process of making 99.99% pure gold bars to a very satisfactory level. South Korean gold exchange

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process of making 99.99% pure gold bars to a very satisfactory level. South Korean gold exchange
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Zepher Tensho
I've watched many hours of metal-melting videos on youtube and one thing that really impresses me about this is how shiny the gold was through the entire process. Most metals are dull and ugly after being poured, and need extensive sanding and polishing to be shiny, but the gold was beautiful from step 1, and kept it's sheen the entire time.
Khải Phạm Bá
I have always wondered why there are 2 types of gold bars. One is "ugly", uneven and rough on the surface (cast gold bars) while the other looks so clean, shinny and perfect (minted gold bars). Now with this video, I can further understand how they make minted from cast.
Sew & Craft With NuHa
My father run a gold and jewellery store. I remember when I was a child, I loved spending hours just to watch the golden smith doing all theese process. From melting golden bars, to molding, to polishing. And the next day, new necklace chain or ear rings already in the display to be sold. For me it's so magical. 😍😍
Historia Land
Kocham zloto i wszystkie prace z nim związane 🙏💚😎 super praca . Oglądanie czyjejś pracy działa kojąco na mnie i uspokaja mnie niesamowicie 👌 moim jednym z wielu marzeń jest odwiedzić ten piękny kraj jakim jest Korea💚
корней корнеич
Завораживающее зрелище.И не столько от золота,сколько от оборудования и работы мастеров.
Next Level HD
I really enjoyed watching all those processes come together, I could have watched a lot more from that company!
Aluizio Silva
É muita tecnologia e arte juntos! Maravilhoso!
Roxanne Gordon
At the
Detectorismo Quilombo
Olá,muito interessante o processo de criação de objetos usando o ouro! Grande abraço do Detectorismo Quilombo 😉
지애 - 
팔찌 만드시는분들 손 보면서 정말 감탄했습니다.. 작업하시는분의 손이 손톱도 깨지고 거칠어졌지만 제눈에는 정말 대단하신손 인거같아요..!
Tapis T
Tapis T - 
I love how the ingot is already shiny right after cooled down, which you would never see when casting other metals.
Sonny Thomas
Beautiful video and wonderful work. I loved those hands, you could see in how to nails are cracked that the craftsman worked for a long time. Such hands are a badge of honor better than any general can wear!
Rod_DG - 
Fiquei mais impressionado com todo maquinário envolvido nesse processo
Chesteris Kiba
Thank you for this video✨Какое же оно красивое -золото, сначала и до конца видео задержал дыхание☺💛
Golden Man
I really enjoyed watching all those processes come together. well done
Demi Huntero
Never liked jewelry because of the flashiness associated with it, but after watching several videos of jewelry making I’ve come to have a new admiration for it.
Amaral Souza
Tenho certeza que esse é o melhor emprego do mundo. Uma verdadeira obra de arte.
pescaria barcos e rotas
Maravilha ❤.
Vídeo de ouro 😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