that she is a abusive to johnny depp and i straight goes to finding what movies that she acting in and find out she one of a actress here... 🗿 sorry for ugly english
Alborg - 4 bulan yang lalu
Problem no, english very good yes.
J Pnoy
J Pnoy - 3 tahun yang lalu
James Wan I’m proud of this film. DC universe needs a director like him 👏🏼Please give us a Sequel!!!!!!
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr - 7 bulan yang lalu
Mohit Kumar Gupta
Mohit Kumar Gupta - 3 tahun yang lalu
Mohit Kumar Gupta
Mohit Kumar Gupta - 3 tahun yang lalu
@Eddie Brock BP 18th movie hai, fir bhi 1 billion hi cross ki, Aquaman to bas 5th movie hai, tabhi bhi dekh 1 billion se jyada kama li, tumhari jali hui hai bhayankar 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Marvel ko 5th movie to 1 billion nahi kama payi thi, gand jal rahi hogi teri Fati na? Ab dekh DC successful hoga aur tei jalegi
Mohit Kumar Gupta
Mohit Kumar Gupta - 3 tahun yang lalu
@Eddie Brock Sabse gaali sun raha hai reee tu too Maza aa gaya😀😀😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁 Kash tera ki dekh pata
Mohit Kumar Gupta
Mohit Kumar Gupta - 3 tahun yang lalu
@Eddie Brock Bihari saale🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Paida hi chutiya hote hain, ruk ja kuch saal jab Marvel ki gaand jalegi tab tera ki dekhne layak hoga😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
O3ITO - 4 bulan yang lalu
Then - where did DC get this girl 😍
Now - why did DC get this girl 😑
Itumeleng Mokgoebo
Itumeleng Mokgoebo - 5 bulan yang lalu
"You think you're unworthy to lead because you have Two different worlds. But that is EXACTLY why you are WORTHY."
Whitney Cross
Whitney Cross - 7 bulan yang lalu
5:55 Son unos de los Topgirls.Uno
15:55 Sun: ''Hotter''
15:55 Hopi: ''Sweeter''
15:55 Joonie: ''Cooler''
15:55 Yoongi: ''Butter''
15:55 Son unos de los mejores conciertos ,
, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente...
Bart Rennen
Bart Rennen - Tahun Yang lalu
#justiceforDepp Stand up for what is right WB. Otherwise you are what is wrong in this world.
Vruinz - 3 tahun yang lalu
Never expected this movie to be so fucking amazing
Johnny Cheddk
Johnny Cheddk - 3 tahun yang lalu
@Ryland Matias fuck you. MCU movies are overrated trash
Johnny Cheddk
Johnny Cheddk - 3 tahun yang lalu
@Good name still better than most Marvel movies
Good name
Good name - 3 tahun yang lalu
It wasn’t that good.
chasta laslo
chasta laslo - 3 tahun yang lalu
@HBY shut the fuck up it was shit
Ashvin Dowlutrao
Ashvin Dowlutrao - 3 tahun yang lalu
@ROZ06 auqa m
Susannah Guest
Susannah Guest - Tahun Yang lalu
I think the sequel is going to fail or get a lot of hates if Amber Heard is in it
Newyork Poster
Newyork Poster - 8 bulan yang lalu
Saw this in a plane to Europe, and back. Such good memories of a time
Franck S
Franck S - 2 bulan yang lalu
I love Jason Momoa and James Wan. I wish them all the best, genuinely. But I won't watch this movie if Amber Heard is still in it. I am a huge customer of blu rays, collectors, merchandising, digital movies and series. But no way I am putting my money on this one. I can't stand double standards.
Alliswell - 8 bulan yang lalu
Another masterpiece from James Wan.
Jenny O'Brien
Jenny O'Brien - 4 tahun yang lalu
As a self confessed Marvel fan, I desperately want this movie to be good. Jason Momoa as Aquaman was one of the few (very few) redeeming qualities of Justice League (along with Wonder Woman) and he deserves this.
mannen med hatten
mannen med hatten - 4 tahun yang lalu
Jenny M wonder woman wasn't that good in JL Cyborg and aquaman was the best
Paul Schöneberg2
Paul Schöneberg2 - 4 tahun yang lalu
Jenny M Superman Batman Flash Cyborg ?
mannen med hatten
mannen med hatten - 4 tahun yang lalu
Adriaan Buys have u seen TDK tioligy
Jen Cruz
Jen Cruz - 4 tahun yang lalu
As a comic book fan i wished Marvel and DC always had great movies and they dont
Bobna Von Victorsteyn
Bobna Von Victorsteyn - 4 tahun yang lalu
Adriaan Buys infinity war
boy - Tahun Yang lalu
I liked this movie it's hard for me to boycott aquaman2 but I like Johnny Depp more so #justiceforjohnnydepp
Redoun Editz
Redoun Editz - 3 bulan yang lalu
Can't wait for Aquaman 2
Euphoria - 4 bulan yang lalu
I feel sorry for Jason Momoa, this is a great success for him and a huge part of it will be tainted by the evil Amber Heard and he had nothing to do with any of what happened with her marriage to Johnny. I hope he doesn't suffer over it.
