June Moone shows Enchantress | Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad (2016)
June Moone shows Enchantress
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Storyline: It feels good to be bad...Assemble a team of the world's most dangerous, incarcerated Super Villains, provide them with the most powerful arsenal at the government's disposal, and send them off on a mission to defeat an enigmatic, insuperable entity. U.S. intelligence officer Amanda Waller has determined only a secretly convened group of disparate, despicable individuals with next to nothing to lose will do. However, once they realize they weren't picked to succeed but chosen for their patent culpability when they inevitably fail, will the Suicide Squad resolve to die trying, or decide it's every man for himself?
Director: David Ayer
Writer: David Ayer
Cast: Will Smith (Deadshot), Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn), Viola Davis (Amanda Waller), Jared Leto (The Joker), Jay Hernandez (Diablo), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Killer Croc), Cara Delevingne (June Moone / Enchantress), Joel Kinnaman (Rick Flag), Karen Fukuhara (Katana), Jai Courtney (Captain Boomerang)
Production Companies:
Atlas Entertainment
DC Comics
DC Entertainment
Dune Entertainment (in association with) (as RatPac-Dune Entertainment)
Warner Bros.

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Michael Hamblyn
Michael Hamblyn - 5 tahun yang lalu
Honestly, the transformation was beautifully done. Anyone who says they don't like this movie still has to agree with me.
KEMI - 6 hari yang lalu
kinda like a mirror being passed through by the reflected side
MaarLindvall - 8 hari yang lalu
only that.
Unknown User
Unknown User - Bulan Yang lalu
Ur funny
Eric Bonewicz
Eric Bonewicz - 2 bulan yang lalu
kriticosART - 3 bulan yang lalu
I don't like this movie. But that transformation was indeed amazing
ghostman263 - Tahun Yang lalu
That hand flip is the best shot of the movie, rest of it just makes me sad
skinWalker killers
skinWalker killers - Bulan Yang lalu
Jim Beam
Jim Beam - 3 bulan yang lalu
@Joker it’s not a very good movie at all lmao
Jim Beam
Jim Beam - 3 bulan yang lalu
@Supa Saiyan Savage all movies are interfered with by their studio
Joker - 5 bulan yang lalu
@ghostman263 It is true, unknown, the film is very good overall. I would gladly point out a few points why Suicide Squad is a highly underrated movie and that it is not the garbage that everyone thinks or says it is.
ghostman263 - 5 bulan yang lalu
@Joker please go do your homework
хабиб чемпион ММА
хабиб чемпион ММА - 2 tahun yang lalu
She can steal something that far away.. but can't take that her heart back
Mori - 5 hari yang lalu
they way they killed her was so dumb, literally wasted her character....i mean she is such a cool villain
Xtrl Sidma
Xtrl Sidma - Tahun Yang lalu
@N to the M she got as close as she could. Any closer and boom
N to the M
N to the M - Tahun Yang lalu
@Xtrl Sidma But...she stood in grabbing distance for a solid couple of seconds...
Zane Brown
Zane Brown - Tahun Yang lalu
@Quat John perfect marketing plan
Xtrl Sidma
Xtrl Sidma - Tahun Yang lalu
Remember theres a bomb set to it to explode if she gets too close
Phat Hoe Red
Phat Hoe Red - 2 tahun yang lalu
“She’s been here long before us and will likely be here long after” (enchantress dies at the end of the movie)
LeCamp00 - 3 bulan yang lalu
She did turn into an exotic dancer to defeat the suicide squad
LunaSquib - 6 bulan yang lalu
@Andre Hamraee would have been awesome cuz I love this character
JeffGoes pewpew
JeffGoes pewpew - 7 bulan yang lalu
I mean technically she was their way after some of these people, because a few of them ended up dying horriblely before she did
Momo Kanjaki
Momo Kanjaki - 7 bulan yang lalu
@Nick Ha Right. lol
Adrian M. Kleinbergen
Adrian M. Kleinbergen - 8 bulan yang lalu
@Riri Pari Not permanently...
