Korea's best handmade knife master. Knife making process

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Korea's best handmade knife master. Knife making process
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Дмитрий Завьялов
Спасибо автору ролика! Это очень красиво! Мечта хоть подержать в руках произведение Мастера.Еще раз спасибо!
Noone - Hari Yang lalu
This fellow comes across as from old school where he probably could do most everything was with fire and a hammer, but knows the value of modernization. True skilled craftsman and talent.
Coffreek - Hari Yang lalu
Thank you for including the flux application. I've never been entirely clear on that part.
MDSR - 21 hari yang lalu
the hardness test at last few seconds blew my mind. amazing work. Respect
Incredible work!! I'd be freaking out while heat treating a blade with those many layers and twists and turns and different steels welded together, but he seemed confident! True master of his craft.
Pochete com Essencia
Pochete com Essencia - Hari Yang lalu
Top as facas parabéns 👏 pelo trabalho adoraria te uma pra guarda de lembrança
AB3 - 
I’ve been making knives for 16 years and I don’t have words for this man’s art.
Luke - Hari Yang lalu
Man this was like an epic saga. I'm over here yelling like holy shit another fold and then another twist?!?! Holy fuck this was amazing. The precision was a sight to behold
Cookie Monster™
Beautiful work from the master and great job capturing the process on video. Good luck to his apprentice because there is a lot to learn!
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FoBy PaWz
It was this type of craftsmanship and ingenuity that propelled civilization into the next age! Such an epic moment to witness!
Rick Brown
Rick Brown - Hari Yang lalu
I love watching a craftsman do his thing. It's beautiful
Yeong Tark
모루 위에서 망치 부딪히는 소리가 너무나 청아하게 들려서 좋았습니다. 우리나라 각분야에서 본연의 일을 묵묵하게 이뤄나가시는 모든 장인분들을 응원합니다!!
Philippe Panayotov
Those people are true heroes for me. They are literally adding value and soul to their products. <3
Mike - 
Wow his ability to not waste steal grinding is really impressive.
Şule Aydın
Şule Aydın - 21 hari yang lalu
Unbelievable the skill involved. Time, patience, craftsmanship. Just amazing.
Сергей Королёв
Сергей Королёв - 14 hari yang lalu
Великолепная работа мастера! Видео просто завораживает!
Dalgat R
Dalgat R - Hari Yang lalu
Приятно смотреть на мастера своего дела.
Paulo Dos Santos
Parabéns,pelo maravilhoso trabalho.