Taylor Swift - exile (feat. Bon Iver) (Official Lyric Video)

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Official lyric video by Taylor Swift feat. Bon Iver performing “exile” - off her album ‘folklore.’
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Day Dreamer
Day Dreamer - 4 menit yang lalu
For every toxic relation :
I think I've seen this film before
And I didn't like the ending
dnwalkingoneggshells - 35 menit yang lalu
Ugh i hate that every time i listen to bon iver it reminds me of my ex.
HALF NUGGET - 36 menit yang lalu
I am not a native english speaker...so i was humming the song entire time as per tune...but decided to check the lyrics today...and was like DAMN...
Sweet Doll
Sweet Doll - 38 menit yang lalu
This song is so beautiful
Natacha Vh
Natacha Vh - 39 menit yang lalu
I've listened to this song a million times and now I realise there are birds :p
Maria Crane
Maria Crane - 41 menit yang lalu
Every time I hear this song I think of the girl from tiktok. She was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
Tuyết Sương House
Tuyết Sương House - 42 menit yang lalu
Love Taylor!
Roberto Alfieri
Roberto Alfieri - 53 menit yang lalu
This song is a touch of blessing for the soul even if the lyrics are very sad
MacMaster - Jam Yang lalu
*For full effect: wear headphones, lower lights, make it rain outside, and drink hot cocoa.*
Theresa Gatchalian
Theresa Gatchalian - Jam Yang lalu
I prefer Francisco Martin's version.
Justlee James
Justlee James - Jam Yang lalu
Did anyone hear ambulance siren at 0:32-0:35 ?
Raul Sandoval
Raul Sandoval - Jam Yang lalu
15M !!!!
Sara J.
Sara J. - Jam Yang lalu
Bon Iver was a complete masterful creator, artist, innovator, accomplished and individual king— way before Taylor came into the picture.
Like for the Justin Vernon OGs!
Wini Yunisa
Wini Yunisa - 2 jam yang lalu
OMG this is so deeeeeppp
Mishka Maheshwari
Mishka Maheshwari - 2 jam yang lalu
Chills. Literal chills.
Sakshi singh
Sakshi singh - 2 jam yang lalu
This one hits hard.
Zakaria Amraoui
Zakaria Amraoui - 2 jam yang lalu
Damnn I can hear it 10000 time in the day😍😍
zapperz2000 - 3 jam yang lalu
My most favorite track in the entire album.
Mel Van Mol
Mel Van Mol - 3 jam yang lalu
"You never gave a warning sign"
"I gave so many signs"
Absolutely powerful. Thank you for this song and album, Taylor. This is exactly what we needed
Werka a
Werka a - 3 jam yang lalu
I love this version but it would be perfect with Ed Sheeran
joko sdsami
joko sdsami - 3 jam yang lalu
This is my absolute favorite track from the album.
Ayonija Rai
Ayonija Rai - 3 jam yang lalu
If you can't appreciate and feel a masterpiece like folklore, you're living a sad life.
Ayesha Fathima
Ayesha Fathima - 3 jam yang lalu
_this song is a_ *MASTERPIECE*

