Batman v Superman - Africa scene (Theatrical cut)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Theatrical cut
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How The Turns Have Tabled
How The Turns Have Tabled - Bulan Yang lalu
Holy crap. It’s been years since I’ve seen anything from the theatrical cut. No wonder everyone complained they were confused about the plot and Lex’s plan
Red Hood
Red Hood - 3 bulan yang lalu
Bro I had no idea that the point of all this was to frame Superman. They had me thinking the entire time that Superman is basically Homelander and a reckless superhero who doesn’t care about innocents getting in the crossfire. I find it absolutely hilarious how this theatrical cut actually makes zero sense.
Power Rob
Power Rob - 22 hari yang lalu
Made plenty of sense to me 🤷‍♂️
Mazhar Ali
Mazhar Ali - Bulan Yang lalu
Shut Up & watch it.
Et Cogito Ergo Sum
Et Cogito Ergo Sum - Bulan Yang lalu
It was clear but more confusing
JOHN GERSON - Bulan Yang lalu
Cuz Warner bros cut Zack Snyder movie to 2 hours only he was pissoff that’s why they had the extended director version on blu ray
King Govan
King Govan - Bulan Yang lalu
Yea the home Version of this movie made so much more sense. I was confused AF at the theater. Lol
HONEST TALKS - 2 bulan yang lalu
Damn that superman entry
Zack Snyder you are damn good man
eminosose - 24 hari yang lalu
Literally the only thing good in this theatrical cut
Maskofshy - 3 tahun yang lalu
woah.. .. this scene in the director's cut was a lot more fleshed out &stronger.
novi - 3 tahun yang lalu
@Diederick Buis agreed. I really wanted to see the sonic boom entrance
ArcticAngel1 - 2 bulan yang lalu
2:50 I wish this they had showed this part in the ultimate edition.
Voland -
Voland - - Bulan Yang lalu
agreed, this part is much more badass in theatrical cut
Shawny - Tahun Yang lalu
The theatrical cut is truly awful jesus, this scene is completely different and edited so poorly comparing to the Ultimate Edition. They basically implied superman killed those people with bullets instead of the fire implicating his heat vision LMAO
WB did Zack Snyder dirty by doing this because it hurt the movies reputation so badly
ArcticAngel1 - 2 bulan yang lalu
You got any constructive criticism?
Akhtaruzzaman Joy
Akhtaruzzaman Joy - Bulan Yang lalu
2:50 our superman is back! Welcome back Henry!! We missed you
HOLLY - 2 bulan yang lalu
Michael Joyce
Michael Joyce - Bulan Yang lalu
Watching the Ultimate Edition a million times..Made this version a million times worse. The editing for me alone was what made it so bad. Ultimate Edition is still awesome to this day even if it's still the same movie so I totally understand why people still hate it. For me, it was just the bad editing
Holland Fray
Holland Fray - 2 bulan yang lalu
Now how many times has she gotten into trouble where he had to save her did it take for them to come up with that rescue strategy.
zEmS mUnLuO
zEmS mUnLuO - Bulan Yang lalu
Am i the only 1 amazed by Superman's speed?
zEmS mUnLuO
zEmS mUnLuO - 27 hari yang lalu
@Beirangia Phiapi superman speed comics a flash speed sang a ahat jo hun om jel hina lai ei🤣
Beirangia Phiapi
Beirangia Phiapi - 27 hari yang lalu
Flash be like- I am not special anymore 😭
The DomRunner
The DomRunner - Bulan Yang lalu
Thats's not even 10% of his actual speed, he once travelled time and punched death in the face.
ASanitationStompOut - Bulan Yang lalu
Scary part is on screen this is him at his slowest
HOLLY - 2 bulan yang lalu
Gehrig Rozakis
Gehrig Rozakis - Tahun Yang lalu
Thank god they did not do the classic view from inside the bag scene i hate when they do that I know they did it in iron man and there was another movie so can someone list some movies that have that stuff
PowerPlayBR - Bulan Yang lalu
Superman killed the guy, went through 3 concrete walls, no one can survive this, lol
Leslie Porter
Leslie Porter - Bulan Yang lalu
Not really a good idea to threaten Lois Lane.....just sayin. Great video.
