What Owning a Ramen Restaurant in Japan is Like

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If you want to visit Kunimoto's ramen restaurant, Mengokoro Kunimoto, you can check it out at goo.gl/maps/RFRmrLK7KST2 .
His Facebook page is at facebook.com/MianXinGuomoto/ (he only speaks Japanese though).
Director's Commentary at id-card.info/label/i5Dag2yAbHlnn4o/video.html
And for those of you asking, the device he uses to poke holes in the eggs is called an egg piercer. I couldn't find the exact one he's using, but here's one on Amazon amzn.to/2Ei3iZ5 . Here's what it does en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egg_pie... .
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Life Where I'm From
Life Where I'm From - Tahun Yang lalu
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Andy Christian
He is always smiling, and polite.
Ismail Niyaz
I can see the fatigue in his face, but it's clear that he's one of those people that magically summons energy from sheer the passion he has for his work.
blackmooncult x
Hes right; to train people to be you is just impossible. He is so driven and motivated its inspiring. People like him make me want to do more.
Sophia Bianca A. Duag
The way they keep their kitchen clean is so impressive
sheng sheng
I love how he smiled the whole time he was being interviewed. You kinda sense that he is a kind person. If I am given a chance to fly to Japan I would definitely visit his restaurant.
Cruz RobEan
That’s what we called a “Passion” not only a hard work and dedication but has a passion on what he is doing. Just notice of his every answer plus the smile he put on period
A 003
A 003 - 4 tahun yang lalu
Jheez, washing dishes at a restaurant is already stressful enough as it is. This guy opens the shop, preps, cooks, washes the dishes, cleans, does the laundry, closes the shop AND does the food orders at closing? I have so much respect for this man.
Andrew Rowe
Andrew Rowe - 21 jam yang lalu
This guy is brilliant, love him!
Christian Albanito
Christian Albanito - 12 jam yang lalu
"There's nothing I don't like." You can see how tired he is, yet he always smiles. If everyone had that work ethic, all businesses would be much better
Fed - 
I wish this man all the best, his kind of dedication cannot be tought, it comes from within..this video should be required for all who don't understand the meaning of hard work
Monnaman Meshauff
This dude is inspiring. I love ramen so much and he’s living it and working very hard. I hope he and his family are doing well in this time of hardship
J Groenveld
J Groenveld - 5 tahun yang lalu
I had the honour and pleasure to visit his ramen shop and I cannot speak how flavourful his dishes was, simple yet delicious.
Vinay Vanam
This man just taught me that nothing comes easy you have to work hard for everything
Gustavo Velez
Gustavo Velez - Hari Yang lalu
Although I met many Kunimotos while living in Japan; after many years I realized that actually very few people in the whole wide world work as hard a the Japanese from whom I learned so much! Mina San domo Arigato Gozaimasu! Oki ni!!!
rina filisi
Much respect for this young man. A lot of hard work pays off for those who have a dream and compassion for what they do in life.
This production's value is so good. The editing. The interviews. The presentation. Well done, LWIF!
carlos acosta
Japanese craftsmanship at its finest. Wish this guy the best. So beautiful to see the care and joy he puts into every bowl of Ramen 🙏🏽❤️
Abdi Rahmaan Mohamed
Abdi Rahmaan Mohamed - 5 tahun yang lalu
His work ethic is very admirable, I honestly wish him the best in his business and his life.