Carson - 2 tahun yang lalu
“We need a team for in case the next Superman is bad”
“OK. How about Batman”
“The kid who’s fast?”
“OK what about the woman with the lasso that’s like hundreds of years—“
“No we need the crazy girl with a baseball bat and that boomerang guy”
rontauranac - Bulan Yang lalu
"How about... Dick Cheney ?" "Ok."
Alex Fraser
Alex Fraser - 6 bulan yang lalu
the boomerang guy did absolutely nothing
craah Williams
craah Williams - Tahun Yang lalu
@Carson u forgot aquaman
mago lago
mago lago - Tahun Yang lalu
enchantress can take the jl herself the rest are just leftovers
Book nexem
Book nexem - Tahun Yang lalu
Never heard of suicide squad before this film? That’s literally what they do 😂
Sebastian Sebastian
Sebastian Sebastian - 5 tahun yang lalu
I love the way she did that dark hand grabbing thing right before she changed into the Enchantress.
Darshai Mcclain
Darshai Mcclain - Bulan Yang lalu
Literally I ain’t seen a transformation that’s fucking with hers
Deljon Finister
Deljon Finister - 5 bulan yang lalu
BenderIsGreat - 7 bulan yang lalu
I did too it looked awesome lol
Jean-Baptiste [Business En Ligne]
Jean-Baptiste [Business En Ligne] - 7 bulan yang lalu
Me too
Moxie Maxie
Moxie Maxie - 8 bulan yang lalu
Everyone does. Thats why everyone says that
Ace Dean
Ace Dean - Tahun Yang lalu
“Please don’t touch me. Please don’t touch me.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
John Smith
John Smith - 5 bulan yang lalu
Touch touch touch 😂
Just Some Guy Who Can Touch The Sky
I think some people can reach a point in their life where they would be willing to be given affection from a demon 😂
Z'Novia Caldwell
Z'Novia Caldwell - 2 tahun yang lalu
I wish Enchantress had her own movie. I would watch it in a heartbeat 💗
The Mayor of Townsville
The Mayor of Townsville - Tahun Yang lalu
Enchantress was the coolest character in the movie. I love horror stuff and her grabbing and turning Dr. Moon’s hand to possess her got me hyped. I’ve never seen something like that before! I wish they’d make a movie just about her.
SayitSayuri - Tahun Yang lalu
I love this plan:
In case the most behaved but op boyscout goes rogue, let's make a team of highly unstable individuals.
River Bank
River Bank - Tahun Yang lalu
Literally all of Gen Z 😂😂
Gary Chelios
Gary Chelios - Tahun Yang lalu
Kind of hilarius, taking note of how in Snyder's Justice League is show that Superman can take on the JL, and probably every JL member can defeat the full Suicide Squad.
Gabriel Garga
Gabriel Garga - 5 tahun yang lalu
the hand-hand-turning thing transformation is freaking awesome
Tut Sebhatu
Tut Sebhatu - 3 bulan yang lalu
Muse Lover
Muse Lover - 5 bulan yang lalu
“hand-hand-turning thing” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this term is more enchanting than her transformation
Damn Awesome
Damn Awesome  - 7 bulan yang lalu
@stryker9816 sausage?
Damn Awesome
Damn Awesome  - 7 bulan yang lalu
@Ahmad Bilal lmao loser
SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants - 9 bulan yang lalu
Gabriel Self
Gabriel Self - Tahun Yang lalu
Not gonna lie though... This was a top 10 character introduction. That switch is epic.
Just Some Guy Who Can Touch The Sky
*Please dont touch me, please dont touch me*
Mico Abadines
Mico Abadines - 6 jam yang lalu
If only WB gave her enough spotlight, she could have been more badass looking than scarlet witch.
Daniel Yves Paez
Daniel Yves Paez - 2 tahun yang lalu
Nothing hurts more than a movie with a perfect cast, great CGI, amazing fight scenes, only to be ruined by a very incohesive and weak plot. Suicide Squad was probably one of my most rememberable disappointment in my life.