Melisa Abi
Melisa Abi - 3 bulan yang lalu
i just died when they said nairomi and its nairobi🤣🤣🤣🤣
J.F. L. Bousquet
J.F. L. Bousquet - Bulan Yang lalu
No, it's actually Nairomi. It's a fictional country in the DC universe. Nairobi is the capital of Kenya a looks notthing like the dusty shithole we see in the movie.
dairon simons
dairon simons - Bulan Yang lalu
This dude Superman just killed that man
אלעד מרסל
אלעד מרסל - Bulan Yang lalu
After watching the extended this makes much more sense the theatrical butcherd the plot
Hombre - Bulan Yang lalu
I can't beleive they completely changed Jimmy
Jackson Corr
Jackson Corr - 5 bulan yang lalu
I Have Never Understood The Confusion. In The Background You See A Guy Pooring Gasoline On Some Black Stuff,And Fire, And Smoke In The Background- IN THE THEATRICAL CUT! This Is Part Of Why I'd Say The Theatrical Is BETTER. It's More Interesting To Have It Implied. That's How A Lot Of Thrillers Work.
Audiences Just Failed To Pay Attention.
The Style For This Film Is Really Unique For A Superhero Film,And Clear(At Least)As Soon As This Scene Started! Don't Understood It At First, Feel It(The Scene/The Movie)Out And Go Back;Just Like 'The Dark Knight' - And Joker's Full Plan. And I'm 17(11 When I Watched It) And It Made Sense,Couldn't Put It Fully Into Words,But I Understood It, People.
A D - Bulan Yang lalu
@Marcus DeFina doesn't change in either cut, but don't let that stop the Snyder cut wankfest
Marcus DeFina
Marcus DeFina - Bulan Yang lalu
burned bodies with bullet holes still have bullet holes
Citrusbird386 - Bulan Yang lalu
@Christopher Rogers Lois' job was to interview this rebel group of freedom fighters. As an American journalist, she's confused as to why there's mercenaries PMCs helping this group of poverty fighters. He responds asking why is American drones and forces all over their country when they publicly claim to be Neutral. (Which they're not) The Russian Anatoli exposes the CIA agent because he knows it's gonna make them freak out, and it did. The General held Lois just as accountable, as planned. He exposed the guy to put Lois in danger, knowing that it would draw Superman (who's been a hero for 18 months across the world) to africa to save her. Superman always saves her at the last second, so they killed everyone and framed superman. Thus kicking off the movie's plot
Christopher Rogers
Christopher Rogers - Bulan Yang lalu
@Citrusbird386 why did he call out the cia guy to the african leader? what was the point of that? sorry its been a while since ive seen this!
Jackson Corr
Jackson Corr - 4 bulan yang lalu
@Citrusbird386 I Don't Necessarily See The 'Neutral' Line As The Entire Theme Of The Movie(Although That Is A Nice Interpretation,Which IS Present,For Sure); But Regardless(+ The ENTIRE Movie Is About The Real World And It's Reactions-Anyways); It's More Than Clear In The 'Theatrical Cut'- That The Terrorists Burned The Bodies, A Guy(Not All Too Far)In The Background- Is Pooring Gasoline- On A Pile Of Burning Black Stuff-With Smoke Coming From The Village(/That Pile)-, After They Just Shot Hella People, What Else Is That Gonna Be Tho,FrFr? I Understand-In 'No Way' How Someone Could Watch That And Not Get The SAME-Amount Of Information(That We Get[From The Extended Version Of This Scene]In The UE)-It's Just Simply- Implied(In The TC)(And I Prefer It That Way). Literally Where There's Smoke There's Fire. If A Character In A Movie Takes Something Out The Microwave, You Don't Need To See Them Put It In,To Know They Miced Something!