Korean Brick Making Process With German Technology. Automated Brick Factory In Korea

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Korean Brick Making Process With German Technology. Automated Brick Factory In Korea
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This is the absolute coolest factory I’ve ever seen. I saw someone complain about the music added to the video. Normally, I’m not a fan of added music, but it was a perfect addition to this video to turn this assembly line into a beautiful dance by the machines. The choreography of the dance between the huge machines waltzing these tiny bricks around and around was fun to watch. The way this massive machine picks up a load of bricks, swings around, flies off to another area, gently sets the load down, and then gives them a soft tap as if thanking them for the dance. Another machine swings them off for another round, then the sides step back, as if bowing after their dance. I’m not usually so fanciful, but whoever designed that factory did an incredible job. Thanks for sharing this with us.
Pradipta Nugraha
Its really well synchronized using that takt timed process 👍 Well- done and standardized for manufacturing, and still a challenging adoption for the construction project 👍🔥
Moacir Pereira
adoro tenologia , maquinas fazendo servico pro homem . obrigado aos inventores engenheiros mecanicos que desenvolvem essas maquinas obrigado mesmo !
Navin - 
Bricks are handled so delicately.. like a baby .. so much care .. loved it ❤️
Regina Tomašová a Pavel Tomaš Lolo
Super technology thanks to the invention, and great admiration for all the mechanical engineers who are involved in such amazing robots.
Petrie Pretorius
the music is so fitting to the magic they are doing in that factory...it is inspiring to see...the logistical system is 70% of the work being done in that factory! it goes to show! and the place of big bulky automated machines each with their own excentric job alongside each logistical transport machine.........i really like it!
ugh - 
The soundtrack makes this whole process seem sooooo magical. I love it. Never watched any movie with as much focus and awe as this video!
These bricks went from Harry Potter, to Home Alone, to Western Homesteading.
moosesnWoop123 - 21 hari yang lalu
You do such a great job of these videos. Amazing shots.
Gideon A.
Simply amazing how manufacturing technology is being deployed. ❤️❤️
cristian pereyra
Que bien trabajan estos coreanos saludos desde argentina*
Jacqueline Retamal
La tecnología es bellísima, no hay ninguna equivocación y las últimas máquinas son muy delicada con los ladrillos, me encantó 😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
S M Taher
What is the cost of the complete plant and how much space required (open space and structured space) to setup this factory ?
Akbar Ali
Wonderful! Now brick is not ordinary mud built building materials. Now it has become industrial goods after being manufactured in such a giant industry. You can export it to other countries also. Really fascinating! Thank you.
How long does it take that scoop to get to the end product on the pallet?
вот это понимаю качество высшего уровня
never seen bricks packed so well from the factory, laid out in 5 brick bundles, packaging must be costly but breakages very low....
Umesh Shelke
Wow, technology has reached so far, very nice video.Fully automatic and robotic controlled.pluse precision and quality.
it's ok to be stupid
those bricks look delicious and i dont know why 🤤
Allen Shaba
How much will it cost to set up the factory 🏭 like this?