B Chakrabarty
B Chakrabarty - Tahun Yang lalu
I just want a solo movie of Enchantress...That's gonna be INTENSE af!!
Movie Games
Movie Games - 2 tahun yang lalu
Super-man would wipe the floor with the Suicide Squad.
LunaSquib - 6 bulan yang lalu
Superman has one weakness besides kryptonite… plot armor and the suicide squad has that
alex poole
alex poole - 9 bulan yang lalu
Maybe not deadshot if Waller gave him a special bullet
TheKupaKeep420 - Tahun Yang lalu
Enchantress single handedly would destroy him. He's weak to magic and she's not just magical, but also very powerful with that magic. Or you could give Deadshot a Kryptonite bullet and sit him off to the side somewhere while the rest of the squad distracts him and he could probably get a shot.
Mega Aggron
Mega Aggron - Tahun Yang lalu
And Batman will wipe the floor with Super-man
Ali Yiğit Şanlı
Ali Yiğit Şanlı - Tahun Yang lalu
Bloodsport paralyzed superman in ss2
Damienp39 - 2 tahun yang lalu
i seriously forgot David Harbor was in this movie
Ali Gaming support
Ali Gaming support - 9 bulan yang lalu
David Harbor was in this movie
Dark Factory
Dark Factory - Tahun Yang lalu
How about Tom Hanks?
Matthew Whitcher
Matthew Whitcher - Tahun Yang lalu
I seriously forgot this movie.
memer dreamer
memer dreamer - Tahun Yang lalu
Another DC Actor turned to marvel
Harem Queen
Harem Queen - Tahun Yang lalu
Oh shit he is!! I almost didn't recognise him without is usual beard XD
Reserved Artist
Reserved Artist - 2 tahun yang lalu
I love Amanda Waller. She is direct and knows the hard truths and actions. They adapted her beautifully from the animated series
Master Imaginariumdooblepopper
Master Imaginariumdooblepopper - Tahun Yang lalu
This is a totally believable scene of what the US Government (And every government) would do in a superhero world. Also, employing a powerful magical entity is pretty smart (Superman is vulnerable to magic, he's just an alien after all).
Verde - 3 tahun yang lalu
She honestly looked way more menacing in this than her final form.
🖤Jade💜 - 3 bulan yang lalu
Glad I'm not the only one who likes this look better
Varja Game Vlog TV
Varja Game Vlog TV - 7 bulan yang lalu
The appearance looks more like samara the ring or like the one in conjuring
xHxneyOppz - 8 bulan yang lalu
@Frank N. Stein agreed i dont know why they chosen that look for her but it looked so odd and didnt fit her character
drakolobo - Tahun Yang lalu
@Jack Daniels Possession is not stupid, it is the ultimate expression of slavery and horror.
drakolobo - Tahun Yang lalu
@BANGS despair scares
Ivy Mayer
Ivy Mayer - Tahun Yang lalu
I really loved Cara Delevingne as enchantress ❤️
It's a shame that her character was butchered for the final version of the film, they did us dirty...
what that be
what that be - 3 bulan yang lalu
I love this movie and one thing about viola Davis’ character is that she didn’t have a good plan to keep the enchantress under control, they way she’s controlling her is bound to fail
magnawaves - 2 tahun yang lalu
The hand thing is the single most badass transformation I've ever seen in cinema. It's so small, so smooth, but it's incredible.
Vanessa Edwards
Vanessa Edwards - 2 tahun yang lalu
Best transformation ever! That hand thing was clean af!
Chris Dixon
Chris Dixon - 5 tahun yang lalu
I actually liked Enchantress when she had that black smoke appearance gave her a creepy horror villain kind of vibe. I def would've wanted to see more of that side of her.
Chris Dixon
Chris Dixon - 2 tahun yang lalu
Andre DW def agree on that
Red FR
Red FR - 2 tahun yang lalu
This. She became more disappointing generic when showered and glowing.