(Granted-That Was Very Hyperbolic Statement- The Scene Wasn't THAT Damn Simple, But You Get My Point). And Yeah The Smirk When Superman Showed Up Was A Good Edition But,Again It Is Not NEEDED! [+It's Pretty Clear In Everything KGBeast Does, That He's Meticulous.] It Should Be Pretty Clear To The Audience*( -And Not Just/ONLY Bc- The Film Is Literally About: Batman.."Going-After"- Superman! But Also, Bc The 2nd Scene Of The Movie,Where We See The Damage In Metropolis From Bruce's[Clearly Negative]Perception[Of The Events/(Hints)Superman Himself]- ; ) *That This Film, In Multiple Ways(/Really, Most Ways),Is Very Much So ABOUT: NEGATIVE-Reactions To Superman! -And So When We See Lois Lane' Who(While Of Course While Being A Cool Character In Her Own Right-)Is An EXTENTION Of Superman,Being-In-Danger(/The Superman Magnet),= Clearly, Meaning Superman Supes Will Show Up To Save Her!,WE SHOULD KNOW-Instinctually- (, Especially After The[Highly Important]Metropolis Scenes With Bruce,..That This Is-NOT Some 'Random-Side-Story',But Also)That Supes Is Automatically Involved[In One Way Or Another]=He(Superman)Should SPECIFICALLY Be In The Back Of Our Minds During This Scene(Even When- It's [Mostly]From Lois's Perspective;)! And THEN These Mercenaries Supposedly 'Working For' These Terrorists- Kill Them[In A Clearly PLANNED Manner] And Then BURN Their Bodies Right Before Superman-..Ya Know The Guy With Heat Vision,Shows Up![And Yes, It Is Clear As Day- That The Bodies Were Burned In The Theatrical Cut]. Honestly- You DO NOT Need To Even Think About This Stuff, It Should JUST SUBCONSCIOUSLY Be In The Back Of Your Mind That- Whatever CLEAR-CONSPIRACY,That These Mercenaries Are Involved In..Either HAS TO(Already) Or WILL Have To Do With Superman Himself! (Plus. *These Are: MERCENARIES Killing TERRORISTS,In What I Presume Is A War-Torn-Nation - That The Mercs Clearly Don't Care About 'Causing A Ruckus' In - Anyways. Was Infiltrating That Terrorist Group Really Necessary, Just To Kill Them(/The Terrorists)?🚫 ✔OR,Was This CLEARLY(And Obviously) No-'Ordinary-HIT'! *Why Kill The Terrorist NOW In This Specific Moment, And How Unlucky Was Lois To Be In This Extremely Dangerous Situation - On The Other Side Of The World?;And Isn't It Convenient That These Guys Left- Right-Before Superman Showed Up?🚫 ✔OR,Is Lois Specifically/& Purposely Here FOR A REASON? & Did The Mercs Kill The Terrorists ONLY AFTER Lois Lane Was Put In Harm's Way/(Or)Before Superman Inevitably Showed Up To Rescue Her - As A Result. & Was Lois Lane PUT/ARRANGED/PLACED Here- Simply To BE Bait- For Superman- To Be Involved In These Circumstances, The Whole Time? Hmmm!✔ *But Why Would The Mercs Burn The Bodies Afterwards?I Mean You Guys Are Basically-Assassins Killing Terrorists With GUNS?So Why BURN The Body's At All?🚫 ✔OR The Entire Situation Was DESIGNED To Have Superman Involved In It/To Be Framed...?) -- Or In Other Words: Hmmm- These Intelligent(..As Evidenced By KGBeast Finding The Tracking Device In Jimmy's Camera..)Mercenaries- Just Killed The People Were Supposedly-WORKING FOR(..Meaning They're Clearly Acting On Their Own Volition & Or Working For Someone Else=Conspiracy..)- When, We Know Superman Will Show Up(..Supes Is In The Back Of Your Mind)- And Then The Mercenaries, Not-After Leaving[Without Being Dealt With](..=They'll Be Back & That This Plot Is Open-Ended[/The Catalist For THE Plot Of The Film]=Again, Pointing To "There's More"=Conspiracy,etc. ..),- Burn Those People's Body's(..As Evidenced By The Smoke[After We See], A Guy Pouring Gasoline On A Black Pile, And The Fire- All In The Background _ More Than Enough Information, You DO NOT Have To Actually See The Flamethrower To Get It!..)