All 2022 GOLDEN BUZZER Auditions & Moments On Britain's Got Talent

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Watch All 2022 GOLDEN BUZZER Auditions & Moments On Britain's Got Talent
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Sanbor Syiem
That Japanese guy deserve the golden buzzer, he's so humble, friendly and frankly making every one laughing.
Wilson Kwong
Loren's voice is incredible. What Simon said is true. Probably the hardest vocal ever in a movie soundtrack, and she nailed it. Not only that, I loved The Greatest Showman, and I thought this song is the true masterpiece amongst other masterpieces. Without Loren, The Greatest Showman would never be the same.
ashley - 
The Japanese guy didn’t just do Magic- he did Comedy too! For sure he deserved the golden buzzer. Love his personality so much bruv
Kanra - 
Keiichi is so charming and witty and his tricks are fresh and original.
Cynthia J Luciene
Every golden buzzer moment makes my eyeballs squirt - now I'm bawling after David hit the buzzer for one of the best auditions ever (per Simon) My face hurts from smiling ear-to-ear, tears flowing at the same time. And it feels damn good, doesn't it? Bravo AGT for producing such an amazing, feel-good show.
Arlson Jumba
The Japanese guy is phenomenal not only in performance but also in personality
Cole Macedo-Phillips
Loved this duo! Made me cry! May these two young men achieve much success! Loved the piano accompanied with these powerful lyrics! You got this young man! 💯🙏🏻👍🏻
Georgette Drafts
What I love about the "Never Enough" story is that she received her flowers for a stunning song in front of the whole world that never knew her prior to this moment...INCREDIBLE & BEAUTIFUL
Minhaj - 
Axel totally deserved it. Absolutely charismatic jolly character he is. He said in the first audition that "if you believe you can do it" and he did it.
hlimpuia bawlchhim
David really is People's Judge... He isnt looking for talent all the time like others... He is looking for people who really really enjoy themselves and those who deserve it..
An Internetizen
Absolutely awesome. Thanks AGT for putting these clips up for those of us who don't follow it all the time. We appreciate sharing these uplifting moments!
Ter Chester
Loren deserves the spotlight. Her voice is recognized in the whole world and to give a face to the song that is loved by the people is amazing. She deserves the credits. 💖
bobcat bigpaws
Loren was just out of my chair standing up. What a voice and beautiful person. Yes musicals are for this lady because she is just that great. After this she will probably get some calls singing in movie theme songs. All these artists deserved their golden moment.
Those 2 at the start, no autotune, no naked ladies, no expensive cars, no thug moments, just PURE talent. PURE emotions. Thank you for the masterpiece that we miss oh so much these days..
Christina Menhennett
Oh my gosh it is her voice!!! Wow!! I never knew she said "Never Enough!" What a blessing to hear her!
Japanese guy’s smile warmed my heart. I just couldn’t even stop smiling. It melted my heart so much. We need more people like him 💜
Tara Hobson
Those first two young men. WOW. Certainly deserving, the lyrics and music were phenomenal.
David Williams is by far the best judge. He always picks the person(s) that is having the most fun and the most enjoyable performances.
Ari - 
I’m so happy that last girl got recognition for her gorgeous voice, she deserves it!!
Lee Grace
Axel Blake is in a league of his own. Can't wait to hear more from this amazing funny guy. Thanks Simon for hitting that Gold Buzzer, you definitely deserve that 25% discount