JimmyG - 2 tahun yang lalu
Nah I liked her when she was constantly gyrating.
soi - 3 tahun yang lalu
That wa enough. Cara whatsoever ganz act
Stacey C
Stacey C - 3 tahun yang lalu
Yea i didn't like the cleaned up version at the end.. it seemed too 'goddess' like
nevernever uqi
nevernever uqi - 3 jam yang lalu
Isn't this in the 2nd movie? i will watch for him
Lauren W.
Lauren W. - Tahun Yang lalu
*no matter what people say about this movie — i still like it* 👏🏽
M O N Y R O A T H - 9 bulan yang lalu
That transition from dr Moone to Enchantress is the best cgi ever
Quiet Star
Quiet Star - 5 hari yang lalu
This is one of my favorites scenes for all movies and shows I ever watched the way the hand grabbed on to hers before flipping was fascinating to look at its kind on like they watch the world upside down like if you were standing over a large puddle it’s so cool
Tom Norton
Tom Norton - 4 tahun yang lalu
Enchantress seems both otherworldly and childlike in this scene. Her design is like that of some kind of demon but the way she moves is like a little girl who wants to stand up to an abusive parent but is scared of doing so. Why do people hate Cara Delevingne? When she's not speaking, you can still tell what Enchantress is thinking or feeling by watching her body language.
god0fgames100 - 6 bulan yang lalu
Cause the second she turned back to Dr. Moon she showed how crap her acting abilities really are. People hate Cara because she's a spoiled rich kid with no real talent for acting or modeling who only got into both because daddy paid his friends to let her do whatever she wants.
Pinhead Larry
Pinhead Larry - 8 bulan yang lalu
Yeah I love how Enchantress is her confident side.
Maya - 9 bulan yang lalu
@Maerwynn I guess one of the perks of magic is getting good bras?
the day of reckoning is coming
the day of reckoning is coming - 9 bulan yang lalu
@hdhdhe dhdh thought the same thing
the day of reckoning is coming
the day of reckoning is coming - 9 bulan yang lalu
GoodIKarma - 2 tahun yang lalu
i still cant get over the fact that they allowed her to go through with her plan to organize a group of metahumans who arent even on supermans powerlevel just because one deity can teleport and brought them some long wanted information.
Alone from this scene you can tell that it will not work. And see what happened, they dead.
The Ashman
The Ashman - Tahun Yang lalu
Imagine being in that generals shoes tho:
You’ve spent years sending troops out to there presumable deaths, using up valuable miltary recourses and spending Hundreds of Thousands of tax payer money to find these plans
Then a random girl you meet turns into a witch and get the plans from half way across the world into your lap within a second...
Mookie - 7 bulan yang lalu
Regardless of anyone's opinion on the movie, you gotta admit they NAILED Waller's character.
"We would like Dr. Moon back."
Doesn't even change expression or repeats herself. She simply proceeds to puncture Echantress' heart with a pen. Straigh SAVAGE!
Veera .Veera
Veera .Veera - 2 tahun yang lalu
The color grade, the ambience, the realistic way the metahumain and heroes is played... All could integrate the Snyder's universe. It's a shame that this movie was cutted.
Ryan Leikness
Ryan Leikness - 5 tahun yang lalu
Am I the only one who felt bad for both June and Enchantress?
tech tamil
tech tamil - 6 bulan yang lalu
Really.... I thought she's a Waifu...
Rolee Mack
Rolee Mack - Tahun Yang lalu
@Joshua B isnt that all gods now and days man sins are something
Peter Griffinson
Peter Griffinson - Tahun Yang lalu
Both are hot that’s what
Mel Robertson
Mel Robertson - Tahun Yang lalu
@Joshua B people turned on her because they were her SLAVES
Fionnbarr Casey
Fionnbarr Casey - Tahun Yang lalu
@Joshua B so? fuck her.
Arrlic - 2 tahun yang lalu
Enchantress was honestly a great villain. too bad its in a bad movie, was honestly some great CGI and a pretty great cast
Natha Lie
Natha Lie - 2 tahun yang lalu
Probably the only part about the movie that I really liked. The transformation with the hand was so clever!
