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Everton fell victim to a late flurry of Watford goals to go down to defeat at Goodison Park and miss an opportunity to climb into the Premier League's top-four.

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Anders Parnefalt
Anders Parnefalt - 28 hari yang lalu
Look är West han D m
Anders Parnefalt
Anders Parnefalt - 28 hari yang lalu
Everton sins 1975 i m sham
Born - Bulan Yang lalu
Pickford is such a crappy keeper
Andrei - Bulan Yang lalu
Should have kept King instead of Rondon
Aleef Mohammed
Aleef Mohammed - Bulan Yang lalu
Did Benitez just insulted his player “Hijo de Puta” from 2:03 onwards?????
孟美神 - Bulan Yang lalu
Did Rafa said la puta at the end
Zaky Manhajurrahman
Zaky Manhajurrahman - Bulan Yang lalu
Michael - Bulan Yang lalu
The fact that this Everton team beat Man u is to say that something is seriously out of place with the squad.
Mugisha Isaac
Mugisha Isaac - Bulan Yang lalu
Jeffrey Lim
Jeffrey Lim - Bulan Yang lalu
Under table
Portia Achumpo
Portia Achumpo - Bulan Yang lalu
Well done Watford we need such a performance against Everton always
Joe Tyrrell
Joe Tyrrell - Bulan Yang lalu
You’ve got some balls to upload this.
Adhi Setyo Budi
Adhi Setyo Budi - Bulan Yang lalu
Lu kebobolan 5 gol, dan lu cetak 6 gol you still win the game
kiplay1 - Bulan Yang lalu
Good set pieces..
Al wardi hamid
Al wardi hamid - Bulan Yang lalu
What I can see Merseyside is Red. Your club is too small compare to Liverpool. Thats the facts 🤣🤣
Ahmad Eko
Ahmad Eko - Bulan Yang lalu
After saw this video, i knew, watford is better than mu
Muhammad Astra
Muhammad Astra - Bulan Yang lalu
Merseyside is red ❤️❤️
Bisma Nugraha
Bisma Nugraha - Bulan Yang lalu
Liverpool city
badass' man
badass' man - Bulan Yang lalu
Lu kebobolan 2 gol but lu cetak lima gol.... You still win the game
Clare Potter
Clare Potter - Bulan Yang lalu
Ha ha ha!!!
Djst1878 - Bulan Yang lalu
I hate u everton sometimes piss me off ur not the same anymore
Gandani Ramadan
Gandani Ramadan - Bulan Yang lalu
si gani itu ahli dalam solo player in game
Gandani Ramadan
Gandani Ramadan - Bulan Yang lalu
liat pemain 24 di pertandingan ini dia lah bintang solo player
Josh King got his revenge. Well beaten...
KANG BAHAS - Bulan Yang lalu
Merseyside is RED🔴❤️🔥
jithin lal
jithin lal - Bulan Yang lalu
Anang Rinandanto
Anang Rinandanto - Bulan Yang lalu
Bangku stadion semakin berkurang, para suporter pulang lebih awal.. Seperti halnya dengan suporter Manchester United.. Pulang lebih awal karena dibantai Liverpool 😃
오선희 - Bulan Yang lalu
Richardson is back but they should change the defense tatic
Akhtar Hussain
Akhtar Hussain - Bulan Yang lalu
Still shocked after watching us give it away like that ! Glad I got a week off from work
Cha cha Real smooth
Cha cha Real smooth - Bulan Yang lalu
What a time to be a Liverpool fan
Roslan Busari
Roslan Busari - Bulan Yang lalu
Please leave Rafa...
Tipu FitzHerbert
Tipu FitzHerbert - Bulan Yang lalu
this was like a fifa game
Tri Budi Raharjo
Tri Budi Raharjo - Bulan Yang lalu
Cornellius Dimas Berlin
Cornellius Dimas Berlin - Bulan Yang lalu
Rafael Benitez is worst than Carlo Ancelotti, this coach never make me impress
Adrian - Bulan Yang lalu
Oryza A. Wirawan
Oryza A. Wirawan - Bulan Yang lalu
and Liverpool beat Man United 5-0 at old trafford... there's a gulf at merseyside
Watch and Spray
Watch and Spray - Bulan Yang lalu
Everton at stock settings.
Halik Ur mom
Halik Ur mom - Bulan Yang lalu
Demi gray really class nowadays
Faldo Sihotang
Faldo Sihotang - Bulan Yang lalu
Wtf michael keane
Toffee Coffee
Toffee Coffee - Bulan Yang lalu
During Silva's reign I felt like we had no future, but this one was a new low. When is Marcel Brands going to take responsibility for the state of the club? I can't imagine what older fans have gone through all these years.
