Oprah Winfrey । 30 Minutes for the NEXT 30 Years of Your LIFE

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Oprah Winfrey gives extraordinary advice on how to live your life. Follow this wisdom and you will be a better person. Absolutely fascinating motivational speech by one of the most influential women, Oprah Winfrey. I hope you enjoy and learn a great lesson. Please Like for more videos, it shows me you all enjoy the videos :)
Speaker: Oprah Winfrey
Billionaire media executive and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey is best known for hosting her own internationally popular talk show 'The Oprah Winfrey Show', from 1986 to 2011. From there she launched her own television network, OWN.
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Panagiota Kotoula
one year ago I started listening to these motivational speeches...one year after,I quit my 10 years job,moving on to another and once I got into the training room I saw a writing on the wall of oprah!Yes,God has a plan for me.thank you!
Sarah Nun
I listen to this message when I am feeling anxious, nervous or low in mood and I always feel better after listening to this message .Thank you Oprah
RHONDA TYUS - 21 jam yang lalu
This message has blessed me in so many ways 🙏🏾 🙌🏾
Tunisia Gresham
Wow, I needed this message and story at this time in my life. I deal with disheartening racism on my job daily but after listening to this I’m sure that I can go on. I’m crying right now. But my tears are not of sorrow-Amen. My tears are of joy and light. Thank you Oprah and Thank you Lord🙏
Sheila Walker
When I hear this I'm motivated I have 60 days clean and I started listening to this when I was in and recovery house I'm home now and strong as ever 🔥🔥 🙏🙏 I'm going at that 😈 with GOD thank you 👵🙏🙏
H Smith
H Smith - 21 hari yang lalu
As I cry listening to this, praying for life to get a little easier.... I am thankful for the words of Oprah.
Mathapelo G Mariba
She effortlessly brings you in contact with your truest self🥺❤️. God bless her soul
Joelys Hernandez
BEEEEEST Motivational speech I’ve ever heard so far. ❤️ Thank You God and Thank you Oprah
zhelma kendrick Kendrick
zhelma kendrick Kendrick - 21 hari yang lalu
I'm so grateful for these words on this night. Knowing walking in my interity no matter what others think. Yes my cup runs over.
Krystal - 21 hari yang lalu
Wow I have never truly taken the time to listen to any of Oprah's speeches and I can see that I have been missing out! What an amazing speech thank you for sharing.
Holistic Breakup Coach
I love what Oprah says "You do the right thing, immediately you're faced with doubt - is that the right thing? Is that the right decision? You always know it's the right thing, when in the end there is peace, you are rewarded by peace in knowing you did the right thing." Wow, this message resonates so deeply with me. Some of the very scariest and very hardest decisions I've made, in the midst of it all, I really wondered "Am I doing the right thing?" I struggled through such intense self-doubt, questioning and second-guessing myself through sleepless nights, yet in the end....just as Oprah says 'there is peace.'
Midnight Miss Suki
When she says the breath we take for granted because we expect the other one to come but the truth is there is no guarantee that the next breath will come....wow, one of the truest things ever said
Chwayita Hlam
“I am God’s child ,a spiritual being having a human experience”…..I want to fulfill the highest, truest form of the role I was meant to play on earth” 🔥🔥🔥💯❤️Oh My Goodness this brought me to tears. Oprah U Get It😭😭😭😭😭🙌🙌!!!!
Marina Lawson
Oprah has been my inspirations since 1987 when I arrived in TN from my birth country. I learned English because of her.. I am
Sheryl Stacy
Such a powerful message for all to hear, I soaked in and can relate to what she has/is sharing. I love how I am becoming aware of who I am and why. The breathing exercises is essential in reconnecting to oneself each day we have the moment to be thankful and appreciate each day..wow.
It is my time now to listen with open ears and a receiving heart! To God be the glory! ❤️
Zainab Dawood
One of the best and most inspiring speeches I’ve heard from Oprah!! and I dont mind repeating it over and over again.. thank you🙏
Ivette Ruiz
Thank you Oprah, you just made me change my life. I feel so lost and alone and often wondered what is my purpose. Always feeling why I am living. I’m forever going to be grateful to this message❤️🙏
Toby Day
What a truly amazing inspirational speech, I will listen to it frequently! Thank you. 💚🙏