Rice Bowls Cooked Fast by Pros! The Old Established Restaurant Loved by Regular Customers

【Handmade Udon Nishiki (in front of Himeji Red Cross Hospital)】
Nishiki Nabeyaki Udon 1300yen $10.00
Tempura Zaru Udon 1700yen $13.10
Nishiki Bowl 990yen $7.60
Map: g.page/nishiki_official?share
Address: Higashi Yumesakidai 3-124, Himeji-shi, Hyogo
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Al Malek
Loved watching their synchronisation. No shouting just necessary tone. Kitchen is so clean, clear & organised. The staff seemed to love & respect their job & tradition. Age is just numbers
こーた んべ
Jeff Carmicheal
I'm completely amazed at their effectiveness and efficiency! But this has to do with years of experience and prepping enough items to be ready for either a steady trickle of guests or a rush of many at once. I lived in Japan when I was younger and the food still looks so delicious! Thank you for creating such a wonderful video. 🙏
kura Umaki
I’m amazed how fast and easy they prep their food and their kitchen is so clean and beautiful I will come and visit that restaurant hopefully next year and the food looks so yummy to die for
Mauricio rodriguez
Algún día sueño con ir a Japón y poder disfrutarlo de todo eso 💚💛❤️
Nilsa Verneque
Que lindo! Tudo limpinho 👏👏👏
Adam Walker
What great team. So impressed by the preparation work.
Matt D. Concelho
Matt D. Concelho - 19 jam yang lalu
São quase 2 horas da manhã, mais eu estou apaixonado vendo isso ❤
kelli blue
Absolutely fascinating! Thank you for keeping such a clean house!' Very commendable, all of your food looks amazing! I especially liked watching how you made the huge vats of dashi and the fact that you've put in nearly a whole day's worth of work BEFORE your restaurant even opens. Everything is an amazing 'dance' between one another, it's obvious everything for this restaurant is habit, and 'in your blood!' 3 generations, may you have many more!
Ирина Николаевна
Я в восхищении!!! Такая организация и слаженность в работе, разнообразие блюд и их подача!! Понимаешь, что за этим стоят годы совместной работы и притирки друг к другу!! А сушист-это что то!!👍👌 такие точные и красивые движения!!! Очень хочется всё это попробовать!!!
Marcela Barboza Passos
Não costumo ver vídeos tão longos,mas é tão bom,lindo o trabalho deles.Foi uma satisfação esse vídeo,parabens.
Sven - 21 hari yang lalu
Everything is so clean and immaculately prepared, and everyone is so in tune.
I love seeing how they all work with military precision and work in harmony with each other. Its like a dance of the kitchen so beautiful to see.
Marie uhi
Marie uhi - 7 jam yang lalu
as someone who worked food industry jobs in the United States, im so impressed with how well the kitchen staff work with each other!! and how they switch stations and how no one is slacking and theyre all hustling for their customers, and how the prepping they did was so much and how clean they are during a busy time bc the restaurant owner likes to clean for lunch and for dinner , and how many menu items there are and how amazing the knife skills with fish and sushi are of the old guy, and the pure concentration besides a busy rush. just major props ik so impressed if i was rich i would love to spoil everybody on here
Samaa Hammam
Impressive team work, precision, cleanliness and the dishes look delicious, this has to be the best team work I've seen a restaurant run. Great job
Eden P
Eden P - 
Je suis toujours en admiration de la façon de cuisiner qu'ont les japonais de travailler et cuisiner les aliments . C'est ce qui s'appelle. De l'art culinaire ,merci ,,!!!♥️♥️♥️
Bradley Motoyama
Looks delicious!! I think it’s great so many generations are keeping these delicious customs alive, my grandfather made wonderful soup and noodles just not the variety that your restaurant does. I hope to visit someday with my son, he loves ramen!!
Moonlight Lpherea
Moonlight Lpherea - Hari Yang lalu
What’s so amazing about this restaurant is not how great their food is (although I definitely admit that it looks mouthwatering), but rather how easily they corporate together to finish a meal. This can be clearly seen in