I Delete Thousands of This Scammers FILES and Share his Location

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Amazing Call destroying scammers in real life!
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We expose entire scammer call center, Calling scammers by their real name, showing scammers in real life
Fake tech support (fake amazon, fake apple, fake microsoft, fake nortons)
Deleting a scammers files - File deletion syskey
Speaking Hindi, Urdu, India Scammers, Indian Scammers
Scambaiting (Scambait, Scambaiter) Criminal Scammer Operation
Collaboration with Jim Browning and Mark Rober
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Subhor Khanna
Subhor Khanna - Tahun Yang lalu
As an Indian, I can tell you it's not only happening to Americans but they're scamming unsuspecting Indians too. So good on you to do what you did!
Best thing I've seen in years. Appreciate you. Here's a 6 pack and Lunch. Coming from someone who's lost alot before to these assholes.
Margie Smith
calling a customer "honey" just showed how unreal this person is.
Richard Joly
My grandmother is 85 and she was scammed by someone for 4000. The following week, they called her night and day from multiple numbers non stop. These people are heartless and it's awesome to see coders giving these people grief.
Mohammed Fraz
As an Indian, I have to say God bless you for putting these scammers through hell 👏🏽
Shalomi Jewel
This should be done on TV and each scammer should be exposed .
KR Smith
KR Smith - Tahun Yang lalu
It warms my heart knowing that guys like you exist, fighting for all the old ladies who have their pensions stolen every day
Biden Sucks
My LACK of sympathy for the scammer is EXTREMELY HIGH!
As the member of the Indian community, we thank you for educating the world about these scammers and making them suffer. Taking money that others spend a lot of time to take is the biggest sin a person can commit. What if this happens to someone who's already in a financial crisis, what if they decide to take their own life because of this. God bless
Marty Kroenecke
The FED'S should be paying you a million a week for stopping these aholes! You are awesome at what you do and I wish there were more great people doing what you do! God Bless you!
I used to work in fraud investigation for a global bank, believe me, the world needs more guys like you doing this. The banks are overwhelmed with these scammers. Legend.
Bad Rex YT
Being An Indian I Am Very Proud That You Are Doing A Great Job!!!
Master Chief
Master Chief - Tahun Yang lalu
As an Indian, I really appreciate what you're doing and educating others. Please continue to teach them a lesson for life.. 👍
It's amazing how you seem to be able to do more to stop these people then the authorities. Thanks from Australia
A - 
You know, I'm actually absolutely terrified of my parents getting scammed from their hard-earned savings. I try to educate them on these convoluted scamming plans, but from their perspective (non-technological) it's difficult to prepare them for all of this bs. I plan on showing a couple of these videos to them to show how convincing these nasty people can be.
Steven Bernstein
I new about all the red flags yet my wife and I fell for the scam as we thought we were talking with paypal, they got over 3k of our hard earned money and i'm glad you are doing this back to them. keep up all the great work.
Noel Gonzalez
How have I been going down useless YT rabbit holes for years and NOT found these videos??? Better late than never I guess. I'm so glad people like you are out there to give us back a bit of satisfaction.
Sweenpreet Singh
Really happy to see that you taught the scammer a lesson. People like these bring shame to the nation. They shall be treated as such.
TheVeganBerkeleyBeauty - Tahun Yang lalu
This guy is a blue haired earth angel. My husband is a software engineer and he does this every chance he gets. For every scammer you put out of commission, you saved an elderly person their life savings. Good work, and much respect.
Tim Vanasen
Your sarcasm during phone calls while ripping scammers apart is awesome Perogi you have an awesome program keep up the good work 😉👍