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I spent a day with kidnapping survivors to learn about their horrifying experiences and how their lives have changed since escaping.
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AnthonyPadilla - 15 hari yang lalu
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El Robloxero :v
El Robloxero :v - 3 hari yang lalu
@Leah Cook shut up bichaa
Chair - 3 hari yang lalu
i found this super interesting and educational, thank you for doing this video
Alzahara Ibrahim
Alzahara Ibrahim - 5 hari yang lalu
Where the merch at
Connor - 5 hari yang lalu
Can you spend a day with ADHDers, please, Anthony?
Idk Lumity I guess?
Idk Lumity I guess? - 5 hari yang lalu
Can you spend a day with people who suffered due to police brutality?
Davian Pierre
Davian Pierre - 21 menit yang lalu
i didnt want to finish the video
after that break and i saw those
things called "torture devices"
i got shook
edit: i had to finished this was crazy
EL MAXimo - 45 menit yang lalu
I watched Jan's documentary on Netflix!!!!!! (Is it her!? Right!?)
King Bice
King Bice - 56 menit yang lalu
there's a show about jan on Netflix , pretty disturbing .
purelife - Jam Yang lalu
You know anthony is serious when he doesn't say, the wonderous world
Sierra Stuff
Sierra Stuff - Jam Yang lalu
I know this is horrible stuff but I can't help being relieved that they are alive. All of the kidnappings I hear about always result in their murders but it's amazing to see these strong women (and sometimes men) getting their lives back and being able to move forward. Not to take-off of the fact that this should never have happened and there are so many awful people in the world.
LauraNatalalia - 2 jam yang lalu
Its really disgusting how selling drugs is astronomically more severe when it comes to punishment than r**e is. Its scary and for women to fight to get the r-ist into jail and get out within the same month... No wonder it so few women press charges. Its like these men get away with murder every time. How is that righteous.
mae Mio
mae Mio - 2 jam yang lalu
These people who do these things should be hanged , they dont even deserve a life sentence in prison
layan khalil
layan khalil - 2 jam yang lalu
To the people who say "4 days isn't that much" just please don't come near me you psychopath, okay? Plus, that monster that got arrested then released again, should've gotten a life sentence.
Kirsten Petersen
Kirsten Petersen - 2 jam yang lalu
There was a guy who molested multiple girls, and only finally went to jail after he did it to one of his daughters. He only got 2 years in prison
Mavis Quiddle
Mavis Quiddle - 2 jam yang lalu
A murder attempt should be punished the same way as a succeeded murder
Joshlyn Styles
Joshlyn Styles - 3 jam yang lalu
gosh... thats is terrifying and sad :( I feel terrible for all these woman who have got raped, kidnapped, tortured, etc :((( this is just my worst fear ever. all my prayers go to these woman!
Holly MAHA
Holly MAHA - 4 jam yang lalu
the criminal justice system really is awful.
Oh you smoked weed once and are black? that's 20 years if the police dont kill you first.
Oh you kidnapped and raped 8 underage girls on multiple different occasions? yeah, a couple months and a slap on the wrist should do it.
Im sorry did you just steal a necklace? that's 1st degree theft and you're in for 10 years my dude.
you raped tortured and attempted to murder a 13-year-old girl? eh, 19 years should be good and if you behave we will let you out early!!!
Checkered Vans
Checkered Vans - 6 jam yang lalu
He was ... released
moonlilly - 6 jam yang lalu
can you do “i spent a day with people who use neopronouns”
Ebru - 7 jam yang lalu
Ugh. This makes me so mad. That people think they have the right to take you without your permission or against your will.
Lesia - 7 jam yang lalu
Notice how their all women?
OwOOhNoIt'sMe ඞ
OwOOhNoIt'sMe ඞ - 9 jam yang lalu
wait, adults don't have a bedtime?
⎧\¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ \
| \ ___ _ \
| | | __ | | ⊏¯_¯_¯_¯_| |
| / / \ |_|
⎣/__________/ Never has been.