Chonnyy - Tahun Yang lalu
The movie wasn’t very good but that transformation was actually pretty cool
Raman Singh
Raman Singh - Tahun Yang lalu
The only thing that can stop Superman is his pure heart and his love towards humanity and also his mom and girlfriend. But if Superman loses his mom and gf and turns evil then i doubt any team specially suicide Squad will be helpful in stoping him . It will turn exactly like it was shown in Batman's vision in Justice League Snyder Cut where they all were hiding from Superman and he was literally hunting them down. There is no escaping him if they can't find Kryptonite.
Jenn Park
Jenn Park - Tahun Yang lalu
They only go bad bc they are being tortured enchantress is being forced to work for free and the guy she thought was her bf is a spec ops agent who is a paid handler and everytime the officers feel threatened they stab the heart of enchantress which tortures her. She wants to escape and she happens to find her brother when looking for something else (although he is actually far more powerful and I believe he called to her) she wanted to be respected not treated like a genie who grants wishes to greedy govt officials who abuse her and her brother was upset she was being kept prisoner (via torture) they said man worships machine now and she was right not only that bit man uses technology to entrance and enslave and mock the gods to call themselves gods for having made the machines whose technology was gifted to humans by divine inspiration. Just like Jehovah they said it may be best to destroy man than allow them to continue on the path of sick soullessness and disconnection from divinity. Dont start none wont be none. What gave these a-holes the idea that they could keep gods and pets and call them witches or demons. The incubus is actually an African storm God
Daniel Martins
Daniel Martins - 2 tahun yang lalu
She's my favorite. I just wish we got to see more of Enchantress. The unhearted one, not the purified one
Mitch V
Mitch V - Tahun Yang lalu
Honestly this is one of my favorite scenes in the movie. And any time el diablo shows up
dave miller
dave miller - 6 bulan yang lalu
The beginning of this film is actually quite good, and the hand transformation is very cool.
While it has weak points, especially the end of the film, I do like the movie. It's far superior to Gunn's Marvelized Suicide Squad flop. Viola Davis is great in this film, but Gunn really watered Waller down in his film.
madwilliamflint - Tahun Yang lalu
This was SO well done.
Flareboxx - 7 bulan yang lalu
Literally the coolest part of the whole movie
Liyah Liyla
Liyah Liyla - Tahun Yang lalu
She should of been in more scenes omg!!
AjZara - Tahun Yang lalu
They really shouldn’t have gotten rid of her so soon, Cara was amazing
Don Giano
Don Giano - 11 bulan yang lalu
That little 1.5 second hand flip was the absolute best part of the movie
zelmori - 4 tahun yang lalu
1:31 That hand-flip-turn-thing that happens when she transforms into Enchantress is so freakin cool
Jonybravo 9
Jonybravo 9 - Tahun Yang lalu
Too bad the rest of the movie is literal doodoo water
i am garbage
i am garbage - Tahun Yang lalu
@Fringa Lof www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/07/190712120244.htm
Fringa Lof
Fringa Lof - Tahun Yang lalu
@i am garbage no, there's not...
i am garbage
i am garbage - Tahun Yang lalu
@Fringa Lof there are tons of cool scenes in the movie.
Fringa Lof
Fringa Lof - 2 tahun yang lalu
The only cool thing in the movie
Jacob Abbott
Jacob Abbott - Tahun Yang lalu
Say what you want about the film, but some of these scenes were really, really well done.
LifeStyleVibe - 9 bulan yang lalu
She is a challenge of a custom that I really love how she is as a character and actress especially the enchantress
Nani ?!
Nani ?! - 8 bulan yang lalu
That transition never gets old 💖👏
jamesEboi - 10 bulan yang lalu
"Please don't touch me. Please don't touch me. " had me dying 😂
Shweta Rajwar
Shweta Rajwar - Bulan Yang lalu
The hand to hand turning thing
It is not good
It is not bad
It is just perfect 💅🖤
SunBunz - Tahun Yang lalu
2:01 “Magic or not, this girl can do pretty incredible things….like swivel her hips all the time for no reason like an impulsive belly dancer”
Henrickie Cavalcante
Henrickie Cavalcante - 10 bulan yang lalu
Como pode ter gente q não gostou desse filme pqp
Jahu1104 - 2 tahun yang lalu
"I have the perfect guy for you"
_Boomerang dude enters the room_ "G'day mate"
Aleksandar Grobov
Aleksandar Grobov - 2 tahun yang lalu
Ninth - 6 tahun yang lalu
If there's anything Suicide Squad did right, it's in casting Viola Davis as Amanda Waller. Harley and Enchantress castings were good choices too, but Viola Davis did a great job in this role methinks.
