BERNARDO VOLLEY! | MAN CITY HIGHLIGHTS | Aston Villa 1-2 City | Dias, Bernardo Silva & Watkins Goals

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Stunning first half goals from Ruben Dias and Bernardo were enough to earn depleted City a crucial 2-1 Premier League win at Aston Villa.
Despite being shorn of several key players through injury, illness and suspension, Pep Guardiola’s reigning champions produced a sumptuous opening 45 minutes at Villa Park capped off by quite superb goals from Portuguese duo Dias and Silva.

A 47th minute effort from Villa’s Ollie Watkins made for a hard-fought second half.


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Prongs - 
Aside from Bernardo, Dias, Jesus, and Ferna having a great game, massive props to Ederson. That point blank save was 🔥
Didha - 
Magical performance from Dias and Bernardo!
KT Heng
KT Heng - 
City’s 2nd goal was brilliant. First from a defensive shielding of the ball from Mahrez, a superb pass by Fernandinho, a delightful cross by Jesus and what a finish from Bernardo Silva! Classic Man City goal in less than 10 seconds from ball in City penalty box to ball at the back of Villa net
Ophoro Tube
Aisee City tumeshindikana its been an honour to watch this team playing 🙏
Abidakun Toyin
What a strike from Bernardo... Man on fire 🔥
Miftahul Fikri
That Bernardo's first time kick could never be aged. Well done, man.
All of them were great goals.
Diogo Miguel√
Bernardo Silva, Dias and Gabriel Jesus, incredible performance!
Hos Jaf
Hos Jaf - 
What a save from Ederson 🔥🔥
Pwecko - 
Three very good goals. The Bernardo one was superb. AV played really well after the first twenty minutes. Another win for City though. 😁
Ed Byfar
Our Portuguese players really having a blast this SSN
Bernardo's goal is def the Goal of the season contender. Absolutely brilliant and it is such a difficult skill to pull of.
João Ferreira
Bernardo is on fire your defense is terrified 😂
banjo guy
Bernardo was on fire, but let's not overlook that superb cross by Jesus, it was De Bruyn-esque. I'm glad he's getting to show his strengths more this season playing in a more comfortable position for him.
Iliase IGlesias
What a finish from Bernardo
Bongi Mdlalose
What a goal from Bernardo
Metali-tin 1894
That Bernardo goal needs an "every angle" video. You can hear how crisp the connection was, listen to the sound when it he hits it. Love Bernardo.
Mahrez and Sterling intense drive and intelligent play in defense was admirable to watch 👏
Magical performance from Bernardo Silva 🇵🇹 with classy finish btw🔥🪄💙