World's Sharpest Tuna Knife!Superb yellowfin Tuna cutting skill, Luxurious sashimi / 最鋒利的刀!黃鰭鮪魚切割技能

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World's Sharpest Tuna Knife!Superb yellowfin Tuna cutting skill, Luxurious sashimi / 最鋒利的刀!黃鰭鮪魚切割技能
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Jay Odon
As an Australian fisherman that has put my life on the line, fishing on long line tuna boats to catch these magnificent fish, it is an honour to see the respect and precision that is afforded to them at the consumer end of the line too.
Tim Gutierrez
I enjoyed how skillful he was and that he was meticulous about his work area the entire time. He got every edible bite possible. Impressive.
Andrew Christian
This man clearly takes pride in his work. And I respect people who do. This is the single most satisfying knife work I've ever seen. Good work man, keep it up
Goose - 
That he cleans his knife, the cutting board and the fish after every step shows how much of a professional he is.
ikrom saidmaxmudov
ikrom saidmaxmudov - 21 hari yang lalu
У меня такое впечатление, что мастер разделавший тунца, является самураем, это ремесло помогает ему не терять навыки по владению мечами и ножами и сдерживать ту прыть, которую он унаследовал от предков, браво Мастер !
Shadow sun
Apart from the next level skill involved , please stop a moment to admire what an absolutely stunningly beautiful fish the Yellow Fin Tuna is .
Shinji Black
I am in awe. The work this man is capable of putting out literally brought a tear to my eye. That has to be the most exquisite sashimi I've ever seen. It's just a shame we don't have access to people with talent like him or the quality of fish seen in this video here in the US
lovely wright
I am utterly moved by the professionalism of this man. The tools, the workplace, and the fish all are given meticulous respect and care. Awesome 🌹🌹🌹
Steven(kratos) - 14 hari yang lalu
I know this is about his knife skills but I really enjoy how clean he kept his area and the fish at all times
BigGTV - 
I love how almost nothing goes to waste 👍
ZapBeep - 
So incredible! Handling these beastly knives so precisely through such amazing fish is an actual art. I hope to afford a knife like this one day
Dr Ray oldman
I've never seen such a clean work station, dude handles his tools like a true master
Vishnu Pandey
I love how clean and precise every cut is. Amazing job !
Rosa Venceslau
Que trabalho lindo ,limpo vc tá de parabéns👏👏👏
Jeremy Arnold
I was randomly recommended this, I only really watch video game stuff, heck I don't really like seafood, but I sat here for the whole 13 minutes captivated by how good this was. Amazing job
Shuhrat Kessikbayev
I love how even though I'm not a fan of seafood (like at all the most I'll take it is grilled shrimp with lemon and white rice) I still watched the end thinking "Man that looks so good I just hate that I'm not a seafood lover."
Виктор Игумнов
Виктор Игумнов - 14 hari yang lalu
Инструмент превосходный. Умение разделки, офигенное!!! 👍👍👍
Tom Stark
as a furniture maker/woodworker, this guy sharpening these knives on a Tormec with no angle guide is impressive af. The angle/bevel of these blades is extremely important and to have the muscle memory to freehand that is pretty cool.
The Expert🥊
That was satisfying… i love watching this type of video. Interesting AF. Such precision and skill. Looks easy but definitely not. Props to that man. And it looks like he just made that “knife” out of sharpened metal. Amazing
Symptoms Mania
So great and incredible cutting skills out there! Very precise