Ejuya Benefits
Ejuya Benefits - Bulan Yang lalu
Such a Banter club😂😂
Top Cat Coolio
Top Cat Coolio - Bulan Yang lalu
Look guys. Rafa is brilliant top man. Hes had to deal with injuries , restrictions to buy. What Brands had bought.. He made players better passing . Bought two great players for 1.6 mill. Rondon will get better I believe one goal his confidence will do him good. I bet Rafa would have kept King... I have total faith in Benitez turning this around. . Anyone who doesn't creates a curse on the club, with negativity.
Adi Sucipto
Adi Sucipto - Bulan Yang lalu
pertahanan Everton porak poranda
Tony Nesbit
Tony Nesbit - Bulan Yang lalu
Dog shit and everton football club a marriage made I heaven.
lobsang Dhondup
lobsang Dhondup - Bulan Yang lalu
Get in !! Josh king🤣🤣🤣🤣
Korv med Bröd
Korv med Bröd - Bulan Yang lalu
For me king did the right thing! He didnt get a real chance at Everton! But for me its just a game.
Abo Tufano
Abo Tufano - Bulan Yang lalu
Ranieri is always a great head coach.
HAWP - Bulan Yang lalu
I may have missed it but did Rondon ever touch the ball
A͟B͟R͟O͟R͟ B͟E͟K͟
A͟B͟R͟O͟R͟ B͟E͟K͟ - Bulan Yang lalu
Fuck your 3 goals
Hey Arnie Gaming
Hey Arnie Gaming - Bulan Yang lalu
Dennis is amazing
Carlos Adan Garcia
Carlos Adan Garcia - Bulan Yang lalu
Por suerte todos los problemas de everton desaparecieron con la salida de James
Camilo Arias
Camilo Arias - Bulan Yang lalu
Edgnécio Ubisse
Edgnécio Ubisse - Bulan Yang lalu
Elias Stormrider
Elias Stormrider - Bulan Yang lalu
They sold the game. shameful!
Adebayo Tosin Emmanuel
Adebayo Tosin Emmanuel - Bulan Yang lalu
I think Everton collected 3 red cards unaware by the camera.
Shoobbie C
Shoobbie C - Bulan Yang lalu
EPL should come up with a new award called ‘Most Dummies In A Single Game’. Watford surely would win it with this game! 🤣
Lucas Dwornik
Lucas Dwornik - Bulan Yang lalu
Rafael B might actually be a poor manager. No only looked good at Newcastle because the expectations were so low. And he was arguably incredibly lucky at Liverpool.
That team was all over the place.
•LORD GAMER• - Bulan Yang lalu
Hahahah cry DONKEYton club and DONKEYton fans.
Kimjoh - Bulan Yang lalu
after Iwobi in
Monsieur Shapeau
Monsieur Shapeau - Bulan Yang lalu
Everton lol
Waluyo Uyo
Waluyo Uyo - Bulan Yang lalu
Tuan rumah di bantai.everton ampas
Guillermo Garcia
Guillermo Garcia - Bulan Yang lalu
Taufan Dwi Prabowo
Taufan Dwi Prabowo - Bulan Yang lalu
where is calvert lewin???
Gerry Guinn
Gerry Guinn - Bulan Yang lalu
Anthony From rockstar games
Anthony From rockstar games - Bulan Yang lalu
Mang Juhay
Mang Juhay - Bulan Yang lalu
Bengak buyan makan tai
Torsten Sigulsson
Torsten Sigulsson - Bulan Yang lalu
Godfrey losing all the headers there which lead to Watford goals
Torsten Sigulsson
Torsten Sigulsson - Bulan Yang lalu
Terryb69 - Bulan Yang lalu
Great sir Ranieri
WindingWhisper - Bulan Yang lalu
Such terrible commentary on an amazing comeback
qaila kirei
qaila kirei - Bulan Yang lalu
Mantaap benitez👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
ORANG GARUT - Bulan Yang lalu
1990 - Bulan Yang lalu
That was funny.
carl hankin
carl hankin - Bulan Yang lalu
rafa should of taken rondon off not gray or gordon...even townsend never had his best game should of come off before them. iwobi ...come on.. subs killed this game when we was winning.
Discreet Yeti
Discreet Yeti - Bulan Yang lalu
Rafa getting sacked at Christmas
LegemenD - Bulan Yang lalu
Benim sevdiğim takım bu değil . Kendine gel everton . Daima yükseklerde olmalısın.... coyb
ThePlaneer - Bulan Yang lalu
Benitez do u miss James ?
