Neymar vs Marseille (13/09/2020) | HD 1080i

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Title: Neymar vs Marseille (13/09/2020) | HD 1080i
Neymar Jr's performance in Ligue against Marseille. PSG lost the game 0-1 and had the game had 4 red card, Neymar included...
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AshStudio7 - 16 hari yang lalu
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Murid Baru
Murid Baru - 15 hari yang lalu
zOliveira - 15 hari yang lalu
In this pandemic, what "Makano" situation still has justice?
Yaya Colley
Yaya Colley - 15 hari yang lalu
Abem Salfiso
Abem Salfiso - 15 hari yang lalu
foce you ok I am page clabe ok nemare is good ok you are face
Rahman Ashfaq Dihan
Rahman Ashfaq Dihan - 16 hari yang lalu
I would love to get a shout-out for my channel too.
Mohammed E. Ali
Mohammed E. Ali - 11 hari yang lalu
He is just f***in playin for himself,,useless for the team
el monstro 7
el monstro 7 - 11 hari yang lalu
He gave em a traditional "fresh cut" lol
The Football Planet
The Football Planet - 13 hari yang lalu
Puma is so happy because now everyone wants Puma like Neymar.
LiUnderground - 13 hari yang lalu
PSG hates Marseille because of their cl trophy and Marseille hates PSG because they've been dominating France for years now.
Zauder Castro
Zauder Castro - 14 hari yang lalu
Neymar is the most overestimated soccer player there is. He should be in judo since he likes to lie down on the floor so much
ODADING MANG OLEH - 15 hari yang lalu
Odading mang olehnya kakak
7asan 249
7asan 249 - 15 hari yang lalu
PSG would do better without net mar
Gogeta91 Gogeta91
Gogeta91 Gogeta91 - 15 hari yang lalu
Il solito Neymar.. Che sa solamente cadere e lamentarsi... Giocatore altezzoso come pochi
Mr. Comrade
Mr. Comrade - 15 hari yang lalu
Kluͦgͤgͫer - 15 hari yang lalu
Neygay and PSG were mad at Payet because he celebrated their UCL final loss against Bayern, now looking back, i see they do not deserve to win it how bad losers they are.
Rifky aditya
Rifky aditya - 15 hari yang lalu
Rui Sousa
Rui Sousa - 15 hari yang lalu
O Neymar é isto...inútil é como chover no molhado não faz nada de útil pela equipa, quem quis fazer dele um messi ou um Cristiano enganou-se redondamente, parece uma foca sabe brincar com a bola mas fazer algo de útil é que não.....fake superstar
Thehoodkid Kevin
Thehoodkid Kevin - 15 hari yang lalu
the asian guy with brown hair doesn’t know how to play soccer🤦🏻‍♂️
Esad Karaca
Esad Karaca - 15 hari yang lalu
Once upon a time there was a skillful player with name of neymar
Aaaa Bbbb
Aaaa Bbbb - 15 hari yang lalu
Overrated diver
Michael Juan
Michael Juan - 15 hari yang lalu
Neymar boots Puma?
tommaso njeppy
tommaso njeppy - 15 hari yang lalu
Ha perso e pure espulso st'imbecille
Futbol Çalışma Gerektirir
Futbol Çalışma Gerektirir - 15 hari yang lalu
Neymar Ovaerall 92
PSG Vs Marseille Mathc Neymar Overall 70
jj h
jj h - 15 hari yang lalu
Ah biasa aja mainnya kebanyakan gaya bisa ngelewatin aja kgk passing salah mulu ,udh kaya badut hiburan mainnya caper bgitu najis gocek2 gak jelas
Yousef diffalah
Yousef diffalah - 15 hari yang lalu
TFK RMN - 15 hari yang lalu
Neymar has no interest in PSG. The reason he join PSG was because of his close friend Dani Alves. But now Alves gone Neymar doesn't feel like to play in PSG anymore. 😐
The Football Planet
The Football Planet - 11 hari yang lalu
Sexy Abs Three reasons is already good enough to join Paris Saint-Germain. And guess what, he’s been doing better there than Barcelona has for sure.
TFK RMN - 12 hari yang lalu
@The Football Planet My 1 to 3 reasons is facts lol. 🤷‍♂️😂🤦‍♂️
The Football Planet
The Football Planet - 12 hari yang lalu
Sexy Abs You went from 1 reason to 3 reasons.
TFK RMN - 13 hari yang lalu
@The Football Planet No lol. Its facts. Dani Alves was also the reason why Neymar left Barca to join PSG other than big money and stay away from Messi shadow. 🤷‍♂️
The Football Planet
The Football Planet - 13 hari yang lalu
You are so wrong in every way.
Agustin Barajas
Agustin Barajas - 15 hari yang lalu
Kanaan Rogers
Kanaan Rogers - 15 hari yang lalu
Neymar is carrying psg 🤷🏽‍♂️😬 and that’s not a good thing.
Ison Diab
Ison Diab - 15 hari yang lalu
Trending di Indonesia... :)
TV GAMING - 15 hari yang lalu
Salam hangat kk, numpang coment
Ben Last
Ben Last - 15 hari yang lalu
Just a dive compilation! What a cheat. Lucky to be on the pitch until the 90th minute.
सुशिल बस्नेत
whenever i see neymar face, it makes me laugh...too much drama lol..🤣
Sun Kwong
Sun Kwong - 15 hari yang lalu
most overrate player
Rubel khan joy
Rubel khan joy - 15 hari yang lalu
Neymar is the find footballar
Diego Fernando Montoya Montoya
Diego Fernando Montoya Montoya - 15 hari yang lalu
Que le pasa a Neymar??? Le dieron caldo de tanga o que??? Esta jugando perverso
Music Target
Music Target - 15 hari yang lalu
Alan walker on my way :
di. Liberto T.
di. Liberto T. - 15 hari yang lalu
Neymar is trash
Murid Baru
Murid Baru - 15 hari yang lalu 😂
Yoitzluis - 15 hari yang lalu
Where is mpape
Server - 15 hari yang lalu
Grêmio v Inter on Libertadores be like: this is legit playground
Syahmi Aiman
Syahmi Aiman - 15 hari yang lalu
When neymar has contract with puma he is like a pele
breed apart
breed apart - 15 hari yang lalu
oh neymar.. jatuh truss
Gus Brunson
Gus Brunson - 15 hari yang lalu
As always the only way to stop Neymar is by a foul from behind...
The big arma
The big arma - 15 hari yang lalu
Serius team vs Serius team but in fifa 2021