Who agrees?
MTC’s Designs
MTC’s Designs - 3 jam yang lalu
Taylor you are so talented!!!! I wish I could sing as well as you do. Your songs are so inspirational. Keep it up.🤗🥰😇
Clara Carneiro
Clara Carneiro - 3 jam yang lalu
I wish Bon Iver wasn't on this song :( his voice is too low, I don't like it. But the lyrics and Taylor's voice are perfect.
minalisy - 3 jam yang lalu
Miriam Kh
Miriam Kh - 4 jam yang lalu
can`t stop listen to this Song
Midnight Style
Midnight Style - 4 jam yang lalu
Everyone: this is the worst year
Taylor Swift: hold My cardigan
J O - 4 jam yang lalu
The Last Time's vibe.
Tumisho Letsoalo
Tumisho Letsoalo - 4 jam yang lalu
Nazia Afreen
Nazia Afreen - 4 jam yang lalu
Dayum.. I tear up every time i listen to this song T^T
S - 4 jam yang lalu
This song reminds me so much of A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara
Mohammad Siamur hossain fahim
Mohammad Siamur hossain fahim - 4 jam yang lalu
What if YOur life is a film And YOu are the Writer
" yes I didn't like the ending"........
Halley Kuncoro
Halley Kuncoro - 4 jam yang lalu
Listen again and again
Jeremy Heartriter2.0
Jeremy Heartriter2.0 - 5 jam yang lalu
I used to think Bon Iver was his name🤣
Ninon Jacquier
Ninon Jacquier - 5 jam yang lalu
Maybe this song could be sound well for Clay's and Hannah's romance...(from 13 reasons why)
Red Flanagan
Red Flanagan - 5 jam yang lalu
Why would you waste Bon Iver's talent on Taylor Swift?
sopo jarwo
sopo jarwo - 5 jam yang lalu
this song hit me so hard 😭😭😭 i've abandoned so many signs 😭😭
Samantha Thole
Samantha Thole - 5 jam yang lalu
On replay 🥰
Jufri Mahathir
Jufri Mahathir - 6 jam yang lalu
Please make a MV for this song. This song have a very great potential to make like a mini movie MV~~
FN Magay
FN Magay - 6 jam yang lalu
Who ever had READ the manhua SIGN, you know that Yohan's voice s interpreted as DEEP BARITONE. Now, you can literally hear Yohan's voice and that is Justine Vernon's. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Khiam - 6 jam yang lalu
kinda feeling sad for absolutely nothing..if this isn't taylor's quality song writing 😌🌧
Loki Brizzi
Loki Brizzi - 6 jam yang lalu
I swear, this hits differently depending on what time of day you're listening to it.
rupa ghoshdatta
rupa ghoshdatta - 6 jam yang lalu
Wow!So beautifully melodious.
Wratheus TFM
Wratheus TFM - 7 jam yang lalu
Wratheus TFM
Wratheus TFM - 7 jam yang lalu
Love this song
Lee Perkins
Lee Perkins - 7 jam yang lalu
Ashesh Dubey
Ashesh Dubey - 7 jam yang lalu
Even if Joe has written a single line, that man is super talented.
I'm so happy for you Taylor
Lara Kelleher
Lara Kelleher - 7 jam yang lalu
Did this song say ft.

Bon iver !!!!
majid 20
majid 20 - 7 jam yang lalu
Iam really want from YOUTUBE when somebody make dislike for anything you must write your reason to know idiots why dislike like this great song to see the dust from their inner mind write ,,,,,
동빈언 - 7 jam yang lalu
""exile” describes two ex-lovers seeing each other following a break-up. Justin Vernon describes feelings of confusion about how quickly a lover moved on, while Swift offers a perspective about repeated warning signs that the relationship was no longer working. It’s also worth noting the contrast between Vernon’s rougher voice and Swift’s smoother one, which mirrors the contrast between their views of the relationship."
dawn kressman
dawn kressman - 8 jam yang lalu
Just beautiful, serene and haunting. A great song! Now I am going to listen to this 10,000 times!
Vinayak S Nair
Vinayak S Nair - 8 jam yang lalu
"You're not my homeland anymore. So what am I defending now? "
"You were my town, now I'm in exile, seeing you out."
"You never gave a warning sign - I gave so many signs."
This song is a lyrical masterpiece. And the duet exemplifies it. Brilliant!!
ana yan
ana yan - 8 jam yang lalu
This looks like a conversation .... Btw Calvin and Taylor , the other man being Tom Hiddleston 🤭
Liv xoxo
Liv xoxo - 8 jam yang lalu
This song really hits deep rn.💔
Jayson Bibon
Jayson Bibon - 9 jam yang lalu
The lyrics the melody the opposing voices the arrangements ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it's too perfect
Lochlan Cowles
Lochlan Cowles - 9 jam yang lalu
Hearing Justin sing at that pitch is awesome. He normally uses the higher part of his range but the deep, gravelly tone is amazing
mikii - 9 jam yang lalu
I love this song 💙
Asmiza - 9 jam yang lalu
The amount of i repeat this song is unhealthy... It's too beautiful 🥰
Stefania NOTO
Stefania NOTO - 9 jam yang lalu
Masterpiece ❤️