Off Grid Cabin In The Woods....Start to finish

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In this video I build a small off grid cabin in the remote woods of the upper Midwest. If you've ever wanted o build a cabin in the woods...this is one way to do it.


Purelove12 Jack1218
Hands down this is the best thing I’ve seen on YouTube ever in my life :) thank you 🙏
Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central
The amount of work that went into filming this build can't be understated. Great job my man. On both the filming and the construction.
Jenna White
Jenna White - 4 jam yang lalu
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Anthony - 
The fact that you just woke up one morning and built this with your own hands and no help, it’s absolutely astounding!
Carol Feltman
I have never had my own home and now that I am alone and 72 years old, I would love to have a cabin like this to call my own. You and your wife are amazing! I binge watch your videos and enjoy the heck out of them.
Julie Thomas
That was awesome. My dad was a builder , taught himself, and taught my two brothers how to build. Made me appreciate how hard they worked. My dad is gone now. This video made me think of him.
Michael Young
This video build was the most relaxing I've seen so far also he was so humble in the face of mother nature all by himself with no help. THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!
Ned Mills
Not only is this cabin build entertaining to watch, the video is also relaxing because the guitar music in the background doesn't interfere with the narration- it supports it without being too loud or annoying. Bravo! If Bob Ross built cabins...
Hope Israel
Hope Israel - 18 jam yang lalu
This was awesome to watch. The cabin is esthetically pleasing to look at on the interior and exterior. Thank you for sharing this!
Lily C
Lily C - 
This was amazing to watch from start to finish, thank you for sharing this! The result looks beautiful and so cozy
Dave, you made that look SO easy! I tried to get my hubby to build a small cabin on our property & he just laughs, Grrr!😡 I love watching Brooke, you & the puppers. I am jealous of every build you do. Keep up the great adventures.
Peter Hetherington
Peter Hetherington - 4 jam yang lalu
I don’t think I’ve enjoyed watching a cabin go up more than I enjoyed this. Thank you sir.
C - 
This was a joy to watch. You did an excellent job, your construction skills look like they were built over many years.
Nick - 
Can we just take a second to enjoy the time he spent setting up the camera angles? It would’ve taken him probably half the time to finish this project, but instead he chose to make some nice, satisfying content for us. What a guy.
Mike Prekopa
My dream is to build a cabin like this. I know basic construction, but I learned a lot from your video. genuinely, thank you!
Miranda Frazier
This is helping me so much! I'm planing to build a 20x20 cabin with no running water and no electricity. (We might have a generator and a thing outside that holds water but not that much) Our land that we own also gets tons of snow, but when it melts the ground turns into clay
Marina Harmon
Marina Harmon - 2 jam yang lalu
What a joy to watch this, laughing so hard when you tried to pick up that front wall... The sounds coming from you was just... And wow, how many builders work as clean as you do. Respect from Namibia. Keep going.
Jan Z
Jan Z - 
Oh man.. I just love this so much!! I'm doing renovations in my house, wishing I had help like you! Your cabin is AMAZING!! Thank you for sharing! ❤
Mystic Breeze
Great video King. I've always been interested in this type of building and living. Simple but yet enjoying. We as people don't need what society has deemed as normal living, surviving with the basics is what counts!
Will Spliff
The fact that I sat down and watched this whole process rather than skipping to the end to see the end product, says a lot about this video.