Lou Skunt
Lou Skunt - Bulan Yang lalu
Heheheh! You said taint! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣✌️
Matthew Bond
Matthew Bond - 2 tahun yang lalu
this is now my favourite DC character
posadas Hector
posadas Hector - 3 tahun yang lalu
I am not a fan of dc actually coz I'm a marvel fanboy, but this movie killed it, it is freakin awesome and i recommend to watch it. *respect*
Arjun C V
Arjun C V - 3 tahun yang lalu
@Tuhin tech Idiot u can't compare Aquaman with infinity war. It's a solo movie. But now the competition is between Aquaman and Black Panther
J Pnoy
J Pnoy - 3 tahun yang lalu
James Wan brilliance i want a sequel 👏🏼👏🏼
D. Remi
D. Remi - 3 tahun yang lalu
You're not a Marvel Fanboy. Marvel Fanboys would never admit to liking a DCEU film. You actually got a mind of your own. It's great you enjoyed. It was an awesome one. Bless.
Unboxing & Review
Unboxing & Review - Tahun Yang lalu
one off the best movie❤️❤️
bestmovieever1 - Tahun Yang lalu
I hope that Aquaman 2 will go in a darker more horror direction, like apparently James Wan wanted to take the first movie in before Geoff Johns had gotten his hands on it.
Hayden !
Hayden ! - Tahun Yang lalu
ready for aquaman 2!!!!
shahid sk( Telugu guy)
shahid sk( Telugu guy) - Tahun Yang lalu
Waiting for Aquaman 2 🌊🌊🌊
Cartoon Network/Disney XD Superheroes
“A war is coming to the surface. And I’m bringing the wrath of the seven seas with me”
That delivery is amazing.
Edit: I’ll admit that I haven’t liked any of the DC movies save for Wonder Woman (which was good) and Man of Steel (which I haven’t fully seen). But this looks like it could be another legit good DC movie. It could prove that their strength lies in solo movies where they give the director full creative control as opposed to the group up movies that always have their corporate filth on it.
Rushikesh T
Rushikesh T - 2 tahun yang lalu
I liked your comment then read your shittalk about other DC movies.... Instant regret followed by dislike
Tricko - 4 tahun yang lalu
Superman needs to be fucking nerfed, like make kryptonite more accessible to people or something. Justice League made it clear everyone else except him is weak and useless, which isn't true in the comics.
Stephen Even
Stephen Even - 4 tahun yang lalu
The DC movies have always been delivering the best lines. You can choose any one. "Tell me, do you bleed?" "Today is a day for truth" "My mother was a queen" "They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall, but in time they will join you in the Sun." Shows that they always choose the best subjects
Am Ko
Am Ko - 4 tahun yang lalu
It sounds terribly cheesy. That's the problem with these dc movies. The lines sound great in the trailers, but when u put it in the movie, it can get cringey. But hopefully this movie will be an exception.
the islander
the islander - 4 tahun yang lalu
@Dracula lol true
alejandro rafael olaya caja
alejandro rafael olaya caja - Tahun Yang lalu
Bye  - 4 bulan yang lalu
Whos also here to see some hate comments on Amber Heard?
Zephyraz - 4 bulan yang lalu
I'm not watching the next one if amber heard is still in it.
raul rodriguez
raul rodriguez - 10 bulan yang lalu
This trailer is a master piece even now
Trevor E.
Trevor E. - 4 tahun yang lalu
This trailer looks really good. I'm praying it doesn't disappoint like some of the other DCEU movies.
Jake L
Jake L - 4 tahun yang lalu
Just hope the studio doesnt interfere like they did with all the others. Thats what ruined them.
Triple Mexican 619
Triple Mexican 619 - 4 tahun yang lalu
Yeah , justice league sucked , btm vs SM sucked , suicide squad sucked ,didn't watch wonder women but i bet it sucked to . last good movies dc put out was man of steel and the batman trilogy
lv 426
lv 426 - 4 tahun yang lalu
James Wan has proven he can direct horror and action movies I'm pretty confident he's got this.
The Viewer
The Viewer - 4 tahun yang lalu
*All DCEU Movies.
Spencer Brogdon
Spencer Brogdon - 4 tahun yang lalu
Trevor E. It's has a good chance because the person directing it has a good history with movies.
