Udon Noodles in Osaka | 5 Bowls at Once! | The Origin of Kitsune Udon | Osaka's Popular Dish

9 300
【Usamitei Matsubaya】
~Kitsune Udon~ $5.50
~Oyakodon~ $6.80
Map: goo.gl/maps/7xN6UktY8fFb8WLz6
Address: Minami Senba 3-8-1, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
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Udonsoba Osaka Nara


Sky - 
the grandpa satisfied face when the broth was up to his standard 🥺 and to think he's been doing this for so long and still have the same passion while running a small restaurant is truly admirable
Kado Bando
Nothing beats udon when it's made fresh and in Japan 🙌🏽
Irene Wang
Amazing how they prepared the ingredients n handle the food In an orderly fashion
Amazing display of fast and efficient cooking in a small restaurant. Everything looks delicious!
Vern - 
It's hard to convey to other Americans just how much better the food in Japan is. We look down on people in the food industry while food in Japan is treated like an art and people spend their entire lives perfecting it. It's also hard to explain that, in cities, there are so many amazing tiny little restaurants that it's impossible to eat at all of them. You can take ten steps and pass 10 restaurants and you can do that for nearly every block.
Hazwan syafiq
Looking at this strong mentality oji san at handling peak hour's orders is my motivation when facing the same thing on weekend or public holidays ,since we were both working in the same sector and cuisine 💪💪
The elderly man appears to really enjoy his job. The way he works he appears to be an absolute master at his craft.
Pest Vargas
it's amazing how a small shop like this can be making their own noodles.
Amy Wang
I love Japanese foods it’s great and very healthy
aegir meingot
absolutely great. what accuracy in preparing dishes and how friendly they work. wish i could be so mobile in his age. love japanese style!
Looks so amazing ! Japanese food is by far #1
Martha Quintero
Me encanta ver estos vídeos un saludo desde México ❤️
Большое спасибо за фильм. Так интересно смотреть о традиционной японской кухни. Поколение поваров восхищает. Такое мастерство в работе, в понимании друг друга. Отличная операторская съёмка.
Mark Matson
Not like the high end udon I had in Osaka, but the noodles look good!❤
Camal W
Camal W - 
Omg Grandpa made my heart smile his approval of the broth made my day 😊 😊😊
Darren - 
Its a pleasure to watch them prepare the meals. Thank you for allowing the camera in your restaurant. Fantastic job!
Rena R Della
Looks yummy. Salute to all the crew, esp to granny's. How I wish I can still work like them in my old days. It seems they love what they are doing, full of passion.
K s
K s -