Sydnella Pratt
Sydnella Pratt - 10 jam yang lalu
I remember Stephanie covering Jan's case
Exdo Rme
Exdo Rme - 16 jam yang lalu
There needs to be more research on the pedophile's brain... We could probably find if it's developed or innate. If it's developed we could probably prevent it. But if people keep saying that they are monsters even when they haven't even tried to attack someone, no one will step foward
Valerie Chung
Valerie Chung - 16 jam yang lalu
I'm so sorry for these people who gone through this 😓
SJ - 16 jam yang lalu
I felt so sick listening to Alicia’s story. She was THIRTEEN years old. I’m so disgusted.
Stasia Strunk
Stasia Strunk - 17 jam yang lalu
Can you be my therapist 🤷‍♀️❤
Donald Trumpet
Donald Trumpet - 17 jam yang lalu
My dyslexic ass thought this said kidnaping my survivors
Shadow Loser
Shadow Loser - 17 jam yang lalu
A man in my town was babysitting his grandchild for a few days and while babysitting him, a woman broke into his house and kidnapped the baby. Later she admitted that she was kidnapped as a child and wanted someone to face the same pain she experienced
OwOOhNoIt'sMe ඞ
OwOOhNoIt'sMe ඞ - 9 jam yang lalu
Bruh. you can't do that -_-
asioe kiou
asioe kiou - 16 jam yang lalu
Judas Johnson
Judas Johnson - 18 jam yang lalu
Anthony just wanted to say that intro was sexist ngl
Judas Johnson
Judas Johnson - 16 jam yang lalu
asioe kiou but I was also just pointing out he said men are the only ones who do a particular kind of kidnapping and women do the other that’s not true not for both sides
Judas Johnson
Judas Johnson - 16 jam yang lalu
asioe kiou I was joking lol
asioe kiou
asioe kiou - 16 jam yang lalu
ect. and how i could try to get out of those situations (idk how to explain)
Kayli Reed
Kayli Reed - 18 jam yang lalu
This made me feel nauseous
LibraPlayz - 18 jam yang lalu
Wait are you related to Danny Padilla
ThoMass3630 #
ThoMass3630 # - 19 jam yang lalu
I miss Shane
Jack Dylan Scott
Jack Dylan Scott - 20 jam yang lalu
There's less adds before seeing a film in a cinema than this video for fuck sake
2 before and 5 during...
7 adds for a YouTube video
Makayla and audrey Kalkbrenner
Makayla and audrey Kalkbrenner - 20 jam yang lalu
How do you find all these people
Elizabeth Grey
Elizabeth Grey - 21 jam yang lalu
Everyone in the comments saying that they should have received life in prison/ death penalty, we should be friends! Let’s overthrow the judicial system together and create a new world where rapists, kidnappers, torturers and murderers actually pay for their horrible, horrible actions.
Caroline Elias
Caroline Elias - 22 jam yang lalu
you should do a video where you interview trump and Biden supporters from the far right and left.
FBI - 23 jam yang lalu
19:07 is so awful that a lot of people don’t try to understand in victims of kidnapping, abuse, mental illness, etc. It’s heartbreaking when other people and yourself don’t understand this break.
layla drew
layla drew - 23 jam yang lalu
is she the woman from “Abducted in plain sight”?
Mangotropolis - 23 jam yang lalu
Child rapists deserve the death penalty, why is this not a thing? Change my mind, I dare you. >:(
Daeneira Boivin
Daeneira Boivin - 23 jam yang lalu
i watched jan's story on netflix, lots of love jan
SakuraBlossom Sqaud
SakuraBlossom Sqaud - Hari Yang lalu
To all those people who told them; Oh it wasnt that long. Or oh it must've been so easy to escape. Or even How did your parents not know its your parents fault! They were forced to keep it secretive. Or wanted to keep it secretive. They were young and naive. You cant blame anyone but the person who abducted them.
Alex Terria
Alex Terria - Hari Yang lalu
I can’t believe that someone said only 4 days to that girl you only have to be raped once for it to change your entire life especially at a young age and I’m so sorry for what she had to endure she’s so strong and I’m glad she made it out alive
Wut Z Fuq
Wut Z Fuq - Hari Yang lalu
I feel like people should bring more awareness to children to help prevent them from getting kidnapped ect. i am happy that my mom would always tell me about kidnappings ect. and how i could try to get out of those situations (idk how to explain)