Илья Горбачев
Илья Горбачев - Tahun Yang lalu
Good movie! I really love DC movie by WB, but don't want to see Aquaman 2 (because Amber Heard 🤮)
AGbutera - Tahun Yang lalu
Best movie I’ve seen,
I always thought this was a shit movie, which is why I never watched it. Today January 3, 2021, I finally watched it and holy crap I shoulda watched this ages ago
averybadcaseoffacialobesity - Tahun Yang lalu
It's a shame really.. I watched this today with my family, I thought the actress was beautiful and so did my mom - looked her up - BIG mistake.
Jennifer Ong
Jennifer Ong - 5 bulan yang lalu
Despite the reviews I still want to see this movie
Superstar Rajinikanth Fan
Superstar Rajinikanth Fan - 4 tahun yang lalu
Who would have thought that Aquaman ends up as the 'cool' superhero in the DC Universe
Escanor Lion Sin of Pride
Escanor Lion Sin of Pride - 4 tahun yang lalu
Superstar Rajinikanth Fan DC EXTENDED Universe
__________ - 4 tahun yang lalu
The times they are a changin'
cesarl2 - 4 tahun yang lalu
Momoa has that effect
Nick Gautier
Nick Gautier - 4 tahun yang lalu
The story is more closely relates to New 52. But the look of him personally does look more like old hook hand. Would be awesome to see this Aquaman with a hook hand lol
Famous Moments
Famous Moments - 4 tahun yang lalu
lmao its awesome
Dr.Rakesh Kumar
Dr.Rakesh Kumar - 2 tahun yang lalu
Looking forward to watch this movie
- for the 10th time
ATIS PwG - Tahun Yang lalu
Best new style DC movie ever. ;)
BELLA'S MOM - 5 bulan yang lalu
Glorifying a domestic abuser. Nope to WB.
Akshay Saji
Akshay Saji - 11 bulan yang lalu
Waiting for aqumn 2 🙂
ChordsByAkshayan - 4 tahun yang lalu
Both this and Shazam have given me so much hope for DC. I'm actually so happy. What a time to be alive, an Aquaman and Shazam movie, then soon enough Captain Marvel, Avengers 4, WW2, Spiderman FFH. Feels good to be a geek.
talha husain
talha husain - 4 tahun yang lalu
Oreo Kid venom trailer was great man. The venom design is great, far better than the one in spiderman. Plus tom hardy is just soo perfect to play him.
ChordsByAkshayan - 4 tahun yang lalu
Rachit Garg Just enjoying my childhood come to life on the big screen, for both marvel and DC. Love em both! No hate, just appreciate.
Ivan Baez
Ivan Baez - 4 tahun yang lalu
Rachit Garg what a time to be alive
ChordsByAkshayan - 4 tahun yang lalu
talha husain oof almost forgot!
Laksh Garg
Laksh Garg - 4 tahun yang lalu
AkshayanT damn right brother. It's about time we get some crazy ass awesome shit from DC. What a great time to be a comic book fan.
Coding Genius
Coding Genius - 4 bulan yang lalu
It's weird to think such a mean person stared in one of my favourite movie 3 years ago... #justiceforjohnnydeep
Charlie-girl - 4 bulan yang lalu
Fun movie for sure, special effects tons of it but still great movie!
Sofa-king-funny - 5 bulan yang lalu
special effects ruin movies ! Amber Heard ruins movies too!
Cora Urdialez
Cora Urdialez - 3 bulan yang lalu
😆I never heard of amber until the trial... I see why 🤣
Brant Frans
Brant Frans - 4 tahun yang lalu
Hell Yeah!!! This looks badass!!! James Wan is the right man for the job.
Timmy the Awesome Applesauce
Timmy the Awesome Applesauce - 4 tahun yang lalu
Smokey McJoint then why’d you come??
Timmy the Awesome Applesauce
Timmy the Awesome Applesauce - 4 tahun yang lalu
Adrian Z 🤔🤔🤔 I’m suspicious too.
Ho lee fuk
Ho lee fuk - 4 tahun yang lalu
Smokey McJoint Yet you have a Venom Picture....🤔
Smokey McJoint
Smokey McJoint - 4 tahun yang lalu
This looks like retarded garbage, just like the other DC movies and NO I'm not a "Marvel Fanboy" because most of those movies are fucking retarded too.
night strike78
night strike78 - 4 tahun yang lalu
Silje Bråthen
Silje Bråthen - 5 bulan yang lalu
Aquaman was such a good movie. Too bad I won't watch aquaman 2 if Heard keeps rolling. Jason Momoa is the man who "makes" aquaman, not Heard anyway.