Who The Hell Are You!?!?!?
Who The Hell Are You!?!?!? - 3 bulan yang lalu
@Kurt Revail yeah how about look at Denzel Washington's Fences that Viola has a incredible range too as an actress. Angela Bassett already played Waller in the Green Lantern movie and that movie ain't canon to the DCEU so it has to be a different actress anyways, not Angela again
dave miller
dave miller - 6 bulan yang lalu
@Henrik Pineapple Viola is Latin and Italian for violet, and it's also the name of a musical instrument.
Kurt Revail
Kurt Revail - 6 bulan yang lalu
She would not have been my first pick, I think Angela Bassett would have been better for the role, just look at a clip from MI Fallout woman's got range.
dave miller
dave miller - 6 bulan yang lalu
Damn Straight!
Kevin Dao
Kevin Dao - 2 tahun yang lalu
Alexandra Daddario was also considered to play Enchantress. Brie Larson as well, but we all know where she went instead.
Ricardo N
Ricardo N - 2 tahun yang lalu
I love this scene so much
Gary Jones
Gary Jones - 2 tahun yang lalu
This my favorite character all time the witch South American goddess betrayed by her own people and killed came back for revenge in another person's body she was my favorite I don't care what nobody said this movie rocks and the girl who played her cara girl you was awesome
Albert Domingo
Albert Domingo - Tahun Yang lalu
I really love the enchantress transformation
Just some berd
Just some berd - 8 bulan yang lalu
I love the visual effects of enchantress grabbing her hand and flipping it to her side
Victor - Tahun Yang lalu
"What If Superman... Who would stop him ?!", yeah, for sure Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Katana and Deadshot are the team for that kind of a job. Earth would be lost without them.
Taliesin May
Taliesin May - 2 bulan yang lalu
This was beautifully done period this movie is amazing . I kinda hope they do 3 movie
Kevin M Abraham
Kevin M Abraham - 2 tahun yang lalu
That hand transformation is something I’ve never seen before in movies.. very original and beautifully done..
Muhd Fahmi
Muhd Fahmi - 2 tahun yang lalu
I know Im not the only one here just for that transformation part. It lives rent free in my head tbh
polite spoon
polite spoon - 3 tahun yang lalu
i always get chills when she puts her hand on the table and enchantress grabs june’s hand. it’s freakin amazing.1:36
Jaison Simon
Jaison Simon - Tahun Yang lalu
I really love that scene... Shout out to the VFX artists❤️
Randie Endik
Randie Endik - 7 bulan yang lalu
Man, gotta admit that they nailed the right actors for most the characters
Jung - 8 bulan yang lalu
The hand flip transformation is just so awesome
High Boltage
High Boltage - 2 tahun yang lalu
"I want to make a team of super villains, let me show you one I want to have on my team who definitely won't be the main antagonist of the team i am trying to assemble."
Jay Nines
Jay Nines - 2 tahun yang lalu
I think this movie sucks, but even now I still remember this scene. The effect for the transformation is simply amazing.
Ronel Aaron
Ronel Aaron - Tahun Yang lalu
I loved that switch, the way the hands held together then flipped? Fire.
Natalia Washington
Natalia Washington - 2 tahun yang lalu
I LOVE the transformation I don’t read any conics she might be in so I don’t know if she does the transformation like that in the comics but if not then that’s HELLA creative
Also I can’t be the only one who got irked when Waller said to get her out of there and so rudely too like the Lady is clearly in distress she sound alike she has MAJOR trauma and PTSD from being possessed by Enchantress and you say to get her outta there so rudely idk sounding like she’s weak or something, idk if it’s just me or if I’m being too sensitive about it
Gatel Pleer
Gatel Pleer - 8 bulan yang lalu
Немезис Сонант
Немезис Сонант - Tahun Yang lalu
The image of enchantress in this movie is so fckng awesome. It's straight what I imagine a witch looks like.
