UNITED 8-2 ARSENAL | On This Day (28 August 2011) | Extended Highlights | Manchester United Classics

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Watch the full 90 minutes from this unforgettable game now on MUTV!
On the anniversary of one of the most extraordinary games in Manchester United's history, relive extended highlights of our 8-2 win over Arsenal as Sir Alex Ferguson's side beat the Gunners thanks to goals from Danny Welbeck, Ashley Young, Ji-Sung Park, Nani, and a hat-trick for Wayne Rooney!
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Sir Alex won the league with Cleverly, Smalling, Jones, and Welbeck. That’s a miracle.
Kerem Cesur
Kerem Cesur - Tahun Yang lalu
If Rooney's chip shot went in this would have been the best hat-trick of all time.
Riley Freeman
Had to come back to this to raise my spirits after the 5-0 loss to Liverpool today 😪
Totally Not Darth Vader
"Nothing but problems for Arsenal. Key players leaving, injuries and suspensions. 1 point and no goals from their opening couple of fixtures."
Elijah Tsaw
Elijah Tsaw - Tahun Yang lalu
Those times when Smalling could even attack and score goals
mochii - 
Everyone was great. But I personally miss Park. One of the best player who played in Manchester.
Huy Lê
Huy Lê - Tahun Yang lalu
I miss the glory days under Sir Alex. Every club were scared of us. This match was one of the most dominanted matches in Manchester United history.
Tiki Taka
Winning 8-2 with Smalling, Phil Jones, Young, Anderson, Cleverley and Welbeck in your starting line up. Only Sir Alex can do that. That's why he is the GOAT!
Peregrin "Pippin" Took
The amount of missed chances in this game, imagine we scored them. Could have easily been about 13-2
I miss these days. I want to get back to this free form play style. United used to be so fluid and such a threat.
Jacques Du Plessis
Jacques Du Plessis - Hari Yang lalu
Here to forget about the 4-0 mauling. The United spirit, the passion for the badge… I truly hope we can get there again
I Only Comment🙂
I Only Comment🙂 - 2 jam yang lalu
2011: De gea Saving united
Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher - Tahun Yang lalu
This is all we have now. History. We're turning into Nostalgia FC
Iurieti Vladut
Ashley Young was something else in his youth...what a talented player that could've been one of the best in the world if not for his injuries...
Asani Wasabi
Arsenal's form that night was still better than any form they've had in the past 3 years
Absolutely anything
Had to come back to this again to raise my spirits after 4-1 loss to Watford
Jacob Arabo
Jacob Arabo - Tahun Yang lalu
I can’t believe I was there that day, never gonna forget it!
What a game this was. I remember each and every moment of it. I miss those days.
rockies 94
rockies 94 - Tahun Yang lalu
"If you can't beat them, join them." -Van Persie, 2012
Muhammad Asyraf
Prime De Gea was something else. And Young goals just wow.