Using My Ex-Girlfriend to Make My Girlfriend Jealous

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My Girlfriend is gonna be SO JEALOUS!
After Chad Wild Clay made "He's Heartbroken, but I know how to Get Her Back!", Vy Qwaint created "Are My Friends LEAVING the Spy Ninjas?", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "My EX-Girlfriend Tricked Me into Facing My Fear of Heights", Today we're at the arcade! And I, Daniel Gizmo, am going to make my girlfriend, Regina, jealous! I'll do this by secretly taking pictures with my...ex girlfriend...Alie Peters. It's not weird, okay! She decided to join PZ9, Melvin, her brother, and join Project Zorgo! She's hanging out with hackers, buying them food and stuff! I'm doing this at the arcade because Chad and Vy are choosing arcade games to buy and take back to the safe house, the new Spy Ninja Training Center! Now let's see what happens when Regina sees my posts on Instagram and Tik Tok! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog video in 2022!
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Fun fact that The Spy Ninjas appreciate the perfect persons to watch while eating
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Respect bro , 🔝 that's called real skills few hours ago he got me access into my wife's phone I do appreciate what you re doing , keep it up . 100✔
T P - 
Hey guys you guys motivated me so much and i love your videos. 👾
I've been wanting the Spy Ninja tools, but I can't get it because it's not in Australia.
Mermaid unicorn
I love your guises videos thanks for making them for all of us
only ETHICTOCRACKS on Instagram
MAN THANKS FOR Your endurance even though I insulted you,you still helped me out with my problem people like you are not common thanks man you making sense 💯🌎.
Miss_Roblox Gurl〽️
Daniel’s pov: “it’s ok I’m still happy though💀”
Aya Hasan
Thank you for making video and get Daniel girlfriend back we all miss her 😭😭😭🙏
Sprinkles Princess
That looks like so much fun at the arcade😇
I can't just stop recommending him enough for his tireless efforts and tremendous job, you're truly the best spy.
Angelica Garcia
The way Daniel said jealousy, jealousy, ot was so funny i love watching you guys
Zarek Christopher
At the end: the pod had little bit of smoke and lasers so did the pz killer but a lot of smoke maybe bc you guys drained all the power the smoke is very little and you know peters when he is defeated he wants to be friends with the person that defeated him
Music maker
I love you guys videos there AMAZING 🤩
Aimee-Marie Cooper
This man has no boundaries for how crazy his videos get! I love your videos
fortnite kid
I am a huge fan I have been here since y’all started love you spy ninjas
Keep up the great work guys! You guys are amazing!
Lauren Dalvia
i love your videos guys:)😄
Cat - 
This made me smile:)
Oliver Dracco
Miss the days of Daniel having fun
Dawn Mueller
You guys are having so much fun