Ronald Velasquez
Ronald Velasquez - Bulan Yang lalu
Cuidado que acaba de llegar me premier, don ranieri
andrei hiris
andrei hiris - Bulan Yang lalu
69 problems
69 problems - Bulan Yang lalu
Rafa benits going to be sacked
Colin Edwards
Colin Edwards - Bulan Yang lalu
A shameful performance
alessandro spesso
alessandro spesso - Bulan Yang lalu
Hahahahahahahaahahah Liverpool is only red
Derek Foreal
Derek Foreal - Bulan Yang lalu
Fucking embarrassing 🤦🏼‍♂️😢 complete shit show 🤬🤬🤬
Walid - Bulan Yang lalu
Neverton will there be another great team in Liverpool. YNWA.
Trolls can comment and cuss below😉👇
Jim Smith
Jim Smith - Bulan Yang lalu
Wonder who Rafa was calling a 'hijo de puta' at the end there - my guess is it's Michael Keane.
Afua Asare
Afua Asare - Bulan Yang lalu
poor deffence
Lord Of Glencoe
Lord Of Glencoe - Bulan Yang lalu
Good saturday afternoon for Watford FC Fans ... This club deserve to stay in Premier League .
Lord Of Glencoe
Lord Of Glencoe - Bulan Yang lalu
@Jack Meoff nobody but it seems ... maybe i'm wrong
Jack Meoff
Jack Meoff - Bulan Yang lalu
@Lord Of Glencoe Who says I hate Everton ?
Lord Of Glencoe
Lord Of Glencoe - Bulan Yang lalu
@Jack Meoff you hate everton - why so much ?
Jack Meoff
Jack Meoff - Bulan Yang lalu
@Lord Of Glencoe Yup. Everton can get worse.
Lord Of Glencoe
Lord Of Glencoe - Bulan Yang lalu
@Jack Meoff who knows ? sometimes things change quickly ...
d s
d s - Bulan Yang lalu
Total turd
Bratty Neet
Bratty Neet - Bulan Yang lalu
I saw this game and Everton was so bad at stringing relevant possessions. They keep on doing one-two backpass then Pickford will be forced to kick it far, only for Watford to regain hold of the ball. They were also so terrible at defending set pieces and they were suckered punch with their best trait, the counter. Sad day for Evertonians and a bad day in the office for Rafa.
Peter Crosbie
Peter Crosbie - Bulan Yang lalu
Couldn’t make the video any shorter.
rafly rachima
rafly rachima - Bulan Yang lalu
Game over for kean
David Mulinda
David Mulinda - Bulan Yang lalu
The Everton defence gave more slides to the fakeshots than drake's song
Vic Da Ca
Vic Da Ca - Bulan Yang lalu
Richarlison = 🤡
T-jay Mod
T-jay Mod - Bulan Yang lalu
Matthew Spiteri
Matthew Spiteri - Bulan Yang lalu
Ngl whenever Davies plays I immediately start worrying 😅😔
Top Cat Coolio
Top Cat Coolio - Bulan Yang lalu
Rondon will get better
Top Cat Coolio
Top Cat Coolio - Bulan Yang lalu
Agree Davies too weak
carl hankin
carl hankin - Bulan Yang lalu
and rondon aswell lol
Sandy Muhammadiansyah
Sandy Muhammadiansyah - Bulan Yang lalu
No one will laugh at me if iam captaining Joshua King in GW9 of FPL next week!
Chinedu Okoye
Chinedu Okoye - Bulan Yang lalu
Is just cool Iwobi did not start the game,Evertonians just have a way of blaming him for every defeat
Chinedu Okoye
Chinedu Okoye - Bulan Yang lalu
@Simon Davies and here de go again .....nawa ooo mahn no fit drink water keep cup
Simon Davies
Simon Davies - Bulan Yang lalu
We were winning when he came on
Richard Foley
Richard Foley - Bulan Yang lalu
Gary Lineker, Andy Gray, Neville Southall, Leighton Baines, Graeme Sharp, Wayne Rooney, Duncan Ferguson, your boys took a helluva beating!!!
Ketut Surya
Ketut Surya - Bulan Yang lalu
The toffee fans never know, everything can happen injury time 🤣
david property
david property - Bulan Yang lalu
Well done king
Patrick Wang
Patrick Wang - Bulan Yang lalu
Davies cannot start, holding midfield need pace and power and maybe holgate can play there as a stop GAP. Coleman and Diane can consider just playing as defenders full time and not getting caught out which make Everton easy to score against . Leave the Attack to Gray, Townsend , Richarlison . Rondon ? Probably should not even make it on the subs bench..
Jez Taylor
Jez Taylor - Bulan Yang lalu
That's a decent shout, he's played there before!!!