- WHEN WE KNOW SUPERMAN- THE GUY WITH HEAT VISION-(Who The Public Is Probably Iffy On Right Now)(Which Is Clear Even At The Beginning Bc..Ya Know,Metropolis!-) IS GOING TO SHOW UP! Hmmm! [And If It's Not Clear That These Guys Set Superman Up, Then It's AT LEAST Clear That This Makes Supes Look Suspect From An Outsiders/The Public's Perspective]. And As Wordy As All Of That Was, That Was Merly A Breakdown Of The- IMMEDIATE Conclusions/Understandings That Should Come From Someone Watching This Movie ON THE FIRST WATCH - DURING THE SCENE, ESPECIALLY IN THEATRES- ON A BIG SCREEN(That Rhymed)! All Of This Should Be Clear Unless- You're On Your Phone, Are In The Same (Movie-Watching)Mindset As If You Were Watching- Ant-Man, Or Frankly..Aren't Watching The Movie! -- Sorry If Some Of That Was Rambly/Or If I Was Repeating Myself/If This Is Too Long But...Had To Be Said. And I Was Never Trying To Sound Cocky Or Anything- Typing This. I Just Can't Understand Not Understanding The Scene FrFr,Can't Understand The Confusion. Anyways Thanks For Reading 📚!
jameel lawrence
jameel lawrence - Bulan Yang lalu
Couldn’t find anybody better to play lex Luther 😂😂😂😂
ASanitationStompOut - Bulan Yang lalu
Eisenberg is Luthor to the tee, only thing that separates the two is the squeeky voice
Black Adam RockZzz
Black Adam RockZzz - Bulan Yang lalu
Who Your PlMP Father
JRaye - Bulan Yang lalu
maybe in the future. Flashbacks potentially. Eisenberg clearly plays Alexander Luthor Jr. He only brings up his father like 20 times throughout the film
novi - 3 tahun yang lalu
Hey man, anyway you can send me the clip in HD?
FireOccator - 2 bulan yang lalu
Next time the CIA should remove the beeping sound.
oculos prudentium
oculos prudentium - Bulan Yang lalu
That flashing red light is totally unnecessary for a tracking beacon. But they had to put it there for dramatic impact.
Ali - Bulan Yang lalu
Superman lucky it was not Nikolai Kozlof
TierAdler Ch.
TierAdler Ch. - 3 bulan yang lalu
Their buildings looks like termite nest lmao
pug rose carrie phone nut
pug rose carrie phone nut - 2 bulan yang lalu
if this is nairomi, then they are in amrica. maybe they were chewing gum while promulgating the name of the place.
Sue Ladd
Sue Ladd - 2 bulan yang lalu
Opening To Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice 2016 DVD
Joe Rodriguez
Joe Rodriguez - Bulan Yang lalu
Lol. Some people are just simpletons that need stories spoon fed to them.
Josefina Huerta Lopez
Josefina Huerta Lopez - Bulan Yang lalu
Esto habla de porque mate a Superman y todo su mundo, Carlos
BAINMAN EDITS - 2 bulan yang lalu
What the fuck did I just watch?... Words cannot describe how confusing this is. Thank Goodness the Ultimate Edition even exists as that's thankfully the definitive version of the movie and not this joke of a confuddled hypocritical mess..
ArcticAngel1 - 2 bulan yang lalu
2:50 I wish this they had showed this part in the ultimate edition.
Robustus - Bulan Yang lalu
Nairomi my ass….I thought they were in Timbuk 3.
loki pennekamp
loki pennekamp - Bulan Yang lalu
360p .... you can just cut it out of the 4k release
Bikash Bikash
Bikash Bikash - 8 bulan yang lalu
Missile is missing
Josh S
Josh S - 22 hari yang lalu
2:56 landing
German M.
German M. - Bulan Yang lalu
im pointing a gun to head of Superman's girl, what could be wrong......
Ankur Seth
Ankur Seth - Bulan Yang lalu
Ultimate🔥🔱 The Man🔱The Greatest Power🔥🔱The Super Hero🔥🔱SuperMan🕉️🔱🔥💐🐚🔯🌹🙏🙏🙏🙏🌅🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