Marvelous Meh
Marvelous Meh - 2 tahun yang lalu
The best thing about this film was the transformation scene.
rainox - Bulan Yang lalu
Esa transformación fué lo mejor que se a visto en las películas mierderas actuales,de lejos esperaba eso en una película de este tipo, genial
Mel Cosgrove-Arayesh
Mel Cosgrove-Arayesh - 2 tahun yang lalu
My question here is, if that folder is from the weapons vault in Iran, then it would be written in Persian/Farsi. Persian is written right to left wouldn't the folder be bound the opposite way, so it opens towards the right? I have a couple of books in Persian and they are bound the opposite way to books written in Left to Right languages
aeen afrasiaby
aeen afrasiaby - Tahun Yang lalu
persians aren't white
Jenn Park
Jenn Park - Tahun Yang lalu
It's actually more metaphorical its indicative of remote viewing and it would be readable in the native tongue of the viewer sometimes omniglossa is exhibited too understanding a language most of it but not being able to speak it
Karolina Karolina
Karolina Karolina - Tahun Yang lalu
@Animation DramaNation lmaoooo I grew up in an Islamic family I think I know what I’m on about
Animation DramaNation
Animation DramaNation - Tahun Yang lalu
@Karolina Karolina We all know you didn't either until you read Mel's comment you're not fooling anyone.
Tiago Silva
Tiago Silva - Tahun Yang lalu
You put more thought into this movie than the filmmakers
WebHead1996-1 - Tahun Yang lalu
Viola Davis murdered the role honestly probably my only favorite thing in the movie
Farnaz .A
Farnaz .A - Tahun Yang lalu
The hand transition and the background music is utterly perfect 👌😎
Chris Corley
Chris Corley - 3 tahun yang lalu
How The Enchantress should have looked through the entire film, especially the final battle. ☕
Korean Cowboy42
Korean Cowboy42 - Tahun Yang lalu
@Carol Pulma atleast Alucard looks more badass. Enchantress is of the old age and dressed like that due to traditional keeping and why would theh change their outfit? It's like saying yo superman how about not wearing that crappy blue and red
Gellert_TV - Tahun Yang lalu
@Carol Pulma That's cool but I think the movie will still be shit based on what's coming out of the director's cut
Carol Pulma
Carol Pulma - Tahun Yang lalu
She wasn't supposed to be something like Belly dancer, that's a straight up WB botch just like what they did with Steppenwolf in 2017 .. Her final form is like Alucard from Hellshing Ultimate ... An actual divine goddess covered with eyes ..
Wonderchubby - 2 tahun yang lalu
JD Turnier
JD Turnier - 2 tahun yang lalu
Joel William
Joel William - 6 bulan yang lalu
This transformation is one of the bests in the history of transformation.
chickenpotbiebro202 - Bulan Yang lalu
I honestly like how Enchantress looks in this
squirrelbong A
squirrelbong A - 2 tahun yang lalu
say what you want about this film, but that enchantress transform and vibe was beautifully done.
biggixer - 2 tahun yang lalu
Great scene in an incredible movie...
camomiletea - 3 tahun yang lalu
I will never not laugh at the line "go get it girl" sounds more like a pep talk than an instruction
Gellert_TV - Tahun Yang lalu
@Fingolfin3423 What
Fingolfin3423 - Tahun Yang lalu
IntrovertQueen - Tahun Yang lalu
Or a command for a dog....?
Stuck on Stupid 84
Stuck on Stupid 84 - 2 tahun yang lalu
Anyone ever get the feeling that the enchantress might have been trying to destroy the world not entirely out of revenge but also to try and call dibs before Darkseids forces come back? I mean, she is god knows how old it's not that farfetched that she would be around during the battle for the mother boxes and maybe after learning how powerful Darkseid/Steppenwolf is she feared if they came back her and her brother wouldn't be able to stop them. The same could be said for the seven deadly sins in SHAZAM.
