Cleaver Restoration [Black Cleaver With Ebony Handle]

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New Project, new technique! I used a new technique again in the restoration of this rusty cleaver. With iron (III) chloride and coffee I blackened the rusty cleaver. I made the new handle out of ebony, which now revealed a completely black cleaver. Restoring the old cleaver required me to drill, sand, file, remove rust and glue. I found this old hand tool again on a flea market website and really wanted to have it.
▬ What did I do ?! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
The cleaver was extremely rusty, so I used rust remover and a screwdriver to remove the rough rust. I used electrolysis to remove the remaining rust. I then used an angle grinder to make the rough contour and on the belt grinder. I ground down the sides until no pitting was visible, up to a grit of 1000. Using a jig and a grindstone, I resharpened the cleaver. Now I dipped the old hand tool in iron (III) chloride and coffee. The new wooden handle is made of ebony. Now all that was left was to assemble everything and the black cleaver was ready.
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I used the following tools: screwdriver, wire brush, rust remover spray, hacksaw, magnetic bowl, lab power supply, sodium hydrogen carbonate, pencil, ruler, angle grinder, cordless screwdriver, drill, belt sander, orbital sander, sandpaper, grindstone, chisel, instant coffee, two component glue, steel wool
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The Rest Of Us
I’m amazed how great the stainless steel substance under all that rust still was
For anyone trying to recreate this process. Be careful doing electrolysis on salt water. This reaction produce a small amount of chlorine gas, so make sure it is done in a large, well ventilated space
My intention was just to see a few minutes but when you electrocuted the steel… I was hooked! The final result was bloody amazing! And apparently I missed wooden work more than i knew. I will definitely use saw dust in glue from now on. Amazing work.
Socky Noob
Outstanding transformation. Had no idea there was so much metal left.
I legit thought that wasn't even a cleaver at all, but a rock that was shaped like a cleaver.
Fetyun - 
I don't know but I love this kind of videos, they relax me completely and I forget everything I have pending, it helps me to learn and know, and to think and reflect. And this has been an exception, simply amazing ❤️
Wow. This thing looked like it was at the bottom of the ocean for 50 years, amazing how well it turned out
Willian 浄霊
Restauração e um serviço incrível, muito gratificante.
d fu
d fu - 
Oh man! Not only a very well done video, but also just a joy to watch! You sir are an artist, scholar and an enjoyable person no doubt.
igor tokarev
Качественная с использованием всевозможных технических и химических средств работа! Мастеру респект!
Omg...that looks awesome I thought it was just gonna fall apart but honesty wow that's awesome
L Spaulding
As a chef, the clever is beautiful. Gorgeous job. For practical purposes, I think the handle might be a little too thick. You did a beautiful job. 👏 👏 👏 👏
Soely Soeiro
I love watching videos like these because it's fascinating the results after all process. Besides, it's like a therapy: the environment is so quite, calm and the noises from machines are not loud. All movements are well done and very slow. All of this together, give me a feeling of peace and I fell sleepy.
Seus vídeos me relaxa e muito agradável e da sono de tão bom 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Eggs Benedict
Ótimo trabalho
I enjoy coming back and watching this video if I get bored some days :D wonderful restoration and a beautiful cleaver!
Lara Aquino
Que trabalho incrivel 👏👏👏
Sky - 
I am just so amazed that you have turned a rusted cleaver into a clean, shiny and beautiful cleaver
Million Mile Drive
I was skeptical there was enough metal left there to restore... wow!
Drone Maverick
Only an artist could see the potential. Love the end result! Amazing transformation!!