Sanyah Gadsden
Sanyah Gadsden - Tahun Yang lalu
Yo I died when that lady crossed her heart once enchantress came out
𝐷𝑒𝑒𝑧𝑦 - Tahun Yang lalu
Am i the only one who thinks she’s kind of like the DC version of Venom? She’s an antihero or villain depending on their character, and even though she’s less stable with her powers than Eddie, she kind of shares a conscience with enchantress and can summon her whenever.
Johnny Lou
Johnny Lou - 2 tahun yang lalu
The hand turn is the best part of the whole movie
ThatOnePersonObsessedWithMusicals - 3 tahun yang lalu
@B Kreative painting because you can’t see the dislikes? 🤨
dragonmb7 - Tahun Yang lalu
She’s Pastor Nina from Kim’s Convenience.
hothotheat3000 - Tahun Yang lalu
Hispanics don’t play with that occult shit.
Pearz - Tahun Yang lalu
That's like one of the oldest and most common tropes in Western cinema.
Summon Toofak
Summon Toofak - Tahun Yang lalu
@rip LunarBird CLH Hitler was catholic and let's not forget the dark ages a long period of time when the churches had all the power good times indeed
Vincent Yusufov
Vincent Yusufov - Tahun Yang lalu
I hope we get to see more of the phantom zone in the future dceu or the 2nd man of steel
Anna Lovee
Anna Lovee - 2 tahun yang lalu
Cara played The Enchantress so well
Brian Daleske
Brian Daleske - 2 tahun yang lalu
If the female character (June Moone) returns in the movies someday; Than I wonder what might change about her?
The reason why I wonder this is because since (June Moone) is no longer possessed by the evil way powerful MetaHuman Enchantress; She has a second chance at living a much happier life, and not only that I can imagine that maybe just maybe she might have tiny particles of what remains of the evil Enchantress powers in her, and so I can imagine that she might start to develop unknown to her MetaHuman powers she was born with that was to weak to grow before, and there for I can imagine 4years later after she got freed from the entrapment of being possessed by the evil (Enchantress) that is when her own powers began to slowly develop.
Plus to add I can imagine that her own powers might be somewhat similar to that of the evil (Enchantress) & so since she is on the side of good I imagine she might give herself the name title of (Sorceress) or maybe her hero name title might be (Ms. AMAZING).
BorkBorkie - 8 bulan yang lalu
The transformation will always be a top fav
Marlon Kastillo
Marlon Kastillo - 2 bulan yang lalu
viola davis is always so good no matter the role
Elthenar - 2 tahun yang lalu
This movie could have been amazing. The transformation was perfect, Viola Davis was fantastic as Waller, it had Margot Robbie as Harley. But....it just didn't work. David Ayer consistently makes movies that are just this close to being awesome but somehow misses.
Jojo S
Jojo S - Tahun Yang lalu
I dont understand how a fully lit pentagon room can still be dark
Sreeraj R
Sreeraj R - Tahun Yang lalu
Duh..They use dimmers for presentation
Kryptonite - Tahun Yang lalu
real government conference rooms don't look as cinematic
Godspeed558 - Tahun Yang lalu
The “go get it girl” sounds like she’s talking to a pet
ChimmyThicc RealThiccums
ChimmyThicc RealThiccums - Tahun Yang lalu
Ikr? Apparently that was the point but I cringed😭 I think they should’ve removed the “girl” part
Aleena G
Aleena G - 3 bulan yang lalu
1:30 i like how dr. moon has moon earrings. they really pay attention to detail
Gurshaan Gaming
Gurshaan Gaming - Tahun Yang lalu
Wanda : I am powerful.
Agatha Harknes from WandaVision : You think you are the only witch here, meet enchantress.😈
guido7095 - Tahun Yang lalu
"We need someome in case when the next super man is bad"
*Homelander entered the chat*